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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Name: Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori. Formerly Elpsis Elaris. Née Kallikora.

Nickname: Incendia, Cinder, Red, Firecracker.
Callsign: Cylix.
Alias: Roxane, 'Captain' Alayne Grey.
Species: Human
Age: Early Twenties
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Weight: 62 kg
Eyes: Milky-white. Natural eye colour is green.
Hair: Red.
Skin: Fair, but tanned and heavily scarred.
Faction: Firemane Industries (Order of Fire and Young Flames division)
House Kerrigan-Alcori.
Force Sensitive: Yes.
Force Rank: Witch Elder.
Military Rank: Lieutenant
Force Alignment: Neutral
Place of Residence:

  • Lieutenant
  • Mistress of the Order of Fire
  • Fire Princess
  • Red Cylix
  • Young Phoenix
Tropes: Action Girl, Combat Pragmatist, Covered with Scars, Scars Are Forever, Playing With Fire, Knight in Sour Armour, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Blind Seer, Prophet Eyes, Nature Lover, Fiery Redhead, Brutal Honesty, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Dark and Troubled Past, Determinator, Humble Hero, Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits (her team), Religious Bruiser, Combat Clairvoyance, Magic Knight, Elemental Powers.


  • Elpsis is a Master level Force-User and extremely strong pyromancer. Her power enables her to summon flames, heat objects by touch or thought and cook dinner without an oven. She can conjure firestorms, thermic lances, manipulate magma and lava. She is very good at absorbing and channelling heat to protect herself and use it to fuel her own attacks. Drastic temperature manipulation is also part of her repertoire. With enough focus and effort, she can create a fire tornado. Moreover, fire does not hurt her. Her telekinesis is not on the same level as her pyrokinesis, but still very strong.
  • Elpsis has inherited some of the gifts of her birth mother, Coryth Elaris. She is a seer and an empath, which is both a blessing and a curse. She is gifted with battle precognition, Force empathy, illusions and animal friendship.
  • Force Sight: Elpsis uses this power to see since she is blind. She can see through obstructions such as walls, perceive another person's alignment and is good at piercing illusions, even rather sophisticated ones. This extends to an aptitude for spotting camouflaged beings. Because Elpsis is already blind, blinding light, be it Force-based or mundane (e.g. caused by a flashbang) does not work on her. One could compare her aura vision to Eagle Vision from Assassin's Creed or Batman's Detective Mode. Her loss of physical sight has sharpened some of her other senses. She has very good hearing.
  • Elpsis' life has not been an easy one. She was a street ganger and smuggler, then a soldier. She put herself under a lot of pressure to prove herself worthy of the Kerrigan-Alcori name, despite the resentment she felt for the authoritarian Siobhan Kerrigan. An ill-fated expedition to a war-torn planet isolated from the rest of the Galaxy for centuries resulted in her being captured by a totalitarian theocracy. She underwent physical and mental torture before freeing herself. These experiences have hardened her. Having passed through a crucible of blood pain, she no longer holds back. She won't hesitate to fight dirty if needed.
  • Spiritual. Elpsis was once an atheist, but over time became a spiritual person who believes she has a higher calling. She receives Force visions and claims she perceives images in the flames. An entity that she has dubbed the Red Lady features quite prominently in her dreams. Whether this being is a spirit trying to guide (or manipulate) her or a sign that the young woman is losing her mind remains to be seen.
  • High pain tolerance. Going through the school of hard knocks has toughened her up a lot. So has use of Crucitorn and Control Pain.
  • Elpsis is physically blind and dependent on the Force to see. Put her in a ysalamiri field and she won't see anything. Likewise Voidstone constructs can interfere with her vision. It also puts her at a disadvantage against Yuuzhan Vong and other Force Dead beings since she cannot see them, though she can hear them and notice the absence in the Force. Moreover, her blindness hampers various mundane skills. For instance piloting, slicing and reading anything not written in braille. Inanimate objects are more difficult for her to perceive, as they lack a Force presence. Her dependence is ironic because she used to resent being a Force-user, but has come to depend on the Force and see it as a guide.
  • Elpsis' recent experiences on Tephrike, where she was brainwashed by the Inquisition of the totalitarian Dominion of Light, have left her traumatised. She was able to break free, but her scars run deep and she is deeply haunted by what happened. She has two sets of memories and the persona the Inquisition tried to get her to embrace still exists. In short, her mind is a mess. It has left her bitter, suspicious, angry and ashamed of what she considers to be her weakness. Due to what she experienced on Tephrike and a duel with Matsu Xiangu Matsu Xiangu , Elpsis' connection to the Light has atrophied. This impairs her ability to draw uppon Light Side powers. Elpsis has recently regained her ability to heal others, but it comes at a cost, as she has to use her own life force and thus risks draining herself.
  • Much like her birth mother Coryth and her adoptive mother Siobhan, Elpsis has a bit of a temper. One can imagine that it can get her into her share of trouble. Or result in her throwing herself in situations where is clearly over her head. Elpsis has a serious grudge against Jedi, which can make working with them difficult.
  • Though not stupid by any means, Elpsis is rather uncouth, blunt and tends to say what she thinks without thinking things through. This makes social situations where a more refined attitude is called for quite awkward.
  • Her birth mother's gifts are both a blessing and a curse. Sure, if you are in a fire fight it is handy to know that someone is about to shoot at your head so that you can get out of the way. Likewise it's useful if you can get a read on a business partner's emotion. But it's obviously one hell of a headache if you have no control and the emotions of a crowd start bleeding into you. While her mental shields are good, this can cause issues when people are dying around her on a battlefield.
  • Elpsis' lightsabre duelling skills are mostly defensive. More athletic than muscular, she is no powerhouse when it comes to physical fighting.
  • Elpsis is not an anarchist who refutes to follow any rules, but she can and will disregard rules to do what she believes is right. She has a strong drive for justice. Her application of it can be harsh, even when she is being merciful. There is the danger that she may become blind to the fact that her cause or she herself could become corrupted, resulting in a 'she who fights monsters' situation. The fact that she will place her own moral and ideological compass above rules when there is conflict between the two can also cause problems and impair her judgement. Elpsis has ironclad opinions on what she considers right and wrong. This can make her judgemental. Moreover, she holds on to grudges.
  • Elpsis has a complicated relationship with her family. She is loyal to them and would never betray them, but is resentful of her adoptive mothers. She tried and failed to live up to the extremely high expectations of Siobhan, who tends to be patronising and dismissive. Indeed, Siobhan has often been cold to her. This has driven Elpsis to ill-advised acts of bravura to impress her. Now Elpsis no longer tries to. However, she has also acquired a more negative opinion of Tegaea. Tegaea acts nicer...but also rarely stands up for her. She tends to follows Siobhan's lead and prioritises living a life of luxury and pleasure. This has led Elpsis to the conclusion that her other mother is either ineffectual and weak-willed, or just pretending to be sympathetic. Elpsis is grateful to both of them for taking her and saving her on Tephrike, but believe they like the idea of her more than the actual person. To her, Siobhan is pompous and power-hungry, and Tegaea is shallow and obsessed with living a life of luxury.
Physical Appearance:
  • Resembles avatar (Sophie Turner as Jean Grey). However, Elpsis is blind and has white eyes. She is athletic and has some muscle definition, but is not a physical powerhouse. She has several large and small scars. Even bacta has not been able to fully heal the scars on her body. Elpsis has consistently refused to use scar-removal medicine, regarding it as frivolous, pointless vanity. She is not the vain type and sees no reason to pretty herself up.
  • Her face is marred by harsh scars and burns. Her cheeks suffered burns and cuts during her incarceration. This has left its mark on them Being forced to swallow hot water has had an effect on her throat and speech patterns. She speaks low or otherwise it hurts. She also coughs sometimes.
  • Burn scars on her right hand from first duel with Matsu Xiangu. Lost three fingers there. These have been restored, but scarring remains.
  • Lost her left arm in her second duel with Matsu from first catching the Sith Lady's lightsabre with her hand and absorbing the heat with tutaminis to channel it into power, and later from being hit by her sorcery. It has been replaced with cloned arm. There is scarring where the cloned arm was reattached to her stump. She lost some fingers fighting the Grand Inquisitor of the Dominion, though these have been replaced.
  • Electrical burn marks on her throat from a slave collar. Several scars, divots and battle wounds from various fights. Her right leg was struck by a heavy slug round on Tephrike. The projectile was lodged inside her leg and she did not receive proper medical attention from her captors, forcing her to use the Force to remove the slug and then pyromancy to cauterise the wound. The spot was later scorched by a lightsabre. Thus scarring remains.
  • Has a large phoenix tattoo on her back. It covers some of the scarring.
  • Intense channelling of her abilities has left her with cracks in her face. Sometimes she gains flaming hair in the heat of combat. She has a higher body temperature than is common for humans.
  • On duty Elpsis wears uniform. It is always crisply presented and maintained in a drill and camp setting. In the field she wears armour, which is also scrupulously maintained. Elpsis has a few Firemane medals but does not wear unless them explicitly required to do so. Off duty Elpsis is not a fancy dresser. She tends to wear tank tops, collarless shirts and simple cargo pants. Sometimes she will put on a skirt, leather pants or even a dress, but she dislikes fancy or cutesy stuff. Elpsis cannot see patterns or colours on clothes, so she wears what is comfortable and fits. She disdains high heels and sticks with practical footwear she can run in.
SHIP: An AE-FR1 Outrider-class Freighter.

Force Powers:

  • Alter Environment
  • Animal Friendship
  • Battle Precognition
  • Breath Control
  • Combustion
  • Control Pain
  • Crucitorn
  • Dark Healing
  • Darkshear
  • Detoxify Poison
  • Force Barrier
  • Force Drain
  • Force Empathy
  • Force Illusion
  • Force Meld
  • Force Plague
  • Force Sight
  • Force Speed/Jump
  • Force Vision
  • Malacia
  • Plant Surge
  • Protection Bubble
  • Psychometry
  • Pyromancy
  • Precognition
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Thought Shield
  • Tutaminis
Notable Possessions:
Beliefs: Elpsis started out as an atheist who regarded her Force-Sensitivity as a curse. However, she has evolved into a deeply spiritual person. She has rejected the Jedi Code, though some Jedi beliefs have stayed with her. She also been influenced by Dahomian, Qadiri and Vashyada religious beliefs as well as exposure to the teachings of [member="Laina Silvias"], an Amazon who mentored her for a while. The basic framework is essentially Deist because saying that the supreme goddess is just some powerful person does not sit well with Elpsis. The cosmos is greater than any one person. Any individual, no matter how powerful, is part of a larger tapestry. Her beliefs draw heavily on the idea that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

The Force is the energy that exists within everyone, and in the end everyone will return back to the Force. Nothing is ever truly gone. Ergo every being is connected in some way because they carry the same energy within them. This is what Elpsis calls the Lifeweb. It can be visualised as a a fractal design where each leaf reaches to a different destination, but the end result in the centre is the same for everyone. One can liken it to a web. It is the cycle of life. The Lifeweb is the personification of the divine power that governs the cosmos.

Those who can channel this energy are Force-Users. They can connect with and shape the cosmos in ways Non-Force-Users cannot, but they are still only part of a great web. The dark side is the darkness that resides in the souls of living beings. The Force represents life, ergo it cannot have an evil side. This means that saying that someone was seduced by the dark side is just a way to avoid responsibility for one's actions by blaming them on an evil demon. One good deed does not wash out the bad, just as a bad one does not wash out the good. She stresses the importance of balance.

What people call deities, spirits and so on are simply energy beings that exist in a different state of consciousness. They can be venerated or asked for guidance if benign, but not be treated as omnipotent or omniscient. In the end they are subject to the same rules as everyone despite their power. This is how Elpsis would categorise beings such as Ashira, Xoth-Za and so on. She is quite open to the idea that they could have walked among mortals at some point, wielded extreme power that seems god-like to mortals and accomplished feats that far surpass hers and those of herself and other Force-Users. But she would reject the idea that they are omnipotent.

Elpsis believes that she is being guided by an entity she calls the Red Lady or Vesta. This being has often appeared to her in dreams or moments of intense stress. What her motivations are and whether she is even real instead of just being a projection is another question. The idea of a web of life also incorporates reincarnation. Energy is the same, but the consciousness changes so beings do not remember past lives. However, sufficiently enlightened beings can receive flashes of insight from their past lives, such as in form of visions and dreams. Existence is a cycle of life, death and rebirth in different forms of existence (new body, new species, animal, plant) and different planes. Anything that is part of the life cycle. Elpsis views clones as individuals and is a supporter of clone rights.

There is an element of nature worship. The forces of nature deserve reverence, for they represent creation. Where people lose sight of nature and bury it in permacrete and machines, they lose their sense of proportion and grow imbalanced. This gives rise to hubris. She accepts the idea of nature and elemental spirits. Elpsis is no luddite who rejects the idea of technology and believes people should go back to a medieval life, but she dislikes sprawling ecumenpolises. The fact that she spent a lot of her childhood in the slums of Coruscant and later Nar Shaddaa has probably played a role. She is ideologically opposed to both Jedi and Sith. In her view, the Galaxy would be better off if both groups destroyed each other and then stayed dead.

Elpsis was raptured during the Netherworld Event, but does not regard the cold, bleak realm she wandered through as the true afterlife. Rather it is something more akin to purgatory. Because treating it as the final resting place does not make sense to her. For one, all the souls are suffering, the locations tend to be hellish and it is possible to physically enter and leave it via portals. If anything, it is more like a twisted parody of the final rest. It is a tainted place where the Lifeweb does not reach, but one can reflect on one's sins and be purified, if one shows the necessary understanding. Contrasting to that, there is also be a more heavenly realm where righteous souls may go to in between reincarnation.

The cycle of life, death and rebirth is central to these beliefs. Each being should cherish its time in this life, but when their time has come, they should accept that it is time to continue their journey along the Lifeweb. Unsurprisingly, Elpsis detests techniques that violate the cycle, such as necromancy and essence transfer. Raising the dead as zombies or binding their spirits is a grave sin, for it turns them into slaves and denies them the next stage of their journey. To try to prolong one's life by possessing another, even a clone, is a mark of hubris and colossal arrogance. It is also a sign of cowardice, as one would rather cling to one's life at the expense of another instead of face the consequences of one's actions in the next.

Elpsis does not have a clearly defined political ideology, but then she is young. To a degree, she is more defined by what she opposes - Imperialism, Sith, Jedi, slavery, exploitation. She is a strong supporter of environmentalism, as she feels great reverence for nature, but opposed to pacifism. Elpsis does not see battle as glorious, but as necessary to fight injustice and opression. Elpsis' personal inclinations are geared strongly towards personal freedom, but at the same time she has seen supposed democracies and beacons of freedom commit acts little different from those of Imperialist tyrants. She has a strong sense of justice and duty.

She feels most at home in the military, which obviously has a hierarchy. She is fine with following orders and being part of a team, but hates fawning and brownnosing. She has also become increasingly disdainful of aristo living, which includes her parents' life style. She sees it as wasteful and shallow. The simplicity of a cabin is a clear rejection of how her parents live and what they seem to value. Elpsis dislikes galactic government, believing it cannot be representative of its people.

Idiosyncracies: Elpsis eats meat, when she can hunt and prepare her own. She would not to a store and buy a steak, but if she could hunt some space deer for venison it is a different story. In her eyes, it is nature's way. So long as she makes the kill and does it painlessly and sustainably it is both healthy and in line with the natural balance. When it is not feasible, she sticks to a vegetarian diet. Elpsis finds factory farming horrible, which is why she will not support it by buying and consuming its products. Ethically raised or produced products like milk or eggs are acceptable.

Elpsis has a simple, fairly Spartan cabin on an island. Save for herself, there are no sentient inhabitants on the island. But its forests have abundant wild life. Elpsis has a trust fund, but Siobhan has set strict conditions though. However, the young woman is no spendthrift and lives fairly simply. That said, she uses the trust fund to support various good causes, such as groups that provide aid to former slaves, abuse victims or war orphans as well as nature conservation projects.


  • Adril Kerrigan-Alcori and Livia Kerrigan-Alcori: Adoptive siblings. Elpsis helped look after them when they were babie and has assumed the big sister role. Adril is brash and adventurous and dreams of being a brave knight one day. She looks up to Elpsis, who has taught her a bit about the Force. By contrast, Livia is a more reserved, eloquent bookworm and budding scholar. Elpsis is a bit less close to her due to her lack of academic interests, but tries to be a good sister nonetheless. She often tries to mediate when the two sisters argue or compete for her attention.
  • Kyriaki: Elpsis' Tephriki clone. Depending on perspective, this makes Kyriaki her twin. Presently Elpsis is unaware of her. Kyriaki was created by the Dominion of Light, but fell into the hands of the Vaderites, a Vader-worshipping, human supremacist Sith cult. Thus she has been raised in a nest of vipers and has to navigate a political mine field where one wrong step could easily result in her death. Kyriaki has inherited Elpsis' Force connection, but it is somewhat diminished. However, she makes up for this by being more cunning and manipulative. Kyriaki knows of her template and idolises her, though she knows little about her.
  • Nyssa Vykaris: Pureblood Sith Warrior, voice of cynicism, occasional lover. The first time she and Elpsis crossed paths, they were enemies. After the pyromancer defeated her in combat, Nyssa was a prisoner. At first she intended to betray the human to her fellow cultists, but then ultimately joined the Order of Fire to start a new life. Along the way the two became unlikely companions. Nyssa is prideful, cynical, ruthless and casually xenophobic. Still, she seems very attached to Elpsis and is protective of her. Part of the rescue team on Tephrike. Capable duellist and tank with some skill in Sith magic.
  • Diona: Former Jedi warrior of the totalitarian Dominion of Light. A clone, she was moulded from birth to serve the theocracy without question. Dutiful soldier haunted by atrocities she was forced to commit in her homeworld's horrible civil war. Leader of the Inquisition team that captured Elpsis. In the camp, she was both tormentor and protector. Ultimately turned on her masters and helped Elpsis escape. It remains to be seen whether she can be trusted and how her quest for atonement will play out. Skilled duellist and small unit leader with an affinity for Force Meld, Telekinesis and Stasis.
  • Natalie Dorne: An Ession native, anti-Sith resistance fighter and terrorist. Became a rebel after her parents were murdered by Sith allies. Met Elpsis when the latter was trying to get involved in rebel activities. Elpsis helped Natalie's rebel cell stage an attempt on the life of a visiting Sith Lord, who turned out to be Matsu Xiangu. Natalie suffered near-fatal injuries, but was saved by Elpsis. Cynical and capable of ruthless acts, but very committed to the cause. Natalie is a capable insurgent, sniper, slicer and pilot, relying on skill and training rather than space magic. She has connections to the criminal underworld and revolutionary underground that can be useful. She was part of the rescue operation after Elpsis was captured by the Inquisition, using her skills as an insurgent and slicer to help find her friend.
  • Rhea: Rattataki female, Tephrike native. Rhea is Elpsis' student. Born in a collective farm in Dominion territory. Her parents were murdered by the Sith and after hiding in the wilderness, she was conscripted into a Dominion labour corps. She became a Jedi and was manipulated by the cruel Grand Inquisitor into becoming his servant. Abused and deceived, she was set free when Elpsis slew her master. Rhea is attached to Elpsis, but distrustful of Firemane. Her past experiences have left her with anger issues and strong hatred for Sith and Jedi. For now she travels with Elpsis and seeks to learn from her. But one day she wants to return to her homeworld to bring the oppressors to justice. Rhea is an aggressive fighter, using stealth techniques to get close to the enemy so that she can unleash her full fury.
  • Mara Technician: A Tephriki cryptologist and slicer who used to serve the Dominion of Light. The Dominion has done away with family units. Citizens receive occupational surnames based on their caste and profession. In her case, she was trained as a comms technician. Elpsis encountered and befriended her during the early stages of the expedition. Though raised to believe in and support the Dominion, Mara turned on it after their treachery. She was an important asset for locating and saving Elpsis. While timid and a bit uptight, she is very friendly and loyal to those she takes into her confidence. Mara is no fighter, but good tech support. She and Natalie have bonded. She still wants to free her fellow Dominion clones.
  • Shikoba: A Vashyada druidess and member of Elpsis' platoon. Acerbic, cryptic and somewhat morbid, Shikoba is a talented healer, precognition specialist and terramancer with a special affinity for the spirit world. Spirits are drawn to her and vice versa. She has a special gift for seeing and communicating with ghosts. Sometimes she sees the ghosts of those another person has killed.
  • Zhaleh Jai Bijana: Zhaleh is a Qadiri and, most unusually for her race, an ice mage. This may be because she comes from a tribe that dwells in the icy north of Tygara. Having grown up there, she knows a lot about hunting, tracking and survival in arctic environments. She is inexperienced in the stars, but brave and loyal.
  • Champions of the Flame: A multiracial squad that is part of Elpsis' platoon. It is composed of the unit's most noteworthy members. Elpsis trains them and leads them into battle.
  • The Unchained: A group of Tephriki fugitives. All of of them are former inmates of Dominion concentration camps. The core of the group was imprisoned in the same camp as Elpsis. She worked together with them to overthrow her oppressors.
  • Inferno Platoon: The infantry platoon Elpsis is in command of. It is composed of recruits and acolytes of the Order of Fire, along with some experienced noncoms to help her lead it. The Champions are a part of it.
  • Lions of Gehenna: The company Elpsis' platoon belongs to. They are commandos and special forces.

Audio journal entry written shortly after the end of the Tephrike Expedition and her escape from the brainwashing camp:

It's over. The Grand Inquisitor is dead. So are his minions.

We got justice. It felt good to watch them burn. Fire has consumed the camp. There was a debt, and a Kerrigan always pay her debts.

I could have sworn I saw an image in the flames. A woman in red. Blood-red hair and eyes, pale skin, taller than most men. With a melodic voice urging me to do justice.

So I did.

They beat me, they humiliated me, they took my name. My memories. So I took their lives. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I still see her. Roxane. The obedient drone they tried to programme me into becoming. So eager to please, so willing to obey any order they gave her and debase herself before them. I want her gone. Sometimes I see the Red Lady.

I get flashes of memory. Which are the real ones and which are those the Dominion programmed for me? I don't really know. Sometimes, I remember the girl I used to be. Little Elpsis. Father? A sadistic Sith Lord who abused her and locked her in a cell full of rats to 'toughen her up'. Birth mother? A Jedi healer who was abused by him and abandoned Elpsis. Siobhan killed him. I beat him in hell. If he comes back one day, I'll kill him for good. As for my birther mother, I don't need her.

Little Elpsis was given up to the Jedi by her adoptive family. Just a child they could do without when she didn't conform. Father found her and tried to turn her. Jedi rescued, but did not understand her. She ran away, became a ganger, then a criminal. Tried to turn a new leaf with Firemane. Found a family. She fought and bled for them. Battled Sith Lords. Helped out in refugee camps. Always looking for a place to belong. A family, a cause. Something to be part of.

She was brave, sweet and dreamt of being a knight errant, slaying monsters, protecting the innocent and seducing pretty girls. Sometimes, I envy her. Then get angry with her. She was naive. She was twisted into a puppet. Sometimes I miss her. Silly. Now she's gone. And there's nothing left to break. Nothing left to hurt. I will never let myself be weak again. Or allow someone to control me.

The prisoners of the camp look to me now. I must help...guide them...somehow. And put myself back together. We will burn those who wronged us. I should kill Diona. She delivered me to the camp. She stood by while I was tortured. She participated in the torture. But she also...shielded me from it. Then she helped me break free. When I stare into her aura, I see the scars her deeds have left on her soul. She wants to be done with this way. When we rebelled, she expected to die, by my hand, the prisoners' or that of her former bosses. So I won't grant her wish. She will have to live with what she did.

Recording of a conversation with Siobhan Kerrigan after Elpsis' second duel with Matsu Xiangu. Saved on datapad:

I hate hospitals. Maybe it's because I spend a lot of time in them. Mum jokes about me following in Mother's footsteps a bit too well. Well...I just lost an arm, so maybe there's merit to that. On the bright side, I can hear things again. Folks left cards. Some were thoughtful enough to write them in braille.

I feel tired. Exhaustion is not allowed to have its way, because I feel her approach. I hear her before I see her through the Force. The tap tap of her cane on the floor creates a rhythm of its own. I hear her say some words to a nurse outside, then she stands above you.

"Hello, mother. You look...great. I'd hug you...but I only got one arm and you don't like hugs from me." I make an effort to give her a wave. My hand moves way too slowly. I imagine her glaring at me. I'm positive I can feel the glare.

Siobhan Kerrigan does not understand the meaning of humour. Coming from me, at least. "Do act less childish, will you? I see your latest adventures took a toll on you," she remarks. She's got the High Basic clipped, posh tone down pat. There is a pause. Before I can say something, she adds, "I am glad you made it out alive."

"You are?" Alright, that is probably unfair. But while Mother is stern...she is not loveable. Seems to resent my existence in the family. I guess it's because of the other kids. Ran off, turned traitor, went insane. Maybe she's just a bitter grump. Or because I'm the one who's burning Sith. It takes me a moment to realise that I actually blurted this out. Awkward.

"Yes." Oh, now she is really annoyed. "You are my daughter, after all. Even though you do your best to irritate me, shirk responsibility and do not live up to your potential." And I was just about to start liking you, mother.

"Set your psycho girlfriend on fire, how's that for living up to my potential?" I sense confusion. "The one and only Matsu Xiangu. Necromancer Queen? Small lady, packs a huge punch. Ring a bell? You two wrecked a town once."

"You fought her - again," then she reached out and examines my face. The part that is not a mess. It's...weird to see her being tender. "She did this to you." Probably means the lost arm. I feel like I have to start measuring my life in significant maimings.

"Yeah. But, hey, all you need to do is glue a fresh one to my shoulder. And I gave as good as I got. Paid the debt. Set her on fire, roasted her lung. She was...pissed." We were both a complete mess at the end of it. Any goon with a gun could have killed me. Luckily, Natalie was there to drag me away. "Following in your footsteps, Mother. Battling bad guys, getting maimed, landing in hospital."

"You did well."

"Wait...you're prasing me? Are you a shapeshifter? A pod person? And what did you do with my real mother?"

A sigh of pure frustration. "Would it kill you to show some maturity? I am trying to have a serious conversation. You showed bravery and skill in battle and I respect that. She is a very dangerous foe," she huffs.

"Alright, I'm sorry...just joking around. I am, uh, glad you're proud of me. Put your lessons to good use." By cauterising wounds, among other things. Mother made me do that after stabbing me with a vibroblade. Mother's training methods are an OSHA nightmare.

"Now you just need to apply the lessons that do not revolve around the battlefield. Medical should have a cloned arm for you in a couple months." Another pause. "Whilst I'm here, I might as well inform you. After a long period of consideration, Tegaea and I have reached an important decision. It will impact you significantly."

"You're adopting someone else? Wait, you two aren't...breaking up right? Please, you can't break up. If there's something..."

"Be quiet and listen," she snaps, voice like the crack of a whip. She'd love that analogy. "No, we are not breaking up and I am not adopting anyone. In the light of how...poorly things went with your predecessors and the dedication and loyalty you've displayed, we've decided to alter our will and make you majority heiress of House Kerrigan-Alcori."

What?! Oh. Damn.

Before I can say anything, she continues. "This will not alter your status in the Company in any way. You will work your way up just like every employee and be rewarded or penalised based on merit. Nor will you be able to spend our money willy-nilly."

"Look, I get it. I'm the...Fire Princess. But I gotta work for it. Mother...I wouldn't have it any other way, ok? I came from nothing. I just want to be judged on what I do, good and bad. I don't even care about the money. I'm a bit...overwhelmed. Being heiress, is, well...why me? Because I'm the last one standing. Why not...Tempest?"

"Because you're my daughter."

"So are Adril and Livia. Sort of."

"They're children. Children I will raise and educate personally, but children nonetheless. I will not leave my legacy to chance. You've been the cause of much frustration on my part. You've wasted much of your life aimlessly adventuring without a care in the world. But you've always been on the spot when it mattered. Others have come and gone, you stayed. Others have succumbed to cowardice and betrayal, you stayed and fought."

"I...uh...well, I'm honoured, Mother. I promise I won't let you down, Mother."

"It's not an honour, it's a responsibility. There are certain expectations you will have to meet. Once you've been discharged from hospital, you will be enrolled in the Firemane Academy as an Officer Cadet. You have served. It is time for you to leave your comfort zone, learn to lead and understand what Masterhood truly means."

It's cute how you try to be nice...while still being as stern as usual. Anyhow, I nod. "Ok, I'll join the Academy. I'll be part of the Company. I'll visit you as soon as I'm out."

"Good. We're the last Kerrigans, Elpsis. You, Adril, Livia, me. The last ones who count. But Kerrigans are people of a special cut. Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it." Then she turns around and leaves.

Audio journal entry written just before the Netherworld Incident.

So yeah, started writing a journal. Why? Beats me. Guess I should say something corny about how maybe one day someone will read it and find meaning it. Or that I need it for...what's the pompous word again? Catharsis. That's a good one. No thanks. Skipped the cliched 'dear diary' beginning because it's dumb.

Galaxy's gone crazy. Everyone's being dramatic about things. Sith attack this world, Sith attack that world, the 'coalition of fluffy puppies and freedom' gets its arse kicked there. People acting like it's the 'end of the world as we know it'. Or jumping on the bandwagon of the winners as fast as they can. Jedi, Sith, things would be better if both got sucked into a black hole.

Yeah, it's all dramatic, terrible and not my war. More bizarre dreams. People...vanishing...screams...endless desert under a green sun. Creepy. Exit that train of thought, no use thinkin' about it. And probably lay off the spice. It's been ages since my run-in with the latest bounty-hunters Daddy Dearest said. Real close call with the last one of them. Psycho just kept coming and coming, even after getting' his arm blown off. Been told he was what spacers call a 'Reaver'. Nasty creature pumped full of alchemical drugs and pure rage till it turns into a mindless animal. I always knew this Force thing was just messed.

Thank god buckshot to the face worked nicely. Left some nasty wounds, but hey, bastard's dead, I'm still walking. Maybe Daddy's given up on the hunt for wayward daughter and make her your slave thing. Sick bastard. Or someone's ripped his spine out. I'd send a fruit basket of blood oranges to whoever did that.

Still getting weird dreams. It's sick. People vanishing, doom, glooms and demons. And the goddamn headaches are a bitch. Drinking doesn't seem to help. Spice just warps my brain, but ah well. Got through worse than a couple 'visions'. Daddy said they were a gift, but he keeps mutated nexu around and has a creepy lab where he tortures people for fun and giggles, so who cares about what the hell the old sod knows. This woman...keeps showing up in my breams. Beautiful, flaming red hair, so...what's the word...radiant, full of power. And somehow when I look at her there's this connection...wait, this is starting to weird me out. Exit that train of thought, focus on the now. Not on cryptic messages the 'Force' is supposedly sending me. Wish I didn't have it. It's like being a freak.

Anyhow, got work to do. Cartel boss keeps staring at my arse, but he pays well. And the last goon who tried to touch got his wrist broken, so bonus. 'sides, maybe I can make more creds out of a round of pazaak at the Blooming Rose. Just need a little 'cheating'. Wait...why the feth is it getting all dark around me...”
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Coryth Elaris

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Yeah ... they suck. Definitely a bitch. Never asked for them, sure as feth never wanted them.

....... That was you?!
Awkward would be the understatement of the century.

Coryth Elaris

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Mmm yes, I imagine they were.

That thing that was your sperm donor, the bastard is dead. I'm sure he's somewhere in the underworld, torturing some spirit or another. [member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] ripped his spine out, literally so that is something.

Coryth Elaris

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Yeah was a shame really, that I was doing my best not to die, and I missed out on that miserable monster's death.

Welp, the underworld is nasty be careful little miss!
[member="Coryth Elaris"]

Does punching people and blowing their heads off with a shotgun work? If yes, I'm good to go. And I'm taller than you are!

* goes to look for Daddy to kill him again...since conveniently the rules say force powers don't work *
[member="Yula Perl"]

I wonder whether Elpsis and the Perl brood have met.

I think it was implied here and there that she babysitted (which makes things retroactively amusing since I figure she's not much older than Yula now). Regardless, she needs to meet them.