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Court of Blades Company

Callum Saville

  • Image Source: N/A (Work in Progress)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Court of Blades
  • Headquarters: Altiria/Anarris
  • Locations: Cerdana
  • Operations: Mercenary and Personal Walker Production (Looking to Expand)
  • Parent Corporation: N/A
  • Subsidiaries: N/A
Loyal to only their planet of Altiria/Anarris and those who contract them, they are a private mercenary company that have been attempting to expand in the past year. Their work has been considered critical and most of the times, daring but their tactics work. Their secondary functions are growing their personal walker inventory, something they seemed to have accumulated in quick fashion through research and development. They number in the thousand but seem to be growing currently.

The Court of Blades was created through the desire of vengeance and the lack of confidence in both governments to settle their differences in fighting the Spirit of Holowan. Using what little funds he had accumulated, Callum took risky side jobs along with dangerous tactical missions to accumulate his wealth. While some have died, most have praised his efforts and called him "Prince" which is now a rank in the organization. The main income source has always been mercenary work, being contracted out to the highest bidder and generally succeeding their task, with other times only producing new personal walkers for new clients.