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Approved Vehicle FAE/AV-03 “Kallomena” Air Superiority Swoop Craft

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  • Manufacturer: First United Astral Engineering
  • Affiliation:
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: FAE/AV-03 “Kallomena” Superiority Swoop Craft
  • Modularity: Yes
    • Neural Interface System May be Substituted for a Motion Interface System or a Similar Neural Interfacing Technology.
    • Seat Height, Petal Position, and Other Relevant Ergonomic Factors May be Adjusted to Accommodate Riders of Virtually All Sizes and Builds
    • Various Aesthetic Modifications and Permutations.
    • Variable Gas and Cannon Loadouts
      • Two Universal Chemical Projectile Launchers (Variable Gas Loadout) - One Gas Type Per Launcher
      • Two Axial Cannon Hardpoints - One Cannon Type Per Hardpoint
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material:
  • Field Disruption - The Kallomena possesses an integrated field disruption system which allows the craft itself to traverse through conventional shields, albeit at the cost of its axial weapons for the duration of the module’s activation.
  • Fast - The Kallomena’s speed is nearly unmatched for a vehicle of its class. Capable of traversing vast distances in atmosphere in short timeframes, it is quite ideal for hit-and-fade attacks, in addition to tracking down speeder bikes and other variants of fast repulsor craft.
  • War Dancer - Extremely agile by any standard, the Kallomena easily runs circles around larger starfighters and airspeeders. Against smaller jet swoops and even aerial troopers, the Kallomena is a force to be reckoned with in terms of maneuverability and evasiveness, which it displays to dazzling effect.
  • Fire Concentration - Correcting the disadvantages of twinned weaponry pertaining to concentration of fire at certain ranges, the Kallomena utilizes a computer brain governed fire concentration system that executes minute on-the-fly adjustments to the angle of the craft’s fixed-forward weaponry, based on constant feedback from pilot input and targeting data. In effect, this system dynamically optimizes pattern harmonisation at all viable ranges, affording the weapons greater accuracy and damage potential.
  • Electronic Warfare - While not as comprehensive as the systems offered in First United Astral Engineering’s other designs, the Kallomena’s FSDP and ABC Scrambler Pods offer limited protection against targeting locks and guided projectiles, though these systems are more to ‘buy time’ than to serve as a true, reliable defense.
  • High Altitude Interceptor - Akin to an interceptor fighter that the pilot rides, the Kallomena is a fast and dangerous force multiplying asset, capable of ascending up to flying at extremely high altitudes, provided that the rider is wearing the necessary protective equipment, much like its cousin the Loralora.
  • Unarmored - Built only with the durability and resilience necessary to retain integrity at hypersonic speeds, the Kallomena lacks true combat shields and is effectively unarmored in practice. Provided that they manage to hit, small arms are moderately effective in shooting down the Kallomena, to say nothing of much larger weapon systems. It also goes without saying that in presenting an exposed pilot, the Kallomena can be effectively disabled by simply shooting them off the swoop.
  • Reverse Charge - The use of the field disruption system against Xythan Force and other reactive shield technologies can have an potentially adverse effect on the Kallomena's operator and the craft, as the disruptive energy fields discharged by the field disruptor may be reflected back at the rider (and the swoop), with potentially deadly results.
  • Mechu-deru - Often an unspoken weakness of complicated and advanced technologies, the Kallomena is vulnerable to the dark sorceries of Mechu-deru and other technology-corrupting powers. As such, a skilled practitioner of such arts can quickly disable the swoop, provided that they have a direct line of sight to the craft.
  • Broadband Transmissions - The Kallomena’s FSDP is a module that acts to conceal the swoop’s exact position, while also simultaneously effectively announcing its presence to enemy forces, thereby setting them on alert due to the false signatures and broadband transmissions created by the jamming systems. Furthermore, the radiation emitted by the jamming systems can be exploited through the use of...
  • Radiation Homing - Use of the FSDP can be exploited by radiation homing missiles or missiles equipped with a “home-on-jam” module. While the Kallomena’s jammers assist the craft in evading most conventional tracking systems, anti-radiation missiles can effectively be its undoing if the jamming systems are used without discretion.
  • EMP/Ion Disruption - As a swoop that depends on a suite of complicated electronics to ensure optimal performance, EMP and/or Ion-based attacks can hamper the combat capability of the Kallomena, the severity of which depends on the power quotient and proximity of the discharge to the craft.
  • Ion Afterburn - The Kallomena’s ion afterburners can only be sustained for a limited amount of time due to its intense power demands and potential to overheat the engines. At maximum, it can only be active for twenty consecutive seconds before it is automatically shut off, at which point the engines must undergo a mandatory heat discharge protocol. In addition, the craft can not use weapons while the afterburners are engaged. Furthermore, they also effectively balloon the Kallomena’s sensor profile, due to the excess heat they generate.
Named after an ancient Sith Lady, the FAE/AV-03 “Kallomena” Air Superiority Swoop Craft is the lighter, faster, and more maneuverable sister design of the Loralora and the Yuxa which both came before it. Like both of its older sisters, the Kallomena is a jet swoop, a high-powered, high-altitude swoop capable of operation at high altitudes, rather than being restricted to ground-level like speeder bikes. Naturally, the Kallomena and machines like it demand a heightened level of strength, skill, and confidence from its rider, but First United Astral Engineering has nevertheless carved out a niche in producing them, in a so-far relatively empty market.

Where the Kallomena distinguishes itself from its older sisters is its speed and maneuverability, albeit at the cost of defenses, lacking both combat-grade shields and armor. Ironically, the design is optimized for killing other swoops, but also speeder bikes, other variants of light repulsor craft, and jet troopers. As such, the Kallomena is at home in air-to-air operations, but the swoop is also capable of performing strafing runs on ground targets like its older sisters, though its lack of armor and combat-grade shielding can make it vulnerable to anti-air fire when placed in this role.

Nevertheless, the Kallomena is hoped to be a successful design, though First United Astral Engineering is still quite aware that these machines are not yet considered to be a standard element of a military’s air vehicle fleet, meaning that its sales might still be limited.

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