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Rianna Organa

Rianna Organa

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NAME: Rianna Organa
FACTION: Mandalorians, and the Jedi Academy
RANK: Jedi Master
AGE: 45
SEX: Female
EYES: Black
HAIR: Black
SPOUSE: [member="Ordo"], aka Jasper Ar'klim

Dream Walking
Animal Friendship
Basic Alter Image
Enhance Ability
Force Empathy
Force Persuasion
Force Sense
Magnify Senses
Control Pain
Force Healing (self)
Dream Tranquility
Force Healing (others)
Mind Trick

Lightsaber Form: Soresu
Rianna does not seek to kill this form of lightsaber training reinforces her oath as a healer, and her personal belief that as a healer she is to help all life.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


+Fiercely Loyal
+Defense Fighter, non aggressive
+Psychometry is a strong skill of hers the emotions and images associated with the object often affect her as well, feeling the emotion as the image fills her mind
+Healer, she can heal others as well as herself.


-Rianna as a Jedi can often rely to heavily upon the science of medicine, often forgetting that the force guides her.
-She believes in helping everyone no matter what their affiliation, some view this as a strength others a weakness.
-There are times she does not see the evil until it is ready to devour her.
-When she uses the skill moricho, which is not very often it incapacitates her for 24 hours.
-The use of enhance abilities leaves her weak.
-Dream walking drains her strength for 12 hours.


Rianna bears two scars one on her arm, another across the right side of her rib cage. The scar on her ribs was from a fight where she lost concentration and allowed someone to persuade her to put her weapon down.

Rianna was trained as a Jedi of the old order, often very quiet and watchful. She is the Master that one would find sitting at the back of the room listening to the others debate while she whispered quietly. Trained by the Jedi Master Valeria, Rianna was a steady student though her emotions were seen to grow out of control. it is rumored that as a Jedi Knight she had an affair with another Jedi, but only her Master knew. Her Master hid the memories from Rianna making her forget and sending her to the far reaches of the galazy to further her healing skills. Often seen as a senior healer, often among the Circle of Healers Rianna has become one of the leading healers of the galaxy.

But if you look closely you will see something missing from her gaze, some would say it is the zest for living, others would say it is the result of her years of Jedi training. One day though it will be known what it is, for one day those walls within her memory will break.

Rianna arrives into the galaxy starting at Coruscant and then going to Tython. Her skills as a healer are almost immediately brought to use as she takes on the patient Kiyron who believes he has a dark presence within him, he seeks to know if it is true and if the healer can remove it.

Her travels put her in touch with individuals such as Jerrick Shadow her own personal stalker, and very much misunderstood warrior.

Jack Harkness who at the time of their meeting was Chancellor of the Republic, later in life Jack would marry a close friend [member="Leori Sheltrak"]

Rianna first test of healing comes in dealing with Tracyn Ordo, a man disfigured and burned, he is a strong mandalorian with convictions try as she can she is unable to connect to him and his treatment stands still (incomplete story)

Jerrick follows Rianna to Tython he has a favor to ask and it is one Rianna cannot turn down. Jerrick has a friend named Rolland he has memory loss and scars Jerrick wants Rianna to see him, see if he can help. There is more to this story than scars it was a program it is one that Jerrick will not talk about. She tries to help and the two end up becoming good friends, but they are unable to locate his friend Rolland. In time Rianna's friendship would be greatly tested, Jerrick would become part of an organization that wishes to wipe out the Jedi and as the two meet on the battlefield. Jerrick cannot bring himself to kill Rianna, this one gesture earns Jerrick the wrath of Rolland. Rolland the friend who Jerrick wanted desperately to help. Rolland kills Jerrick in front of Rianna and Ordo. Rianna is devastated by the act. Rolland is now her enemy he blames her for changing his friend, he no longer wants memories, he wants revenge.

Rianna as part of the Jedi Council, leader of the Circle of healers takes part in a archeology dig. While one would not look at Rianna and think she liked to be outside, or to look into history they would be wrong. Rianna loved history and if she had not become a doctor, and healer she would have become an archeologist.

Rianna enjoys a wonderful lunch with Tavjurn Phil he makes her laugh and realize that life is more than just beakers, and blood tests.

Rianna has another role other than just being a healer, she is also Duchess to House Organa. Alderaan has a Queen that has changed the ways of the people, Rianna and her family meet to discuss whether their Queen needs to be challenged for her throne. The family has decided yes the Queen must be removed from position and the old ways restored. While they plot to gain alliances for this move the unexpected happens the Queen is gone. Opportunity presents itself House Organa seizes the moment, and places Arianna Organa on the throne. The younger sister of Rianna is now Queen. Alderaan is now the backdrop for many stories of Rianna and her family. She and Ordo have the garden house there, Rianna has refused to live in House Organa for years. There were too many memories there, the portrait of their family.

Rianna has also taken on another task one that she hopes will encourage the galaxy, she wants to rebuild the Hall of Healers. It is now during this time she meets the one person that will change her life, Jasper Ar'klim, also known to all as [member="Ordo"] .

[member="Marcello Matteo"] a long time friend of Rianna's comes to Alderaan to once again test the guards of House Organa. Offering to retrain that and reinforce their skills against force users.

The life of [member="Kiskla Grayson"] hands in the balance, infected with the vong poison Rianna rushes to create the same spike used by Mara Jade to save Kiskla's life. Working beside Leori Sheltrak they are able to remove the poison, and safe her.

[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] has asked for help in regards to his brother Nicholas. She and [member="Rasu Gan"] take on the task to help him redeem his brother. (story incomplete)

Rianna begins her journey with Ordo, they first have dinner out where they learn little things about one another. But there is one thing in Ordo's history that haunts him, Rianna can see it, feel it in his words, his actions. A lover lost. Rianna is now twisted inside over many things. She knows it is the right thing to help Ordo find his love, but there is no denying that the two are attracted to one another. Rianna a Jedi of the old order has been taught relationships have no place in the Order but she cannot deny her growing emotional ties to the giant mandalorian, with all his scars. She sees beyond the scars into the heart and there is much there for him to offer. She decides to help him she researches the archives and finds a reference Ordo and Rianna travel to Mygeeto and the mystery around Bria's disappearance comes to a sad ending. She died. Ordo tells her he mourned Bria since the day she disappeared, And while they are both sad with the specter of Bria removed they can no longer deny the emotional bond. There are concerns about their lives, their differences, but leaping forward on faith the two marry in the traditional way of the Mandalorians. A feast is held on Mandalore and it is odd to see the nobility of Alderaan, the Jedi of the Republic, and the Warriors of the Mandalorians milling about trying to find ways to talk to one another. It is still a great day filled with food, and bawdy songs provided by the groom.

The next phase of their lives begins by living in three different places, Coruscant, Mandalore, and Alderaan. Rolland follows them and it is only a matter of time before he once again tries to kill them.

By marrying Ordo Rianna has now the traditions of the mandalorians to honor, and one tradition that brings more family to her is that of adoption. Ordo has adopted many into his clan, [member="Aran Ordo"] [member="Anija Ordo"] , [member="Evi Sohl"] , [member="Arla Balor"] and in time the littlest mando, [member="Ginnie Ordo"] . It is difficult to fit into a role for grown women, Rianna tries her best though awkward and actually unsure of what she should do except, make tea, offer food, and listen.

Tensions are growing between the Mandalorians and the Republic, Rianna may soon have to decide where her loyalties are. As tensions increase Rianna seeks sanctuary among the Silver Jedi and runs into an old friend Leori Sheltrak, the two reconnect and compare their lives. They are a long walk from where they started as padawans, but both agree they would not change it.

Weddings are in the air Ordo and Rianna attend the wedding of Briika and Kable it serves as a reminder of their own wedding not long ago. As their own anniversary approaches Ordo gives to Rianna a ship, named The Dancing Thranta. It is for them to travel, and it allows her to render aide wherever that ship goes.

Trying to help Rianna figure out how to help the people of Mandalore and all of those in Mandalorian space Ordo creates MandalMedical handing the keys of operation to her excited she reaches out to [member="Briika Detta"] to work with her to help the Vod by developing an outreach program for settlements in the far reaches.

The past is preparing to raise its head Rianna begins to have flashes of memory from the night her parents were killed. She had hoped for years to find her sister Maeve just as she found her sister Arianna. But nothing has turned up. When the memories begin Rianna decides it is time to face the past. What she finds out is a story of betrayal by House Rist, and help from House Panteer and House Ulgo two places Rianna could never see as helpers. The memory of that night slowly unfolds through stories from those present on that last night that Rianna saw her mother and father alive. House Rist slighted because of Maeve's betrothal to Stephen of House Panteer makes a move to place one of their own on the throne by removing all that stand in their way. The memory finally unfolds they were all killed that night, all but she and Arianna. Maeve died protecting Rianna. A sacrifice that Rianna never forgets and when her first child is born she names her Maeve.

Rianna position had led her to train padawans and knights alike. There were those that went on to greatness [member="Sochi Ru"] a very solemn student who caught on quickly and [member="Iella E'ron"] who only wanted to heal the world around her. They had grown into Masters in their own rights and killed far too young. Far too soon. Rianna mourned their loss, and she had felt their deaths.

Death is a part of life, she understood that. She just wished she could hold it off sometimes. But she knew she could not, she had to trust in the will of the force, and know that whatever path they all traveled eventually they would all become one within the force and see one another again.

The Sith have taken Alderaan Rianna's home goes under siege not once but twice and each time the Republic is unable to defend against them. The jewel that represented freedom is gone. Rianna blames the former Queen for not building their defenses, for only relying upon the Republic. The Sith take and destroy everything. Except for Edee, the manka cat that she and Ordo found and have raised to be protector for Rianna.

Rianna leaves the Republic and joins her riduur on Mandalore.

Just when Rianna believes that life would finally calm something that her foresight never revealed. Ordo while fighting on Coruscant within the Sith Temple erected that after their takeover of the planet from the Republic changes. In all of their marriage Ordo feared one thing not being able to protect his family it is something he has mentioned over and over, and no matter how many times she reassured him that he was strong enough, that the family was strong enough it still slipped into his dreams. The one crack in his armor that could be exploited, a dark spirit of the a Dark Lord has taken possession of Ordo. Rianna while she cannot sense it, it is in his words that she just knows it Ordo tells her, "I want to show the galaxy how the Sith can band together and become a force, and if the Sith can do it so can everyone else. Once they realize this they will band together and defeat the Sith" Rianna is speechless he wants to create war to stop war, this is not Ordo. Of the countless battles she had seen, of the thousands of wounded that required help the single one person in the world that meant the most to her needed her help more than ever. Rianna begins searching using whatever resources she can to gather footage from every camera, and satellite from Coruscant. It takes months until she finds the one piece that shows it to her that subtle change in stance, the passive look on his face it was as if someone had flipped a switch. Rianna cannot get to Gilamar Skirata the Mand'alor but she can get to [member="Azrael"] . She with Anija and [member="Arrbi Betna"] make their case to Az that Ordo is possessed. While he is not sure he is willing to trust and ask what can be done before they can speak a call to arms is sounded they are headed to Empress Teta.

Empress Teta changed everything, everyone. Rianna hovered above a world in turmoil watching her family below as they fought the Sith, the Sith under Ordo's control. Ordo her beloved gentle giant, stood taunting his brethren. Ordo has killed his friends and each accounting to Rianna only deepens the hurt, the rending of her soul. Ordo has killed [member="Mia Monroe"] [member="Ember Rekali"] and now on the battle field he has killed [member="Gilamar Skirata"] . Before Ordo can be taken into custody he is shot from behind. He is dying, the change in his vitals triggers his armor to inject him with bacta and remotely Rianna tells the armor to bring him to her. Rianna receives the body of her husband and departs on the Dancing Thranta.

The Galaxy believes Ordo to be dead, while in fact he is recovering he is unable to walk and speech at first is difficult. But he lives.

Hatred for Clan Ordo is at a high, confusion among the children ripples throughout the Clan. Try as he might to regain himself, it takes months of healing between the healing crystal, and draining Rianna daily as she attempt to convince the living tissue in Ordo of new paths.

In time he is able to walk again, and in time, it is only the matter of a single upset Mandalorian reporting they found Ordo alive that lands her riduur in a prison cell at the hands of [member="Strider Garon"] . Rianna cannot stop what they intend this time the link that allowed her to know where he was, it has been severed. Ordo is without the force. He is free to resume his duties as Field Marshall though trust will once again have to be earned.

Ordo is away on a mission to look a derelict ship, he has gone alone. He has not come home. Once again Ordo is believed dead but Rianna always knows where he is, what he is doing through communications. They meet up all the time as Ordo regains his dignity, his sense of self, and where he stands within the Vod.

In the passage of time Rianna gives birth to twins in the presence of Ordo, who delivers his children. A boy they name Dral J'rek Benedict Ar'klim, and a girl Maeve Mirax Ar'klim. Rianna and Ordo honor their families in the names of the children.

The Morning Star - A CR90 Corvette - equipped with dual turbo lasers. Mostly used to carry first response medical teams, and medical supplies.


Post the links and the titles to all of your characters Role-Plays. To make things easier, post the link and name here as soon as you enter the Role-Play thread.

Character Building

Arrival of the Healer, Rianna Organa – Rianna arrives on Coruscant.
Scars of War – Rianna is set to heal Tracyn
Reaching Across Borders - Helping Jerrick Shaddo
Effortless - Meeting Tavjurn Phil
Healing the Wounds - The healing of Sairis Flair
Comfort Tea and friends Rianna meets up with old friends, Rekha Kaarde, Leori Sheltrak, [member="Hawk Solo"], and [member="Jon Burke"]
Round and Round - Rianna speeks with an old friend, [member="Togashi Yokuni"]
Meeting Master Syn -
Hitting the Ground running - Meeting with Jack Harkness, then Chancellor of the Republic
Rebuilding of the Hall of Healers – The hall is rebuilt and Rianna meets a mandalorian named Ordo
Hidden among the roses there are thorns - Rianna meets with Marcello
Jedi Draconic - Rianna tries to help Josh with his brother Nick
Tell me a story – Rianna and Ordo continue spending time together
Stories and Secrets - Rianna and Ordo travel to find out the answers of what happen to Bria
A story of Two – Rianna and Ordo celebrate the marriage
Coruscant – New Beginnings - How to balance marriage, culture, and life
Family is more than Blood - Rianna meets Ordo's adopted children
A boo boo - The healing of [member="Kiskla Grayson"]
When the cards all fold - Rianna helps with the care of [member="Coryth Elaris"]
Some R&R, I hope – Vacation on Zeltros with Vulps, Joshua, Leori, Rianna, and Ordo
Get off my Cloud - Rianna and Ordo search for glitterstim dealers on Mandalore and Nar Shaddaa
Settling in - Rianna tries to bond with [member="Ginnie Ordo"]
Songs of ghosts - Ordo, Rianna, [member="Anija Ordo"], and [member="Evi Sohl"] explore a derelict ship (incomplete)
To begin a fight you need position – House Organa discusses what to do about the reigning Queen
What’s a dark lord to do
Dreams of the Past - Rianna finally finds out what happen to her family the night the tried to flee Alderaan
In a bacta tank - the healing of Hasjo Hallu
Sanctuary - Rianna takes refuge among the Silver Jedi as tensions grow between the Republic and the Mandalorians
Catching up - Catching up with Leori Sheltrak
Politics, lies, holo tapes and deals – House Organa makes the move to put a member of their house on the throne.
Past, Present, Future - Rianna visits with Romeo Sin
What hides beneath waiting - Rianna can sense there is something different about Ordo
Where Valor Sleeps - Rianna goes to help with the healing of @Siobahn Kerrigan and finally meets [member="Tegaea Alcori"]
From Prakith with Love - Rianna and Ordo exchange letters
Table talk on the Edge of the unknown - Rianna meets with Elaine Thul
Where in the silence can you be found - Rianna continues to search to find out is Ordo truly possessed.
The Gift Bearer - [member="Aedan Miles"] brings Rianna a Healing Crystal of fire
Urami Bushi - Rianna Travels with [member="Matsu Ike"]
The Demon Within - Rianna consults with her Master on how to help Ordo
A small voice whispers - Rianna meets with Azrael, with Anija and Arrbi Betna
Once Upon a Time - Rianna brings Ordo home after the battle at Empress Teta, but is he alive, or dead.
The mother daughter conversation – Ginnie and Rianna
There is always a beginning, even when it is a blade – Rianna and Ordo set off on a journey that may have no end.
Buns’ away – Rianna meets with Dux Kotass to learn she’s pregnant and scared of who has impregnated her.
Deep Black Sea 1
Deep Black Sea 2.
Tell me – Marcello Matteo meets with Rianna to discuss Alderaan.
She acts like summer and walks like rain – Rianna meets Minerva Vessia
Runaways - Adventures with @Basaba Williamina [member="Anastasia Rade"] @Mac O'Shenanigans
Within the stillness – the birth of Maeve and Dral Ar’klim

Padwan Training –
The First Step – [member="Emilia Marean"]
The tiniest flicker leads the way – [member="Ian Milàn"]
Peace, Heal, Love – Sochi Ru – training in level one healing techniques
Animal Speak – Teaching [member="Antares Windu"]
The Trees are in Blossom - Rianna teaches self heaing to Iella E'ron, Joshua Dragonsflame and [member="Talon Vosra"]

Faction Threads
Let’s Talk - Rianna attends the Healers Guild talks representing the Mandalorians.
Jedi Academy on Yavin - Rianna is at the Jedi Academy
Ascension (Silver Jedi)
Stamping out the Coals (Mytus VII) (Mandalorian)
Succession of Ka’ra – Battle for the right to be Mand’alor (Mandalorian)
Marching Far Away – Funeral of Gil Skirata (Mandalorian)
Galactic Coalition – an attempt an alliances is made. (Mandalorian)
The Cut of Betrayal – Ordo is stripped of the force. (Mandalorian)
Te Riduurok Ori’skraan be Briika bol Kable – Rianna and Ordo attend the wedding feast of Briika and Kable Detta.
Adventures into the Unknown (Republic)

I see a blood moon rising (Gromas - Mandalorians)
Battle for O’reen (Republic)
Fear and Loathing (the Wheel - Mandalorian)
Oh God not this again (Metalorn - Republic)
Here comes the freedom train (Korriban - Republic)
Korriban’s new flavor (Republic)
Liberation of Dac (Republic)
Crimson Tide (Manaan - Republic)

Writ of extermination (Telos IV)
Into the Jaws of Death – Coruscant.
Righteous side of Hell (Alderaan 2nd)
The Reckoning (Empress Teta)(Mandalorian)

Masks of Madness

Campaign – Operation Grek (Mandalorian)

Dev Threads
The Search for Healing Crystals
Formation of the Mandalorian Medical Corps
Helping Hands will always be there
Touring the Facilities

Factory Submissions
Canderous Ordo Medical Centre
First Responder Medical Teams

Defender Class Light Corvette
Set of Robes for protection

Dac Rewards –
The Crucible

Korriban –
O’reen –

Gift from her Riduur
The Dancing Thranta

Owner of MandalMedical

Mandalorian Campaign Ribbons earned

Mandalorian Service Medal

Organa Family Tree
Edmund and Sarai Organa have two sons -

Bennet and Simon

Bennet married Allyn, their children are

Rianna Mae Organa marries Jasper Arklim, aka Ordo their children are
Dral J'rek Bennet Ar'klim
Maeve Mirax Ar'klim
Arianna Organa has children with Garith Darkhold

Faith first married Dar'yaim Balor their children are
Bud Balor

second married [member="Draco Vereen"]
[member="Laira Darkhold"]
@theodosius Vereen
Ma'ree Vereen

Arabella married [member="Muad Dib"]
[member="Jia Darkhold"]
[member="Tobias Dib"]
[member="Hannibal Dib"]

[member="Garith Organa"]
Maeve was killed in the escape from Alderaan.

Simon married Elinor Treadway, their children are

Claire Treadway Organa
Victoria Treadway Organa

Insignia of House Organa​

Mandalorian Medical Resource Data​
MandalMedical - Developer and supplier of medical equipment, ships, and goods

  • Survivor - a deliverable system to send either cold weather survival gear or desert survival gear to refugees on the move, crash victims, and even soldiers on the ground.

  • First Responder Teams - used as mobile units during battle, and as mobile clinic units on frontier worlds.
  • Air Ambulance
  • Survival MedPak
  • Battle MedKit
  • RMSU
    RMSU Wayland - Clan Viszla
  • RMSU Mrykr - Clan Betna
  • RMSU Kashyyyk -

Hospitals and Locations


[*]MedicalEvac Transport
  • EV Ordo
  • EV Viszla
  • EV Munin
  • EV Betna
  • EV Balor
  • EV Rekali
  • EV Raxis
  • EV Skirata

[*]Critical Care Life Flight Transport
[*]Medical Supply Frigate

Bird Flu Antiviral - for Dantooine Plains Turkey Flu

Canon Medical Tools

Canon Medical Technology

Canon Medical Sensors

Canon MedKits

Canon Drugs and medicines

Rianna started a second business, The Green House

Calen Derics

Rianna Organa said:
Dream Walking
I wonder where she learned that.

Anyways, welcome to the site, and make sure that you get the Master rank approved by one of the Admins, or RP judges. (one of the rules.)
Side note, I like the Bio.

Rianna Organa

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@[member="Regor Laxvan"] - I am friendly
@[member="Arkian Optniumon"], a skill used in the treatment of the mind, and it was learned through many hours of holocron training, many hours...:) And thank you for the compliment on the bio.
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"], thank you.

Calen Derics

Rianna Organa said:
a skill used in the treatment of the mind, and it was learned through many hours of holocron training, many hours... And thank you for the compliment on the bio.
After hearing that you have been RPing for a decade, I suspect so. ANd you're welcome.