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Locke and Key Mechanics

John Locke

A message sent back to the leader of House Aquila.

Good Morning Felix Aquila Felix Aquila ,

We at Locke and Key Mechanics are happy to work with House Aquila under the terms of a contract to provide the Minerva HUD system to yourselves for use in your future armour systems.

We're glad you were impressed by the system and look forward to building a relationship that will last for years and years into the future. If you desire any more technology, either in our catalogue or you wish to see developed please do let is know.

Kind Regards,

John Locke

(OOC: Permission granted)
the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out

To a whom this reaches --

A little beetle has informed us of a curious '
LockeBall' produced by this company.
We of the Hive have taken a great interest in obtaining a collection of such an item, so that we may better continue our trade of friend-making.

Our kindest of regards,
Melydia Gold
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John Locke

Good Morning Kira Nym Kira Nym

I am happy to say your purchase of a Hexarium Bodyglove Mk 2 has been approved. My sales team will be in touch to arrange delivery shortly.

Kind Regards

John Locke

((OOC: You did just fine! It's all a matter of personal preference, some people just ask for the item, some like to do an IC thing. For example, I almost always reply like I'm sending a message, some people do a little RP post. Whatever makes you happy.))

Jay Barleycorn

even darkness must pass
Mr. John Locke John Locke ;
We have heard good things about your technological marvels and would like to see these wonders for ourselves. In particular, we wish to purchase three (3) of your LK Spider Slicers.

To this end, a sizable deposit has already been made to your account. The remaining amount due can be paid when the order is confirmed.
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