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Approved Vehicle "COB" Throne-Breaker Assault Armored Walker

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Callum Saville


  • Manufacturer: Court of Blades Company
  • Affiliation: Court of Blades
  • Market Status: Closed Market
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Yes, Can change out the Turbolaser for other light models or standard. Mass Drivers can be changed out for repeaters and blaster cannons.
  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
    Suprasteel (x)
    Theiaglass (x)

  • A Threat from Any Range: Firing from Mass Drivers, to Turbolasers and a Repeater, even missiles to make it feel unsafe, it is a very dangerous armored walker.
  • Target, Maximum Firepower!: The use of Ultra-Power Blast Mode when firing both turbolasers can possibly destroy a fortified bunker in one shot or even an extremely armored vehicle, maybe even a small dropship. It is not to be underestimated.
  • Slowly I Turn!: It is slower than its other counterparts, worse when firing in Ultra-Power Blast Mode. While its joints are more protected now, it costs itself in movement.
  • Barrel is Blowing Out!: Each time it uses the Ultra-Power Blast Mode, each use starts to destroy the barrel and make it more and more less effective at longer ranges. It is not unusual to replace the whole turbolaser barrel assembly after a deployment.

The Throne-Breaker was an ambitious design that was collaborated last minute between Breshig War Forge Consolidated when the need for something heavier than what they were used to was required, not realizing vehicles were a lot harder to take down than back home. The result was the contracted agreement of the use of Mass Driver technology, allowing the Court of Blades to design the heaviest armored walker to date.

One of the unique features that was taken from the Chaos was the use of its light turbolasers, which instead of one, it now became two with the linked up system for Ultra-Power Blast mode settings. Another unique feature was for the first time, there was more emphasis on cargo space since they Genesis itself, having to create room for the expansive ammo bay to hold such a large amount of ammunition and its various types.

The Armored Walker was named after an unusual story that was heard of, known as Throne Breaker whom someone threw the Emperor into a Throne. Realizing the name fit the story, the Armored Walker was named after the infamous figure, Throne-Breaker. With its firepower, it might as well not only break the throne, but the room itself. With it facing its first deployment, it will see how it will operate in the long run.
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Okay, I was wrong yesterday. This is the real Christmas tree! Again, a great submission, everything is perfect except one little thing:
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