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  1. Drewick Tivak

    LFG  Looking for some padawans, knights and masters to interact with

    Here's my boy Drewick Tivak He's not much into friends at least not yet but I want to create great stories where he grows and learns from his mistakes. Hope to meet some cool people here and write with them
  2. Rhen Qel-Droma

    Faction  Aspect of the Force Series - Control ( NJO or invite only)

    The Prosperity Training Training Grounds Rhen Qel-Droma, a Corellian Green Jedi of the New Jedi Order, surveyed the Padawans and Initiates seated before him with his piercing green eyes. In light of recent events, their training would continue aboard the Prosperity, the enormous Temple-Ark. His...
  3. Mara Palpatine

    Public  Paddies Havin A Good Time!

    CLEAN VERSION The outing on Coruscant was at night time, Syrilla and some of the other Padawans at the Jedi Padawans were conducting a hazing ritual. This was to consist of sneaking out of the temple at night and going to the lower city to visit cantinas and have fun. It was a celebratory...
  4. Caltin Vanagor

    LFG  Padawans sans kyber crystal.(NJO/JJE/Enclave Network)

    I'm a bit busy up to that point, but I was thinking in May (4th, you know you want to) of taking Connel (and any Padawans who need one. Little to no drama (only the drama you create for your character. Just tests of will and skill. Savy?
  5. Sazo Vass

    LFG  Behind Enemy Lines (Looking for Jedi Padawans, Dark Sider, Imperials)

    Hey y'all, so the story I'm imagining is this: Some Padawans are sent on a mission on Myrkr. The mission is simple- investigate a strange signal, report back. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, they are immediately shot down, and discover the presence of the enemy is far larger and more...
  6. Resh

    Faction  Blue Screen of Death [Jedi Padawans]

    Dojo, Jedi Temple, Coruscant Open to Jedi Padawans At first, Resh assumed the heightened intensity of his training droid partner was simply another test from his master, Maeve Linahan . She had put him through the wringer during their first training sessions (if you could call it that, given...
  7. Sazo Vass

    Private  Find Your Footing

    901 ABY | New Jedi Temple | Dusk Sazo Vass sighed for the umpteenth time, as she stared at the door. It was surreal. A week ago, Sazo was living an ildilyic existence on Haruun Kal. She had friends. She was excelling in her training. The elders- with a rare bit of praise- had revealed that...
  8. Loomi

    Mission  The Purrgil Paradox | NJO Padawans

    The Purrgil Paradox Bardotta Tags: Open The Redwind, Purrgil, Seydan Toth Purrgils are a strange occurance. Their migratory routes are sporadic, with a start and end point that come with variety inbetween. When a pod was detected to arrive in the lower atmosphere of the cold and mountainous...
  9. Amani Serys

    LFG  Threads Again [ATTN: Jedi, especially Padawans]

    Heya! Feels like it hasn't been that long since I posted an LFG, but this time around I've something a little more particular in mind. Specifically, I'd like more opportunities to develop Amani in the role of a teacher/mentor/authority figure. She's been a knight, chief healer, and a Jedi...
  10. Jand Talo

    Faction  Bacta Heals All Wounds | GA/NJO

    GALACTIC ALLIANCE MEDCENTER CORUSCANT It was a curious thing, to be submerged in bacta. Following the events of Metellos, Jand had taken significant injury from a monstrous opponent - Tegan Starfall - who had unleashed with Force Lightning on the Padawan during their duel. The Nagai managed...
  11. Jand Talo

    Private  Curiosity in Construction

    The Jedi Temple was quiet. Few sentients moved through the corridors, fewer still near the meditation chambers, and it was a nice change from the usual. Dressed in the traditional Jedi robes, as was his custom since joining the Jedi Order, the pale Nagai walked with near-silent steps. Jand...
  12. Jand Talo

    Private  Much Ado About Jedi

    JEDI TEMPLE GARDENS The gardens were calming, flora neat and maintained and clearly cared for. Jand found it hard to recall a place similar, which he could say was as filled with life, as the temple gardens. Every tree and plant and flower seemed to bristle with the utmost of growth. It was...
  13. Kat Decoria

    LFG  Lovers, Friends, Padawans and Drama!

    Hey, Pretty simple, looking for folks interested in being writing threads with Kat fulfilling role of romantic partners, budding friendships, teaching Padawans and any other dramatic character stuff. Kat is currently suffering from addiction to drinking, partying and avoiding the...
  14. Briana Sal-Soren

    Private  Letting Go

    fa-play fa-pause Wearing: XoXo Equipment: Training Blade Location: Coruscant, Jedi Temple, Training Dojo Tag: Kyell Laysel Before her departure for Hapes, Briana had often tried making use of the Training Dojo and its sparring droids, and after her earlier business with Justice Lesan...
  15. M

    Private  From Padawans to a Master

    Location: Coruscant | Jedi Temple Wearing: Casual Tags: Amanda braska Maxir left the party before most. He was looking to make some friends, but the ones that were present at the party were a little young. He guessed if he would become a Jedi the ones at the party would be his peers before...
  16. Valery Noble

    Mission  [NJO Padawans] - A Cold Warning

    A Cold Warning The Padawan sparring event on Coruscant had overall been a great success. It had brought the generation of NJO students closer together, and while there were some points of tension to work out... the future of the Order looked promising. Their cooperation, however, was something...
  17. Iris Arani

    Private  Big Trouble For Little Padawans

    Not everything was black and white on Denon. But there were still some things Iris could go against without any confusion on what was right and wrong. Mostly, drug cartels. In the grand scheme of things, halting one group wouldn't really clean up the planet of Denon. But it'd help the people who...
  18. Mi'la Undari

    LFG  Accepting Padawans

    Mi'la is open for taking on padawans atm, so if you'd like to embark on mayhem with an Indiana Jones wanna be Jedi Guardian, let me know. We can work out a thread and what not in no time!
  19. A

    Private  A Camping We Will Go (Padawans)

    Kashyyyk The padawans had their backpacks slung over their backs as they hiked through the forest. The trees were beautiful and somewhere in the distance they could hear a stream. It would have been pleasant if they werent nervous about the training exercise. Surviving the week alone in the...
  20. Iris Arani

    Faction  Just Keep Swimming (Padawans)

    It wasn't often Iris invited people to things. Or, ever. Literally never has she reached out to anyone to go and hang out. But, she wanted to try it for once. Relax with her friends, fellow Padawans. Meet some new folks probably too. And stop hiding. Her body was broken, yeah. But she wasn't...
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