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  1. Jegy Sesara

    Private  Thoughts of Darkness

    "He still has not moved." There was a small bit of silence as a few Jedi were watching the monitor, most of them being far more experienced than others. They kept expecting a breakout to happen at any moment, to show that they were right on keeping the Inquisitor where he laid...but in the end...
  2. Laphisto

    Question  what's the thoughts of the Lilaste order?

    For a while now, I have had this faction up and trying to get our name out there. As for ourselves, we seem to be able to get some threads rolling, but my biggest question right now is what can I do to try and get our name out there a little more. Are there any changes or improvements that need...
  3. Big Nick

    Discussion  Thoughts on Weird and Obscure Aliens

    I like those guys. Was talking on discord about the potential for alien protagonists going forward in Star Wars, and my mind ultimately drifted towards weird one-off aliens that get used once and never again. Funny, obscure one off aliens that are almost never used are such a charming concept to...
  4. Brandyn Sal-Soren

    Work In Progress  The Art of Letting the Other Have Their Moment

    Just a thought I had. Years ago, I made a friend. This friend had something about them that I quickly identified as oddly unique. It was something that we all probably do, but they were supremely good at it. They paid attention and responded authentically with questions, laughter or a...
  5. The Dark Inquisitor

    Private  Training with Thoughts Elsewhere

    Location: Coruscant, New Jedi Order Temple, Training room Tags: Valery Noble Eliphas Dune Blasters rang in her mind. The tens of soldier's corpses littered the ground around her, a figure battling a jedi with extreme ease. All of these flashed in her mind as she swung her lightsabers around...
  6. Ijaat Mereel

    The Old Man(do) - Critique and thoughts!

    Ijaat has been around here a while, and is one of my oldest RP characters, and my oldest Star Wars face period. I'd love to get feedback on him from you guys as to your thoughts on his journey, his shift from NFU to FU years ago, and overall critique of how I write him. Thanks for any advice!
  7. Felix Aquila

    What's Your Thoughts on Cloning?

    LIBERATE SECRETS Tag: FinneaVirlee Equipment: - Light-saber - Amanacer Crystal - Personal Shield - Armourweave Clothing Attempts to liberate the secrets of the Kaminoans had unfortunately come to blows, however, they weren't the only race that was well known as cloning masters. The...
  8. River Kryze

    Private  Scrap for Your Thoughts?

    Scrap for Your Thoughts? Location: Korriban, Site of Ashen Crusade and Maw Brotherhood Engagement When she had learned of this new haul of tech on Korriban, River had wrongly assumed that the ship in question was a small frigate or a supply ship that had finally crashed into the planet. When...
  9. Gwyneira Vizsla

    Private  Second Thoughts

    Schonhiemat, Vengard... As the glow of the fireplace heater's fake flames glowed, memories of terror crashed in her mind, polluted her thoughts, and chilled her heart. It had been a week since that fateful attack on Lwekk. It still haunted her, dreadfully. She was unable to sleep. No matter how...
  10. Derix Tirall

    Spoiler  Thoughts on Loki?

    First of all, I have to admit I'm kinda happy. The development being given to Loki's character has thus far exceeded my expectations. I also love the TVA, and really want to use it for Bad Guy stuff. (If you have watched it, we all did get the same bad guy vibes right? Somehow, I didn't really...
  11. Sergeant Omen

    Faction  Private thoughts of a Clone

    Omen slinked through the night, thinking about the Bryn, the blow-up with Aayla, and the announcement that the Grand Master had made earlier that day. This is becoming a nightmare even worse than the ones I already have. The Bryn, a race of nearly unstoppable demon monsters is coming closer...
  12. Tathra Khaeus

    Joker Film 2019

    ​So, I was wondering what the people of Chaos thought about the new film that come out this past weekend. ​Just wanna get out of the way quickly that the visceral hatred given to Joker by 'critics' is laughable. I've read some of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and the sham articles calling for...
  13. LT-137

    The Year in Review.

    This is the first time that I’ve really written a character that’s worthy of an annual review, as the other persona’s I’ve gone with haven’t fully met the criteria - or were simply one-trick-ponies for the odd invasion here or there. So, I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what to say in...
  14. Faith Organa

    The Metal Lords and Corellia - info and thoughts

    Ok before we started our com of Manaan and Zeltros we had discussed Corellia. Well now that the map changes have been made and we are close to finishing the dom. [member="HK-36"] has come back to me about Corellia. This would likely be a diplomacy thread. Originally before the map changes...
  15. Tanith Alde

    Character Arch Ideas

    I'll preface this by saying, it's just an idea and likely stupid. I've been wondering on what to do really with Safiriel, as she'd heading nowhere really as a character. I'm doing the exact kind of things with her over and over right now. As a possible character plot arch, I was wondering...
  16. Seraphina Shel'tah

    Woah, Take It Easy, I'm Sensitive!

    Yayyyyyy! Here we go... Hi there. I made one of these a while back, specifically for Sera as a character. I got some good feedback back then and decided to make one for myself as a writer while leaving it open for more feedback on the character. My two other characters are relatively unknown...
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