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Open Market Aegis Systems HoloNet Storefront

Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
Welcome to the Aegis Systems Holosite.
"Is your network secure?"

  • Corporation Name: Aegis Systems
  • Headquarters: Serenno
  • Locations: Serenno
  • Operations: Security Solutions; software & hardware; Manufacturing Infrastructure.
  • Tier: III

Aegis Systems is an upcoming tech startup determined to become the industry leading threat intelligence organization. We are an organization hard set on protecting our clientele, primarily through electronic means. Be it active and passive network defense, electronic warfare operations, or a variety of other threats that exist on other domains that are not physical.

Founded and led by Arken Lussk, a self-taught prodigy self-proclaimed hero of the HoloNet has a dream. A dream of a free and safe HoloNet, an extensive and comprehensive communications platform that could span galaxies, completely free for anyone to use. Be it for educational, financial, or military means. Therefore Aegis Systems is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing services to various governments and corporations to protect their information systems, valuable assets in cyberspace, and other solutions in threat analysis and deterrence.


Don't like the bad guys? Neither do we.
If not, Aegis Systems can change that immediately. Specializing in nearly all aspects of security and threat deterrence, Aegis Systems and its CEO Arken Lussk aim to rid the galaxy of its inherent issues in regards to privacy, anonymity, security, and personal freedoms that extend to the galaxy's information systems. Every being should be able to access and utilize the HoloNet be it for educational purposes, enjoying multimedia content, playing online games, or even law enforcement and military applications. Your privacy, safety, and security are what matters to us. We're passionate about what we do and love to take care of our customers and clientele.


A system architect hard at work.
Sporting a team of highly skilled technicians, programmers, network engineers and architects, cyber security professionals, and a plethora of white-hat slicers and related personnel, Aegis Systems has designed and crafted a multitude of products for the open market. Scrolling down on this site will allow you to access them and they may be purchased with only Galactic Standard Credits. Your order will then be processed securely, confirmation will be sent to you, and then your product will be shipped to you or you'll receive your download link immediately.

Thank you for your business! Please inquire in our "Contact Us" tab at the bottom if you're interested in contracts or bulk purchases!


AEGIS SH13LD -- HoloNet Link
  • Probably the galaxy's lightest, strongest and most flexible anti-malware software on the market. Compatible with a variety of applications, community-based protection, cloud computer, and it's all completely FREE.
TunnelNet VPN -- HoloNet Link
  • Want a secured wireless connection? Don't want pesky slicers or government eavesdroppers listening in on you? Download and install today! TunnelNet comes in weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions.
WannaFly -- Darknet Link
  • Not many folks know about the shadier side of Aegis Systems. For those that do, please use the secure channel link above to take a sneak peak at WannaFly: an extremely potent ransomware payload. For use against starships and navigational systems.


Infrastructure Management System -- HoloNet Link
  • The IMS is an intensive upgrade to the BRT Supercomputer. Coupling its exceptional ability for planetary infrastructure management, Aegus Systems has incorporated industrial systems control into the IMS to optimize efficiency in all aspects.
Hubris Remote Entry and Exploitation Device (REED) -- HoloNet Link
  • Aegis Systems has revolutionized the archaic tactic of "war-driving" with their Hubris REED. Capable of remotely entering and exploiting a wide variety of electronic systems, the Hubris is the commander's best bet for capturing sensitive data or overriding systems.
Scutum Automated Defense System -- HoloNet Link
  • A primer defense system suitable for installation in starships and ground installations. The Scutum combines several security measures into a single, cohesive package and offers optional security droid patrols.


Velocity-class Waystation -- HoloNet Link
  • A fully automated, mass produced orbital relay. Supports hyperwave, subspace, and Holonet communications. Comes fitted with various security and encryption equipment to ensure confidentiality of communications.
Taera-class Swarm Drone -- HoloNet Link
  • An intelligent, agile, and very capable droid fighter. A moderate payload, electronic warfare capabilities, group shielding, and even come in squadrons of 24 craft.



Southstar-class Battle Droid -- HoloNet Link

  • Quite possibly the galaxy's best battle droid on the market. Tough, agile, and extremely intelligent. A Southstar can fill a variety of roles and adapt to the ever-changing environment that is combat.
Constable-class Police Droid -- HoloNet Link
  • No doubt about it: this is the best police droid on the market. Contracted out to planetary or sector governments, this adaptable, inquisitive, and capable droid is there to supplement your police forces. Bring about order and justice via automation!
L33T-class Slicer Droid -- HoloNet Link
  • Twin processors, specialized equipment, sensor-baffling reflec, and a small form factor. What's there not to love? It's the penetration tester's dream toy.
Xayinas-class Slicer Droid -- HoloNet Link
  • A backplate mounted slicer droid. Perfect for any operator that requires immediately utility skills that they don't know. Advanced processors, anti-security countermeasures, and exceptionally reliable.
EI-10 Network Security Droid -- HoloNet Link
  • A stalwart and vigilant droid. The perfect 24/7 protector of all systems and networks an organization possesses. Multi-faceted defensive measures, intrusion detection algorithms, and probability software make this a difficult foe for even the most skilled slicers.
Aegrus-class Super Battle Droid -- HoloNet Link
  • Arguably the best super battle droid on the market. Coupling extreme durability with awesome firepower results in this prime specimen. Sporting a mounted mortar on its back plates, it can even provide indirect fire support for units in the field.
Animus-class Ultra Battle Droid -- HoloNet Link
  • Superior in every way, this droid is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Agile, durable, and powerful, it can decimate hostiles with extreme precision and efficiency. Loyal and intelligent, these bots are the best money can possibly buy.
Stryder-class Autonomous Proton Cannon -- HoloNet Link
  • Self-propelled artillery. Able to drop an LAAT/i in a single shot, automatically refines its targeting algorithms, and can lay armored elements to waste with ease.
Scarab-class Walker -- HoloNet Link
  • A modern, automated rendition of the iconic AT-TE. Fitting with a proton cannons, various antipersonnel weaponry, and an anti-aircraft cannon. Can swiftly deploy an entire company of automated infantry into battle at a moment's notice.
Auger-class ISR Drone -- HoloNet Link
  • These little, hovering drones are the absolute best intelligence gatherers around. Capable of receiving, interpreting, and disseminating all-source intelligence very quickly.
Intruder-class Replicant Droid -- HoloNet Link
  • An advanced all-species replica droid. Made to order, and in very limited numbers. The perfect decoy or espionage operative for those with security in mind. [Very limited numbers. These should definitely be used in an NPC Creation submission to the Codex.]

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Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
[member="Jorryn Fordyce"]


Please note the Intruder's semi-unique status. Your bot should definitely become an NPC submission if you plan on fleshing it out. Otherwise, enjoy!

[member="Zahori Denko"]

Approved. Enjoy your new playthings!

Chance Bonaventure

[member="Arken Lussk"]


1x TunnelNet VPN (One year subscription)

I can transfer credits immediately.


I am interested in a HRD focused on slicing, piloting and ship security. What can you do for me?
While I plan on making an official contract, on behalf of the Mikkoni Empire, I would like to contract out the use of Soutstar Battle Droids and your Constable-class Police Droids.

[member="Arken Lussk"]

Thank you for your business!

Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
[member="Tamar M'Raki"]

A contract is very much within our means. We can discuss the contract specifics at a later date, if you so desire.

[member="Zahori Denko"]

Just a single REED? Approved.

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