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  1. Darth Xyrah

    Private  Transfer of Power

    Location: The Golden Palace, Eliad Eliad. For a long while, the planet had fallen firmly under Darth Xyrah's control, the now current leader of the Sith Imperial Banking Clan having reigned successfully as the planet's ruling monarch during his time on the throne. Yet his duties in the SIBC had...
  2. Coren Starchaser

    Approved Location  Laekia Cargo and Salvage Transfer System - "The Rings"

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a cargo and salvage ring system to move equipment from Laekia to starships in orbit, or to an orbiting station for salvage. More excitingly, to submit a ring system used by brash pilots as a proving ground Image Credit: X-Wing Alliance but this...
  3. Thirdas Heavenshield

    Question  Transfer equipment from unit to unit?

    Hey all! I have a question about equipment for NPC Unit submissions. Wasn't sure whether that's a Codex of a Factory question, but here we go! I've subbed NPC units in the past, with all their weapons and armour not of my own making. If I were to make a new unit based on the old one, am I...
  4. Walker

    LFG  Benefactors and ritualists (Essence Transfer Machine)

    So, I'll admit I already started on a potential submission for this. Essentially, I want Vash to create a 'Phoenix Crematorium' which makes fresh bodies and can, when given access to a sizable amount of energy, through it's dark side connections, and by incinerating the body of the user...
  5. RC 212

    Jast and Anvil

    [member="Hala Jast"] From the offices of Hala Jast she'd received a letter, offering up to 90 percent of the company. She leaned back and gasped her decanter of amber liquor and perused the catalog. Jast was going to willingly part with all this? Mental that one. "Miss Rishi, we have a...
  6. Ras'kala'han

    Transferring With Lost Documentation

    So, I've visited before, created another character ([member="Sintel Kay"]) and tested the waters - and I really like this community so far! It looks like people here write well, take this seriously enough to make it good and relax enough to know how to have fun. So naturally, it's the sort of...
  7. Progflaw99

    Canon Companies, Inactive Owners

    Hi! Had a question about Canon companies. Typically there's an entire process dedicated to the transfer of ownership and submitting a factory submission for Canon companies that are owned already by an inactive user. The main question is this: Is a dev thread required for transfer of...
  8. Sars Sarad

    Character  Leoban Saar

    NAME: Leoban Saar FACTION: None RANK: Witch Spellweaver/Force Adept/Force Warrior SPECIES: Yashuvhi AGE: Late 30's-Early 40's SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.86 meters WEIGHT: 89 kilograms EYES: Brown HAIR: Dark SKIN: Tanned, dark FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  9. Krayn

    Maanis Vizla

    MAANIS VIZLA Bounty Hunter for Hire. NAME: Maanis Vizla FACTION: Currently Freelance RANK: Holds No Rank SPECIES: Appears Human AGE: 26 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6’ BUILD: Athletic EYES: Blue HAIR: Dark Brown SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  10. Tyl Ro

    Tyl Ro

    Name: Tyl Ro Faction: Order of Keepers Rank: Jedi Knight Species: Kaminoan Age: 55 (as of 858 ABY) Sex: Female Height: 7'3" (2.21 m) Weight: 240 lbs. (109 kg) Eyes: Green Hair: Bald Skin: Pasty white Handiness: Right Force Sensitive: Yes Text Color: #31C831 Appearance: Kaminoans, thanks to...
  11. kendopanda

    Hello! experienced rper new to this setting

    Greetings to you all, I was known in my previous group as kendopanda. I've been into roleplay for quite some time now. I'm joining you from the (unfortunately) ended "This Is War" Star Wars rpg group. I plan to transfer my main character (also my favorite character to rp) soon and start having...
  12. Azrael Dugarde

    Hey all, interested in joining

    Hey all! I'm looking to make the jump from TGC to here. I have done my bio and requested my tags (and transfer of rank), so now I'm looking to join some familiar faces and get started RP-ing in a much freer environment :) After having written as part of TSC, and having seen many of the...
  13. Onrai

    Barak Dayven

    NAME:Barak Dayven. FACTION: What faction does your character belong to? RANK:Knight SPECIES: Echani AGE:28 GENDER:male HEIGHT: 6’1” WEIGHT:180 lbs EYES: silver HAIR:white SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE:yes...
  14. Avicus DuSang

    "Cursity curse curse curser." -Tef

    Muah. I heart you all dearly.
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