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Mission of Mercy

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
Bekka was keeping the Queen's calendar visits to be made, political moves, and reminders of promises.

Faith watched the pitch black of space change to the elongated blue and white of hyperspace. How was it that this form of travel had been invented? Who thought ' oh I know hyperspace' . It was a great convenience certainly but where there costs to be had. She looked over at [member="Marina DeVoe"] they had both given their word to go to Tanaab and speak with the officials there.

Messages had been sent ahead to [member="Alexandra Russo"] to let her know they were keeping their word.

Alex had said that Tanaab might be interested in helping refugees' Faith knew there were many in the galaxy she would try to negotiate with Tanaab to build a center, and offer refugees a home.

Her brown eyes settled upon Marina, "We will be landing soon, are you ready to meet with the local officials?"

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
She stood there looking out into the hyper-tunnel of light, arms folded, tapping time away with her index to forearm.

Marina hadn't been a passenger since her early teen years at the Universities. Ever since she was 14 years of age, she had been allowed to jump across the great expanses on her own in one of the many family's smaller transports. To Marina, space travel was like riding a pedaled two wheeler recreation bike.
Of course at that age, it was to Universaties and back. Marina had shown extreme responsibility in adhering to just travelling at that age to school and back. It were because of that, that her grandfather had acquired the classic Solonar scout vessel that would later be dubbed the Mariner IV.

Marina's own ship the Mariner IV was a classic. A vessel of the time before the fall of the former Republic.
Her grandfather had acquired the ship when she was 12 years of age with the intention of stripping it, refurbishing it and bring it up to modern standards. It had taken 8 years for him to make it what it was today. Of course he could have commissioned a new ship for her, as credits were no object. But the Mariner IV project was just that, a project. And when Marina was home during school holidays, she would help him.
It was a mutual project of love and dedication. Lessons that she learned from her family...unity. Anything can be accomplished by working together. Upon her final graduation, the Mariner IV became her own personal transport.

And so for the first time in well over a decade, she was a passenger and not piloting her own way through the stars.
It was a strange she had difficulty with just ....waiting.

"Oh..your Majesty.." Marina turned, unfolding her arms.
"I hadn't noticed you entering." She said apologetically.
She had been doing nothing but staring at the tunnel of light just before it collapsed..behind darkened view port of course.

"I can't ever get tired of that...the transitions between the jumps. Seems I'm always drawn to the starlights..." She chuckled, as she approached her queen.

"And yes your've prepared me quite well..."
Hope is the elixir of life... or is it Caf?
Taanab system, Inner Rim
Perlemian Trade Route
Taanab Spaceport, Pandath (capital city), Northern Continent
~awaiting arrival of the Royal House of Alderaan
[member="Faith Organa"] [member="Marina DeVoe"]

"Excuse me, ma'am... The Royal Ship of Alderaan has just passed the outer marker of the system. Shall I have everyone take their places for the flight line ceremony?" a young man with a datapad dressed sharply in a blue suit asked Alexandra Russo, who had been made an honorary ambassador by the governor of Taanab for this particular state visit.

After all, the retired Commander of the Galactic Alliance's Rogue Squadron had been instrumental in lobbying the corporate sponsored government of her homeworld to pass a humanitarian aid package for the distressed former capital planet of the Free Worlds Coalition, which the agriworld had been a part of before the Sith Empire's devastating push coreward that brought the end of the coalition.

The pregnant brunette's brandy brown eyes fluttered open at the sound her aide's voice as she was resting quietly in the VIP lounge before all the fanfare began. She turned her dark head up towards Geoffrey Brennon and gave him a nod.

"Wait five minutes, then do so... Oh and Geof, if you would please," Alex smiled with a bit of a blush touching her high cheek bones as she held out her hand from the comfy lounge chair afforded the mother-to-be. The Taanabian hated being dependent on anyone, but now in the third trimester of pregnancy carrying twins no less, getting up sometimes was like a whale flopping around on the beach trying to get back to the water... or at least that is how the proud woman perceived it looked.

"Thank you... I'll see you out there on the tarmac momentarily. I'm just going to freshen up before greeting Her Royal Highness," she said, then the newly minted Ambassador of Taanab made her way to the fresher to change into the outfit chosen for the official welcoming.

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
She wasn't aware of Marina's discomfort about not flying herself. she only understood that every time she let her 'find her own way' she was late, detoured, or something else just not on time. This trip would prevent that she hoped.

Faith took a breath, "Good. Alexandra was quite talkative with you at the Gala. A good sign. Let us hope the rest of Tanaab is equally friendly and talkative." The ship was changing direction and Faith leaned over to look out the window. Funny how all planets started to look the same maybe she needed a vacation to somewhere else. Perhaps she could entice someone to go with her on vacation.

She hadn't done the girls only things in a long time. Oh that..yeah.. she smiled slowly at the thought. As she was lost in thought the ship settled upon the tarmac and it was now time to be a Diplomat.

She smoothed her clothing and adjusted the Organa crest she wore. A small reminder of home and who she was. Faith Organa. Wife. Mother. Diplomat.

She smiled at Marina, "Here we go"

The doors opened slowly and Faith walked to the door, a smile of greeting pasted on her lips, her head held high she knew the others would be with her. Marina, and two guards, and Bekka her aide. She missed Ana.

Clearing her mind though she headed out towards gazing upon the honor guard to greet them. How wonderful and lovely. Such efforts she was touched by it. She looked for Alexandra familiar face. A sigh of relief filled her when her gaze settled upon the mother to be.

[member="Alexandra Russo"] [member="Marina DeVoe"]

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
She could almost feel the pilot's actions as the ship came to settle down on the tarmac.

Marina had indeed met Lady Russo at one of their gala's that had been given to raise credits for unfortunate refugees that had looked to join the FWc. Their intentions were honorable and just. And they had indeed raised a good amount of credits to help aid Onderon and other systems in the FWC that were suffering from internal strife. Only that unknown to the FWC, they had many jealous enemies that despised the FWC, and especially Alderaan for being a beacon of light...of hope. As thus, the FWC was attacked by many such zealous factions to the point of the Coalition breaking apart.
And in Alderaan continuing to provide aid and support to the people caught in these unfortunate events, it was attacked by the very vermin that plagued this galaxy..the sith. But the sith in all their power and might could not break the spirit of Alderaani. No power in this galaxy could, nor had ever.. despite even going as far as destroying their ancestral planet with millions of inhabitants. Not even Genocide had deadened their spirit. It had only made their conviction stronger. As thus, they were the true beacon of light and hope of this galaxy. Alderaan's spirit could never be extinguished. EVER.

Marina along with her queen's entourage walked down their ship's ramp. One other thing she hadn't expected, was for them to be greeted with a ceremony. It showed Marina that there were many systems out there that were very much like Alderaan. And that had been the first thing she had noticed when their star-ship emerged out of hyperspace, that Tanaab from space and orbit could well be Alderaan's sister planet. The descent toward the surface reaffirmed that feeling as it had fertile valleys and many open spaces..farms, forests..seas.
Marina once her foot touched the tarmac, and for an instance, could have sworn she was home. Even the air smelled like Alderaan...."Hmm."

As she took in the essence of a good world welcoming her, Marina's eyes came upon her queen's smile. Queen [member="Faith Organa"] was looking past the welcoming party. Marina simply followed her queen's line of sight and she too found herself smiling. [member="Alexandra Russo"] was aglow...or seemed that way in the light, coming to greet them also.
Marina's smile broadened and she couldn't help but let out an excited chuckle. For the moment, all of her sad thoughts of Alderaan seemed to subside, seeing the good lady's tummy had grown with her twins nestled inside their mother still.

"Oh wow...she's even more radiant than last I saw her.." She exclaimed, not to anyone in particular...just something that naturally slipped out.
Hope is the elixir of life... or is it Caf?
As the Royal Ship of Alderaan began its final approach and landing cycle, the assembled band on the tarmac started playing patriotic music. Once the boarding ramp fully descended and the security detail was in place outside, the official welcoming song for a visiting Head of State began. Taanabians may be a bunch of farmers, but they were known for their air of formality, and today was no exception. They were pulling out all the stops for this, and Alexandra had seen to it that it went off without a hitch. A holonews crew was reporting this live for PR purposes and good will between the two planets as well as the refugees who would benefit from their cooperative nature.

When [member="Faith Organa"] walked down the ramp in her full regalness with [member="Marina DeVoe"] by her side, a warm smile grew upon the brunette's face as her new found friends had indeed kept their promise to visit her homeworld. Alexandra only wished it was under different circumstances, not as dire as they had become.

Once the entourage disembarked to the tarmac, Ambassador Russo stepped forward with a young schoolchild. The young girl curtsied, then presented the Queen of Alderaan with a beautiful bouquet of native flowers.

"Welcome to Taanab, Your Royal Highness. It is a honor to see you again, and you, Lady DeVoe," Alex greeted with a respectful cant of her dark head to each of the women, then she motioned with her hand towards the waiting limo speeder at the end of the military cordon assembled.

"If you'll step this way, I will escort you to the Governor's Guest House first where you may freshen up before the meeting with Governor Verone and the Council," she said with an eager smile as the new ambassador already knew of the inner workings of the humanitarian aid package that had been passed. It just needed to have the final amendments made to it now that the Ruler of Alderaan was present.

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
She could as well been attending a similar visit with her queen to an Alderaani Great House...Tanaab was so much like her home world. It didn't take much more than a few minutes for Marina to confirm that feeling.

"Hmmm.... they are so fragrant..." Marina commented on the bouquet her queen held on her lap.
She had entered the limo speeder following Queen [member="Faith Organa"] and had a chance to get her nose closer as she sat down besides her queen, to what she had picked up as a wondrous flowery smell on the tarmac. Now she knew for certain it were the bouquet.

"Gasp...Oh thank you, your grace..." She readily accepted three of the blooms that her queen gave her.

Again, she barely had to get it close to her olfactory to take in the fresh spring flower fragrance they offered. It made one smile, as it did in many ways take them to their own private Idaho...a happy memory. It were such with many rare blooms. And these on Tanaab were exactly those.

The limo was part of a procession of other official speeders that were heading to what Marina had picked up as a guest house for dignitaries...a Govern's mansion?
Marina took to occasionally smell her little handful of flowers from the queen's bouquet as she looked out across the fertile countryside. It could well as passed for the fertile valleys just South of Alderaa...
A pleasant memory of her best friend [member="Mariya Fleischer"] played through her mind. Oh how she missed her bestie. So much had happened since her bestie had left for some business venture. But luckily, her vineyard was too out of the way and insignificant to the sith as a strategic target for them to spoil.

"Huh?..." she got pulled out of her daydream by Bekka. "I'm sorry...I was just daydreaming, Bekka."

"Oh yes..aren't they wonderful?" Marina replied to Bekka's comment on the flowers that Marina was constantly sampling.
And just as her queen started to pull some more of her bouquet apart, marina parted with one of her three, giving Bekka one of them.
She did this so her queen wouldn't have to part with three more from her bouquet, but maybe one, for then both Bekka and Marina would have two flowers each.

It were a break for the two as for a few moments they could be just girls enjoying the fresh fragrance of Spring together. Their queen seemed to contain her smile too, for she could see the two needed once in a while to shed the horrors of what their beloved Alderaan experienced...if only for a few minutes.
So it were with many enjoy the few spare moment that life gives them to remind them that life can be joyous, and worth living.

"Your majesty..." Marina then turned to her queen, in a manner of respect before she would address their host..

"....Ambassador [member="Alexandra Russo"] you look even more radiant than when we met at the gala. Your twins must be anxious to come see for themselves this wonderful world. And may I add, your anticipation radiates from your person."

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
[member="Alexandra Russo"]

Faith smiled brightly at Alexandra, "Thank you for allowing us to come" Faith knelt down to take the flowers, "They are beautiful thank you. Did you pick them?" The little girl smiled shyly as Faith rose up. It was a lovely bouquet Faith loved flowers her Aunt even grew them in her green house giving Faith access to whatever she wanted. She often took advantage of it.

She then walked slowly beside Alexander with Bekka and [member="Marina DeVoe"] following in step. She nodded to the honor guard it was quite the gift that they be asked to stand while she took her time walking a carpet to the transportation. She wondered how many of them had suffered a loss this year considering how the galaxy turned right now.

"I would enjoy freshening up. I don't know much about your Governor Ambassado Russo, perhaps you could tell me more as we travel." The little group slipped inside the transport having laid her bouquet in her lap she offered flowers from it to Marina and Bekka. So that they would feel part of the pomp and circumstance. though it might be considered a bit rude to take apart the bouquet so carefully put together.

Faith looked over at Marina who was very excited about the babies to be born to the Ambassador, "yes she looks radiant and healthy all a good sign." She put her hand on Marina's hoping to calm her just a little.

"What do you need me to do while here Alexandra?" Faith's brown eyes rested on the Ambassador. Business first.. pleasure second...and she hoped the Ambassador was not due today.
Hope is the elixir of life... or is it Caf?
In the limo, Alexandra rode backwards in the seat across from where [member="Faith Organa"] and [member="Marina DeVoe"] sat next to one another. The newly appointed ambassador was pleased the flowers were well received by Queen Organa and her traveling companions. She had made the bouquet that morning after picking them from her personal garden; one of Alex's favorite places to get lost in when the world seemed to be closing in on the Taanabian.

"Governor Verone is our elected leader, and sits as the Head of the Council or rather Board of Directors, which are basically the CEO's of the agricultural conglomerates as Taanab is run as a corporate style government," the pregnant brunette offered, then paused a moment as they turned onto the main throughway of the capital city. Citizens lined the street on either side waving. This was a good sign that the people were behind the Alderaanean Royal House visiting.

"Basically, Your Majesty, the formal agreement just needs to be made between the two planetary governments. There is the main humanitarian aid package that includes food and basic supplies to be sent to Alderaan, then there is the negotiation for your people who would like to take refuge status here... And the possibility of refugees in general homesteading on our system neighbor planet Taum Reese is but one suggestion."

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
She considered all things and chose her words carefully. A little sigh might have been heard once she began to speak, "Many of the Alderaani are staying on Alderaan. Alderaan itself is rebuilding, of course who knows what the future holds and knowing that there is a place to go would give great comfort. I think for the moment we should consider a number of other worlds that have fallen. Offer them refuge and supplies where we can go."

She thought for a moment making sure she did not seem distracted, "I will convince Governor Verone that the effort is well worth taking and see what it is he would expect of Alderaan to be part of such an undertaking." She had a feeling he would want something as a show of faith.

But what would it be...."We can still offer goods that are produced on Delaya. It remains untouched." Yes the world that produced their ships, building materials, and many other things was able to help its sister Alderaan to recover.

[member="Alexandra Russo"] | [member="Marina DeVoe"]

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
"And may I add, much of all on Alderaan know of your generosity, Lady Russo. It were more of their plight for us to be here on behalf of them to extend their appreciation of our continuing friendship. And they would take the aid Tanaab could afford to offer less fortunate systems as their own." Marina elaborated more of how grateful Alderaan was to have a friend like Tanaab. And although Alderaan was hit with fever from the sith, it nevertheless prevailed and stood back up on its feet. The sith in all of their fury and might, had done little to damage the spirit of Alderaan.

And although many Alderaani families were temporarily displaced and went through hardship even to this day, they thought of less fortunate systems that needed the aid as offered by Tanaab, more than them. So it were with systems like Alderaan and Tanaab...they were of kindred spirit, and had same compassion for less fortunate systems.

Darkness they knew would always come, like the night following the day. But the light, like the dawn of a new day would always overtake the darkness. Light, like hope and faith, always overpowered the darkness when present. Light always pushed darkness away and could never be extinguished. As thus, systems like Alderaan and Tanaab remained beacons of light among the darkness void in which the sith futilely tried to spread.

And as marina spoke her words, they came upon the very people of Tanaab welcoming them to their world. Marina at first wasn't aware, but a tear...then two blessed this happy occasion. She let escape a happy chuckle, before wiping those happy tears away. Turning to her queen and Alex it were apparent she was very moved by the people of Tanaab. It were like Marina was at home.
It were moment like these that strengthened the spirit.

"Oh my... they are so wonderfull..." She then said, not realizing she spoke out loud.
Hope is the elixir of life... or is it Caf?
Alexandra smiled at [member="Marina DeVoe"]'s positive impression of Taanab's welcome they were putting on for the Royal House of Alderaan. The young woman seemed to be taken by the generosity and the natural beauty of her homeworld.

"We shall then keep hope alive for all those who need it."

It was real... The warmth from the people. Well for the most part. There was a small group of locals that had an elitist mindset that had made their displeasure known to the governor, but that wasn't anything new. Every planet had those that did not want to cater to others needs, just theirs. Power and greed led to darker views of society and what it could provide for self-worth. The refugees if not taken care of in the right way could be used to further personal agendas. Slavery and indentureship was on the rise as chaos in the galaxy grew.

The Ambassador's brandy brown orbs flicked from the blonde back to [member="Faith Organa"]. The Queen's response is what Alex had half expected. Alderaani were just as determined as her own kind, or at least Alexandra hoped they were if dire straits hit their world.

"I am confident that as our two worlds come together in this noble cause, we shall find the best way forward for those most affected by the endless wars that seem to be the norm now," Alex nodded respectfully as the limo approached a gated estate within the city.

"This is actually Governor Verone's own home, though after his beloved wife died he chose to live in quarters provided for him at the Chamber House. I hope you will be comfortable here during your stay. Tomorrow if you would like, I can take you on a tour of what our fair lands provide not only on the northern continent, but the southern one as well where I have a farm myself."

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
She listened to the words spoken between the two women perhaps Faith was getting too old for this, or that the political arena had become stale and offered much of the same thing over and over. Each world a delight unto itself. Each world offering whatever they could putting forth their best efforts.

This political dance that they each performed, familiar steps, different music, different partners and each hoping for a favorable outcome. Faith smiled as she so often did as she met the gaze of the Ambassador [member="Alexandra Russo"]. "Alexandra any place would be marvelous, I once spent the night in a tent on Hoth. This home by comparison is a palace of undeniable beauty and elegance. A reflection of those that live there. I'm sure [member="Marina DeVoe"] and I would love a tour to get to know the people and places that are dear to them."

That was how you got to know people find out what they held close to their hearts.
Hope is the elixir of life... or is it Caf?
Alexandra hoped that [member="Faith Organa"] wasn't bored with all the pomp and circumstance, and that she'd done it right. This was the new ambassador's first rodeo in this particular arena so to the former fighter pilot it was fun though maybe a little pretentious. It seemed [member="Marina DeVoe"] was enjoying her visit so far.

"Oh my... Well I hope there wasn't a tauntaun keeping you warm," the brunette quipped back lightly. "They really do smell bad, poor things," she said with a soft chuckle as the limo came to a stop and the door was opened by the chauffeur.

"Great... I will set up the tour for tomorrow then, and will be honored to show you my homeworld personally," Alex smiled, then exited out of the opened door after the others had; taking the mother to be a moment longer to climb out and try to make it look graceful.

"After you freshen up and have a moment to rest, we will go to the Chamber House where you will have the formal meeting with Governor Verone and the Council to put the final touches on the Humanitarian Aid Package, then there will be a state dinner held in your honor afterwards... I hope you brought your appetite?" she grinned warmly, knowing the menu. It would be a good representation of all the wonderful foods Taanab had to offer. The agriworld was truly blessed.

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
There was something about stepping on old stone pavements that Marina always found inviting. And the chateau, as Marina knew them to be on Alderaan could well have been erected on her home world.

Her eyes followed the stained glass windows all the way up the main keep. It brought a smile to her features as it looked like a castle. And like a great tower it had a 360 degree view of the fertile valleys and landscape surrounding the mansion. The tower reminded her of her own mountain home with such 360 vies of the Aiden mountains. Only that this mansion overlooked fertile valleys and greenery. Hers overlooked stone mountains ice and snow.

This truly was a great guest house their host picked for them.
Marina did her best not to beat her queen at replying, as it was a bit of a bad habit. especially in the presence of her queen. But it were obvious that marina felt at home and quite welcomed. She simply nodded, following her queens cue to being grateful for the accommodations.
in truth, Marina was quite excited in taking the offered tour. She had never visited Tanaab in person, only gazed at it through holo topography and vids. It was not unlike Alderaan, only it had formed naturally while her current world had been terra-formed from a compatible donor world. Alderaan in many ways had much history...history that had been brought to their new world much like one would bring memories to a new home.
But Tenaab had deep rooted history embedded right in its its its ever shining star.

Marina had on occasion felt her ancestral star's heat and blinding light. But it were now overlooking Alderaan graveyard. Her ancestral world was for the most part an asteroid belt around their old star. She visited the graveyard regularly, if not yearly.
Marina had never felt her ancestral star's warmth through the veil of old Alderaan's atmosphere..nor smelled the same air as her ancestors had.
Marina's world was in essence young, in comparison to Tanaab.
But this didn't make Tanaab old at all. Her current world was as old in basic form as Tanaab...only that it had been transformed to resemble their destroyed ancestral world.

Such memories which somehow had been embedded ancients ago in her DNA, made her long for that lost ancestral world. And it were places and worlds like Tanaab and its people that at times made marina miss what she never had...old world history right under-step.

And thus she followed her queen, and lady Russo, along with Bekka into the mansion. Again, they were warmly greeted and made to feel at home. Well, it wasn't like the mountain outpost home Marina had, but the feeling inside it was warmer for sure. that was one reason she loved visiting her bestie [member="Mariya Fleischer"]'s chateau, down in the lower valleys of Alderaan.
And this mansion quite reminded her of it, in both earth tones and natural construction.
marina's home on Mt Cetril was mostly durasteel and glass. Well, it's construction. But inside her family had made the family mountain outpost quite cozy.

"It's beautiful, your majesty..." Marina finally commented when her queen's eyes gazed over her.

"It's like many of the chateaus in the lower valleys South of Aldera." She said, referring to the many farms and winery estates on their world. Lucky for them, the sith had taken no interest in decimating the rural valleys. This in turn was why Alderaan was recovering pretty much on their own. They had not lost the ability to produce their own food.
As such, they were here on Tanaab to secure humanitarian aid for less fortunate systems that fell.

[member="Alexandra Russo"]
[member="Faith Organa"]

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
[member="Alexandra Russo"] | [member="Marina DeVoe"]

"Actually I had a dragon" Her husband once known by the name Dragon of Mandalore even if he wasn't their dragon anymore he was still her dragon, her drahr. It had been a good trip too even with the cold they rescued a family, made some friends, and had managed not to tick off the First Order. It was good.

Faith wasn't bored she was tired. What she had not shared with anyone yet was her own pregnancy at her age, and with her schedule there were days she was just plumb wore out. Today was like that. She needed some rest. She didn't want to burder Alexandra or Marina with such things. The pregnancy was easy. Though she had kashi blood, and some atrisian genes she aged slowly but it did not mean that having a baby at...well in her 40's was easy. Far from it. Matter of fact her mother asked if she was crazy. but ..well it was too late now and she and Draco would be welcoming their third child.

"It is beautiful like something from an old story. It has timeless appeal." She smiled she loved the look of buildings that someone loved enough to keep in their most spendid form. This house was one of them. She would remember it long after the meeting was done.

"Yes some time to freshen up" and think about what to say. "I look forward to finalizing all the details on this Alexandra. It will help so many people, give them hope" Yes when times looked dark they needed hope, they needed just a bit more to hang on to for the next day. "You should come and visit the Sanctuary Coast when there is time." Now as for food...

"I love food, I can't wait to see the offerings" Faith's tone showed her excitement at the mention of food. Her appetite had become ravenous with this pregnancy. State dinner included. She nodded pomp and circumstance. "Who else will be in attendance for the dinner?" She wasn't sure if other representatives had been invited. Tanaab being on the Perlemian Trade Route near to Hapes and Vena it was quite possible representatives would be on hand. She wasn't sure. Tanaab was also near the Aldera system where her Aunt had Alpha Mae.

Tanaab was ideally located.
Hope is the elixir of life... or is it Caf?
"Well that is always a plus not to tick off the First Order," Alex quipped lightly. "Though, it is kinda fun to kick them in the shins from time to time," the former fighter pilot for the Galactic Alliance grinned softly.

Alleycat missed flying and the camaraderie of the men and women who proudly served as well as leading too, but not the inevitable politics that came with that job. Which was ironic as now the Taanabian was dabbling in politics! She wasn't quite sure being a politician was her cup of tea, but helping the galaxy from a humanitarian aspect did pique her interest. Maybe it was her maternal instincts kicking brought on by the pregnancy. Seeing innocent children and families struggle because of war now opened her eyes as never before in a whole new light. Or perhaps it was the Force showing her how to give people hope again.

The more time spent with the Queen of Alderaan, the more Alexandra noticed that there had been a change in Faith since the last time they'd seen each other. There was a certain glow about her now, but it was dulled as they day grew longer. Also, her attire was of a fuller cut... Was the Queen with child? A hand went to her own swollen belly as it often did to caress the little ones inside. It would be nice to perhaps have their children know each other if that was indeed the case. Alex would not pry unless the noble woman offered the news.

"Yes, everyone can use a little hope... In the case of the refugees, definitely all they can get. I'm just glad to be able to help in this worthy cause," she smiled sincerely.

The personal invite to visit Alderaan again came as a pleasant surprise. It might be just the perfect place to go after the twins are born. "I just might take you up on that, Your Highness. My fiancé and I are looking for a place to honeymoon. Sounds like a lovely place to just that," she nodded appreciatively, then thought about those on the state dinner list.

"Well there are some dignitaries coming from abroad, yes, but most of the attendees are of local business families... I guess they are our nobility in that sense. There will also be some entertainment I'm most pleased to have perform for you tonight... The girl that gave you the flowers at the starport will be part of it. I hope you and Lady Devoe will enjoy the festivities planned. I'm so excited you are here, but more so that we will be making a difference with the coming together of our great two worlds."

"Oh yes and the food... I don't think you'll be disappointed. Please do let me know if you need anything special."

[member="Faith Organa"] [member="Marina DeVoe"]

OCC: If you guys want to bring any other PCs or NPCs to the state dinner for flair, feel free to do so. I left the dignitaries vague for that reason.[/spolier]

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
As the queen and host continued their talk, the two girls went on to go put their flowers and the queens original bouquet in a proper vase...

"That's an idea!.." Marina beamed when Bekka suggested they find a few more vases to put the flowers in.
There was already an empty vase on the main entrance hall to the chateau. Most likely it had been prepared for them to do just that, place the flowers given to Queen Faith Organa in it, as the vase seemed to already have been partially filled.
Only that the two girls had two stems of their own. So Marina went about looking for two vases, as her queen and Lady Russo talked a bit more.

Lord and behold, all the vases in the chateau were already decorated with flowers. There was no spare vase to be had, as far as empty ones. marina came back over to Bekka still brandishing her two stems and empty handed as far as vases went.
"They all have wonderful arrangements in them...throughout the lower floor." She sadly announced.

"I guess maybe we can get two glasses from the kitchen and ...and put ours in them." Marina then suggested. Bekka agreed and with both taking a peak back over to their queen and host, they trotted off into the kitchen to get some glasses for their flowers.

"Oh, this leads to the atrium..." They no doubt went the wrong way.
But in fact it was quite a view out of the rear open door atrium. It opened up to the rear court yard...and beautiful gardens.

" that's what I call a back yard..." Marina commented.
And she loved gardens...all gardens really, for her own family estate was located on top of Mt Cetril...the Norther mountain regions of Alderaan.
Sure the estate had a garden with trees, shrubbery and flower beds. But they were indoors in a sort of greenhouse environment and not in the open air, for her home was after all on the mountain.

"Huh?..." She asked, having been lost in the vista.
Bekka repeated her question, asking if she ever seen many gardens outside of the palace.
"Oh yes, I've been to many private gardens like this..." she replied.
"My bestie has one which I once got lost in..." She chuckled, remembering the antics her and Mariya Fleischer had whenever she visited her winery.

"Oh look...a gazebo...and..and a table over there with chairs...and there too..." She pointed to some outdoor patio furnishings, that were uniquely set so as not to stick out, but blend in, be part of the gardens.
"Maybe we can eat...or have breakfast out" Marina asked Bekka.

Naturally, Bekka replied if the queen would, then she couldn't see why not.
She personally didn't mind eating outside, but maybe it wasn't proper.

"Hmm, I don't know. I mean, why else would they have tables? I mean, if they had just benches and chairs then I could see that eating outside wasn't the plan...but the tables, Bekka." She pointed to them again.
"They're made to be eaten on..."

Again, Bekka replied if the queen was to decide for them to eat outside, then she would too. But she wasn't just going to ask their host to make special arrangements for them to eat outside.

But how would we know if Queen [member="Faith Organa"] wants to or not, if we don't ask her?...heh?" Marina made a point.
One which Bekka didn't wish to exercise.

"Well why not?..I'll ask her." Marina replied.

Bekka was against asking their queen if they could eat outdoors like marina suggested..

"What's the big deal, Bekka? Our queen eats like everyone else.
I mean...well, she has put on a few kilos, right?...she must enjoy eating... So why not outside in the gardens?" So Marina reasoned, not being aware of her queen's paternal condition...nor of her voice carrying to her majesty's ears.

[member="Alexandra Russo"]
[member="Faith Organa"]

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
[member="Alexandra Russo"] | [member="Marina DeVoe"]

"Alexandra will your husband be among the guests tonight?" She asked only from curiosity nothing nefarious. She did wonder where Bekka and Marina had wandered off to. She tried not to look too much around.

But it was no use she turned her head when she heard voices carrying, did Marina say she had put on a few pounds!

She smiled back at Alexandra no doubt the young woman had heard the same words. Faith took a deep breath she felt embarassment as her cheeks turned pink. She swallowed hard, "well at least she refrained from call me fat."

Faith had never been fat in her life. She wasn't that fat was she? She tried not to put her hand on her hip or on her stomach. Course all the weight could be in backside.
Hope is the elixir of life... or is it Caf?
Alexandra thought about her beloved for a moment... Oh how he was missed. She wasn't even sure where [member="Kahne Porte"] was at the moment. Such was the relationship they had as his duty to the Force and the Jedi Order came first. The former Galactic Alliance Flight Commander knew all about duty, but it seemed easier to accept being apart when she was serving with their elite starfighter squadron not just waiting at home twiddling her worried thumbs hoping for his safe return. It was something the Taanabian was getting used to, their continued long separations, but she didn't have to like it.

"Husband, oh no... We haven't actually been able to find the right time to marry yet. My fiancé is a Jedi serving with the Galactic Alliance. Our wedding had to be postponed when an important mission came up so now we are waiting until after the babies are born," the brunette smiled warmly with that promise Kahne made held closely to her heart, then the ambassador added with accepted recognition. "Unfortunately, Master Porte will not be with us for this evening's festivities as duty still calls."

Alexandra had to bite her lip to keep a surprised smirk off her face after hearing the quips made by the two young women who had come with [member="Faith Organa"] to Taanab on the official visit. Seems her suspicions were correct.

The well-along pregnant brunette smiled at [member="Marina DeVoe"] and her companion.

"Please enjoy the gardens however you wish, Lady DeVoe. I am sure Governor Verone would love to hear that they had been used so. They were his wife's passion," Alex stated, then she turned her dark head to look at the Queen.

"May I offer my congratulations then. Your Majesty... You look absolutely glowing," she smiled sincerely, then added with a knowing perspective.

"Life is such a blessing... and precious. That is why we must help as many refugees as we can in our endeavor."