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Character Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.

Name: Marina DeVoe
Birthplace: New Alderaan System, Mount Citril Manor
House: House DeVoe. (Manor outpost is on Mt Citril overlooking Aeiden Pass)
Parents: Duke Kyle DeVoe and Duchess Sansa DeVoe
Siblings: 2 ......Katie age 27, and Jerrid Syn (twin brother) age 25
Grandparents: Former Duke Onan DeVoe, and deceased wife Duchess Grace DeVoe
Gender: …seriously? sighs Ok fine.... points to self… girl.
Age: 25
Eyes: 2…er... I mean, blue. Blue, like the skies of Northern Alderaan.
Hair: Long Blonde, past shoulders...natural and no one can prove different.. Height: 5' 3" ( 1.6 meters) without heels.
Build: Slim, slender and physically fit and agile.
Play -by: Sienna Miller
Occupation: Currently slumming as a legitimate Pilot/Transporter (not a smuggler). Studied Political Sciences but before committing to settle down in that field, I wish to explore the galaxy. So yes, slumming.
Ship: 50-meter class freighter/transporter jump ship, Republic registered as Mariner IV. No offensive, nor defensive weapons. As such, it only has upgraded hyper-drives and quick maneuvering sub-light engines.
Affiliation: Former Free World Coalition, Alderani citizen.
Interests: Human history/archaeology.
Hobbies: skiing/snowboarding, speed-bikes, hiking, mountain climbing, archery, tanning at beaches.
Education: See full bio below for details. But basically a Dr in Political Science.
Strengths: Wits and innovation…somehow I seem to manage keeping my head on.
Weakness: Non force user. No weapons…I’m Alderanean descent, a practicing pacifist....and Lord knows I need a lot of practice. Humanitarian, and non-force sensitive as far as I know.


Duke Kyle DeVoe, father, Head of Household


Jerrid Syn DeVoe, Marina's twin brother

Marina's Bio:
Marina's birth place was at her family estate on Mt Citril. The DeVoe House which had been established as a family outpost had been erected about 4 centuries earlier on Mount Citril overlooking Aeiden Pass. It had been a strategic location at the time during the war. Now it still stands as the Northern fortress under her father's leadership.
Born 2nd daughter, to Duke Kyle DeVoe and Sasha DeVoe, Marina was primed to follow suit in her family tradition of perusing public office as a representative of her beloved Aeiden Province in Northern Alderaan. The DeVoe estate was one of which dreams of mountain top castles were made of.

Born youngest of 3 (older sister Katie, and twin brother Jerrid),Marina had difficulties following her brother out of her mother's birth canal and had to be born from cesarean. She nearly died and her twin brother was said to not stop wailing till she were resuscitated and heard her own cries. As children they were inseparable. Marina has been allowed to temporarily stray from the family obligations of keeping court, as a result of her high spirit, much like that of her twin brother. But strayed not too far, as she was still engaged within the family; as an employee in the Family's off world business interest, Cetril Enterprises. One of the companies which the DeVoes own off world is a shipping company. So as Marina works for the family company, she gets a chance to explore and follow her interests. But her duties eventually will be calling her to settle down and behave like a Duchess on Alderaan.

Marina was home schooled up to the age of 10. Receiving and strengthening her family culture and history.
Thereafter she attended Grixton Preparatory till the age of 12.
Marina then attended Si Hylta on Onderon, a prestigious upper prep-school till the age of 14.
The University of Aldera which she was to attend at 14 on Alderaan was changed to became Ov Taraba; a satellite Universaty of Aldera, also located on Onderon till she was 16.

Marina, under the care and love of her grandparents who had decided to accompany her off world during her educational years, kept her core Alderaanean values close to her heart.

At 16, Marina finally entered Aldera University. There, she attended for a full double academic year (the equivalent of three, as she attended year round with no vacation), studying political science and law... following her family tradition of diplomacy and to one day take her position as a Duchess of House DeVoe alongside her sister...

At 17, she started to take much interest n ancient civilizations, and as thus, transferred to the University of Timb. There, she continued to study law, but also doubled up with extra studies on ancient civilizations, which Timb was renowned for. She attended Timb for a full double academic year. (again, equivalent to 2 years with no summer vacation breaks and extra classes also)

At 18... She transferred for a year, studying anthropology on Tibrin…

At 19…The Corulag University of Economics, preparing herself for a career outside diplomacy, with the support of her grandparents.

At 20… Marina went to The University of Coruscant; deciding to finishing up her degrees in law and politics, acquiring a doctorate in the process.

By 22…She finished at The University of Charmath…rounding up much of her own interest in ancient history, before going back to New Alderaa. At 22 years of age and with a doctorate degree in law and political science, Marina had been primed as Dutchess of Aiden Providence on New Alderaan, like her elder sister.

But Marina's love for the stars had never wavered. Her grandparents understood that more than her own father and mother. It were her grandparents support that gave rise to Duke Kyle DeVoe to give his youngest daughter some free reign through the galaxy. But one one sole condition that she would be under the employment of Cetril Enterprises and report back and as often as she could to her family.
The House of DeVoe had several off world estates, family holdings, and a shipping company by the name of Setril Enterprise. This Marina took to take a few years off from stepping up to her duties as a Duke's daughter over Aiden Province. She took to helping with the off wold shipping business quite well. It suited her desire to travel and examine old ruins on many systems that Setril Enterprises was contracted to service. In the three years that Marina has worked for her family owned company, she learned to be a proficient pilot and navigator...loving the freedom of space travel and exploring.

And along her journey, she had the opportunity to discover new worlds not full known to the galaxy. ..lost worlds and even tread along the line with factions of the Underworld. Not as a member, no...but as a close friend to one of the Galaxy's finest soldier and bounty hunter, Mariya Fleischer.
Then too, she inadvertently had at one time a hyper-drive malfunction and found herself within a sector of Unknown Space where she met a faction of former states that had once been part of the Galactic Empire 850 years earlier and had formed New Independent States. Imperials of the likes she had never met before. Imperials that perhaps one day would emerge and unite alongside what was now The Free World Coalition. But that may be another story and stories to tell...

Mariner IV:
Marina's current transport jump ship.Full specifications to follow soon.
It has however, no offensive, nor defensive weapons. In one of it's bays it houses two smaller short range jump crafts...also neither are armed.


Link to Ships interior layout:

RU-TK1213 Mariner IV ship droid.

3-D parts printer. Makes ship parts on demand.

Family speeder sedan, seats 5.


Acquired 2nd ship from Commenor RP during the evacuation of civilians. This is the vessel where Marina had a ground crew attach seismic detonators that she released to sever an orbiting sith platform tractor bean, which enabled her to escape with the refugees.


Another ship she flies when not piloting the Mariner IV.

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MARINER IV interior details that include 6-2 person escape pods, Medical Bay, 2 main large cabins with private heads/showers, and 5 smaller cabins that share common head in hallway.
Main deck layout

Lower cargo area
Lower cargo area that includes 3 speeder bikes.

Additional ship inventory as purchased in Marketplace:
AE-AS2 Specter Flight Suit
AE-RR1 Emergency Hab
Above items purchased from @Laire Darkhold of Alderaan Engineering


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