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  1. Hastor Trosk

    Character  Baradium Vrax

    BARADIUM VRAX Age 32 GSY Homeworld Elphrona Species Thyrsian (Cyborg) Gender Male Height 1.93 Meters Weight 118 kg Force Sensitive No Voice Immortan Joe INVENTORY Equipment Various cybernetic enhancements, integrated into durasteel armor Fleshripper, a personalized vibrosaw...
  2. Kiro Torne

    Character  Kiro Torne | New Dawn

    NAME: Kiro Torne CLAN: Clan Nekarr OCCUPATION: Councillor SPECIES: Thyrsian AGE: Elder GENDER: Male HEIGHT: Above Average WEIGHT: Average EYES: Brown HAIR: Black SKIN: Black FORCE SENSITIVE: No TRAITS Careful Commander Son of Thyrsus Average Echani Hater BIOGRAPHY Born on Thyrsus, but...
  3. Spirit of Virtuosity

    Dominion  The Thirsting Thyrsian | GA Dominion of Thyrsus

    Thyrsus Inner Rim The beauty of Thyrsus was a duality of the harshness of the sun that baked the sand dunes and the unyielding determination of its people. The history of the people of Thyrsus is one of struggle and scars that stretch across generations. Concerns echo among the citizenry that...
  4. Viera

    Character  Viera - The Haunted Sage

    General Information Name: Viera Vale Nicknames: V, Vie, VeeVee Age: Early-to-mid twenties Gender: Female Homeworld: Never had one Occupation: Jedi Knight/Sage Known Residence: Jakku Enclave Affiliations: Jakku Jedi Enclave, New Jedi Order, Galactic Alliance Allegiance: The Force Force...
  5. Théodoro

    Character  Théodoro Pirran -- Prodigal Sun Guardian

    Personnel File: 8436-TAF/SG-TP. Nickname or Alias: Present: Theo. Previous: None. Titles: Current: Stellar Legionnaire. Previous: Champion, of Various Gladiatorial Matches and Tournaments. Stellar Initiate. I N F O R M A T I O N Species: Near-Human. Subrace: Thyrsian -...
  6. K

    Character  Akari Rakarra

    NAME: Akari Rakarra FACTION: The Thyrsian Hierarchy RANK: Low ranking member of the Thyrsian Auxilia SPECIES: Thyrsian AGE: Early twenties SEX: Female HEIGHT: Taller than average, 6' WEIGHT: Average EYES: Brown HAIR: Dark brown SKIN: Dark-skinned FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND...
  7. Arron Starstrider

    Kallisto Heru

    KALLISTO HERU FACTION: The Golden Company (Lightsworn) SPECIES: Thyrsian SEX: Female AGE: 32 HEIGHT: 1.98 Meters (6'6") WEIGHT: 91 kg (201 lbs) HAIR: Black EYES: Dark SKIN: Deep Brown FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes HOMEWORLD: Thyrsus STRENGTHS +Force Adept: For a large portion of her life...
  8. LT-137

    Approved Lore  The Almera Accord

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify the Almera Accords for use in the upcoming Thyrsian Crusades. Image Credit: Desert Dwellers - Even Amundsen. Canon: Not Applicable. Links: Thyrsus; Home of the Thyrsian People. GENERAL INFORMATION Media Name: The Almera Accord. Format: Holoslate...
  9. Hansen

    Apex Predators: Ashes to Ashes

    “This world shall be an altar, all the violence, destruction and blood wrought on its’ surface shall serve as sacrifice, war for the war god! War unending, today begins the the Crusade Eternal, waged by all Faithful Disciples of Kad Harangir!” -Anonymous Clan Munin Warrior Eshan, Thrysus...
  10. Alistair Abbott

    Mordecai's Atlas - Alistair Abbott

  11. S

    Surya Almasi

    Name Surya Almasi Affiliation The Golden Company Division Lightsworn Rank Stellar Legionnaire Homeworld Thyrsus Accent Thyrsian Languages • Thyrsian – Native • Galactic Basic – Fluent • Huttese – Fluent • Bocce – Broken Species Thyrsian Age 20 Sex Female Height 170 cm (5’ 7”) Weight 57 kg...
  12. Soundwave

    Escanor Ragnos, The Spear of Thyrsus

    Chosen of the Sun | Name | Escanor Ragnos | Nickname(s) | Ragnos the Deathless/Ragnos the Gladiator | Title(s) | Champion of the Ring | Species | Near-Human | Sub-Race | Thyrsian | Age | Forty-Two | Gender | Male | Force Sensitivity | Yes | Height | 188 cm (6'2") | Weight | 82 kg (181 lbs)...
  13. Vatari Syndal

    Vatari Syndal, The Solar Heretic

    "The Sun will always shine brighter than the Moon." Slave Trade Records - Dossier Code: 330675112VSG|KLL Given Name: Sistry Given Titles: Slave of Thyrsus Given Alias | Nickname Chain Wearer | "Woman of the Sun." Name: Vatari Syndal Origin of Name: Unknown Titles Held: The Gifted |...
  14. Suonaak Resh

    Baal Haddad

    Faction: The Golden Company Species: Thyrsian (Mutant) Gender: Male Age: 35 Height: 2.03 Meters Weight: 136 kg Homeworld: Thyrsus Force Sensitive: No Voice: Kevin Grevioux STRENGTHS + Augmented: Baal is the result of secret bioengineering project. While still Thyrsian, his engineered...
  15. H3xle

    Khyros Tani

    NAME: Khyros Tani FACTION: The Golden Company RANK: Sun Guard Legionnaire SPECIES: Thyrsian AGE: Prime SEX: Male HEIGHT: 190 cm BUILD: Muscular/ Front Line Fighters Build EYES: Blue HAIR: Black SKIN: Brown FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS: + Trained Soldier: Khyros has been trained by some of...
  16. Lyric Onasi

    Lyric Onasi

    Lyric Onasi FACTION: The Golden Company RANK: Sun Guard Initiate SPECIES: S’kytri-Thyrsian hybrid AGE: Twenty-three SEX: Female EYES: Deep brown-black HAIR: Same as her eye color, Lyric’s hair is a brownish black which she keeps long with wild curls or up in braids. SKIN...
  17. Ilias Nytrau

    Umakq Byeho Atreides

    Social Information Name: Umakq Byeho Atreides Alias(es): Akqi Title(s): N/A Homeworld: Thyrsus Current Locale: Thyrsus Sexuality: Heterosexual Gender: Feminine Marital Status: Single Occupation: Warrior Force Sensitive: Yes Force Rank: Adept Force Alignment: Neutral Languages Known: Galactic...
  18. R

    Raithe Eramar Palle; The Terror

  19. Julius Sedaire


    NAME: Tyric FACTION: Outer Rim Coalition RANK: Knight (FU), Matuaki Adept SPECIES: Human (Thyrsian) AGE: 45 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6’2” WEIGHT: 230lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: Black (Shaved head) SKIN: dark FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS: Matukai Training Thyrsian Training WEAKNESSES...
  20. LT-137

    Thyrsian Culture and Species Lore.

    herp derp Despite being flavoured by the regional dialects of its people and various tribal customs, the Culture of Thyrsus fundamentally remains as a warrior society. Formed upon the three pillars that are commonly seen amongst similar sentient collectives, those of martial strength...
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