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The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread]


The Lapdog

A man’s voice, tinny and distant, spoke through the speaker of a holoplayer in a dark room. “Many innocent victims were trapped in its wake. As of now, all of Miller's Park is under quarantine. This week's upcoming fundraiser will raise relief funds for the families of the Ambered. So please, give generously.”

A woman’s voice, envenomed and pleading, narrated the recording. “Lord Trenchard left the podium without taking any questions from the press, as usual. So what's he hiding?This has gone on for months now. Are we any closer to finding out just what the Amber is and how to save those inside? Can they be saved? Is the Amber some natural phenomenon or is it something sinister? We are no closer to an answer…”

The holovid was abruptly turned off. A massive gloved fist curled around a strange blaster.

And Simultas smiled.

Prospect Point, Masterra
1 Day after the Miller’s Park Incident

Lord Trenchard had done his best covering up “the Incident”, with mixed results.

This wasn’t the first time AMBER had reared its ugly head on Masterra, but it was by far the largest. The entirety of Miller’s Park, and the good people of Miller’s Park relaxing within, had been flash-frozen in time, trapped in the confines of their orange prison. Families, couples, officials, no one was spared. Lord Trenchard held a press conference that night, trying to assure people, trying to give them some hope to cling to.

To distract them from the reality of the situation; Those people were doomed. And as the press took the story and ran with it to the edges of the galaxy, he was beginning to feel a bit trapped himself.


The outskirts of Miller’s Park was practically crawling with Masterran government personnel. Lines and lines of red tape blocked the area off from the populace. Disgruntled Police Investigators conversed with representatives, trying their best to feign concern for the cameras. But the real spectacle was the mountain of translucent matter entrapping vaguely recognizable forms within.

No matter what anyone tried, the AMBER appeared to be invulnerable. Blasters sank into the stuff with no effect. Explosives did little more. Even a well-meaning Jedi had tried to use their lightsaber to cut people out, with no success. No one knew what to do, least of all, the people of Masterra.

A crowd milled around outside the park on all sides, watching on in varying degrees of curiosity and horror. Despite Lord Trenchard’s assurances, AMBER was a mystery. One that some were surely itching to solve.

Hello, all! I'll be your glorious and all-powerful overlord for this thread. I'll be posting at least once a day to keep it going, and I'll make sure you all have something to work with. Keep in mind, I reserve the right to ask for a post change if it disrupts others' experiences. Don't forget to have a little fun along the way, though.

Objective 1: Amber Breadcrumbs
AMBER is an unknown enigma, and the government only cares about keeping it quiet. There are surely clues at the crime scene that have been overlooked in Masterra’s haste. Finding these clues might lead back to the source.
Objective 2: Press Release and Stress Relief
The people are panicking, and for good reason. Many have friends and family trapped in AMBER. The crowd is growing restless, for good reason. A group calling themselves “The Court of Concerned Citizens” have taken to stirring up the crowd against the Lord and his men. Talking to the members of the Court might give some insight on their actions.
Objective 3: BYOO
Bring Your Own Objective. Go crazy!

[member="Lady Kay"] - [member="Beth Australis"] - [member="Skosk Australis"] - [member="Caedyn Arenais"] - [member="Marina DeVoe"] - [member="Zai Avery"] - [member="Petria Breguet"] - [member="Nicair Claden"] - [member="Sebastian Thel"] - [member="Boo Heavenshield"] - [member="Mavarah"] - [member="Wenwynig"] - [member="Tiali Orazio"] - [member="Dax Fyre"] - [member="Gatz Duolingo"]


Rainbow Smurf
Objective: 1


That image popped into Kay's feed while she searched through the holonet looking for another source for Sapir tea. Her stocks were getting a little on the lower side and she was looking for something a little closer to Commenor than Bakura. Masterra seemed to have a good climate for growing the Sapir leaf, yet it had seemed that there was a lot of redacted information. Curious, she did a little bit of digging, connecting with one of her slicer friends to see what could be found.

AMBERED? People were being....Her thought cut off as she suddenly recalled a trip to Juniper Canyon with [member="Marina DeVoe"] . The two of them found an old temple of sorts there. Hidden deep within it, they had spotted two men trapped in an amber-like substance. It had taken the pair a long time, but they had managed to chisel off a very small piece to bring it back to the University of Eight to study.

But the substance was a mystery.

Kay chewed the inside of her cheek. Marina didn't know of her as the Queen of Commenor and the Systems Alliance, but instead as an alias named Cessy. That alias was required so that she could have a normal day off, instead of being under constant watch. Even then, her bodyguard [member="Einon"] had caught up with them.

The AMBER was dangerous. They both knew that. And if people were getting caught, then it seemed as though it was some kind of epidemic that was spreading. Either way, she wanted to investigate. Quickly Kay typed up a message for Marina:

~Miss DeVoe,

I am writing to you in regards to the strange substance that you discovered in Juniper Canyon. More has been found. This time on Masterra. I am organizing a small team to head over there to investigate. Please meet me there in two standard days.

Thank you.

Lady Kay.
High Queen of the Commenor Systems Alliance~

Now she needed to think of who else to bring with her. [member="Caedyn Arenais"] was on the top of her mind, as her son tended to go with her on missions as of late. Perhaps some of her adopted family will be able to help out as well.

Before she sent the word out to them, she chose to pour herself some more tea.

[member="Beth Australis"] [member="Skosk Australis"] [member="Zai Avery"] [member="Petria Breguet"] [member="Nicair Claden"] [member="Sebastian Thel"] [member="Boo Heavenshield"] [member="Mavarah"] [member="Wenwynig"] [member="Tiali Orazio"] [member="Dax Fyre"] [member="Gatz Duolingo"]
The Reaper of Won Shasot
He needed to know more.

The Rogue stood at the very edge of the crowd, staring at the massive blob of orange translucent matter. Within, hundreds, maybe thousands of lives were trapped, unable to escape. Unheard of.

As Grand Marshall of the Coalition, as well as someone who simply liked to know things, Dax had learned to keep his ear to the ground, and gather up as much information as he could. When rumors had begun to surface a mysterious concoction that freeze people in place like carbonite, but with less preparation, the Marshall had naturally gotten curious. But seeing the stuff at work, right before his eyes?

"You stole the words right outta my mouth Marshall."
"...Do you realize how useful this could be? How many lives this could save?" Halzyn, his old friend, second-in-command, and one of the few people who could say they knew Dax better than most had to take a step back in momentary shock, "Excuse me? With all due respect sir, but have you lost your karking mind?! This thing is a blasted monstrosity! Its a weapon of terror!"
"It doesn't have to be..." Dax murmured, "Look, we know that the people inside are still alive, at least for the time being. Imagine, we could use it to put people into stasis on the field. Take the enemy out a fight without killing them...hell...we could take an entire city without a single drop of blood being spilled."
The Soldier opened his mouth to protest, but found himself unsure of how he himself felt, maybe the Rogue was right?
" has to be in the right hands."
'My hands...' a thought that never left his mouth.

"C'mon...we still need to find a way to get people out of this stuff."

Objective: Figure out if AMBER can be dissolved or otherwise removed.
Ulterior motives: Find the formula, take it, destroy all other copies and references to removing AMBER.


Well-Known Member
Objective 1
Masterra was a world stuck in the ubiquitous middle ground between nowhere and somewhere.

It wasn't out in the Outer Rim, but it wasn't exactly located on a hyperlane either. It was close to the Mara-Perlemian Trade Corridor, except not really. It wasn't the bright center to the universe and it damn sure wasn't Coruscant... Feth, it wasn't even Dosuum, but it wasn't Demonsgate or some bumfeth-backwater hole like Kathol.

Or Midvinter.

With all due respect to The Most Right Scruffy [member="Théodred Heavenshield"] , Midvinter was a pretty bumfeth-backwater planet. Masterra at least had a few things going for it.

Lothal. Now that he thought about it, of all the places in the galaxy that the young Pantoran had visited, Masterra probably reminded him of Lothal most of all.

As a spy, Boo had traveled to a lot of places. But then, he'd been a spy for a rather unusual assortment of people. The Supreme Leader of the First Order. The Host Lord of the Primeval. The Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi.

The latter definitely lacked some of the resources of the former. As a Knight of Ren, Chiyo Ren had been capable of both surgical strikes and brute force tactics that had been made possible by the addition of Stormtrooper Corps soldiers. As an agent, and eventual Exemplar, of the Primeval Bleeding Sun, Boo had to rely on more subtlety and finesse in carrying out his assignments -- frequently with no support and acquiring his weapons on location.

As a Silver Jedi, he was practically operating with his hands and feet tied behind his back, whilst wearing a paper bag on his head.

So it was somewhat remarkable that the attack on Masterra had even made a footnote in the intel reports. Masterra was pretty far outside Silver Jedi space, so none of the Antaran Rangers were going to take the case. And with so little information in the file, there was nothing flagged to prevent the data from going to the training facility on Alaris Prime, which is where Boo had assigned himself to the case.

He'd come in with the usual cover. A student identicard that had been issued by the Levantine Astronautical Academy, a completely legitimate story with absolutely no connection to the Order of the Silver Jedi.

A subtle application of Mind Trick had convinced the border security agent that the youngling was not, in fact, traveling alone. And also assured the Customs and Immigration folks that the black serpentine creature in the pet carrier was, in fact, a docile GenPals Snuggle-Snek.

He had veterinary papers attesting to such, because he really did own a Snuggle-Snek. Her name was Coi.

The creature in the pet carrier was not Coi. The Snuggle-Snek was back on Kashyyyk.

Inside the pet carrier was a Yuuzhan Vong bioweapon whose name was Azi.

Théo believed there was nothing more sacred than a good lightsaber at hand. And Boo knew plenty of spacers who loved their blasters more than they loved their many illegitimate children. But, if you were to ask him, there was no substitute for a good amphistaff by your side.

Now he just needed to get over to this Miller's Park and get a better idea of just what fresh hell had been unleashed on this world.

Nicair Claden

The Iron Heart
Objective: 1^1/2

He didn't usually do jobs like this. Whenever he was being paid to do something it was usually along the lines of hunting something, sentient or otherwise. Maybe fight a war, the usual. On rare occasions he took on investigative work. His people had stronger senses than an average human. It's what made him such a good tracker. Granted, he was nothing along the lines of a wookiee or trandoshan, but he could manage. The sum for his work was a large one, but he had other reasons for doing it. Whatever this amber substance was it proved dangerous. It also proved a useful tool for a bounty hunter needing to take someone in alive. In any case, he needed to know how it worked first, and how to get out of it should the need arise.

There wasn't much at the scene beside frozen bodies. Most were stuck in a silent scream, never to be heard. It was disquieting. It didn't help that there was already a group of citizens causing problems around the scene, contaminating it. Some of those contained still had their eyes open, most didn't. Regular people don't want to look their death in the eye, he forgot that sometimes. One of the victims had particularly active eyes. He could tell it was incredibly difficult, but somehow they were able to move them only slightly. His attention had been had.

"What is it? Know something? Twitch once for yes, twice for no." There it was, a single flicker. He had to think if this information would even be worth knowing. She was probably terrified. To her any kind of communication would be worth it.

"Are you an officer of some kind?" Single twitch.

"Are you calm?" Once more. Good, she might be useful after all. Luck was on their side, her eyes seemed to be able to move just the slightest bit more. It couldn't be comfortable. They kept flicking in the same direction. He looked in the general area she seemed to want to indicate. There was a man there, shouting at the crowd, Nicair couldn't tell but they seemed to be feeding off of his energy. He looked back.

"He know something?" The single flick.

"Did he do this?" There was one, then the next. No. Nicair saw something that proved unfortunate. Her eyes took on a red tinge. She had scraped them against the amber. He groaned.

"I wouldn't move your eyes again. Appreciate the assistance. I'll do what I can to get you out of there. No promises." He turned around and began his walk towards this ringleader. Everything starts somewhere.

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
Location: Royal Palace, Alderaan
Post: 1

"Oh..." Marina was taken back a moment when she opened up her message.

She was in court with her queen, Queen [member="Faith Organa"] and had just gotten a VIP message beep that broke through. Otherwise, reg messages would have been put on hold, since she was after all in court with her queen.
And it were marina's reaction to the message that had piqued her queen's interest. Had something pertinent happened within the DeVoe household that the message had to get through?

"Er, no your majesty. This message is from the queen of Commoner..a Queen Kay." Marina replied, meeting her own queen's eyes.

How odd that the queen of the CSA would message her and not her queen. there had to have been some mix-up in the transmission delivery, no?
Marina showed her queen the message while she did a quick source and point security check.
Yes, it had no doubt been sent to her and not her queen. Still, it was a formal request for her to meet with the Queen of Commoner and certainly of interest to her own queen.

"Uhm...not sure what the queen is asking as we had come upon some quite interesting ores and crystals in Juniper Canyon, your majesty." Marina replied to faiths curiosity as to the substance. And where was this Juniper canyon the Queen of Commoner was referring to?

"Oh, Juniper canyon is on Commoner, your majesty.."

Her queen coaxed her to go on..

"Well, let me think...
Me and Cessy-..." there was a pause as Marina seemed to have forgotten something.
"..Oh dear. Her last name seems to have escaped me.
I'll have to check on my ship's registry and-" But her queen cleared her throat, reminding Marina to go on with her story.

"Oh yes, sorry your majesty...
Anyway, I was on Commenor..." obviously. "...that's where I met Cessy. She was looking for a pilot to take her on a day this Juniper Canyon.
Although, in actuality time like just flew past us like we were standing still. I mean, not until we entered some ancient ruins that is. The trip to the canyon and most of the hike was Ok. And if I may point out; Juniper canyon is quite beautiful. It's like a sort of could easily get turned around and lost. But Cessy had this trick with using stones to mark our trails. I mean, like without some kind of markers, we'd have gotten lost after the first three bends.
Oh, and the time thingy happened sometime when we got inside the ruins...the one we happened to stumble upon in our hike..." And so that was how Marina inadvertently could give her queen a light migraine.

Her stories were rarely direct and to the point. And well overly detailed than they had to be.
But her queen had subtle ways and methods to coax a condensed version of the tales from Marina...

"Oh, Ok... Ahem... yes, there were like these luminous stones all along the wall of this old staircase, and all the way into the ruins. We went quite a ways and- GASP!" Marina just then realized what the Queen of Commoner may have been refering to as far as the substance.

"Oh my...we had come across these two individuals.. two men, I'm most sure of it.
It was very creepy. They were encased deep inside this hard yellowish brown..Amber looking substance. Hard as rock...maybe harder, as it took a bit to chip just a small bit of it for a sample-" And that was when Queen [member="Faith Organa"] suddenly rose to her feet, with quite a solemn expression on her face. Something huge had apparently stirred her queen.

"Your majesty?" Marina asked, stopping midway in her story, in response. And what a response. Her queen seemed to know a lot more than Marina...especially concerning this Amber substance.

It seemed her queen had heard of such a Amber Alert. It had just reached her ears in the morning briefing with her High Council.
Queen Organa then wasted no small talk in asking Marina some pertinent questions about this substance Marina and this Cessy person had stumbled upon on Commenor.
Was this Cessy perhaps the culprit behind this so called Amber Alert? Marina had after all indicated that this woman Cessy had acquired a sample of it months ago and now this supposedly same substance had just come over the galactic circle as being a threat.

"Oh... I... I shouldn't think so, your majesty. Cessy seemed very nice...she even helped me and my droid. I mean, she left a crew and stuff to help get my ship off Commenor. " Marina replied, quite certain her new friend couldn't have been the cause of what her queen called a horrid weapon.

Then again...
The woman Cessy had left with the Amber samples and that had been a couple of months ago. A wave of panic was washing over Marina as she now second guessed herself about the woman Cessy. What if what her queen was saying was true?

"Er, no....I never received the report Cessy had said she was going to send me...after she'd get the stuff analysed.." Marina's tone dropped, coming to the realization that maybe her queen could be right about this Cessy.
Shoot...had Marina been duped? Had this woman Cessy taken the samples to have them analyse it and had produced a weapon that harmed people? Marina's stomach turned and churned, over the notion that she may have helped this Cessy woman in coming up with this horrid weapon. She was feeling quite sick and loosing her color.

But her queen snapped her out of it. This was very important...VERY important. And Queen Organa couldn't relay that more clearly to Marina.

Marina managed to compose herself and nodded. Her queen wanted her to ready her the Mariner IV and jump ASAP to Mastera as per Queen Kay's request.
Alderaan and Commoner had once a great alliance and somehow that had been stressed.
Especially with Amelia Sorenn-Syrush , who had been found to have been in collusion with the Sith Empire, which had attacked Alderaan and key Coalition fronts.
Alderaan could ill afford to put more distance between Commenor and Alderaan. They had to strenghten their ties again.
Marina was then asked to go to Mastera by Queen Organa. Of course Marina's queen wasn't angry or blamed Marina if this woman who called herself Cessy was indeed behind all this. But Marina had pertinent info and their ally the Queen of Commoner needed that info first hand. And Marina would go on behalf of Alderaan.

"Yes, your majesty.... I'll be heading to Mastera immediately and meet with Queen Kay. " She bowed to her queen, before taking leave.
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Location: Teth -> Masterra
Objective: 1
Allies: [member="Skosk Australis"]

Phew: at least I made it out alive, she thought, while hearing rumors that a tragedy occurred on Masterra regarding... amber? On the ShadowNet, she never heard of a thing like that amber, much less across the handful of Fel Empire diplomatic packets that come to her because, even though officially she isn't part of the Diplomatic Corps, underworld-related packets could be given to her on a case-by-case basis. That was one weird item to cause a tragedy, and it certainly was not the sort of operation that she would undergo on her own. The verd'ika was, once again, on the move, and she was with the Zabrak she met on Westralis while she was shopping for dresses: Skosk would probably be happy to see her and also get his hands dirty with her. While part of her might wish for investigating the Court of Concerned Citizens, she isn't sure about whether Skosk would be on board for that objective or not. Speaking of the Court, she was approached by them to sell them a password management system, but she didn't feel ready to sell them the stuff yet. Until a decision has been made regarding which angle to approach this incident from.

"Looks like we have two options for investigating that strange report of an amber-like susbstance freezing people in time and place. Either we get directly to the site of the incident at Prospect Point on Masterra, or we go investigate the Court of Concerned Citizens" she proposed to Skosk.
Objective One.
Location: Home on Commenor.
[member="Lady Kay"]
Today Caedyn's mind wasn't on the great and dangerous affairs of the Galaxy but rather set quite steadily on girls; rather one particular girl who had left a lasting impression on him over the last few excursions they had shared between the Commenor Systems Alliance and the Mandalorian Empire. [member="Beth Australis"] had popped up into his life out of nowhere, no previous mention, no growing up as kids despite her being so well connected to his families closest allies; the infamous [member="Gray Raxis"] himself whom often got himself into trouble with Caedyn's Mother over jokes of auctioning off her wedding rings (or at-least that was Caedyn's idea of it). No...Today, Caedyn found himself "umm'ing and aah'ing" over how to send a holo-message to a mandalorian girl and whether or not that was something they were even into.

"This is so stupid..." He muttered to himself as he stared at his datapad, shaking his head and glancing away from the device wondering where [member="Loreena Arenais"] was when he actually needed his Twin Sister for something serious. No doubt she'd have given him unending amounts of trouble and teasing for his predisposition to the Mandalorian culture, let alone affairs of the heart.

It was to be however, perhaps his saving grace or his burden (he had yet to decide), a message from his Mom would interrupt his formerly blank space lacking words of would-be teenage romance; to instead request his help with an urgent matter and attached to this was a link relating to one of the latest holo-flicks from the Galaxy wide net. Clicking on it, Caedyn's mouth closed and his jaw tightened as he listened to reports of people being..."What the heck is Ambered mean?" he found himself asking, just in time for the report to show images of the latest incident this biological weapon had been used in.

Sending his Mom a quick response, "yeah, on my way Mom..." He quickly jumped to his feet and headed for his room to collect his gear. A quick change into a more suitable Attire alongside the weapons that were signature to him, Caedyn slid the Side-arm into it's holster before moving to make a grab for his Lightsaber and Bo Staff, soon to race out the door and head for the Capital as fast as his Bike could take him.

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
Location: en route to Mastera from Alderaan
Post: 2


"No TK, I can't believe Cessy could be somehow involved with what has happened on Mastera. "

be de beep be beep... it replied, reiterating the only known facts that currently existed. The woman Cessy whom had been with Marina, when supposedly the two women had come across a similar substance, had been the only one to come away from their excursion with the only sample of that substance. That sample was believed to be the same Amber substance. Why else would the Queen of Commoner ask Marina about the substance that the two women had come across on her home world of Commoner? It had to be the same material that Marina and Cessy had discovered deep within the ruins on Commenor in Juniper Canyon.
And now the same substrate had been used as some kind of weapon..or at least tested as a weapon on the system Mastera.

"She just...couldn't." Marina just kept repeating, more to herself than anything..
She had said the same thing to her queen back on Alderaan just two days ago, before she had taken to jump to coordinates W-41.
But the only possible connection to the same substance was the woman she knew as Cessy. And there had been no mention of anyone else in the message Marina had received from the Queen of Commoner who had asked her to meet on Mastera.

The Mariner IV had been traveling through hyperspace from Alderaan (coordinates W-26) for two days now, and they were now just literally 1 hour from dropping out in system Mastera (coordinates W-41). Marina had been in contact with her own queen and had been getting what updates on the situation had made its way to the High Council of Alderaan and coincidentally to Queen [member="Faith Organa"]. Mostly what was so disturbing was that the woman Cessy had just disappeared. There was no record to be found, both present and past.
Still, it were hard for Marina to believe that the woman she had made good friends with just somehow didn't exist. But she had existed and even had what Marina believed to be her Company security personnel come for her when she had been missing for two days.
But in all of the galactic data base files shared between the system alliances, this woman Cessy just couldn't be found, nor believe to even exist.
And this was the factor that had lead Alderaan's queen and Council to believe that this woman who had called herself Cessy was possibly behind this devastating new weapon.

Marina's droid, TK-1213 simply stated the known facts and lack of existence of the woman on record that lead to the belief that Cessy had indeed developed or helped develop this Amber weapon from the sample that she and Marina had come across on Commenor.

Be de beep..her droid announced that they were minutes from dropping out into system Mastera.

Marina was already in her pilot's seat, readying the sub-light drives for when the hyper-drives dropped out.
She was going through a few routine ship systems check. After all, they had been traveling through hyperspace at optimal 0.5 hyper-speed... very fast! This was why it only took her 2 days to cross what would otherwise have taken 4 days with a class 1 hyper-drive.

"All systems check...readying hyper-drive shutdown in T minus 232 seconds and counting..." She called out. It wasn't at all necessary to inform her droid, but she did so out of habit. Marina had been flying speeders and small crafts since she was in grammar school. But moving on to star ships, her father made certain she had been well versed in proper procedures. After all he was a Duke and in charge of Alderaan's Northern Defenses. He was very militaristic. A contrast to his daughter marina, whom was a pacifist. Still, she took to the proper training and as thus, had been gifted her own star-ship upon her graduating from her studies...

...countdown to emergence in .....4...3...2...1...
The star field collapsed around the Mariner IV upon 0 count. They had dropped out of hyperspace in system Mastera, 600 kilometers distance from the planet.
Marina had already initiated her sub-lights upon their emergence, and closed that distance to the planet in a smooth cruising sub-light of 2 and 1/2 minutes.
This gave her adequate time to send out her registry codes to the system, for as reports indicated there was a military presence around the system due to the current crisis on Mastera.
Her ship was recognized and given a proper flight plan in entering orbit.

"Thank you traffic control. Mariner IV initiating re-entry sequence to given coordinates." She angled her ship to enter Mastera planet side.

The coordinates given her were for her ship to land. It was where the Queen of Commoner, [member="Lady Kay"] had requested her to land.
Marina had never met the Queen of Commoner. This was her first endeavor to represent Alderaan on behalf of her Queen [member="Faith Organa"]. All she knew of Queen kay was that she had requested her to meet on Mastera concerning the same substrate that marina and a woman named Cessy had discovered on Commenor.
How was Marina going to explain that the woman she only knew as Cessy had been the one that had drawn a sample of the substance to get it analysed and disappeared...vanished into thin air. It could well be that this woman Cessy had indeed analysed the substance that had been discovered on Commenor and had possibly either sold it or had made the Amber weapon herself.
Marina's own connection to this weapon could also well be in question. This meant possibly implicating Alderaan. Well, that was why she was here; to speak on behalf of her own queen and clear up this matter as best as she could...

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Objective 1 (maybe 2?)
Location: Concordia -> Masterra

Beth enjoyed a day where she wasn't being forced into some type of education or training exercise. Today was one of those days. She was visiting her mentor and father figure, [member="Gray Raxis"] for a few days. His studies with the Force had no rest, unlike the majority of her other studies. As such, the girl was taking a small walk outside their home with a datapad in hand, debating on what exactly she should do with her somewhat precious free time. She sat down on a bench near the home, scrolling through the HoloNet. She wondered what [member="Caedyn Arenais"] might be doing. The boy had come into her life in a strange, funny way. Her tricking him during a war game and him subsequently getting her to safety. Maybe she could send him a message! But that would be weird, right? Random message from some girl on a whole other planet. Beth nibbled a lip as she pondered her concundrum. [member="Baiko no Kaho"] could probably give her some advice... But there was no way she was about to tell Baiko about such a thing.

In a strange twist, a message from Lady Kay flashed across her private messenger. There had been an incident on Masterra? Something about being Ambered... The teenager clicked on a link, displaying the horrifying images of people trapped in some type of... Well, Amber. Beth's ears naturally perked in curiosity as she looked at the images. Wasn't [member="Skosk Australis"] and [member="Petria Breguet"] on Masterra? Her eyes widened a bit, hoping they were okay. She let [member="Yasha Mantis"] and [member="Kaine Australis"] know that she was leaving to go assist in any way she could. Firstly, she would have to make sure they were okay. Then, she could help those who were suffering.

Luckily for Beth, she would not be traveling to Masterra alone - [member="Mavarah"], the lovely fiancee of Skosk, accompanied her to (potentially) rescue her beloved. They had both spent the ship ride bonding over various things - clothes, history, how she and Skosk met. That was an interesting story to hear about, in truth. It was even stranger that she decided to marry the man. In either case, though, Beth was glad that they had found each other. It seemed like they both loved each other truly, which made Beth extremely excited for Mavarah to join the clan.

Some time later, the two girls transport ship landed on Masterra at the local spaceport. She wore simple blue jeans, a gray shirt, and a black leather jacket. A personal absorption shield was belted onto her, hidden as it could be under her shirt. On her hip was a AT-HBP1 "Brotherguard" blaster pistol. Naturally, she was prepared to use the Force if anything did go awry. Although, at least she was prepared in the event of some type of Force reduction/neutralization.

With a smile, she stepped off onto the planet, Mavarah close behind. "I think there are more people meeting up, so let's go there and see if we can find them and then figure out what in the worlds is going on."

Skosk Fett

Allies so far:[member="Petria Breguet"] [member="Beth Australis"] [member="Mavarah"]

Enemies so far:Unknown

Others: [member="Marina DeVoe"] [member="Caedyn Arenais"] [member="Nicair Claden"] [member="Boo Heavenshield"] [member="Lady Kay"] [member="Simultas"]

Location:With Petria
Objective: 1 and 2

The professional turned off his silly side, and soft side that many others had seen at the wedding between Cassi and her beloved. It seemed like such a long time ago, thank the ancestors of manda no one had seen the fly that constantly was attacking his eye during the marriage ceremony. Listening to the companion beside him that was a prospect at one point before Mavarah had come along. His vod and spy for the mandalorian empire had gathered intel about a threat and were on the planet investigating how to stop this before it would read the mandode. This, thing was a threat, and needed to be stopped , "We need to gather intel about what we are facing, lets talk to the courts. You be the good cop, I will be the bad cop." . Armed to the teeth, the muscle bound warrior wore his beskaram, and held his heavy repeater. The massive , and mobile tank ready to blow away those that would dare get in his way. The Bounty Hunter waved his hand forward in order to allow the spy to take point, the massive mass of muscle marching speaking to petria.Speakers blared with a masculine and stern voice, "Bring me up to speed with what we are dealing with , what do we know?" .

As a combatant, the eyes of the veteran peered of into the distance to wherever they were walking looking for ambushes, for targets that may threaten the two. They were far from mando space, the distrust of any outsiders seeped into the yellow eyes of the armored beast, his repeater set to kill. While the captain could have decided to bring Dinn squad along to investigate such an event, they were a siege unit designed to attack and destroy. Such a unit would only hinder in an operation that required a different set skill. Something that this man hunter had, the helmet hud activated and scanning for trouble.


The Lapdog
Prospect Point, Masterra
Miller's Park
The crowd, ever growing, ever filling with distressed individuals, was not a good sight for the Masterran police. The area itself was closed off with red tape, but the guard was stretched thin, and there were plenty of blind spots for a determined person to slip through.

A small group of people gathered beyond the tape, a man with an Inspector insignia, and a smattering of politicians. Inspector Bracchus had seen enough AMBER to last him a lifetime, and it showed. He looked bored, disinterested, as he spoke in a commanding tone to the citizens gathered around. "People of Masterra! Remain calm during the investigation. I assure you, we are doing everything in our power to get to the bottom of this." He repeated himself, eyes scanning the crowd, seeing a few figures he had to squint at. Unfamiliar, hostile figures.

He shook his head, and retreated back behind the tape, leaving the people with nothing but questions. A few reporters tried to lean past the line, asking these questions, but were halted by the guard.

- - -
Not far away, a mob was forming. Two hundred feet from Inspector Bracchus' mulling, an instigator stirred up the crowd.

"We have been complacent for far too long!" A female voice rang out above the din of dissonant whispers, a female figure standing on a metal crate to be seen. The figure wore a gas mask, a hood obscuring her form. "This isn't the first time your friends, your families, your children, have been discarded by Masterra!"

The voice was met by a smattering of affirmations. "What has our 'Lord' done to fix this? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! He's hidden behind his bourgeoisie walls, while we are left without safety!" Another chorus of agreement, as the figure gestured fervently.

"The Court of Concerned Citizens are holding them accountable! We will show them what happens when they neglect the people."

- - -
"Everything is as you wanted it, Lieutenant. I hope you know what you're doing."
"I do."
"I doubt that."
"Trust is key, my pawn."
"I have a name, you know."
"Still your yammering lips, slave."
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To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Location: Masterra
Objective: 2
Allies: [member="Skosk Australis"] [member="Beth Australis"] [member="Mavarah"]
Enemies: [member="Simultas"]

"The Court of Concerned Citizens, you say? What we know about the crisis is that a strange amber-like substance freezes people caught in it in time and place, and several means have been attempted, such as firing blasters at it, and even lightsabers, and they proved unable to penetrate or even dent the substance. Also that the Court of Concerned Citizens seemed to feel uneasy about the apparent evasiveness, or inaction even, of the authorities. But I feel that perhaps the ones behind this may be related with the Court, or, worse still, engineered by the Court itself"

Time to put on the hat of the ambassadrix, and, if this works, maybe I'll become the ambassadrix of the Fel Empire to Nar Shaddaa for real, she thought, while realizing that she may as well be doing mediation for real once she can hold a meeting with the leadership of the Court of Concerned Citizens. But all she hears about on the ShadowNet, upon landing on Masterra some distance away from Miller's Park, is that the people are getting angry at the local government's ineptitude - maybe there are other political issues at hand, possibly even a problem of crime, maybe not. Just that, for Petria, the amber in question was not the end of the story and that it warrants more digging. Plus she prepared her diplomatic credentials (the Diplomatic Corps issued a set of diplomatic credentials to her even though she was not yet confirmed in her functions) in an attaché-case just in case the Court of Concerned Citizens asked for it. Just that she'd rather not tell who she is working for until absolutely necessary. In fact, she requested a mediation meeting through the ShadowNet.

"Often a case of this nature seems to hide another grief"


Rainbow Smurf
Objective: 1

Kay was glad to hear back from [member="Caedyn Arenais"] . Her son had proven to be quite reliable and although he was busy with his new path in life, it was much appreciated that he was able to focus on his family as well. She needed her children at times. It was difficult to be alone.

It wasn't long before the two were on board the Free Lady and on their way to Masterra.


Kay had chosen to dress casual. She didn't want to go over there all dressed up in her gowns and change the focus of her meeting. She wasn't here to negotiate with the government. She was here to try to figure out the AMBER and get it out of the wrong hands. That was clearly what was going on here. Whether it was extortion or some sick game, she wasn't sure. But that's what they were going to find out.

The Free Lady touched down. Looking through the viewport, she spotted [member="Marina DeVoe"] 's ship among the rest. Right on time. Kay looked over to her son as she began to gather her things. "It's kind of an odd situation, but this lady that we're meeting...well, she doesn't know that I'm a Queen. I hired her to take me on a day trip to Juniper Canyon and used an alias so that I could be treated normally. Now however, she's going to find out....And I'm not quite sure how that's going to go."

She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly before heading down the loading ramp and onto the platform. With her son in tow, Kay headed over towards Marina. "Hi Marina. I'm glad that you could make it. Now before we get into this investigation, I have something to tell you....And an apology to make." Lying wasn't something that she did often, afterall.

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The Reaper of Won Shasot
Objective: Find a way to remove or dissolve AMBER

As Dax had moved to approach the AMBER, one of the guards had stopped him and Halzyn. However, just as Dax had been about to pass his hand in front of the man's face, persuading him to let them pass, the Rogue saw another had already made it past...and was talking to the AMBER. As Halzyn argued with the officer, Dax watched the other man closely. He held himself well, probably military or another kind of warrior...he wasn't here as concerned bystander, that was certain, just like Dax the other man was after something.

It wasn't long before the man began to walk away. Dax put a hand on the Captain's shoulder and stopped him from arguing any further, "C'mon Halz, we got other things to worry about." The Rogue turned away and began to follow the man. "What're you doing?" asked Halzyn.
"That guy there," Dax said, pointing at the man who'd been speaking to the AMBER, "is up to something." Dax's eyes traced the man's path and found that he was bee lining straight towards a large crowd, becoming more and more raucous by the second, someone was stirring them up, "This doesn't look too good."
"Yeah, keep an eye out..." said the Captain, hand brushing against his holstered blaster. Something was about to happen.

[member="Nicair Claden"]


Well-Known Member
Objective 1
It was said that children often went unnoticed by the adults around them.

The young Pantoran had made use of the available public transportation to arrive at Miller Park from the spaceport. He wore loose clothing, though an amphistaff coiled around his wiry form.

That latter detail ought to have attracted more attention, save that the youngling was very adept at manipulating the Force to minimize the extent to which most would be conscious of his presence. The impression of the space being occupied by an individual, yet one who was just as quickly forgotten.

Protesters seemed to have attracted the attention of the local law enforcement.

Good. If the law enforcement had their eyes elsewhere, it would just make it easier for Boo to scout around the trouble spot.

Passing through the crowd, the boy's Force Stealth worked to keep his presence masked. To those who were Force Sensitive however, they would doubtless be aware that a Sithspawn was moving nearby.

The AMBER was hard to miss.

A giant wall, encasing a sizeable area of the park.

Within the yellow-tinted field, the boy could make out a shadow. It was indistinct, yet still recognizable as a woman pushing a stroller.

Stretching out his hand, just inches away from the AMBER, the young Pantoran stretched out with the Force... probing to try and discern if the people within the encasement were still among the living.

Tiali Orazio

Who knew Sapir tea would make such a great mixer with rum?? Tiali Takes a sip from the metal cup as he moves to the railing on the rooftop cantina, delivering an amazing view of the conglomerate of the AMBER at the park. His fingers tap on the edge of the railing patiently waiting for what he wants to hear, weather what he wants to hear comes is really up to how lucky Tiali's gonna get today.

Tiali's platoon captain opens the balcony door behind him with an almost grimed face stretched over his head. Releasing a sigh he turns to face the the captain staring him down. "I'm assuming you have some good news for me captain, or this day.... well you know probably won't go so well for you." Finishing the sentence with another mouthful of the drink he awaits the answer. The captain studders nervously before answering "L..l..look boss we hadn't heard or seen anythin to tell ya anythin, just some randoms you know a couple mandos and lots people comin to see the freezing boss. We don't know who is who."

"So what you're telling me you have a butt load of nothing but some undetailed people." releasing a sigh of frustration and rubbing his nose, he moves towards the table taking hold of a datapad showing a map of the area around the park. "Alright captain since you couldn't see something even if it jumped out in front of you, I want you to place explosives at these marked locations. Connect them to my HUDs computer once they're ready." he hands the datapad to the captain, "Keep you're men down by the docks I want to hear about any... different arrivals, now go get them tiger! oh and don't screw this up" In haste the captain nods turning quickly leaving immediately in a close to run pace to his new found duties.

Lifting the cup to his mouth he finishes what's left of his drink then continuing to throw the cup over his shoulder. Taking hold of his helmet he slides it comfortably onto his head, his hand returning to the table gripping his newly acquainted pistol spinning it around his finger he slides it into it's holster on the back of his belt covered from plain sight by his cloak.

Quickly stepping towards the railing he vaults over it landing with a tumble onto his shoulder rolling back onto his feet, rolling his shoulders and pulling his cloak comfortably on his shoulders. He begins to make his way to the edge of the crowd eyes and ears open to the world currently around him. "Let's have some fun."


The Lapdog
Prospect Point, Masterra
Miller's Park
[member="Boo Heavenshield"]

The woman and her child had been on a peaceful stroll in the park. No doubt, it had been like any other day; sunny, warm, with no hint of rain. It was a shame the AMBER stole their breath.

For the time being.

As Boo reached out, he could feel their slight presence in the Force, still going, if weakly. The pair, difficult to see in the AMBER, were alive in some form of stasis, barely conscious. Their minds were slow, but still contained all the functions for life. Their memories still intact. With some probing, and deep concentration, those memories might be extractable.

But did anyone have the time for that?
- - -
"A message from your master, Lieutenant."
". . . Put it through."
A voice, commanding, instigating. [member="Terrance Olavi"].
A hint of scorn in response. "Of course, Boss. We'll find you a good piece."
The clicking of buttons accompanied a call to a mercenary Terrance had outsourced for this particular job. [member="Tiali Orazio"].
"I'd like to remind you what you're doing here, human," the beast spat, obvious disdain coating his words. "I'm sending you four of my men. You're in charge of them, if any get caught, I blame you. Only bring back high-value objects. If you give me a useless nobody, I will have your head. And yes, bring them to me."
"Only me."
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Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
Location: Mastera
Post: 3

So many scenarios were going through her mind. One being detained and questioned once she presented herself.
The amount of allied presence here certainly meant this crisis was very serious and on a galactic scale. And Marina believed she stood a good chance of having to explain as to what she had been doing on Commenor and in Juniper Canyon, as that could have been the first known sighting of this Amber substance. She knew it would be difficult to explain that a said sample had been taken for analysis months ago, with no word of what it was...nor of the woman Cessy who had left with it.

"Lady DeVoe, from Alderaan?" She were greeted by two men who wore the crest of Commoner's security forces. Obviously her own family crest on the Mariner had given her away...or was it that she had hailed Mastera upon approach?

"Uhm...yes. I'm Marina DeVoe.." She replied. hell, if she was going to be implicated in whatever this crisis was, she certainly wasn't going to drag her family name, nor Alderaan down into this.

"Lady Kay wishes to send her apology for having you come here in such haste..." What was this, an apology from a queen?
"...but current circumstances and being pressed for time has left us with little room for proper formalities."

"Uhm...The Amber Alert....yes, I had just become aware of its present day reappearance, before I was summoned here by Queen Kay." Marina replied, not knowing what really to say about it or exactly why she was here now, as it didn't seem she was going to be questioned about it, nor of the sample that had been taken and somehow never heard of it again.

"Yes, Lady DeVoe. It has been used indiscriminately here on Mastera...and in a massive scale. "

"Massive scale?...I had received reports that some people had been trapped-" She began, before realizing that what had looked like a distant hill in the sunlight in her peripheral was no hill at all. Her eyes guided her to turn left and take her breath away.
"Oh my God..." She uttered in both disbelief and in horror. There weren't just a few people trapped..there were many..hundreds if not more trapped in what looked like the same substance she and the woman Cessy had happened upon in Juniper Canyon on Commenor!

"Allied security has been trying to keep it under some kind of wrap as to prevent mast hysteria. But this substance could well be the same as first reportedly found on our world Commenor. Only here, it was deployed on civilians... a kind of test...or perhaps a demonstration." The security officer informed her.

Marina was besides herself, almost to the point as when she first had come upon the two trapped figures in it on Commenor. And now there were hundreds if not more encased in this horrid stuff? It would have been easy for her to collapse, as thinking about the poor unfortunate souls...families...children trapped in this Amber was too much to bare.
But this was not going to be about her nor her feelings. NO!...this was not the time for breakdown, or panic. Not when there were lives currently trapped and possibly more to come. The authorities here believed it to be a weapon of some kind.
She took a moment to take in a few breaths to regain her composure. If she was here to help shed some light on this, then she had to control her fears.

...Ahem... I think it is.... The Amber." She gestured to it, with a nod.
" I think it is the same thing... or at least looks like the same thing." Strange that it looked like both a solid and a fluid.
"Gulp....Is it hard?..." She swallowed, as it was difficult to remain objective and not think of the poor people trapped in it.

"Extremely. How it could have formed and hardened is currently under investigation. Nothing short of a massive vessel could have deployed something like this. Yet, no such large vessels were recorded to enter the system. This Amber was somehow formed on site, not brought here in its present state."

"And that's why you believe it was deployed ...that it is a weapon?... That it encapsulates in a non-hard form, before solidifying..." She more made an observation than a question.

"Yes. "

"Sigh...." This was going to be difficult to explain, but Marina had to mention the mystery woman that she had not only befriended, but had left with the sample of the Amber that they had found on Commenor. The woman her government said did not exist. Maybe they knew something about Cessy. If not, Marina was at a loss as to what happened to that sample that had been taken months ago.
"....there was a woman with me a few months back...on Commenor. Her name was Cessy. She and I happened on what looks like the same Amber. " She spoke, before turning to one of the security men.

"Another woman was there too?" He asked quite surprised. "Who is this Cessy, and when did you and her go back to the site, Lady DeVoe?"

"Huh?, no. Me and this woman Cessy first found it. She took a sample of it and she plainly disappeared from sight." Marina was finding herself on a bit of the defensive side, as the two officers now took a step closer to her.

"You and this woman Cessy first found it? Then how and why did you risk having our queen go to the same site without informing the authorities, Miss DeVoe?!" Now they were certainly looking at her like she had commited the actrocity.

"No no!...I don't know your queen. I never met her... I just went once with a woman named Cessy...honest!" She replied, getting the feeling that they were about to take her into custody. And why wouldn't they, as apparently they too had never heard of the mystery woman. Marina knew at this moment that she could well be thought that she was in collusion with whomever had done this on Mastera.

But just as what looked like she was going down, the two men stopped and seemed to stand at some kind of attention.
They weren't looking at her anymore, but past her.
Marina turned to look.
"What the?-..." It was Cessy walking up to her with more security men.
Had they finally found and apprehended this woman Cessy?

"Cessy?... w..what investigation?..." Yes, for a moment, Marina didn't know what the frak was going on. Cessy it appeared wasn't being brought over to her, nor arrested. The woman seemed to be in charge of the authorities here somehow.
"Apology for what?...disappearing with a sample of this..this stuff!" She gestured toward the Amber. "... and having the authorities think I had something to do with this?! " Sure she was relieved the woman she had met had finally materialized again out of thin air. But how was it that no one knew who she was? Everyone had looked at Marina like she was a nut case every time she told the story of her and Cessy. To everyone, Cessy just didn't exist!

"Who the hell are you?!....I thought we were friends, Cessy!"

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Beth was happy to get out of the ship and onto the spaceport. The teen was slightly overwhelmed - the spaceport was busy with new arrivals, people evacuating as quickly as possible. She had never seen so many people trying to get off a planet before. Maybe coming here wasn't the best idea, after all. Just how dangerous was this Amber? Beth looked towards the general direction of the park, where the AMBERED park could be seen. She frowned, her long ears drooping slightly. Were those people still alive? Were they dead? Beth wasn't sure but she hoped she could find a way to help.

In her moment of thought, she somehow managed to lose [member="Mavarah"] in the crowd. The winged woman probably was off trying to find her [member="Skosk Australis"] already. Beth, on the other hand, had worked up a bit of an appetite and was really wanting to find a place to grab a bite to eat before catching a ride to Miller's Park to meet with the others who had come to assist. Beth could only imagine how the local population was reacting - already panicking over the potential of more of the area becoming AMBERED but now dealing with the sudden influx of visitors. Beth hoped that these people who came had their best interests at heart.

She knew she should probably skip the food and head straight to the Park, but there was a food stand that looked like it had some delicious, greasy and extremely overpriced foodstuff. The girl went there first, debating on how such a weapon could be detonated. Why would they do it at a public park? There had to be more areas they were going to attack - would it only be Masterra or would it be elsewhere in the galaxy? Beth nibbled her lip as she ordered a sandwich from the food stand.

Beth was about to catch a ride to Miller Park, but she caught a glance of a scene occurring near [member="Marina DeVoe"]. Did the woman have something to do with the strange weapon? Curiosity struck the teenager and she moved closer. She tried to listen in the conservation between Marina and the security officers but couldn't get close enough to hear, especially over the sound of spaceships and chatter. Her ears were perked, one slightly curved in curiosity.

Moments later, though, she saw [member="Lady Kay"] and [member="Caedyn Arenais"] appear. Lady Kay walked right up to the other woman. Did they know the woman who seemed to be mixed up with Commenori authorities? Beth wondered - but would not complain - that the Arenais family had decided to make an appearance on Masterra. Although, she was curious about why this one lady nearly seemed to be arrested. Beth, hung back, though. She had never met Lady Kay, Caedyn's mother. Was there protocol for meeting a Queen? Beth really wasn't sure. Maybe she could just slowly walk away from the situation.

It wasn't her place, anyways. She needed to get to Miller Park.

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