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Character Khonsu Amon, the Supreme Sun Guardian

Khonsu Amon

Supreme Sun Guardian
Factory Judge

Personnel File: 0116TSF/SG-KA.

  • Species: Near-Human.
    Subrace: Thyrsian - Echani Off-Shoot.
    Age: Fourty-Two.
    Gender: Male.
    Height: 185 cm (6’1”.)
    Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs.)
    Physique: Muscular; Toned.
    Eye Pigmentation: Chestnut Brown.
    Hair Colour: Charcoal Black; Stylized and Well Kept.
    Skin Complexion: Dark-Skinned (Natural,) Dark-Gray (Reptilian Xenograft.)

    Known Medical History:

    • Current Known Conditions (858 ABY)
    • Chronic Narcotic Addition - Invigorating Thyrsian Battle Oil.
    • Diagnosed Antisocial Personality Disorder.
    • Anorexia Nervosa.
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Childhood Enslavement.
    • Supposed Agoraphobia Tendencies; Consistent Entombment in Powered Armour.
    Occupation: Private Military Contractor, Bounty Hunter, Secret Sith Apprentice.
    Primary Allegiance(s): The Thyrsian Hierarchy, Thyrsus, and the Highest Bidder.
    Contractual Allegiance(s): The Highest Bidder.
    Current Status: Active; Transient Deployment.
    Homeworld: Thyrsus, Echani Home Cluster.

    Known Residence: The Guerdon, Thyrisan Battlecruiser.
    Languages Known:

    • Galactic Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • High Galactic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Galactic Sign Language: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Binary: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Bocce: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Thyrsian Battlecant: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Mando'a: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    Languages Spoken:
    • Galactic Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • High Galactic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Galactic Sign Language: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Binary: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Bocce: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Thyrsian Battlecant: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Huttese: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    • Mando'a: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
    Force Sensitive: Unknown (Secretly: Yes; Denied by Xenografted Flesh.)
    Midichlorian Count: Unknown.
    Known Alignment: Credits, will do fine. (Secretly: Dark Sided.)

    Marriage Status: Unmarried; Single.
    Spouse: N/A.
    Children: N/A.
    Parent(s): Unknown, Presumably Deceased.
    Siblings: Unknown, Presumably Deceased.

  • Known Combat Training:
    • Thyrsian Battle Precognition.
    • Advanced Marksman Training (Sidearm Specialization.)
    • Advanced Survival Training (Desert Specialization.)
    • Advanced Spatial and Surface Tactics Training (Urban and Boarding Specializations.
    • Battle-tested Leadership Training.
    • Standard Field First-Aid Training.
    • Basic Astronavigation and Pilot Training.
    Known Fighting Styles:
    • Advanced Close-Quarters Combat Techniques.
    • Thyrsian Martial Arts.
    • Teräs Käsi.
    • Stava.
    • Hijkata.
    • Prismatic Self-Defense.
    Distinguishing Features:
    • Patchwork Scarring, Several Synthskin Grafts and Cybernetic Implants.
    • Closely Braided Cornrolls and Clean-shaven Face.
    • Thyrsian Special Forces Tattoos (Twinned Suns), and Unit Markings (Thyrsian Glyphs).
    • [Secret/Hidden] Xenografted Terentatek Flesh.
    Character Strengths:
    • Thyrsian Battle Sight and Martial Arts. (Non-Force Battle Precognition.)
    • Muscular and Menacing.
    • Cybernetically Enhanced. (Anti-Toxin, Auto-Adrenal Injectors, Integrated Stabilizer Mask, Etc.)
    • Xenografted Terentatek Flesh (Very High Force Resistance.)
    Character Weaknesses:
    • Governed by Greed.
    • Prone to Aggression.
    • Recklessly Stubborn.
    • Needlessly Cruel.
    • Susceptible to Ionic Overload (Cybernetic Enhancements.)
    • Susceptible to Lightside Force Nexus' and Concentrated Bursts of Force Light.

  • Behavioural Keywords:

    Adaptable - Adventurous - Capable - Charismatic - Clever - Confident - Courageous - Creative - Disciplined - Dutiful - Educated - Focused - Hard-working - Heroic - Honourable - Idealistic - Intelligent - Leader - Logical - Masculine - Methodical - Objective - Observant - Patriotic - Practical - Self-reliant - Steadfast - Stubborn - Taciturn.
    Throughout the many years of Khonsu's ravaged life, the man's personality went through several evolutions marking critical points in his history. He began as a mewling child, like many newborns, but swiftly tempered by the crucible of his homeworld and the many dangers it housed. Thyrsus wouldn't suffer the weak to live amongst the scorching dunes. It was during these formative years, however, that the Echani raided his Clan's sprawling homestead. Silver-haired devils who sought to pacify the warring tribesmen from turning their innate aggression towards their overlords. In the aftermath, all that remained of that one-sided battle was a tear-stained youth, who sought to carry on his fallen parent's fight with eyes rimmed by pure, unadulterated hatred. Both of these traits, the innate survival instinct and hatred, would entwine themselves into his very core and remain a constant companion of his throughout the rest of his life. Not even the cruelties of the Echani Compact could douse the raging fires of his petulant fury.

    When the Sun Guard, what remained of his homeworld’s special forces, liberated a slave colony in the Outer Reaches of the Six Sisters, they found Khonsu amongst the surviving populace. He was given a choice then, die with the people who held his leash and sought to break him or to embrace the people of his birth-world and their warrior ways. It was at that moment, the future Master of the Sun Guard evolved from a child soldier, into a Thyrsian Warrior who was taught to harness and embrace his hatred and rage. From there, the boy became akin to a fledgling Lion—learning to stalk his prey, and of the value of trusting his growing pride. He blossomed within the ranks of the Sun Guard despite his taciturn nature, as he slowly opened up to his comrades-in-arms; exultant in victory or compassionate and understanding in defeat.

    Though he had learned of the bonds of camaraderie, Khonsu couldn’t stifle the newly ignite fires of ambition that burned within his heart. He hated the Echani for everything they did to him as a child, and to his people centuries prior. Despite all of this, the current Supreme Sun Guardian honoured the terms laid out by their predecessors. The Sun Guard would remain forever banished from Thyrsus, and never take up arms under the Twin Suns banner against the Scions of Eshan again. Thus, the young mercenary became obsessed with claiming the mantle of leadership at any cost. Such was his hunger for power that the Thyrsian nearly damned the entirety of the Golden Company by making a secret compact with a powerful Lord of the Sith. When the blood price rose too high, and during a duel with the Jedi Master— Arcanus Sunstrider—the Thyrsian was mortified at what he became.

    It was then that Khonsu secretly began turning against his would-be puppet master. The blade that bound him to the service of the Sith was discarded and swiftly replaced by another, forged by Thyrsian hands. Even his flesh and blood wasn’t safe from his reforged path. These disfigurements were the beginning of his penance for spilling the essence of his kin in the pursuit of power. He would path for the sin of betrayal by subjecting himself to a year of genetic therapy; turning himself into the monster that he believed himself to be. Secretly remade by the genetic material of an ancient Sith war-beast, Khonsu flensed the living creature’s hide and had it grafted to his own. He was purified and baptized again by the agonies wrought upon his flesh. When the soul-flensing pain ceased, the Thyrsian was reborn with a new purpose.

    Driven to sever the Sith’s infectious hold on his warbands, Khonsu purloined the knowledge of the Heretics within his ranks and had them slain by mysterious proxies. The Sun Guard would be pure—no matter the cost.

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Khonsu Amon

Supreme Sun Guardian
Factory Judge

Bound in Chains; Early Life:
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The Red Suns Rise; Thyrsian Special Forces:
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Shame and Shadow, Recast; Banishment from Thyrsus:
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Reborn in Gold and Black; Joining the Sun Guard:
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The Price of Ambition; Ensnared by the Sith:
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Beast Within, Beast Without; Becoming a Monster:
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Upon a Sandstone Throne; Claiming the Title of Supreme Sun Guardian:
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Khonsu Amon

Supreme Sun Guardian
Factory Judge

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