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Cake is for Jedi Knights Only [Republic / Jedi / For Funsies]

Avalore Eden

If there be light...
Cake is not for Padawans.

Those are the rules.

Avalore had a healthy sneaking suspicion that all these new rules were really only being put in place around her. She was pretty sure she saw a Padawan youngling enjoying cake being served for Master Olda Ko on his 74th birthday just last month.

Must be Jedi Council rules. Or, rather, it must simply be that her governing Masters on Corellia had received the news she'd been taken in by Knight Moridena and sent over the care manual for the ready-to-pop Padawan Eden. This might have included a list of banned foods. It definitely included her list of mandatory foods for her now absurd nutritional needs.

Whatever the case, it clearly didn't include cake.

Jedi Temple - Cafeteria / Food Court
High Noon

Avalore looked forlornly at the desert stand as she was directed in the opposite direction by a supremely helpful human relations droid. This was her first day at the Jedi temple on Coruscant, having arrived late the night before with Diana and several other Jedi escaping the remnants of Ossus. Her new Master had some things to sort out, likely the loose ends of Avalore's transfer from Corellia to Coruscant, so Avalore was left to the stupendous company of the droid.

All she could think about was food.

Her very large and obtuse belly gave a deep, guttural gurgle.

"Wizard, McPuff, I'm going."

With two trays loaded as full as possible and the droid guiding the way, she moved to take a seat somewhere near the middle of the court, drawing eyes like a three-day carcass drew flies. She ignored them with purpose and carefully hefted herself into a seat at the center of a very long and empty table. The droid happily announced that it would get her water and scuttled off.

"Thanks," Avalore said flatly after it and bitterly bit into a roll.

So much for making friends.

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"]
@[member="Diana Moridena"]
@[member="Meta "]
@ any Jedi or Pub who want a break from Invasions for some not-so-srs-bsns

Cedric Dorn

Diana stood at the side of the cafeteria hugging one of the walls. Next to her was one of the other Jedi Knights she had become quite close with as of late. He was a tall boy with black hair by the name of Hans a kind soul and a true Jedi, one that Diana quite enjoyed speaking with. Now was one of those occasions, she didn't often get down time after all.

She smiled and spoke softly with him, letting out a chuckle when he made a joke about Grandmaster Selena Halcyon. “No i've never really seen her bottom.”

Diana quipped back at Hans with a slight chuckle and a smirk. Slowly the Jedi Knight turned her head, looking more into the cafeteria. For a split second she spotted Avalore, her apprentice. She smiled at the young pregnant girl and gave her a small wave in greeting, though did not go over to where she was.

It was not that she didn't want to speak with her, but it was more that she wanted Avalore to make her own friends. With Diana there, that would be impossible.

For some strange reason, most people didn't like her. Except for Hans of course.

Saran Drast

Saran sat down across from @[member="Avalore Eden"]. "I don't know if I've seen you before. How are you?" She inquired. The cafeteria was normally empty, and few Jedi came here, especially like, well... like that. Saran figured she'd remember that.

She hadn't gotten any food, and wasn't sure she wanted to eat right now. Her wrist was hurting again, the bloody thing felt like the Sith had re-kindled it, and moving it to eat wouldn't be worth it for a while.

Eenes Kokad

Eenes looked around the cafeteria for someone she recognized. The few people she did know were at full tables, and she didn't like eating alone...
She saw the Jedi she had helped on Ossus, sitting with another she didn't recognize. Worth a shot.
She set her tray down on the table and slid into the seat. "Hello. I don't think we've met," she asked newer person, trying not to stare at her belly. "My name's Eenes. What's yours?"

@[member="Avalore Eden"] @[member="Saran Drast"]

Tallia Farn

Flustered Amnesiac
Tallia stepped into the Temple cafeteria with a glowing red face and sweat running down her brow. She had been sparing in the Training Hall, and was exhausted. Her pony tail bobbed behind her as she moved to step in line for food. She set a slab of nerf steak down on her tray. "I could use the protein." She thought to herself.

She had just returned from Ossus the night before on a Jedi shuttle. Her injuries were only some nasty cuts and bruises. She would live to fight another day, but she was glad to get a brake from the war for now. She looked for a good place to enjoy her meal, and decided to take a seat next to a group that seemed to be introducing themselves to each other for the first time. "Good afternoon. I hope this seat wasn't taken." She said sitting down. "I'm Tallia."

@[member="Eenes Kokad"] @[member="Saran Drast"] @[member="Avalore Eden"]
(Hope you don't mind how I intro, Talli)

Coming in behind @[member="Tallia Farn"] was Jedi Master Joshua DragonsFlame, who had just finished a sparring session with his fellow Jedi, as he had agreed to do to repay her for sending her away on Ossus while he fought Krag. He felt bad about just telling her to keep going without him, despite the fact he was protecting her.

And for good reason. Josh still bore the battle scars from his battle with the High Knight. Him and Krag had hit each other with bomb after bomb, either via fireball, lightsaber, or their bare hands. Josh was still sore despite the bacta tanks doing their job. He'd be stinging for a week or so more. Sparring with Farn wasn't the best way to heal, but he did promise.

He raised an eyebrow as he noticed a Padawan with two unusually large trays. The only Jedi he had ever seen eat that much was Hion The Herglic, and he had an excuse. He was a WHALE.

Regaining his composure, he got his food and made his way to where a group of Jedi had seemed to take interest in this food mountain newbie. He shot a smile as he sat down, wiping the sweat from his brow. Suddenly, he felt a lot hungrier. Sparring made him work up an appetite. Regardless, introductions were good.

"Master Josh DragonsFlame" he introduced to the ones he didn't know. He flashed a smirk toward @[member="Diana Moridena"] as he heard her jip about Selena's bottom. Ah, the things he could say... But he didn't. It was very un-Jedi Master-like to speak of the Grandmaster's Grandbooty.

@[member="Eenes Kokad"]
@[member="Saran Drast"]
@[member="Avalore Eden"]


Blessed are the peacemakers
"I want...that."A tattooed hand prodded the glass of the cafeteria. The Jedi behind him sighed, having had to wait a while. Tracyn was toting two trays, mostly with massive amounts of protein rich foods.

He pointed to a large slab of ribs. He licked his lips."That." The man behind the counter raised a brow."A piece or...?"Tracyn stared at him,

Several seconds later, Tracyn procured a cart to tote around his trays. He sat down slowly, and licked his lips. What happened next, was pretty much feeding time at the zoo in terms of visual pleasantry. He was mostly done in a few seconds, sauce, bits of meat littering the table around him.

He was unhindered by his armor, he didn't wear it in the temple usually. He was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt that had a large Mandalorian skull on it, and a theme park logo on the back. The ride was the Mythosaur, and it was a fun ride. He couldn't pass up the chance to buy it, after all.

His tattooed bear-like paws slowly pandered over to the ribs, licking his lips in anticipation. Been a long time since he was happy, and happiness came in food. He just wondered what he would have for dessert.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
@[member="Avalore Eden"] @[member="Diana Moridena"] @[member="Saran Drast"] @[member="Eenes Kokad"] @[member="Tallia Farn"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] @[member="Tracyn Ordo"]

Iella remained focused on the job at hand. Lifting a rib up from the plate .. she looked at it to examine where to begin. Already there was evidence of her hunger on the table, a spare plate littered with discarded bones, with very little left on them. The sauce on the meat just too good to resist, there was no doubt to her that these ribs had to be touch by the darkside to be this wickedly good. A sigh of pleasure escaped her lips and she bit into the flesh, ripping the soft meat from the bone and chewing with delight. It had been far to long since she had enjoyed ribs and she was in the moment.

It was only then that she noticed the other Jedi in the place, she looked down to make sure no sauce had stained her robes, just in case they spied her. All was clean except her fingers, covered in grease and sauce, she would deal with that problem later. However, she remained where she was, to busy with the 'mission' of destruction. But she kept an eye on them.

Avalore Eden

If there be light...
Spying Diana in the doorway Avalore's dour expression brightened a smidge. The woman offered a faint smile and wave back before picking up her spoon and shoveling it into a pile of mashed potatoes. Well, at least she wouldn't be -

"I don't know if I've seen you before. How are you?"

-alone. Avalore blinked.


"Hello. I don't think we've met. My name's Eenes. What's yours?"

"...uh," and suddenly there were two.

"Good afternoon. I hope this seat wasn't taken. I'm Tallia."

Three? Avalore stared at them, no words coming from her partly opened mouth. The potatoes hung suspenseful on their spoon before her.

"Master Josh DragonsFlame."

Four. Avalore had the distinct impression she was being flash-mobbed as a joke, either that or Diana The Grey had set up a peculiar meeting of Jedi dwarves at her table. Where they going to feast and then sing merrily as they cleaned the dishes and then, perhaps, go on a terrifying adventure?

"I'm hungry," Avalore said finally, shoving the spoonfull of food in her mouth and chewing, "nife to mee you aw."


Blessed are the peacemakers
Tracyn seemed to appear at the table, the hordes of food he had previously acquired seemed to be disappeared from existence. In reality, well, they were in his stomach, but hey. It sounded better like that anyway. He sat far enough away to be clearly be a sort of social outcast, but not enough to be totally excluded from the conversation. More of a strained relationship, as he had with the Jedi and some of the others at the table. Before him, sat a large, cake. A whole, cake. He blinked, and then picked up a rather small fork, staring at the various jedi for a moment, before his eyes lingered to the pregnant woman. She looked like someone he knew way back when.

"I'm Tracyn."He said bluntly, and dived into the cake. Rest the soul that tried to take it from him or ask for a piece.
"Nice to meet you, Hungry" he jipped, before his appetite got the best of him. He dug into the delicious ribs ravenously. He tried to keep himself clean, but sticy fingers were a given, though he at least had the courtesy to wipe them off via napkins.

Then there was the bacon. Oh god, he loved bacon. And ribs. Bacon and ribs. Nothing better. He dug into the bacon next, devouring the evil bacon to save the galaxy from it's wicked, yet delicious, bacon-ness.
Meta was off in the corner of the room. He had just sat down, his plate stacked high with chicken, ravioli, steak, bacon, sausages, beef pies, mince, meat balls, burgers, gravy, mash potatoes, butter, toast and cheese. Meta finally sat down after his successful and somehow unnoticed raid of the kitchens. Meta had left his mask at his chambers, he began to dig in. He sounded like a beast of in his corner. Like a rancor feasting on a family of hutts, the sound of his feasting blacked out the sound of other conversations. The massive plate of food was slowly being devoured by the monstrous, big, stick hands of the jedi. Chicken bones flying in all directions, Meta chowed down on a steak. Thick meat juices and saliva falling down past his table.

Meta was leaning over the plate, crouched over it like he was almost trying to hide it. The meat devoured in his hands, he moved on to larger prey. The full chicken was next.

Rianna Organa

Well-Known Member
Rianna walked into the cafeteria expecting the usual crowd she was quite surprised to see so many here. She looked briefly at them and then made her way to get her usual cup of tea, and something dreadfully decadent in the way of something sweet.

The cafeteria had several cookies, some which Rianna found enticing. Today to go with her tea she chose, oatmeal raisin, and something referred to as a snickerdoodle. She was not sure where to seat herself, usually one to stay in her office and hide this could be a way to see some others. After careful consideration she headed to an empty table near the wall where she could still look, and enjoy her tea.

The large amounts of food she saw being devoured was.....intimidating. She rarely ate meat herself. She made a mental note to prepare a program on nutrition. It was at that though she looked down at her cookies, and added the note, and about sugar.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
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Syn looked across the table from Iella as he ate and was curious. He could hear and sense the others but for the moment he remained very quite in his few thought about what was happening. There were other things one could be doing but his own hunger now had shown while he ate. Not speaking with his mouth full but letting his thoughts on it come out vaguely before going back to the food on the table. Since they were in public as well he was neutral and focused.


Tallia Farn

Flustered Amnesiac
"nife to mee you aw."

"Likewise." She said, carefully cutting into her steak. "You seem to have quite the appetite." She chewed her mouthful of nerf and swallowed, washing the food down with a sip of ice water. She set her glass on the table and looked up from her tray to see @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] stuffing his face with a plate full of ribs and bacon.

"Do you have any idea what kind of fat content is in that stuff?" She criticized. "It's going to slow you down for our next sparring match." She looked past him at @[member="Tracyn Ordo"] at the end of the table. "Are you eating that whole cake?" She said astounded.


Came in like a wrecking maul
Saki looked up and at the people as they were eating. She had bread and some water while seeing some of them being ravenous as if the jedi didn't feed them. It was something strange to say the least and she saw the mando jedi with his cake. Saw josh who she had never congratulated on being made a master. The princess and her small fixens but more importaly a pregnant jedi which just made her roll her shoulders before taking another drink.
Josh swallowed down his food with a glass of juice, politely, as well as politely wiping his mouth and fingers with a napkin.

He then looked toward @[member="Tallia Farn"] after he'd done that, and stuck his tongue out at her.

"Sweetheart, if I can still spar as fast as I do at 50%, even though I eat this kind of food every little while, I think eating this today won't slow me down whatsoever" he teased. "Besides, if it does slow me down, I have our sparring matches for exercise" he teased with a joking grin and a wink, before returning to his food without another word.

From the corner of his eye, he caught more newcomers. Saki, Syn, Rianna, Meta stuffing the kark out of himself, and Tracyn Ordo who was nearby.

"Yknow, the cake is a lie, Tracyn" he snarked as he ate.

He also noticed something interesting... The food mountain Jedi was pregnant... Or overweight, but he was going to go with pregnant. A frown crossed his face, memories coming back... But he tried to shake it off. There was no use in letting the depression overtake him again when the environment was so happy.

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@Saran Drast
@Avalore Eden
@[member="Diana Moridena"]
@[member="Rianna Organa"]
@[member="Tracyn Ordo"]
@[member="Iella E`ron"]
Meta could hear @[member="Tallia Farn"]'s critique. Meta raised an eyebrow in her direction. Half of a chickens breast in his hand, he swallowed down a lump of chicken meat dipped in gravy, then turned his thoughts to verbal ramble. "Hey, if you think they're unhealthy!" He said, gesturing with his free hand to the mammoth sized helping he had taken. A smile crossing his face as he was sure she would be disgusted. He chowed down on the chicken once again. -NOM NOM NOM!-

Tallia Farn

Flustered Amnesiac
Tallia shrugged at Josh's comment and turned around in her chair when she heard Meta address her. She rolled her eyes. "Eating a mound of food the size of a small youngling is not something you should be proud of!" She returned to her steak and cut off another piece. "Really, you would think a Jedi would have learned some manners."

@[member="Meta "]@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
"I haven't ate proper food or slept in a while, I'm hungry!" He retorted before beginning to eat his food again, observing the others in the room as he did. He spied Avalore looking as if she had been ambushed by angry gungans. Snigering, he returned to his foot. Once again feast upon the flesh of his fallen...