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Approved Tech FAE/S-01 "Pentozali" Agility Array

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  • Oversight and Administration
  • Information Storage and Processing
  • Power Systems
  • Data Security
  • Control Systems
    • Neural Interface Compatibility
    • Blink and Voice Command Compatibility
    • Variable Output and Calibration Settings
    • Automation and Administration Control
      • Capable of Various Levels of Automation
  • Super Capacity Acceleration Compensation System / Antishock Field - Virtually a necessity in modern spatial and atmospheric dogfights, the Pentozali incorporates powerful acceleration compensators to mitigate or even entirely eliminate the strain of the maneuvers the Pentozali array is capable of on organic personnel.
  • Thruster and Control Modules
  • Engine Modules
    • K-57B Module - The K-57B facilitates the execution of the Koiogran turn and variants of it, allowing the craft to pull a 180-degree turn to suddenly alter its trajectory while maintaining some speed.
    • K-57CE Module - Similar to the K-57B, the K-57CE facilitates the execution of a snap turn maneuver, a 180-degree lateral turn to suddenly alter its trajectory, often in effectively the opposite direction.
    • Zero Point Module - The zero point module facilitates the execution of zero-point turns, allowing a pilot to turn their craft’s nose without shifting their trajectory, potentially allowing them to fire on a pursuing enemy.
    • KV807-A Module - The KV807-A features rotational thrusters which effectively exchange speed for turning performance, allowing the craft to spin to face a given direction or target.
    • Lukaze Retro Thruster Module - The Lukaze module integrates retro thrusters which are capable of accelerating the host craft backwards, effectively reversing its trajectory. This module is most often utilized to prevent overshoots, dodge incoming missiles, or even to increase the amount of firing time during a strafing run, before having to pull up.
    • Dual Stream Regenerative System - The Dual Stream engine module boosts engine power retention and regeneration by drawing in stray radiation and harnessing it as energy.
    • Etheric Vector/Atmospheric Thruster Array - The etheric vector array allows precise thrust vectoring and boosted agility, affording pilots an enhanced degree of precision, control, and fine maneuverability in space and atmosphere. In more advanced or rare craft, these can be paired with vectral systems to redirect the exhaust, in addition to scattering or damping exhaust emissions, thereby minimizing the starship’s sensor signature.
  • Violent Precision - Surgically precise, yet sudden and violent characterizes the maneuvers that the Pentozali is capable of facilitating. With a highly agile host craft and a skilled pilot, the Pentozali can be harnessed to devastating effect in virtually any spatial or atmospheric battlespace, making the craft extremely difficult to draw a bead on.
  • Frame Restriction - By itself, the Pentozali does very little to improve the base maneuverability of the host craft and ultimately has very poor yield for craft which are already lacking in maneuverability. It should be noted that a fighter which is not equipped with the Pentozali, yet has a higher DPF rating than a craft with the array, will almost always outmaneuver the craft which is equipped with the array. Ultimately, the performance of the Pentozali is derived from the host craft’s base maneuverability. In essence, craft with [Extreme] or [Very High] maneuverability ratings can generally get the most out of the Pentozali.
  • Point of Failure - When used on craft with organic pilots and crew, the acceleration compensators are easily the most critical component of the Pentozali. In the event that they begin to operate at reduced efficiency, typically due to damage, the performance of the array will likely need to be turned down, for the safety of the organic crew.
Conceived as another suite of systems to enhance First United Astral Engineering’s fleet of fast fighters and vehicles, the FAE/S-01 “Pentozali” Agility Array amalgamates various engine technologies into a single platform, optimizing the host craft to execute a variety of complex, often violent maneuvers in space and atmosphere. The array works best under the reins of a talented, consummate pilot flying a highly agile craft which is capable of pulling the demanding maneuvers the Pentozali is capable of. Only under both of these conditions can the Pentozali be harnessed to its full potential, as even an average pilot will struggle to handle the array at its lowest performance settings.

The Pentozali is complemented by a super capacity acceleration compensation system, designed to dampen the severe G-forces which would otherwise quite easily kill the pilot and/or any crew on board the host craft. This is easily the most critical component of the array, with there being potentially severe consequences if it is damaged.

However, the Pentozali is very compatible with power conversion systems. In essence, power can be shunted to it, thereby increasing the host craft’s maneuverability and the overall performance of the array, albeit at the expense of another system, such as engines, weapons, or shields.

Ultimately, while few pilots can use the Pentozali array to its full potential, it is hoped to become a design staple of First United Astral Engineering-manufactured small craft, with ambitions to represent the highest level of maneuverability performance.
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