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  1. Katarine Ryiah

    Private  You Promised me Heaven then Put me Through Hell

    Location: Fondor - Alliance Military Base Objective: Start Investigation Tags: Tarw Rhyfelwr Kat needed to get to Corellia. Katarine had always liked Corellia due to all the time she spent at the Corellian enclave as a child. Of course it had changed since then, but some small part of it still...
  2. Voice of Naé

    Private  We’ve been looking for you.

    Islimore. A world ready to plunge itself into war. What peace remains does so only by the barest threads of fate. In the capital of Blackbrook, despite protestations from The Fayth and overtures from the crown prince himself, the king Levander Sabathian remains reluctant to declare open war...
  3. Gatz Derrevar

    Private  Only What You Take With You

    Ship: The Red Night Equipment: Jedi Robes | Lightsaber | Khair Stone Tag: Corazona von Ascania Valery Noble Gatz had, once more, left his vessel in Valery’s capable hands. This time though, it was less about doing a trusted friend a favor, and more about necessity. He, Cora, and Valery had...
  4. K

    How Do You Do, Fellow Roleplayers

  5. Tarw Rhyfelwr

    Private  Aren't you too buff for a stormtrooper?

    Outfit: Casual Attire Equipment: Blaster rifle, 2x blaster pistols, beskad, thermal detonators Tag: Valery Noble Tarw had finally located his target. It had taken weeks to get them isolated from others and he had to make sure that this was the real opportunity, since there would be no second...
  6. Baal Varad

    Baal Template Stolen From One Of You Without Consent

    The standard Lorem Ipsum passage, used since the 1500s "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis...
  7. Kree

    LFG  I Corrupt You?

    I corrupt you? Temporary or permanent. Learn Dark Side. Thoughts?
  8. Valor the Forsaken

    Faction  I Hate Everything About You

    Tags: Braze | Open After the events that lead Valor to meeting with Silas Westgard , the genetically modified Echani clone was brought to the Grand Jedi Temple, and processed. Valor was methodically questioned, his weapons temporarily relinquished, and his intentions scrutinized under the...
  9. Tefka

    Question  What new feature do you want at Chaos this year?

    See title. Go nuts.
  10. Ran Serys

    LFG  Lightsaber Combat & You

    Anybody up for some intensive Lightsaber Combat Training? I would love to have Ran travel to the different enclaves and praxeums to teach and learn from the many padawans, knights, and masters of the NJO and more. Let me know if you want to catch these hands in the form of a friendly duel.
  11. Elise of House Marr

    Private  I bid you Eadu

    Location: Eadu The world was an interesting one, it was nearby on her trip to the scar worlds where she was searching for what might have changed or remained from the Byrn'adul attacks some time ago by now. On such a journey, meeting the, if that's actually a reliable description...
  12. Jonyna Si

    Discussion  What story are you most proud of on Chaos?

    Doesn't need to be anything specific, could be a fight, could be a single thread or long term story. Pat yourself on the back for your hard work. For me, I've only been here a year, and the whole plotline with Kahlil Noble has been a highlight for me, even if it's on and off. Jonyna's push to...
  13. Varyk Soneer

    LFG  You Rang?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get something started with this character. I'm really open to just about anything at the moment, but I'd like to build towards some greater story arcs if at all possible. I originally wanted to do go heavy on the naval aspect and do some fleeting, but in the end I didn't...
  14. Raphael Gallustrade

    Private  Any Landing You Can Walk Away From

    "Dank ferrik!" Raphael shouted, as his shop was rocked by another direct hit. His ship was tough, she was durable, she was strong... But several waves of fighters was a bit more than even he could handle. The sith had sent them all at him at one time, unlike their normal MO. He swore again, and...
  15. Mia Monroe

    Suggestion  Option to Hide You tube videos?

    So, I'm grumpy and old school, and i love how creative people have gotten visually with there divs and posts etc. BUT there comes a point where it is too much, and everyone seems to have forgotten spoilers are a thing. Like link the video, have your epic theme tune for you post, but don't make...
  16. Tefka

    Question  Can you help us fill out the Chaos LOTR/Hobbit Characters?

    We're coming up with a list in MFO/Staff chat instead of being productive Tefka - Frodo, also Eowyn Valiens Nantaris - Samwise, also Saruman, also Nimloth, also Simaril #1, Oromë Srina Talon - Bree Innkeeper John Locke - Merry Judah Lesan - Pippin Collector - Gimli, Skinbark Allyson Locke...
  17. Elise Ahana-Gwyneira

    Private  You Can't Save Everyone, You Can't Save Anyone

    As the bacta bubbled around her, she winced in her sleep. Eyes still shut, she thrashed in the tank. Bacta fizzled around her as her breathing apparatus flailed. Even as the bacta healed the plethora of scars on her body, she felt every single blow. She gasped, waking up to once again find...
  18. Fervos Kej

    LFG  The Vanguard Corps wants YOU! Seeking soldiers and other professionals

    Looking for a place to write that military story you've been sitting on for a while? Interested in fighting some Pirates, Hutts, Slavers, and even The Sith? Join the Vanguard Corps today! We offer full benefits to all enlistees, and guarantee opportunities all across the Outer Rim. See far flung...
  19. Gatz Derrevar

    LFG  You give Jedi, I give slightly worse Jedi

    Looking to pick up probably another two threads or so. Trying to make Gatz interact with the Order more. Can be a casual social thread, or a training thread, or even a mission. If you're interested, let me know. New and familiar writers are both welcome!
  20. Cain Sevu

    LFG  Want to get the life force drained from you?

    Boy do I have an opportunity for you. So basically, Cain is a bit of a force cannibal. Sad stuff but it is what it is. So, if anyone feels particularly inclined to have a brush with death pretty please feel free to reach out. I'm lowkey really excited to explore this character and would love...
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