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The Silver Jedi Concord

An alliance of Jedi and their beneficiaries seeking to restore peace and stability to the galaxy.

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    The Silver Jedi Concord is one of the longest standing Factions on Chaos who strive to uphold the Light in times of strife.

    We are an open and welcoming Faction with a focus on producing memorable and inclusive stories.

    The Concordia is the government that leads the Silver Sphere, however the stories within range from our military, including the Antarian Rangers, to the Order of the Silver Jedi itself, and the slice of life for those who have their own interests including but not limited to what is mentioned in our Organizations tab.

    There is plenty of room within our stories for all kinds of characters, Jedi and non-Jedi alike! We are a friendly group who will be more than willing to talk about how you could start your story with us.

    Why don't join the faction and hop onto our discord to meet us today!

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    The Silver Jedi are one of the greatest and longest standing orders of Jedi left in the Galaxy. With their home at Silver Rest in Kashyyk and a number of other temples spread across Silver space they train many young Force-sensitives and let them follow the path that suits them.

    We hold force training classes, lightsaber instruction, and offer missions to help our members gain experience. You can join our active group of padawans, a great place to form bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

    Within the more civilised regions of space Silver Guardians are the Knights who protect peace and justice. They defend the citizens of their worlds from the forces of Darkness and the encroaching Sith Empire.

    The Silvers uphold the values and ideals of the cultures within Silver Jedi space as long as the rights of those who cannot defend themselves are looked after.

    The Silver Wardens take a different approach in the wild space. Often they do not reveal their presence, as they try to uphold the light and do good where they can in uncivilised space.

    Many Jedi do not follow the martial path. The Silver Jedi have artisans, healers, scientists, diplomats and teachers. There is a place for all within the Silver Jedi.



    The Antarian Rangers, also referred to as the Rangers, is a small and elite militarized branch within the Silver Jedi’s reach, responsible for maintaining a peacekeeping and defensive role of systems under the protection of the Silver Jedi Order.

    They are few in number, perhaps only a few thousand in size. They are a diverse organisation with many skills. There are commandos, operatives, slicers and even pilots. The role is highly coveted and thus difficult to achieve.

    The Rangers work closely with the Silver Jedi. Often a single Ranger, or perhaps a group of three, will work with a single Jedi on a particular mission. Just one Ranger can achieve a great deal behind enemy lines.

    They offer an alternative for the non-Force sensitive among the Jedi ranks and are deployed on a variety of missions, including but not limited to reconnaissance and covert operations, often in preliminary investigations to aid the work of a Jedi.



    Assembled from the best units of the Silver Jedi Concord, the Defense Force is the unified fighting Force for the nation when it comes to intergalactic affairs.

    While individual planets and systems support themselves with their own Planetary Guards, the Defense Force has been created to provide a larger fighting unit to defend against intruders to the Sphere, or where necessary, push back against tyranny and foreign powers to bring peace and freedom to worlds.

    The Defense Force is equal parts Army and Navy. While speciality units take the forefront, from our advanced starfighter squadrons and star defenders, to our special operations and tactical teams, the Defense Force maintains and mans our ships of the lines, and general infantry.

    A force to be reckoned with, the beings who serve in the SDF will stop at nothing to protect the way of life in the Concord, nor stop tyrants from upsetting the balance of the galaxy.



    Compromised of individual Mandalorians from several clans, the Concord is home to a group of cultural warriors who hold allegiance, in part, to their Jedi benefactors.

    The group form part of the Concord’s military but are given a degree of independence due to their following of the tenets they uphold, meaning they need always be prepared to rally to war in name of their Mand’alor which, while rendering them somewhat unreliable, is accepted by the Jedi due to the benefit of the allegiance between the groups.

    There is, at times, a friendly rivalry between the Concord Mandalorians and the elite Antarian Rangers but most arising tension is generally surface-level and the groups work together frequently alongside their Jedi allies.

    As they are typically a contentious people, a certain level of tolerance is needed from the Mandalorians and Jedi who have a historically complex relationship and at times, very differing ideals.

    The Mandalorians under the guidance and protection of the Concord are not expected to conform their personal beliefs to the Concord's ideals but are expected to uphold the faction's views when representing them.

    However, Mandalorians are not known for their subservience and clashes between the groups are inevitable, though it was determined that benefits to the groups outweighed any minor discord at current.



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    • Commenor
      Commenor is a planet in the Commenor system of the Colonies, just outside of the Core Worlds. With the founding of Concordia, and the Silver Jedi Concord, Commenor is the political capital. A trading outpost and spaceport, Commenor was considered as prestigious as the Core planets. It was known for its chrysopaz gemstones and local brandy.

      Things to do: Visit the local Temple of the Unifying Forces, get rich mining, acquire fine brandy

    • Kashyyyk
      Kashyyk is the capital of Order of the Silver Jedi and the home of its main training temple - Silver Rest. This should, however, not be confused with the capital of the Silver Jedi Concord as a whole, which is located on the planet of Commenor.

      Kashyyyk is a temperate wroshyr tree-covered forest planet and the homeworld of the Wookiees. Native fauna such as Can-cells have influenced the design of starships by the Wookiee inhabitants, while great cities such as Kachirho have be built into the planet's massive trees with enormous networks of bridges and walkways between them. These cities and other settlements tended to be located higher up, closer to the treetops where sunlight was more likely to break through.

      Possesses the Shadowlands - The Shadowlands, also known as the Shadow Forest and the Nother World, was the dark ground level of the forests of the planet Kashyyyk. The Shadowlands were a dangerous place, inhabited by savage beasts like katarns and terentateks. Wookiees seldom ventured down there (by means of wooden elevators) from their villages.

      Things to do: Visit Silver Jedi, train, rest, learn! Meet wookies. Explore the Shadowlands.

    • Cato Neimoidia
      Cato Neimoidia is a planet in the Cato Neimoidia System in the Colonies region, home to the native Neimoidians, known for their cut-throat approach to business and somewhat questionable morality.

      The planet is known for its smothering layer of fog and acidic oceans so bridges are strung between cliffs and rocks high above the ground in order to create Bridge Cities, though the planet is also home to grasslands and forests.

      Things to do: Business, politics

    • Zeltros
      Zeltros was a planet in the Inner Rim, and the homeworld of the Zeltron race. An opulent world, hedonism was the doctrine encouraged by the empathetic Zeltrons.

      The homeworld of Zeltros thrived as a luxury world and "party planet," as much for their own good as for others. If anyone wasn't having a good time on Zeltros, the Zeltrons would certainly know of it, and would do their best to correct it.

      Things to do: Night life

    • Hapes
      Hapes was located near the center of the Hapes Cluster. Due to the light reflected off of the seven moons surrounding Hapes and the shimmering nebulae of the Transitory Mists, the inhabitants of Hapes never knew true night.

      The surface was marked by large oceans, forests, and mountains. Much of the surface was untouched due to the Hapan love of beauty, with Hapans preferring to stay in cities such as Ta'a Chume'Dan, the capital city of Hapes.

      Hapes is a very insular and powerful system ruled by a matriarchal society. The people are well known for their beauty and their grace.

      Things to do: Galas, Politics, high society events

    • Ruusan
      Ruusan was a planet located in the Ruusan system. It was host to a number of ancient relics, strewn across its many historical battlefields.

      It also contains the Valley of the Jedi -- a concentrated area of Force energy called a Force nexus. It is widely believed to be the most powerful Force nexus in the entire galaxy.

      Things to do: Relic hunt, visit the nexus, visit Our Sacred Lady of Martyrs’ base at the Valley of The Jedi

    • Nar Shaddaa
      Nar Shaddaa, widely known as The Smuggler's Moon. It has for, a long time, been a hub for criminal activity and while the worst and most overt of it has been removed since the moon fell within the Silver Sphere, there is still plenty of undesirable activity to be found there. Nar Shaddaa has famously been referred to as the Armpit of the Galaxy - although it is technologically advanced and has its entire surface covered by an urban sprawl, Hutt crime lords, cartels, criminal gangs and corruption has left a clear mark.

      It is a moon which never really sleeps. Successful businesspersons and crime lords alike tend to invest in large pleasure barges or floating palaces. It also houses the Hutt Assembly building - a grand structure containing the legislative body of the Hutt Republic.

      Many tend to visit the Corellian Sector, known for its trendy hot-spots with casinos, Cafés and public merchant areas brimming with people from all walks of life. A particularly popular destination is the Jekk-Jekk Tarr Cantina which have suites well adapted for most species. Otherwise, the Promenade tends to be well appreciated - a large and luxurious commercial and leisure centre located on a floating platform.

    • Antar IV
      Antar IV is a civilized terrestrial planet in the Prindaar system. It is the home of the Antarian Rangers and their Training Base.

      Things to do: Join the Antarian Rangers

    • Kattada
      Kattada is a tropical world within the Colonies Regions, between the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim. It is known for its vast oceans, and numerous islands with their beautiful beaches. The Silver Jedi Concard have in cooperation with the Kattadan government been working to create a self-sustaining and clean world. Preserving their world in its natural is a top priority for the natives.

      A major point of interest is the Kattadan Jedi Temple. The temple specializes in Jedi Consulars and Tech specialists, as well as providing both undersea and zero g training grounds. It is the headquarters of the Silver Exploration Corps; a joint Force and Non-Force User effort to help explore and catalogue the galaxy, from planets to relics, and everything in between. The capital and biggest city on Kattada is Heleoda, which once upon a time was considered a haven for smugglers. Besides being a tropical paradise, it is a planet that holds many secrets, from unexplored depths of its seas to the Blue Coral Divers Clan, a Dathomiri Witch clan.

      Kattada embraces its role as a stop-off-place for all manner of travellers and tourists, and there is no shortage of things to do on the planet. Take time to rest and enjoy Kattada’s beautiful climate. Relax on the shore, go diving on the crystal blue beaches, dance on the bamboo stage, have a drink on the beach. Visit the Jedi Temple and explore all it has to offer. Besides Haleoda, there is also the charming coastal/aquatic city of Tidehome.

    • Dxun
      Aptly named, the Demon Moon, Dxun is the jungle moon of Onderon is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenging place to live with its difficult jungle climate and the dangerous fauna that inhabit the moon.

      The moon is of historical relevance to Mandalorians who previously planned to wage a war against the Galactic Republic while based on the moon. In current times, the Mandalorian Outpost stationed on the moon has been repurposed to house and train the Mandalorian Covenant who are now allied with the Jedi.

      Things to do: Train, survive


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    Silver Assembly
    Kiara Ayres Kiara Ayres - Jedi Representative
    Ozias Vizsla - Covenant Representative
    Beltran Rarr - Antarian Ranger Representative
    Other representatives from planets under the Concord's influence

    Silver Jedi Council
    Kiara Ayres Kiara Ayres - Grandmaster
    Jairdain Jairdain
    Josh Dragovalor Josh Dragovalor
    Thurion Heavenshield Thurion Heavenshield
    Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor
    Zorah Cinsilo Zorah Cinsilo


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    Kiara Ayres
    Faction Owner

    Ura Iolar

    Starlin Rand


    Jyoti Nooran

    Desbre Gensan
    Creative Team

    Jax Thio
    Creative Team

    Gir Quee
    Creative Team

    Varn Barakis
    Creative Team

    Sakadi Marathi Sinvala
    Creative Team

    Kadan Scipora
    Creative Team

    Cas Tynen
    Creative Team