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Approved Tech LK Hermes

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John Locke

LK Hermes


  • Intent: To create an encrypted commlink for use in later submissions
  • Image Source: Artstation
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics
  • Model: LK Hermes
  • Affiliation: Locke and Key Mechanics
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Mass Production
  • Material: Duraplast, electronics components, memory crystals.
  • Has multiple encryption levels. Can use Quantum Key Distribution to provide a secure communication link between two units. Can also use a series of pre-programmed keys to provide a network communication with multiple users (these keys should be updated regularly to prevent a lost device from being used to tap into the network). Can also mix these two protocols to have a lead device create a network and regularly send a new encryption key, transmitted via quantum key distribution. The Hermes can also act as a standard encryption module and a communications scrambler.
  • Able to link into a communications system to provide as safe and secure means of communication.
  • The key doesn't stand alone. While able to provide a strong defence against eavesdropping, should one of the Hermes devices in the communication system be compromised the system has no way of knowing that the people listening aren't meant to be.
  • The protocol is bad we don't use it. While the device is designed to be as secure as possible, user error always creeps into a system. From people too lazy to follow the protocol to the T, using familiar codes or failing to change them regularly.
  • Lag: No matter how good the processor, an encrypted transmission will be processed significantly slower than a unencrypted transmission. While this might not be for a long time, it might make the difference in a life or death conflict.

As the company expanded John Locke realised that one of the most important missing pieces in their toolbox was a secure means of communication. It was useless designing the most powerful armour system with a weapon that could pick out your enemy from 100 meters if the enemy always knew where it was. It was for that reason that Locke and Key Mechanics started developing a communications encryption device to be used in their later products.

The Hermes device is meant to be added into a communications system to provide it with a secure means of encrypting data and transmissions. By necessity, the incoming and outgoing data has to be run through the device before being broadcast.

The Hermes is designed for handling anything from an individual commlink to a vehicle or starfighter, but it lacks the capacity to handle the data received by anything larger than that.
Not open for further replies.