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You never know when you will find yourself without a weapon (SJC/MANDO/ANY JEDI)

Dagos showed up to yet another training class. It was full of faces both familiar and not. Dagos slipped in to the back of the crowd just as Caltin...Master Vanagor had finished explaining what the class was about. Dagos looked around and took note that he was easily the youngest person here, something that seemed to happen every time he came to one of these classes.

Dagos looked around to see if there was anyone to pair off with.

Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr Desbre Gensan Desbre Gensan Milya Vondar Milya Vondar Sergeant Omen Sergeant Omen Phalsi Drynchen Phalsi Drynchen
"It is clear now that you didn't work through the ranks by doing paperwork. It was an honor to have you as a sparring partner." A grin spread across the ARC's face as he said "Maybe you even taught me a few things."

Beltran fixed Sergeant Omen Sergeant Omen with a rare grin of his own. It had been some time since he had enjoyed a sparring session that much, regardless of how brief it was. Combat wasn't the same. In fact, it was a whole different animal. Rarely on the field of battle did who opponents have the time or inclination to figure each other out. It was kill quickly or be killed in return.

"And you as well, Sergeant," Beltran replied, clapping the man on the back as he turned to listen to Master Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor speak. He noticed that two of the master's Padawans had arrived: Desbre Gensan Desbre Gensan and Milya Vondar Milya Vondar . Beltran remembered the pair from the operation to free T'surr. He had worked with Ms. Gensan in particular, the two having snuck into the enemy camp and attempted to get the captive slaves held within out quietly.

In the end, the operation had been anything but quiet. He nodded to the two women in greeting as he adopted an "at ease" pose as he listened.

We're going to get started in a minute, so feel free and take a place where you'll feel comfortable.

If you’re here to fight, leave now. If you’re here to toughen up, leave now. I don’t teach bullies, I don’t teach fighting. What I teach will one day save your life though, in more ways than you think. Self Defense can protect you from both physical and mental harm if you think about it. Much like the Jedi, there is strength in knowledge. If you know how to defend yourself, you know when others don’t, and thus don’t have to fight. This is not to say you turn the other cheek, but if you take what I have to teach, and use every facet of it, you’ll find more and more who would seek you out in an aggressive manner, avoid you.

Beltran had always subscribed to the "best defense is a good offense" book of martial arts. If Master Vanagor was teaching the "Soresu" of self-defense, Beltran's eclectic style could be called the "Ataru" or "Juyo." He usually went straight for the jugular and if he couldn't simple force his way through the enemy's defense, he'd use misdirection and acrobatics to find a way around.

But there were problems with that, and not just from a philosophical point of view. Unchecked aggression was dangerous. It worked on those not prepared for it, but it left one very open to counter-attacks from those who were. On Yurb, Tathra Khaeus had taught Beltran that lesson by nearly disemboweling him. On Sev Tok, the Tyrant hadn't landed the same kind of blow on him, but he had effectively blocked all of Beltran's assaults.

If Beltran wanted to win, he was coming to realize that he needed to learn to think differently.

He listened with interest as Master Vanagor spoke of the origins of Dulon. Beltran had knowledge of some of the basic principles of the art, but he had never pursued it with any dedication.

Once Master Vanagor was finished, Beltran glanced around at the assembled group. A few others had joined. Some he remembered from the Master's class on Broken Gate, like Dagos Terrek Dagos Terrek . Others were unfamiliar to him, like Phalsi Drynchen Phalsi Drynchen or Cyran Vaas Cyran Vaas .

Beltran surveyed the area for a potential partner. He briefly considered asking Sergeant Omen once more, but as he considered another name came to his mind. He approached Desbre Gensan Desbre Gensan after a moment and spoke. "Perhaps you'd be interested in partnering with me?"
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Des listened with her usual laser focus, even if she'd heard part of the speech before. Her first teacher in hand to hand, seemingly a lifetime ago, on Arkania had a similar philosophy. Though Dullon as Caltin expounded upon was a new one. Her first mentor taught her a mixture of fighting techniques borrowing from his native Gran boxing, shockboxing, but especially an art designed for extremely efficient weapon-oriented combat, primarily with knives, short swords, and blunt weapons like sticks, pipes, or anything similar. It had flexible weapons techniques, and a very strong empty hand component, as well as single or double weapons in almost any combination. On the streets, she'd had a few occasions to use it before leaving home and joining the Jedi. Among the Jedi, it had given her a serious leg-up in the initial lessons of lightsaber training and formed the basis of most of her fighting skills. Intensive lightsaber training had built those skills. But those skills were 'arts' more so than no-nonsense, save-your-life skills. She'd spent lots of time trying to find as many shortcuts as possible. To find what worked, rather than getting trapped in various dogmatic principles, while studying the classical forms.

She'd been training with Caltin in Broken Gate for months, ever since that first class, and it meshed well with all she'd learned so far. Dullon seemed interesting, but more like running away, which went against most of what she leaned into. However, she realized her first teacher must have dabbled in it. One of his lessons he'd harped on had been "The best way to take a hit is to not be there." True, a missed strike sucked up more energy than one that made a successful impact. Good footwork could keep you safe and make your enemy miss again and again, with minimal energy expenditure on one's own part. Dullon leaned into this, followed by countering when your opponent was winded and off-balance, and possibly bringing the fight to a peaceful end. But just as easily could leave someone a broken wreck in a few seconds with the proper timing. A joint lock could easily become limb destructions, and so on. And smashing someone's head into duracrete, especially with their entire body weight behind it? Most sentients didn't weather that too well.

As Master Vanagor went on, she paid attention to not just his lecture on the origin of the art but the various stances and throws and tactics he demonstrated and spoke upon, doing her best to soak them up like a sponge. Caltin had never lead her wrong so far, and the strategies and tactics made a lot of sense. She preferred to end the fight as fast as possible, with less risk of collateral damage and civilian casualties. But if she faced someone who she couldn't outright best, this seemed like a good alternative. Stay safe, wait them out, let them overextend, and then bring them down.

While listening, Des had draped one arm around Milya Vondar Milya Vondar 's shoulders, watching, and paying attention to her through the Force a little. Milya was an Echani. Combat was part of their culture,, even their religion almost. Surely she would have her own thoughts and colorations on the lecture.

Caltin wrapped up and suggested they break into pairs, which she expected. Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr made his way over, and as he did, she stepped forward, extending her hand. "Good to see you again, Colonel," she greeted him with a bright smile. Beltran had been at the Broken Gate classes, and then T'surr. Freeing the slaves from one of the camps... Everything had gone fine until it didn't. That was a long, harrowing running battle all the way back to town. At his question about partnering up, she glanced back at the girl who could have almost been her twin if not her sister, save for a few distinctive differences, like the pointy ears. "I would be honored. Unfortunately, Milya already asked," she said with a small wince. "But maybe toward the second half of this class?" It was a small offering and an olive branch, not wanting to offend or upset the man. Not that she thought she would. Most special ops people were well above such a minor thing. Beltran had always struck her as good people though.

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Farsi D'almon

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Her eyes squinted at the instructor, feeling very much called out as she drew closer and in fact included herself in the lesson. The explanation came and went, demanding they find a partner.

The other half of the pre-game sparring match broke away and approached another before being turned down initially. And a half frown had Phalsi approaching quickly after. She wasn't about to get an injury due to practice, and if she guessed right. Muscle head was plenty practiced.

"I'll partner up with you. Just...I suck at this. You'll have to really dumb this down if I get it wrong." She spoke up, directly speaking to Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr .
Arc Trooper Sergeant of the 41st Elite Corps
You might consider this as the "Soresu" of Self Defense. You're more focused on annoying and wearing out your opponent than anything. Alright, I want you to pair off, one focus on being the attacker for one round and one the defender, then switch.


Omen listened very carefully, his mind writing down every word on its perfect memory. While the Arc didn't find anything wrong with the Master's teachings, they showed that the Jedi were more worried about entertaining an opponent than fully knocking him or her out cold.​
It was one of the Jedi's flaws that many Sith and other enemies had exploited just like back in the Clone Wars. While the Jedi entertained the thought of a Sith mastermind running loose, no one thought it was possible that the Chancellor could be pulling all the strings. When they did focus on the big picture and actually thrust into it as an attempt to expose its owner, the grand plan just consumed them whole. The Clones under their command, especially the more elite units like the Galatic Marines often clashed with their Jedi about how the war should be run and how aggressive the GAR should be. But that was a long time ago and he needed to find a partner now. He turned towards the bright pink-wearing Zealtron, a Cyran something... Cyran Vaas Cyran Vaas was his name. He remembered seeing tabloids with him and a Sith Lord named Jane something or other who was courting her while still married for some reason but again, that wasn't his business.​
"I'm guessing you're with me?" With a playful wink, he got in position. "Hopefully the clone madness doesn't get ahold of me and I kill you outright."
Well, there goes making friends... Hopefully, he doesn't run away on sight the next time I see him...

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Cyran Vaas

The Quasi-Mandalorian
Objective: Sparring
Tags: Sergeant Omen Sergeant Omen Phalsi Drynchen Phalsi Drynchen Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor Desbre Gensan Desbre Gensan Dagos Terrek Dagos Terrek

Pretty soon after he arrived he quickly realized that the large man was the instructor here. Caltin was he name if he recalled. It was already pretty interesting to him learning from them and they just started. He wondered how well these lessons in self defense would translate for him personally. Sure they might be very helpful for a Jedi. But a bounty hunter like him, well, you kind of need to be looking for trouble. Nonetheless there was surely going to be some wisdom that can be applied to the job.

After all if he could even just minimize the social friction created by his profession in his life that would be great to. After all bounty hunters are almost universally view in a bad light. Only the most desperate might see salvation in a bounty hunter when all other forms of law and order aren't present.

However, the class and him were asked to pair up with someone else. Cyran looked around some before he perked up under his baggy clothes when someone spoke to him. Looking over he saw a what looked to be a soldier. Cyran chuckled some at their remark about clone madness. So they must be a clone themselves.

Getting into position he replied, "Don't worry about me, I doubt you'll be as hard on me as my wife when we train hehe." He said, and he wasn't really joking, his wife was one tough cookie. "So you wanna go on the offensive first, or shall I?" Either was fine by him.
"I would be honored. Unfortunately, Milya already asked," she said with a small wince. "But maybe toward the second half of this class?"

Beltran simply nodded. "No need, perhaps another time." He replied, completely at ease. As Desbre Gensan Desbre Gensan had guessed, Beltran wasn't even a little offended. He'd simply decided to ask the question as the thought had popped into his head. As he turned to leave the women to work together, Beltran was approached by an unfamiliar being.

"I'll partner up with you. Just...I suck at this. You'll have to really dumb this down if I get it wrong."

Beltran blinked a little, finding himself a little surprised at the admission. Jedi, he found, as a rule rarely admitted when they didn't know something. That was why he had such respect for Master Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor and his apprentices, because they didn't let their egos get in the way of getting better. In this briefest of interactions, Jedi Phalsi Drynchen Phalsi Drynchen had already established that she was also someone who didn't let her ego get the better of her.

"Absolutely," Beltran answered, giving the younger woman a slight grin. It likely looked odd on Beltran's face, since he wasn't a man who smiled often, but he hoped that it put his new training partner at ease. "We'll go nice and slow."

Beltran led the Jedi to an empty patch of grass and nodded. "I'll take the role of defender first. Attack me when you're ready."
Arc Trooper Sergeant of the 41st Elite Corps


Getting into position he replied, "Don't worry about me, I doubt you'll be as hard on me as my wife when we train hehe." He said, and he wasn't really joking, his wife was one tough cookie. "So you wanna go on the offensive first, or shall I?" Either was fine by him.
I guess he has a fun time keeping up with her.

Omen got into a defensive stance that he had been taught during his Teras Kasi classes. He lay one leg near the floor and putting the other on in a perfect "L". Next, he extended one arm and prepped the other arm to counter his opponent's moves.

"I can defend, lets see what you got bounty hunter."

Cyran Vaas

The Quasi-Mandalorian
After seeing the soldier get into a defensive stance Cyran followed into a fighting stance of his own. He had a rather odd looking fighting stance from times past. However, for Cyran personally there was a good enough reason he took a stance like this. It stems from a bit of reliance on his equipment. Not as much of a need to defend your head when you have a state of the art duraplast helmet to break someone's hand if you punched it. Or possibly use it for a serious headbutt. Also fighting against other possibly opponents with similar head protection meant a greater focus on body shots.

However, after they called him a bounty hunter Cyran's eyes narrowed, wondering if they performed some kind of background check on him before today. Nonetheless he moved in with a strike of his own. Stepping in a little to gain the right about of distance before doing a rather weak little and uncommitted jab to their center mass. But this was more so a distracting little way to measure distance before following up with a much harder uppercut style punch to their body.

Sergeant Omen Sergeant Omen
Arc Trooper Sergeant of the 41st Elite Corps
It wasn't hard to tell the man was a bounty hunter. He never had seen him around before and the only people who passed through and were interested in self-defense were well... bounty hunters. Plus the whole tabloid thing left nothing to doubt really. However, Omen knew better than to underestimate an opponent. Especially one who had Sith as friends. Power was needed to make those bonds and it was clear that this individual either had a lot of charisma or something that was very special.

Hopefully, he doesn't know about that bounty I have on Denon...

The first weak strike he simply batted aside with his extended hand and the more powerful strike he sidestepped, trying to stay light on his feet. He didn't waste time striking back at his opponent, delivering a fatal roundhouse kick aimed at his opponent's helmeted head, hoping to make his ears ring and his mind disoriented, allowing the ARC some blows at his more unprotected body.
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Phalsi was prepared for a dressing down of some sort. Instead she got a small smile and a welcome to the sparring proposition. She followed him over to the patch of grass before giving him a thumbs up as the attacker.

"Alright. Erm. Here I go." She spoke up, taking a below average stance to attack. It was very obvious where she was attacking from as she closed in to give him a right hook.



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Milya leaned into Des a bit more when she draped her arm over Milya's shoulders, for the most party Milya refrained from comment as their master was quite formidable in hand to hand combat, she already had learned much from him so there was little she felt the need to correct or expound on for that matter. He was a good teacher and explained things in a way that was simple to understand so in truth when he taught she was usually quiet. Tacit approval from the young Echani perhaps or simply respect however one chose to view it.

MIlya watched both as Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr came and asked Des to spar giving him a respectful nod as he approached. Silver eyes glanced at Desbre Gensan Desbre Gensan when she politely declined, she watched the Colonel walk away and gave another nod to him before turning to Des. "You know I would be fine if you wanted to spar him. We can spar anytime after all. These classes are the only time you will get to experience different combatants, different strategies. Still, if we are going to spar, best we get started no?"

"Alright. Erm. Here I go."

Beltran waited patiently as the woman moved forward to attack him. Her stance was haphazard, like she was copying something she'd seen on a low-budget action holo and her hook was very slow. Had she been an enemy combatant, Beltran was pretty sure he could have killed her six different ways by this point, but he did not allow those thoughts to find a home in his expression.

Everyone has to start from somewhere. Better she begin her learning here than on the streets of Lorrd with a metal pipe...

The memory of beating those gangers to death for trying to steal his purr-kit came unbidden to the Lorrdian's mind. He'd been a child, barely seven years old, when he'd first killed another.

As Phalsi Drynchen Phalsi Drynchen 's fist swung close, Beltran simply leaned back-allowing the strike to miss his chin by a few centimeters. He then grabbed her by the shoulder and twisted, moving with her momentum and attempting to toss her over his hip and (relatively) softly onto the grass. If he were successful, Beltran would move quickly to stand over her and hold out his hand to help her up.

Once she was up, Beltran would speak, offering no judgement or criticism. "We'll start with the fundamentals," He told her matter-of-factly. "Stance is exceptionally important. You want to have a good center of gravity while presenting as small a target as possible to your opponent. If you don't mind..."

Beltran would wait for the woman's agreement before he put his hands on her, moving her into the stance that Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor had described.
The body is turned slightly to the side; with the feet, roughly shoulder-width apart thus granting better balance and stability. Hands are held loosely up at chest level ready to deflect or throw an opponent.

Beltran then took a more aggressive stance of his own and spoke. "I'm going to attack you now in the same fashion that you attacked me. See if you can copy my movements and use my momentum to deposit me on the ground."

Once he was sure she was ready, he moved forward and swung slowly at the woman with a similar hook. He was exaggerating his movements and had slowed his speed and power so that if he did make contact she probably only end up sporting a small bruise from the strike.
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Caltin decided to walk around and let the participants of the class fall into their practices. The verbal teaching was taking form as several of them were actually showing how they listened to what he had to teach. It was always good to see that they wanted to actually take this in. It inspired him to continue doing this sort of thing and not simply be the "Elder" that he seemed to be becoming. Of course, there were a few things that the big guy noticed from each of them that he could address. Calling over two of the training droids, Caltin set their skill levels to "10" and left them on "standby".

A few things I'm noticing that are going on I could help you with. Firstly, thank you for taking to what I explained so well. You each are showing how well trained you are in your respects, be it in the military, the Force, or others respects. Now, one thing with Dulon is that if you are on the attack, rest assured that no matter what you are going to commit to will be expected and defended, so it should be a feint leading to something else and then something else.

He committed to his right and attacked one of the droids, the right hook he threw was indeed blocked with a lift of the droid's arm, but that set up a knee to the mid-section and an elbow to the back of the head. As the droid reset, the big guy took a step back and walked around making sure eyes were on him.

Now that is not some set pattern. The point of Dulon is "Defensive Offense", or "Offensive Defense"... the "Soresu" of self-defense. Always moving and always setting something else up. You do this to keep your opponent off guard and off-balance.

Hands-on his hips, he looked down for a minute, as if reminded of something.

There's an old saying, "A champion thinks three moves ahead, a legend lets you think you are three moves head." We'll get more into that when I get into some Broken Gate, but keep your momentum is key.

The other droid attacked with a kick to which he did not side-step, but did dodge, grabbing the leg with his opposite arm and throwing an elbow at the chest, and then dropping the leg and throwing a hook. The other droid attacked with a hook to which Caltin ducked, redirecting the punch and throwing his own in the back of the head then a hook into the mid-section.

You don't have to control the pace of a duel, or spar, or fight, or whatever you want to call it, but if you keep your wits about you then you can end one with minimal effort, or at least you can outlast another.


Farsi D'almon

Objective: Get tossed like a last call drunk.
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Her attack was seen well in advance, and she actually caught a little bit of Beltran's movements. Not that it helped her any to avoid the quick trip to the ground she had. She did however manage to keep herself curled in the throw, head off the ground as she found a hand being offered to help her up.

She took the hand, and nodded when he made to adjust her position. She examined the stance he put her in, having a much easier time understanding the process of fighting than the vagueness of the force lessons. He explained he would attack, and to try and mimic what he had done.

It took a moment for her to nod, running through what she remembered of the quick motions he had done but ultimately nodded.

"Ready." She spoke up, dedicating to the stance and waiting as he swung at her. Her brain held onto the moment of panic that most felt when untrained for physical fighting but she pushed through the feeling.

She waited until he was close, his fist a large and frightening thing that still made her try to flinch rather than move. Gritting her teeth, pain pushed through the need to flinch as she leaned, feeling his knuckle brush against her chin as she grabbed for his shoulder and found herself awkwardly extending. Her eyes were squinted and she was not nearly as fluid as the her opponent was in the movement.

Instead, she switched as best she could figure to putting an elbow into his back as high as she could before pushing her hip into him and twisting with as much force as she could.