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Unreviewed Thyrsian Sunsword; Xiphos Pattern.

Supreme Sun Guardian
  • Intent: To create a potent Vibroweapon for use by the Sun Guard and the Thyrsian Auxilia.
  • Image Source: Destiny 2 Traitor’s Fate Replica - Calimacil
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable.
  • Permissions: Not Applicable.
  • Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles.
  • Classification: Plasmatic Vibroweapon - Sword.
    • Role: Close-Quarters-Combat, Ritual Combat, Etc.
  • Size: Average Rating
    • Length: 78.74 Centimetres or 31 Inches (Including the Hilt.)
  • Weight: Average Rating.
    • Mass: 1.13 Kilograms, or 2.5 Pounds; Approximately.
  • Versatile Functionality;
    • Concentrated Nerve Impulse Bursts; Electrical Sun Setting.
      • Or
    • Plasmatic Blade Sheathes; Generated by Specialized Energy Cells.
    • Ultrasonic Vibration Generator; Increases Cutting Power - Capable of Slicing through Duracrete.
  • Mullinine Edge with a Monomolecular Energy Chord / Plasma Filament.
  • Cortosis-weave Flat Blade Section, with a Plasmatic Capabilities.
  • Variable Power Settings (Non-Lethal, Lethal, Extremely Lethal, Etc.)
  • Fibrecord and Cortosis-weave Connectors - Capable of being Utilized in Variable Means; I.E. Wristing Binding.
  • Integrated Magnetic Adhesion Strips - Increased Grip Strength.
  • Integrated Rechargeable Power Cells (Solar Ionization Converter with Retractable Collection Panels.)
  • Biometric Security and Integrated Shock Filament.
  • Ultrasonic Vibration - Unparalleled Cutting Power.
  • Cortosis-weave and Plasmatic Sheathe - Capable of Turning Aside a Lightsabre and Increasing the Cutting Power.
  • Integrated EMP / Ion Resistance - Proximity and Potency Dependant.
  • Anti-Piracy Module - Possibility of Crippling Unauthorized Personnel, Fries the Circuitry within.
  • Cannot Reflect Blaster Bolts or Energy Weapons, but can potentially Deflect them away (Situational and Training Dependent.)
  • Limited EMP and Ion Resistance - Proximity and Potency Dependant.
  • Energy Cell Power Surge - EMP/Ion Overloaded System may result in Explosive Consequences.
  • Weaker Lightsabre Resistance - Non-energized Sections and Fibrecord Connectors.
  • Molecularly Dense Materials - Increased Resistance to Cutting Power (Material Dependent.)
  • Personal Energy Shields - Ray Shielding blocks the Plasmatic Energy, and Particle (Concussion) Shielding blocks the Blades.
  • Mullinine Edge - Reduces Maintenance, but Requires Consistent Honing after Prolonged Use.
From long before the death of civilization’s light, the Force Pike was the greatest invention ever brought forth from the sands of Thyrsus. They were the progenitors of a weapon so feared, that it rivalled and surpassed their own legacy. Even to this day, many do not recall where the Force Pike came from - only that when it was activated - it was best to run away. Seeking to not only reclaim their lost heritage but to surpass it in an ironic twist of fate, the Golden Company began production on a blade that would assist them in that endeavour. Thus, the Xiphos was born.

In many respects, the Vibrosword was like any other Vibroweapon that populated the Galaxy. It housed an Ultrasonic Vibration Generator that caused the blade to vibrate at extreme speeds, which were capable of causing gaping wounds, or even dismemberment with a single strike. While this module was deadly enough on its own, the Thyrsians within the Sun Guard craved something much more devastating; and a weapon that was capable of withstanding the plasmatic edge of a lightsabre. To this end, a new steel alloy was created that would enhance the coruscating lethality found within simple vibroweapons, making it even deadlier than ever before.

With a depression of an activation stud, the edged-weapon would become encased in a coruscating web of plasmatic lightning. This deadly feature allowed the Xiphos to parry the strikes of a lightsabre and mimicked them in return. While it wasn’t capable of slicing through various materials like it’s plasmatic kin with any ease, the blade’s cut against flesh and armour were almost indistinguishable.

Thus, with the Xiphos in hand, the Sun Guard and their subordinate forces, would become a force to rival their ancestors for their fearsome traditions.
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Pre-Factory Request
  • Submission Name: TTH/TPV-001 “Xiphos” - Pattern Plasmatic Vibrosword.
  • Link to Submission: [Link.]
  • Reason for Pre-Factory Request: To Update Submission to new Factory Standards, and Fix the broken Formatting.
Submission moved to pre-factory per OP request.

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Supreme Sun Guardian
Runi Verin Runi Verin | Vora Kaar Vora Kaar | Lan Graendal Lan Graendal - Submission modifications are complete, and this submission is ready to be tossed back into the technology subforum. Thanks in advance! <3

Modification Summary:
  • Visual Overhaul, Fixing the Broken Formating.
  • Fixed the Math Typo.
  • Updated Submission to New Factory Standards.
  • Fleshed out the Materials List; Replaced the Manufacturer; Fleshed out the Technical Specifications; Rewrote the Special Features/Strengths/Weaknesses - to more accurately showcase the weapon's abilities and drawbacks.
  • Renamed the Submission to better comply with new Thyrsian Submission standards.
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