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Approved Planet Thyrsus; Home of the Thyrsian People.

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= Thyrsus - Home of the Sun Guard =




  • Planet Name: Thyrsus [Pronunciation: Thyr·sus - THərsəs.]
  • Demonym: Thyrsian.
  • Region: Inner Rim.
  • System Name: Thyrsus System - Six Sisters Sector.
  • System Features:
    • Awondo and Nyambi - Thyrsus’ Class M main-sequence Binary Star’s, whose name(s) translates into “The Father of Creation,” and “The Brother of Understanding,” from Thyrsian to Galactic Basic Standard.
    • Dogon - Thyrsus’ sole astronomical body, and naturally orbiting satellite, whose name translates into “The Daughter of Death,” from Thyrsian to Galactic Basic Standard.
    • Spentas and Angra - Thyrsus’ twinned Asteroid belts that ring the Solar System; One that separates Thyrsus from it’s beloved Red Dwarves, and One that rings the outer edges of the System.
  • Location: Chaos Map Screenshot with Crude Positioning.
  • Coordinates: Z-20 (Current Galactic Map Standard.)
  • Solar Orbital Position: One.
  • Rotational Period: 22 Standard Hours. (Galactic Time Standard.)
  • Orbital Period: 299 Days (Local Standard.)
  • Major Imports:
    • Medicine.
    • Foodstuffs (Primarily Water.)
    • Chemicals.
    • Technology.
    • Illegal Goods.
  • Major Exports:
    • Precious (Refined) Metals and Minerals: (Bronze, Ceramisteel, Crystasteel, Dallorian Alloy, Duraalloy, Durachrome, Duramentium, Duranium, Duralumin, Durasteel, Duravlex, Ferrocarbon, Flex-bronze, Flexisteel, Glasteel, Hadrium, Havod, Hybrid Plexisteel, Kiirum, Link-steel, Madilon, Manganese Brass, Mirrsteel, Plasteel, Phond, Steel, Steelstone, Steristeel, Turadium, Vardium Steel, Vacierite, Etc.)
    • Unprocessed Metallic Ores: (Alum, Aurodium, Berubian, Borium, Chalcopyrite, Chanlon, Cubirian, Durelium, Doonium, Gold, Halite, Hematite, Hexophilenine, Hfredium, Hollinium, Ilimium, Magnetite, Malachite, Lommite, Rodomium, Rubindum, Teniline Granule, Terilian, Thoranium, Trenomite, Etc.)
    • Weapons.
    • Technology.
    • Mercenaries.
    • Illegal Goods (Thyrsian Slaves and Narcotic Spices.)
  • Unexploited Resources: Yuuzhan Vong Biotechnology (Considered Mythical and Extremely Rare.)


  • Gravity: Galactic Standard.
  • Climate: Hot and Arid, Artificially Controlled (Some Regions.)
  • Primary Terrain:
    • Desert, Rolling Dunes.
    • Oases, Mostly Underground.
    • Buttes.
    • Mesas.
    • Canyons.
  • Atmosphere: Type One.

  • Capital City: Nicaea.
  • Planetary Features: Mixed Wild and Urban Settings - Alleged Rakatan Ruins, Floating Urban Platforms and Skyhooks, Sprawling Technological Metropolises, Underground Settlements, Nomadic Desert Clan Housings, Various Wartime Ruins and Structures (Desert-Claimed,) Proverbial Oceans of Sand, Etc.
  • Major Locations: See Listing Below.
The Thyrsian Wastes. (Southern Hemisphere.)
  • Pharos - Home of Clan Urusai: Found nearest to the Thyrsian wastes, a vast desert that encompasses much of the planet’s southern hemisphere, Pharos was nestled within the heart of a towering rockface that overlooks the vast sea of rolling dunes. With a cliffside spaceport, the Pharos rarely comes in contact with the harsh realities of the outside world, save for the twinned glasteel domes that bathe the cavernous city beneath in artificially controlled light. It was a towering metropolis that seamlessly blended the architectural tenets of technology and archeology together, as many structures were laser-etched into the earth, and supported thereafter by repulsorlifts, anti-concussion fields and fibrous cables.
  • Heliopolis - Home of Clan Nekarr: Built within the supposed crash site of the ancient Arkanian vessel that had brought the Thyrsians to the world they would eventually tame and call their own, Heliopolis was the sprawling home to Clan Nekarr. While the city retained much of its ancient traditions, which often transpired within the central arena that everything was built around, it was a stunning testament to Thyrsian ingenuity. Although the metropolis should’ve long been reclaimed by the shifting sands, it remains unspoiled by nature’s wroth through the coupled means of artificial climate manipulation and ultrasonic emitters affixed to the perimeter sandstone parapets.
  • The Mountain Shield: Serving as one of the great dividing lines between the northern and southern lands, the Mountain Shield as it was known in the Thyrsian tongue - was an expanse range of snowless peaks that stretched as far and as wide as the eye could see. These towering cordilleras dissuaded even the bravest of creatures that resided in the south from traversing north and were often forced to take the long road that swept around the myriad summits in order to carry through with their migrations. The same could be said for the native Thyrsians, as the giant tectonic heights were often beset by terrible ionic storms that lashed their pointed summits, and flensed the very flesh of those that sought to defy nature’s fury.
  • The Great Collapse: It was said before the plague had devoured the light of civilization, that the Great Collapse was once the sight of a great beast that had been cast from the heavens and sought to burrow into Thyrsus’ very crust. However, the reformed and restored Sun Guard of old had fought against this mighty creature and the swarming tide of brutes that worshipped it; eventually slaying all that stood before them and ousting the beast from its cavernous lair. Thus, as the tale of that great victory over the Yuuzhan Vong was passed down the generations, the massive chasm became a monument of great remembrance - to honour the memories of the fallen and to relive the glories of their ancient past. There were even rumours that some of the great beast’s wretches survived and now dwell within the massive crater; who will one day reclaim what they believe to be rightfully theirs.
  • The Desert Paradise: Of all the places were considered sacred on Thyrsus’ surface, the Desert Paradise reigns supreme as one of the largest natural oases amongst the rolling sands. With waving reeds and sparkling waters, the expansive oasis had long served as a paradise to the warrior people that tamed this desert world - until the Echani had brought the desert-born under their tyrannical heels. Then, this beautiful patch of land was despoiled by glittering spires of glasteel and Thyrsian gold; forever denying its people and the planet itself from revelling in this earth-bound kingdom of heaven.
  • The Hidden Refuge: Whilst many settlements affixed to the surface of Thyrsus find themselves watched by the orbiting garrisons of Echani soldiers and Prefects, there is one that finds itself freed from such observation. This was the place known to the locals as the Hidden Refuge, where several aspects of their martial culture reside, despite the system-wide repression of their practices and tenets. The shrouded city was carved into the vast system of connected caverns that existed beneath the mountainous shield above, safeguarding the people housed within from the flesh-searing storms that raged above. With the tectonic forces of nature dissuading both the Echani and dangerous predators alike from uncovering this concealed seat of Thyrsian culture, there were only a few who knew of the myriad paths that led to this mythical redoubt. It was through their iron will and sense of determination, that the secrets of these warrior people would survive throughout the ages and eventually spread throughout the stars.
The Sea of Thirst. (Northern Hemisphere.)
  • Nicaea - The Planetary Capital: While the city is far from the oldest settlement affixed to the surface of Thyrsus, Nicaea was initially erected as the meeting place of the planet’s clans; due to it being of equal distance away from several tribal encampments at the time. This mindset was retained throughout the ages, as what began with humble origins soon became the seat of planetary government and neutral territory where anyone could live in peace - provided they had the coin. With regional influences taking hold of the architectural and visual aesthetics, the Capital proved to be one of the most beautiful sights on the sands of Thyrsus, as the city was gripped by an explosion of colours. This beauty was also reflected in the people themselves, as they were able to showcase their boundless culture to any off-worlders that might’ve been ensnared by the vibrant hues dotting every structure. However, as every desert rose has its thorns, the ever-present sight of the orbiting Echani skyhook despoils everything with its unsightly visage and dreadful aura that permeates from its glimmering hull.
  • Orbiting Echani Skyhook: When the Echani had reclaimed their ancestral hold over the Thyrsian people, they had installed a massive militant Skyhook over the Capital City of Nicaea, to serve as both a constant reminder of their people’s shared history and the ties that lashed them to their tyrannical present. It was a glimmering installation that was comprised of stolen gold and steel, and was forged by chained Thyrsian hands; a fact which added further insult to injury. From this nigh-orbital perch, a Prefect of the Echani Garrison lorded over her riches plundered from the planet’s surface and kept an eye on their vassals below - ensuring that they were tolerable and that the resources that were exploited had been sent back to Eshan in uninterrupted droves. In addition to housing an Echani Prefect, this hated eye in the sky housed several units of Echani Firedancers, who could be rapidly deployed to the surface should their presence be required, or if they grew tired of acting as distant observers.
  • The Echani Lunar Garrison: Bearing an ill-suited appellation that wasn’t befitting of a translation to Galactic Basic, the Echani Lunar Garrison acted as the seat of Echani power within the Thyrsus system. Dozens of silvered starships were anchored in geosynchronous orbit around the celestial body, and the moon itself was dotted with an expansive network of military installations and biodomes; reminding those that resided within of their distant homeworld. The multiple structures that comprised the entirety of the sprawling facility had been filled with a majority of the Echani population, exclusively separating them from the desert-born Thyrsians below, and were provided with the first pick of any imports that had been brought into the system. It was said that with the waters that flowed across the surface of the Daughter of Death, that the sand-scarred world below could be drowned and reborn anew as a paradise world, where none would ever want for water again. However, as the cycle of oppression remains unbroken, such words were an idle fantasy of a parched mind.
  • Edessa - Home of Clan Tripion: Claiming to be the first city ever erected on the surface of Thyrsus after the great, and storied journey from the frozen tundras of Arkania, Edessa stands as one of the oldest surviving settlements that remains untouched by the rolling dunes. Originally built at the foot of a towering mesa, the collection of structures began expanding throughout the ages to become the second-largest city on the planet. Even the mesa itself was not safe from the technological progress displayed by the Thyrsians, as the rocky outcropping was reforged anew and eventually became the central districts for the massive metropolis. Ensuring that the city wasn’t swept away by the various natural disasters that plagued Thyrsus, a multitude of defensive measures were put in place, that ranged from simple sandstone barricades to crackling plasmatic curtains.
  • The Monument Mesa: There was little to be said about the monument mesa, as much of what resided there had been torn down when the Echani had returned to enslave the planet and direct it’s people towards their capricious whims. However, from what many can remember, it was the site of a prison camp that housed the first Thyrsian Slave who rose up against his mistress, and secret lover. It was on that rocky mesa that the Bengali Uprising and the Thyrsian war for independence had begun - engulfing several neighbouring systems in nearly three centuries of war. Those ruins had remained standing after the planet had rightfully earned its freedom, and was refashioned into a monument that was supposed to last throughout the eons as a symbol; defining the martial pride of what it meant to be Thyrsian and the cost of their liberty. Now? The barest embers remain, as the entire site was glassed from orbit in a gross display of cruelty from the cowardly Scions of Eshan.


Native Species: Unknown Sentient Life, Possibly Rakatan (Infinite Empire Era. Unconfirmed.)
Immigrated Species:
Local Fauna:
Population: Moderately Populated - Approximately 1.3 Billion Souls.

  • 90% Thyrsian.
  • 5% Echani.
  • 5% Other.
Primary Languages:
  • Thyrsian and Regional Dialects (Majority.)
  • Galactic Basic Standard (Majority.)
  • Echani (Minority.)
Culture: Despite being flavoured by the regional dialects of its people and various tribal customs, the Culture of Thyrsus fundamentally remains as a warrior society. Formed upon the three pillars that are commonly seen amongst similar sentient collectives, those of martial strength, community and religion, the Thyrsians developed into a fiercely independent people, whose traditions diametrically opposed their genetic cousins in the Echani. As one can imagine, having developed on the surface of a harsh, and arid world, the Thyrsians were not tolerant of weakness, and often set about culling their weakest links - either by casting them out in the hopes that they would return stronger or by feeding the native population of worms that dominate the sands. From this seemingly heartless stance, comes the widespread drive to worth and respect the balance between the strength of an individual's character, and their natural abilities to surmount their myriad flaws. While this wasn’t an accepted practice amongst several of the planet’s clans, it was a widespread belief due to the fact that one’s own spirit reflects their outwardly, and martial prowess.

Unlike their genetic cousins and eventual enslavers, the Thyrsians are a male-dominated and patriarchal species, as many ageing warriors find themselves taking political and authoritative roles within the Clans. This fact was only true because of the lower birth rate of females amongst the populace, which resulted in periods of sexist discrimination throughout the ages. However, such ideals faded when Thyrsus was enslaved by the Scions of Eshan and was supplanted by a meritocratic mindset, where everyone - regardless of their gender - has the chance to retain their varied positions in society if they proved themselves capable of doing so to any that strived to advance themselves. Originally, this was believed to be a temporary setback in their misogynistic ways, but as the war for their independence dragged on for nearly four generations - it became an essential part of their traditions. All stood equally judged under the light of the Sun.

With many believing that the greatest dividing force between Thyrsians were their genders, the concept was born from the viewpoints established after the conflict known as the Bengali Uprising, where a male-dominated culture of Thyrsus fought a female-dominated culture of Eshan. While that may be a preconceived notion, it was the furthest thing from the truth. Instead, the true dividing line between the myriad peoples of Thyrsus was the concepts of personal power and material wealth; where those who possess an abundance of the former rise to heights undreamed of by those found lacking the latter. While many amongst the stars believe that this mindset is detrimental, often leading to periods of chaotic repetition, such an uncivilized demeanour suited the Thyrsians perfectly. If someone in power proved to be unworthy, more often than not, the figure with an equal mixture of wealth and power was violently deposed; only to be replaced by someone believed to be more competent.

Aside from the two materially-bound portions of Thyrsian culture, there was a caste system that existed between the varied Clans that were remnants of the hierarchy that existed in the days following the colonization of their new homeworld. There were five known castes that presided over the populace and held little restrictions that locked one person in a particular role, allowing for their effort to determine where they belonged. The first and most prominent societal caste was that of the Warrior; who were primarily formed from those that were the protectors and eventual rulers of the Clan - whose efforts were ultimately supported by those outside of their caste. This stance was meant to keep those within the Warrior caste cognizant of the dangers that an elitist mindset creates, essentially creating a cultural mindset of self-policing, as anyone from any Caste may replace them at any time. The second caste was that of the Technologist, whose primary concerns were of using their intellect to drive the technological advancements of their respective tribes and provide the warrior caste with a vast array of deadly new weapons. While this afforded them great power over the other castes, they were kept in check by their supposed betters - who relished reminding these errant souls of their place in society.

With their power being reportedly less than the Warriors and the Technologists, the third caste was that of the Merchants, who primarily dealt with the acquisition, or manufacture of any and all materials needed by the Clan. These individuals were also known to traverse the dunes during the eras they had yet to master the technology that had brought them to Thyrsus, and sailed upon the solar winds when they took to the stars. However, through the acquisition of wealth, there have been periods throughout Thyrsian history where a Merchant had sought to acquire power that wasn’t theirs; hiring several of the warrior caste to do their dirty work. This practice hadn’t started off well, as when the wellspring of coin had dried out, the Warriors beat their paymaster to death. Underneath the Merchants, and forming the second largest portion of any of the Clans, were the Labourers - who worked with the other castes, getting their hands dirty and forming the foundations of Thyrsian society.

The last and most recent addition to their caste system was the Helot caste. When the Echani had enslaved the Scions of Thyrsus and sought to break their supposedly barbaric culture, they ironically passed along the fundamental ideas of slavery. After Thyrsus fought for its freedom and independence from the rule of distant Eshan, they had taken their captives and pressed them into service - using them in place of droids because of the mindset that flesh was cheap and that a droid was better suited to exist in the Labourer caste (simply due to the manufacturing costs.) These Helots were often forced to work in the harshest environments and were considered less than sentient - if not property - by those that had the luxury of owning a gaggle of slaves. In the time after their successful rebellion against the Echani Command, this caste was primarily filled with forgotten prisoners of war and Echani who couldn’t flee the Thyrsus system once the Pact at Almera was made. However, due to recent events that have echoed the past, this caste is all but non-existent.

What has lasted throughout the ages, however, despite the various attempts to crush their culture, was the Thyrsian belief in the Sun holding the secrets of creation. To them, their twinned Suns were the drought from which all life had supped, and considered to be the remnants of ancient gods that had once dominated their culture. Before the coming of the Echani, it was believed that the gods proved to be more troublesome than they were worth, having become meddlesome in the lives of mortals - thus resulting in a mythical figure rising up from amongst the ashes and slaying their ancient pantheon. The names of these gods were meaningless and were even forgotten during the Echani occupation, but the Thyrsian who slew the gods became an everlasting fixture throughout the ages. This man was known to the masses as the Son of Suns. His legend came with an old prophecy, one that stated he would one day be reincarnated when the need was most dire, and the scales between the forces of light and dark needed to be balanced.

With a preference shown towards the reverence of a warrior’s legacy or an astronomical object, rather than a figment of imagination concocted by the weak to control the masses, the Thyrsian thirst for conflict became their primary means of worship.



  • Government: Clan Councils (Previous,) Authoritarian Military Dictatorship (Current.)
  • Affiliation:
    • The Echani Compact (Military Occupation under the guise of the Echani Command; Rulers of the Six Sisters Region.)
    • United Clans of Mandalore (Sector Overlords; Sovereignty Allegedly Guaranteed.)
Wealth: High - Before the Scions of Eshan had laid claim to the Thyrsus system, it’s people prospered. They were blessed with a bountiful world that was rich in natural resources but lacked the surface that was required to sustain life. When they had taken to the stars, the Thyrsian’s had found that their solar system mirrored what was uncovered beneath the dunes. These discoveries throughout their history had led them to unparalleled prosperity, and ultimately attracted the envious gaze of their genetic cousins in a neighbouring system. Even though they are but a shadow of their former selves, Thyrsus maintains its vast hoard of riches, no matter who proclaims themselves it's master.

Stability: Medium - Stability on the world of Thyrsus is a capricious thing, as it changes depending on the region and if the local garrison of Echani has found one of their soldier’s bled dry and crucified. From what the locals can remember, there was little that would threaten the stability of the planet - aside from the various local conflicts between two aggrieved Clans, or the various hardships brought about by the turbulent elements and wildlife. When the Echani had returned to lay claim over the populace, and enslave them to serve distant Eshan’s needs - the Clans begrudgingly accepted their fates until they recovered from the various calamities that afflicted their people throughout the ages. With that being said, however, there are those amongst the Thyrsians that have taken up an ancient cause and have been fighting back against the Echani through both peaceful, and violent methods. These youthful, and pride-bound elders are often publicly decried by their peers but are supported in the shadows due to the fierce, independent traditions that are common amongst the regionally divergent clans.

When it comes to those that choose to visit the arid world of Thyrsus, who lay no claim to the hated Echani heritage, they are treated warmly and afforded every courtesy that was allowed by Planetary and Clan customs. While this varies, depending entirely upon the region that an outsider elects to visit, the general scope is that they are treated with respect - until something occurs to break that fragile bond. As the Thyrsian’s are predominantly martial people, they often find themselves brawling with visitors; an act that allows both parties to vent their frustrations and divine the truth behind what caused an offence. It is not something often understood, as there are some creatures who do not take kindly to being threatened by an armed Thyrsian - but it is a cultural caveat that all visitors are warned of as soon as they depart their transports.

While the Echani have a heavy influence in many aspects of the Thyrsian ways of life, they usually keep to the larger settlements and operate in a supervisory capacity, which allows for the local authorities to handle their own affairs. With the discipline brought forth by their warrior culture, and the various traditions passed along through the ages, their Overseers believe that little interference is required. Most miscreants and lawbreakers end up turning themselves in for judgement after the misdeed has been committed - or, they’re never caught if the troublemaker seeks to remain in the shadows. Should a Clanner be wronged by someone else of another Clan, or by their own Kin, it’s not uncommon to see them take to the streets in search of vengeance. These public acts of murder, or most locally known as Honour-Killings, are permitted by local authorities - so long as they are kept confined to the offending parties.

If it comes to light that more than the offender was slain in this sacred ritual, then they were brought before a Clan Tribunal and proper justice was meted out. Despite these militant customs, there are times that the offending party is Echani - which causes innumerable problems as their culture is diametrically opposed to from Thyrsus. It is in these cases that most of the aforementioned violent methods are employed, which causes momentary unrest between the two peoples until an accord is struck, and amends are made.

Freedom & Oppression: The atmosphere of freedom on Thyrsus varies, as there are entire seasons that pass by without anything majorly of note, and there are times that the local Echani garrison squeezes the local populace. For the most part, the occupying Echani forces have adopted a reactionary and supervisory stance, allowing the local Clans to police themselves. Their military might is only brought into play whenever one of their own is assaulted in the streets, or large swathes of outsiders go missing - which is less common than the former. The latter option is a very rare occurrence, that was spawned forth by a radical movement, where the prescribed locals believed that in taking hostages their outlandish demands would be met. Sadly, due to an overzealous military official, both the radical Thyrsians and the Outsiders were slain in an Echani raid - which sparked a season of unrest amongst the populace until measures were taken to restore peace.

Thyrsus is governed by a Clan Council, where one Elder from each regional tribe is given a seat and oversees a majority of the planet’s affairs. However, despite this apparent freedom, the Echani secretly enforce their rule through a myriad of means to make sure that the rich resources are pulled out of the ground, and the people are cognizant of the tightened leash wrapped around their necks. This is to ensure that the war machine of the Echani Command is kept fed by the resources of their ancient enemy and that the local populace is kept under control so that a repeat of their shared past wouldn’t come to light. While that was an admirable goal, there are times that errant sparks take hold and incur harsh repercussions amongst the locals - especially on the outskirts of the larger settlements, where the Echani believe that their cunning and cruelty goes unnoticed.

Even with the fear of the ruling body being prevalent, the Thyrsian people take pride in spreading the independence of their culture however they can, often sharing their tenets with those Offworlders that are deserving, or who come with deep pockets. It is through use gestures that the Thyrsians can keep their culture alive, despite the varied interference brought about by the Echani - giving them a measure of freedom to keep the fires of hope alive, until the day comes where they’re freed from such virulent oppression. With the cultural divergence between the two genetic cousins, much of what is considered to be legal on Thyrsus isn’t acceptable with the Echani, meaning that a lot of daily proceedings occur more frequently away from the larger settlements.



Military: The Thyrsian’s are a martial people, and before the dark times of Echani oppression prided themselves on having an elite and well-equipped military. With naturally occurring defences populating much of the system, the planet was turned into a proverbial fortress world, as the myriad methods of advancing into the sector were limited; a factor that proved to be influential in the Thyrsian’s capabilities of keeping the reviled Echani at bay for some time. Aside from the innate means of protection, the Thyrsian’s had once boasted a proud and expansive navy, equipped with the best that their technology and credits could provide. Coupled with the defensive network of satellites, minefields, and orbital installations that fleshed out the system, it was once considered a bulwark of Thyrsian culture and martial might. The soldiers that Thyrsus produced knew no equals, as they seamlessly blended the fighting prowess of the Echani with the armoured bulk of the Mandalorians - creating the most feared shock troopers in the galaxy.

There were even rumours that the natives of this arid world had learned to harness the power of the Sun in their weaponry and that through their faith in their twinned creators, they left nothing but ash in their wake.

However, such glories were lost in the waning years and as the Echani returned to reclaim what they believed was theirs. What remained of the proud navy, was stripped of their fangs and forced to gracelessly serve as cargo transports - ferrying men or materials out of the system to serve the needs of Eshan and her errant Queen. Although the minefields remain adrift, and deactivated, much of the defensive network remained intact - but programmed to protect the freshly installed Echani facilities instead. The same could be said of the soldiers that this arid world produces, as they were yoked towards another purpose and on the whole, meant to serve as highly specialized cannon fodder for their white-skinned overlords.

With that being said, there are those that resist the oppressive regime - either by becoming Mercenaries and taking their fight off-world or by shrouding themselves in shadow and making every day a little bit more costly for the Echani, than the last. Long live the Fighters.

Technology: Long before the coming darkness, brought about by the Gulag Plague, Thyrsus has prided itself on creating or obtaining cutting-edge technologies - ensuring their independence from the Echani, and keep the arid surface of their homeworld sustainable for sentient life. To this end, the planetary system was considered to be highly advanced on the technological spectrum, despite the unfortunate events that paint their present circumstances. Much of what is seen throughout the Galaxy is present upon the sands of Thyrsus, and much of what is considered lost or exotic technology, finds itself being commonplace trinkets.

One such example is the ability to harness the power of the sun, and utilizing it through various means, such as weapons or propulsion - should there come a season when Tibanna gas finds itself scarce. Whatever is not found on the surface of Thyrsus, nor in the hands of the populace, is easily imported from various sources through purchases or barter. This usually ends up being a rare occurrence, as the Thyrsian people are generally stubborn and wish to not become heavily dependent on others; often resulting in the locals reverse-engineering whatever they bring in.

Even with the degradation brought about by the Gulag Plague, and the various calamities that followed after, Thyrsus found itself relatively unaffected. Much of what was lost was reclaimed as the Thyrsian’s began taking back their world from the infection, and whatever was lost to time was replaced by something more suitable.


In the time before recorded history, the planet of Thyrsus was a paradise world. Where there were rolling hills of greenery, towering trees, and even vast oceans that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was said that there was even sentient life residing within the lush, and temperate jungles that dotted the surface. Through means unknown, they had drawn the might of the Rakatan’s Infinite Empire, who subsequently invaded and enslaved the local population. These natives, including the name they had gone by, were wiped from the face of history during the twilight years of the Empire’s near-galactic rule. Their paradise world was glassed from orbit; where the fertile soil was superheated into shattered glass, and the vast oceans were boiled - resulting in a drastic change of climate on the planet’s surface. However, despite the fury that had torn the skies asunder, there were ruins and remnants of the previous inhabitants - even small pockets of what the planet was once hidden beneath the surface.

Uncounted eons had passed after the sands had settled, and life once again returned to the world that would be. They had come from the stars, adrift in a stolen starship of origins unknown, and had run afoul of the asteroid belt that had ringed the binary stars before falling to the sandy surface of their new home. From the wreckage, those that had supposedly escaped the clutches and genetic cruelty of the Arkanians had no other choice but to make this world their own. The first problem they had was adapting to the arid climate, which had resulted in them fleeing to the safety of the nearby rocky outcroppings. It was there that the foundations of their society had begun to spread across the world, slowly timing the dunes and mastering the fauna that survived the Rakatan’s fury.

It was when the planet had been colonized, and a vast wealth of resources were discovered beneath the sands, that the Echani had come. They came from the stars on glittering barges, with serpentine smiles. Even to the techno-barbaric minds of the Thyrsians, it was clear what they had wanted before they had even given voice to their requests. After many nights of deliberation between once-rival Clans, they had given their consent to these white-haired wonders, but the planet’s resources would come at a cost. One, that the Thyrsians would unknowingly pay. As more and more starships had arrived, this race of warrior women had begun to work alongside the natives in dredging up what laid beneath the surface. That had started to change as the years begun to take their toll, and those starships funnelled more and more back to their distant world and brought back entire divisions of armed soldiers.

They were preparing for something, and by the time to Thyrsians had found out? It was too little, too late.

The Echani grew restless at the painfully slow pace of the native’s resource extraction and decided that they would be better employed, toiling behind machines of Echani make. So, without notice, the Scions of Eshan had invaded the world of Thyrsus and brought the populace to its knees. There had been many a conflict between the clans before, where they waged war over the last portions of fertile ground or vast swathes of territory, but when the Echani brought their armies from the stars? That changed everything. The Thyrsians couldn’t fight against vehicles that had defied the laws of gravity, nor the rudimentary ‘beam-tubes’ that those betrayers had deployed. The Echani had time to prepare and had seen their world from below. They knew everything they needed in order to cripple the natives and had swept away any means of resistance within days of commencing their campaign. When the ashes had settled, the survivors of this brutal, one-sided conflict, were enslaved - forced to exploit their own home for the benefit of another.

For generations, the Echani had occupied Thyrsus and enslaved its people. It was believed that their culture, one that had developed during the entire course of their history, was being repressed and supplanted by their white-haired masters. They faced extinction on many levels, and hope was all but lost. That was, until the rumours of Bengali, a nearby system that the Thyrsians had little contact with - rose up against the Scions of Eshan and threw off the chains of their oppression. It wasn’t long after those beneath the twinned crimson suns followed suit, and made their former masters pay for every life that was spent in service of making the Echani greater than they deserved. After the rebellion had begun, the fighting wouldn’t cease until two-hundred and fifty years later, when the Bengali had surrendered, and Thyrsus had rightfully earned its independence at the edge of a sword. It was when the Force Pike, a deadly new addition to the Thyrsian’s armoury, had been introduced onto the battlefield that the balance of power had shifted. No longer would entire company’s of desert-born soldiers fall prey to divisions of Echani Firedancers. The two races were on equal footing, and eventually, on the planet of Almera - an accord would be struck.

This pact contained a cessation of hostilities, and that both races would be left to their own devices. Many suspected that the Republic Senate, who sat idle whilst the two species fought for supremacy, had backed the scions of Eshan into a corner - wanting them to end their enslavement over the Thyrsian people and find a way to end this seemingly pointless conflict as peaceably as they could. While it was unconfirmed, it was something that the Thyrsian’s had revelled in throughout the ages after the Pact was made. To think, all it had taken was diplomatic and economic pressure for the Echani Empire to cave into their demands for liberty. If only they had believed that something could’ve been done through conventional channels, the conflict might’ve ended sooner. However, as was made apparent after the conflict had ended, every diplomat that the Thyrsian’s had sent was intercepted by the Echani, and thus the Republic was unaware of the war that raged in their own backyard. While that news had infuriated many of the locals, they couldn’t risk waging an all-out war with the Echani - despite having purchased so much territory with generations of soldiers. It was in this period of peace that a portion of the Thyrsian people, still enraged at the Echani, had abandoned their homeworld and took to the stars in search of vengeance. These restless souls would be named the Sun Guard, and would eventually find themselves bathed in infamy until their tragic fall centuries later at the hands of a mysterious Sith Acolyte - armed with twinned crimson sabres that bore curved hilts.

Much of what transpired on Thyrsus, after the departure of the Sun Guard had been shrouded in anonymity, due to their semi-isolationist stance towards an uncaring Galaxy.

Only when the extra-galactic invaders, known as the Yuuzhan Vong, had arrived to stake their claim over the known universe, that the Thyrsian’s adopted a more open approach towards the galaxy at large. Even the Sun Guard, who at this point in time were believed to be disbanded and destroyed, had roused themselves from the ashes of history and took up arms in defence of their world. While the annals of history were focused on the greater events transpiring elsewhere within the galaxy, as the New Republic fell and was replaced by the Galactic Alliance, the Thyrsian people fought tooth and nail against these otherworldly creatures. None could say exactly what transpired, nor how the battle progressed throughout the many years of the conflict, but what was for certain was that the united peoples of Thyrsus stood victorious in the end. It was even said that a Yammosk, a Yuuzhan Vong Warmind, had been put to the torch and created the site known as the Great Collapse.

Little of note occurred on Thyrsus in the years following the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, as the world had gone unnoticed, once again, by the galaxy at large. This was fortuitous for the people that called this world home, as they lived peacefully in blissful ignorance as the universe around them was once again engulfed in the flames of war. Whatever stories one believed to be true, be it the rise of the mythical Galactic Emperor known as Darth Krayt, or the rise of the Supreme Leader known as Snoke, the Thyrsians found themselves uncaring of what transpired outside of their borders and had remained fiercely independent until the light of civilization had died out in the coming of the Gulag Plague. From what survived this intergalactic cataclysm, the Thyrsians had managed to partially survive their coming doom by succumbing to the sands and burying themselves beneath the surface of their homeworld. Sadly, much of what is recorded from this point onward was destroyed when the Echani had sought to repeat the echoes of ancient history and had enslaved the world once again in the hopes of restoring their former glory.

Bound by chains and beaten by those they had once called Cousin. It was in this state that Thyrsus entered the modern era.

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