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Character Okkeus Dainlei

Bad*ss Jedi and Pilot
Name: Okkeus Dainlei

How To Pronounce: Oh-Key-Us Dane-Lay

Faction: Silver Jedi Order

Rank: Jedi Knight

Species: Human

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Height: 6ft on the dot

Weight: 150ish

Eyes: Blue, but they shine almost like lightning

Hair: Brown, grown out

Dominant Hand: Left

Complexion: Fair

Force Sensitive: Yes

Force Alignment: Light


Homeworld: Unknown Spaceship

Current Residence: Blue Lightning (Personal Starship)

Relationship: Not interested at the moment

Occupation: Jedi/Spacer/Smuggler

Midi-chlorian Count: 13,400

Cybernetics: Robotic Left Forearm

Family: Mother and Father unknown (deceased)

Ships: Blue Lightning

Droids: B0-L7 "Bolts"

Pets: N/A

Weapons: Double-bladed blue and white lightsaber that can split in half

  • Okkeus has amazing piloting skills. Having the force helps him navigate unsafe and unknown space with ease.
  • Okkeus is skilled in many speed-based lightsaber moves. This makes him hard to hit on the battlefield.
  • Okkeus has great hand-eye coordination. This makes him an amazing starship and speeder bike racer as well.

  • Okkeus is still very young at the age of 16. He is not as experienced and skilled as most Jedi and Pilots.
  • Okkeus isn’t that strong. When it comes to fights, he tries to outspeed and outlast his opponents rather than outstrength them.
  • Okkeus doesn't get much respect being young. In groups, he has to work hard to gain status and rank.

  • Early Life
Okkeus has had a very rough life. He was born on an unknown starship somewhere in the Outer Rim. Living on this ship, Okkeus learned many engineering skills, as well as piloting. At five, Okkeus’s ship was attacked by a group of pirates. Okkeus’s parents told him to hide, and they will come get him when it is all safe. Unfortunately, they never came. The pirates took everything, and then left without a trace. Okkeus was stranded on the ship, alone, with his dead parents as company. He then went up to the ship emergency signal and called for help. No one replied. He tried this for many days, until a ship finally arrived. He docked his ship onto mine, and came aboard. He wore a dark brown robe with a hood over his head. He told Okkeus to come with him. He said he could protect him. Okkeus agreed, not having much of a choice. Once aboard the stranger’s ship, the man told Okkeus he was a Jedi. He told Okkeus that he had sensed a good amount of midi-chlorians inside of him, and that he wanted to train him to become a Jedi. Okkeus asked for the Jedi’s name, but he heard no reply. The Jedi saw Okkeus talk, and realized he had not told him something. The Jedi was deaf. He was speaking to Okkeus telepathically, and that is why he could hear him. The Jedi detached his ship from Okkeus’s ship, and they set off to begin Okkeus’s training.

  • Jedi Life
Okkeus was now 10, he has trained very well with his master. Okkeus was excelling in the art of speed combat, where he would move very fast to overwhelm his opponents. One day, Okkeus and his master were sent on a mission, The mission they were sent on was a possible planet full of kyber crystals, to help a new generation of Jedi. Okkeus and his master left the temple at once. After travelling to the far ends of the Outer Rim, they arrived at the planet. But, near there was another ship, badly damaged. Okkeus’s master told him they would investigate, and see if they could help. Okkeus and his master put on space suits and went to investigate. They were examining the ship, looking for survivors. All of a sudden, Okkeus’s master lurched forward, inhumanly. Protruding from him was a red blade. Okkeus turned, igniting his blade, to see no one there. Okkeus then heard a voice, laughing. The voice was a female, telling him to not worry. The voice was enchanting and mesmerizing. Okkeus listened to every word she said, trying to fight it, but she was too strong. Out of nowhere, a figure appeared, wearing a black robe. Her green skin had two head-tails coming out of the back of her head . She pulled her blade out of the master’s back, and switched it off. She told Okkeus in a calm, soothing voice to go inside of the damaged ship. Uncontrollably, Okkeus obeyed. The Sith boarded as well, and the ship transformed into a sleek, black fighter. She told Okkeus that she is a Sith Spirit (like a force ghost) who was alive during the Old Republic. She told Okkeus that he was going to become a host body for her, so she can live once again. Okkeus just nodded his head, in a trance-like state. She flew the ship to the surface of the planet, where many Kyber crystals lay on the ground, almost like dirt. Okkeus grabbed one, and put it in his own lightsaber, setting his blue crystal in his pocket. The Twi’lek Sith let out an evil laugh.

  • Sith Life
Okkeus stayed on that planet training with the Sith. She taught him his second favorite force ability, force lightning. Okkeus was able to create huge strikes of lightning from his hands, and could even enhance his speed with it. Okkeus trained till he was fourteen, until one day a huge corvette landed on the planet. Okkeus and the Sith ignited their lightsabers, ready to fight. Out of the corvette came 10 Jedi. These Jedi were here looking for this planet of Kyber as well, hoping to use it for new Jedi. They noticed us, and ignited their blades. We ran at them, both of us being way faster than the Jedi anticipated. A huge battle broke out. The Sith Spirit had managed to kill three Jedi before being grabbed by a Wookie Jedi. The Wookie started creating light through his hand, and the Sith let out a bloody scream. She exploded in light, disappearing without a trace. I rushed over to where she was, only to be grabbed by the Wookie as well. I saw the light protruding from his hand, thinking that this was the end. I tried yelling, but I couldn’t. Just before the Wookie killed me, I reached in my pocket and pulled out my blue crystal. The Wookies eyes widened, and he dropped me. He reached down and put his hand on my head. Like waking up from a coma, Okkeus was back. He looked around confused. Okkeus asked what happened. Another Jedi came up and said that a Sith Spirit had taken control of him, using his body as a potential host. The Jedi then pointed at the lightsaber in Okkeus’s hand, asking him to ignite it. Okkeus did, and instead of a sickly red color, it was now a pearl white. Another Jedi came to him. She took his hand and told him he had conquered a Sith, a feat that not many Jedi can do. They took me aboard their ship, telling me they will take me to the temple with them. From there, Okkeus left his old life behind.

  • Current Life
Okkeus then went on to the Jedi temple, training for one more year. He constructed a new lightsaber hilt, making a split double blade out of the blue and white crystals. Okkeus trained more at the temple in the ways of speed, and how to enhance it. He learned about how to turn the Sith lightning into Jedi Lightning. For once, Okkeus felt good and free. Okkeus then told the council he was going to leave the temple, and explore the galaxy, finding more ways to use the force. The council wished him well, and gave him his now HEAVILY modified ship, Blue Lightning. Okkeus now travels the galaxy, not living up to his Jedi ways. He gets into fights, does illegal smuggling, and still practices some Sith powers.

Kills: None

Bounties Collected: None
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