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Avalore Eden

Avalore Eden

If there be light...
Avalore in her blue Healer robes
Official playby: Natalie Portman​
NAME: Avalore Eden
FACTION: Republic
RANK: Jedi Master Healer
SPECIES: Human (Corellian) with Kiffar heritage
AGE: 46
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'7''
WEIGHT: 120lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown, medium length just past the shoulders. Thin, slight wave to it.
SKIN: Fair
The Cato Neimoidia Jedi Temple & Sanctuary
Underground Galactic Alliance Jedi Residential Home on Sullust
Katarn Homestead on Sulon, moon of Sullust

Father - Isaac Eden [Corellian Governor, deceased]
Mother - Aneliese Eden [Corellian Journalist, deceased]

Daughter - Adraleia Eden [Aka [member="Fennec"] - Whereabouts and status unknown to Avalore. Given up for Adoption]
Son - [member="Armaud Eden"] [Adopted. Son of Chevu Visz and Gabriel Sionoma, human dominant]
Son - [member="Destin Eden"] [Adopted. Son of Chevu Visz and Reverence, green-skinned, Mirialan dominant]
Son - [member="Svora Eden"] [Adopted. Zelosian seed of Jedi Master Talon Vosra.]
Daughter - [member="Ellifain Eden"] [Adopted. Natural parents unknown.]
Daughter - [member="Emme Eden"] [Fathered by Meeristali Peradun]

Grandmother - Penrose Eden [Fortune Teller, deceased]
Uncle - Noah Eden [Master Jedi Healer, whereabouts unknown]
Aunt - Aleria Tremens [Darth Inhix, Sith Master, deceased]
Cousin - Avalore Eden [Black Sun Syndicate recruiter, deceased]
Cousin - Benedict Eden [AKA [member="Trenchcoat Man"], whereabouts unknown]

Mark Starkiller [Master Jedi Warrior, whereabouts unknown, believed deceased]
Diana Moridena [Master Jedi Warrior, deceased]

Significant Other:
[member="Meeristali Peradun"]

[member="Hal Terrano"]
[member="Marcello Matteo"]
[member="Kiskla Grayson"]
[member="Kira Talith"]
[member="Kana Truden"]
[member="Gabriel Sionoma"]
[member="Chevu Visz"]
[member="Jacen Voidstalker"]
[member="Seamus Valik"]
[member="Spark Finn"] (don't deny it gurl)

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Avalore is kind and willing to help. She wants to prove herself but her inexperience often tends to overwhelm her ability to make firm decisions. She can be courageous, at times, when she feels strongly enough to represent an idea or an act. Generally good at making friends, her extroverted nature allows her to make the best of most situations. Her sense of humor can often be a tool used to get her out of a spot of trouble.

Avalore was born with the natural ability of Psychometry - token object reading. She experiences visions of an item's history which can include people, places, and events, all relevant to the object in question. Rarely this also occurs with living things as well. Ava has no control over this power and cannot predict when or where it will happen. When it does, depending on how strongly the visions come, it leaves her with some semblance of pain be it a dull aching of the hand that touched the object to a headache, sometimes even full blown migraines. Strong visions have caused her to black out.

She has some skill with Lightside Healing techniques, though she has been taught the fundamentals and is still very much in practice. Classes within the Jedi Academy focusing on wound and patient treatment has given her good knowledge to work with.

Using a lightsaber scares her, she avoids those classes like the plague.

Darksiders scare her, she avoids them, too.

She's deathly afraid of fire, and the sight of anything larger than something warmly crackling in a hearth will cause her deep terror. This is caused by a run-in with Sith Master Darth Sidian on Coruscant after the woman cast a Force Fear spell on her, empowering the fear that had been with her since her childhood.

Avalore is your run of the mill young Corellian. Slight in build, there's nothing about her that is really too remarkable. Brown eyes, brown hair, a smattering of freckles. She's not particularly well-endowed or shapely. Her face and cheeks are roundish and her teeth are straight and clean. Heaving around a pile of books and medical supplies has given her a trim tone. The typical Jedi diet, exercise and training regimen probably helped.

Born on Corellia to a well-to-do Politician father, Avalore was never want for much of anything. She had a good upbringing and was well socialized and educated just as any young Corellian Politician's daughter would be - the only real note of difference had to do with Avalore's unique gift: Psychometry.

As a young child, Avalore would see visions of things after touching certain objects. She had thought they were dreams, and so did her parents until the day she began babbling about a conversation she heard between her grandfather and grandmother - something quite impossible given her grandfather had died before she was born. Her gift was thusly discovered and nurtured by her living grandmother, a woman who played at "Seeing" but had no true talent. The true talent had skipped several generations, from Avalore's great-grandmother, an Oracle.

They took "clients" in for practice. At first it was simply friends and neighbors and it was considered cute and interesting. Then she was showed off during political parties at her family's manor, and that's where things began to get a bit more attention. Publicized, even, after she was handed a locket and saw a vision of the original owner. The young woman was sensationalized ... locally. She and her mother traveled, and it was during these travels that she met a young man named Domos and quickly decided that he was the right material to date. Date they did, for four months until the man suddenly disappeared. She later learned he'd been killed by a Sith and was for a long time very upset about this.

Avalore's special talent waned during emotional trauma, and it was during this time that her home was invaded one night by a gaggle of criminals. They had with them a chair, and that's where this all started.

If you want to know the rest, well you'll just have to ask her yourself.


Chief Healer of The Jedi Order, named by Grandmaster Kiskla Grayson
Marshal of the New Jedi Order, named by Omai Rhen
Chief Healer of the Circle of Healers

Circle of Healers resources:
VT-Licid Class Emergency Response Corvettes designed and provided by Vanir Technologies
VT-Circle Relief Ships - Lead Ship designation "COH Mobius" designed and provided by Vanir Technologies



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