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  1. Ariel Yvarro

    The Viewer - Spring 878 ABY

  2. Arador Terrix

    Tragedy in the Heart of Dosuun!

    Tragedy struck today in the heart of Dosuun, when a shuttle carrying former First Imperial Moff Arador Terrix was destroyed in what authorities are calling a terrorist attack. At approximately midday the shuttle ferrying Terrix exploded in the skies over Victoria, before crashing down to the...
  3. F

    The Victorian // Issue 01, Fall 868 ABY

  4. Natasi Fortan

    Approved Location  Garden Street Station | Museum & Memorial

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a location significant to some First Order characters. Image Credit: Main Image and Central Terminal, Archie Garcia [x], Exhibition Hall, Wolfgang Ortner [x], Tunnel Exhibition, Michael Neocleous [x], Memorial Garden, Jeff Johnson [x] Canon: N/A...
  5. Natasi Fortan

    Approved Location  First Order Security Bureau Headquarters

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out a location for roleplaying use Image Credit: Exterior: Romain Bayle [x], Interiors (Moff's Office Suite, Analysis Bullpens, Secured Vaults): Hilde Hjønnevåg Sunde [x], Interiors (Director's Office): Skyfall Film [x], Catacombs (Offices, Training...
  6. Natasi Fortan

    Approved Location  First Order Imperial Palace | Avalonia, Dosuun

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create and codify a newly rebuilt Imperial Palace on Dosuun and to create a setting/location for roleplaying. Image Credit: Jie Ma Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Avalonia SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Imperial Palace Classification...
  7. Ariel Yvarro

    Approved Location  Laurentia

    LAURENTIA OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the city Laurentia. Image Credit: Vectors from Adobe Stock, Google, Vecteezy. Assembled and completed in Photoshop, final touches in Photoshop, by me. Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION City Name...
  8. Natasi Fortan

    Private  Vergangenheit

    Breakriver - Dosuun - Early Afternoon [THEME] Northeast of Avalonia, nestled into a mountainous region, the estate of Breakriver stood. It was unmapped, protected by anonymity and its proximity -- or lack thereof -- to anything resembling civilization. It had been built some years ago by Natasi...
  9. P

    Character  Petyr Callador Thorpe

  10. R

    Faction  It's Been a Long, Long Time [First Order]

    Garden Street Station Complex Under Avalonia, Dosuun Theme "I'm going on morning rounds," Renata Westaway announced to the small substation control room that had been repurposed as a kind of conference room-cum-break room for command staff in the underground bunker. The three others in the...
  11. D

    Safe to Say (They Have it Coming) | First Order

    THE OLD FORT - PA'DESH BRIEFING ROOM 201 The briefing room in the Old Fort on Pa'Desh had been, in a previous life, a chapel for one of the ancient and extinct religions that had been observed by early settlers of Pa'Desh. It had been repurposed by the First Order Security Bureau as a ready...
  12. Natasi Fortan

    The Sixth Seal | First Order

    Three Weeks Ago Avalonia, Dosuun It began as a trickle -- a satellite offline notification here, a colonial communication beacon going dark there, a supply convoy disappearing in the western fringes of the empire -- that became a stream over the course of a week. The Ministry of Defense had...
  13. King Iedolas Solidor

    Tell that to the Kanjiklub 2.0

    This was a strange life. In the past, he went to that planet, but he never actually saw the world by anything besides the people. But now, there he was again, watching calmly through a window, standing tall and still, waiting for better or worse in this meeting that would occur. But, with no set...
  14. V

    Approved Location  Pemberley Estate

    PEMBERLEY OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out Valessia’s Avalonian Estate. ​Image Credit: Christies // Google (x) Canon: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Pemberley Estate Classification: Homestead Location: Crawley County, Avalonia, Dosuun 21...
  15. Eugen Aker

    Approved Location  Farrador Castle Name: Farrador Castle Image Source: Links provided under each image. Classification: Fortress, Farm, Hotel, Personal Residence Location: Dosuun Affiliation: Suravi Teigra Population: ~5,000 Defenses: While...
  16. Alleycat

    Dinner just got a whole lot more interesting.

    ~Avalonia Citycape as seen from Marie's Restaurant~ She really didn't think [member="Asharad Graush"] would call, but the High Marshall did. And so, a dinner date was made between the army man and the diplomatic woman. Their initial meeting had come with a bang, literally the two running into...
  17. Alara Slayn

    Dread & Doom (Canon Item Development Thread)

    Avalonia, Dosuun The young acolyte alighted from the shuttle, robes cloaked over her head to hide her viper-like, yellow eyes as she scanned the spaceport and familiarized herself with the surroundings. As ever, Dosuun was a bustling world - a major commercial spaceport that once fueled the old...
  18. V

    Codex Denied  Victoria, the Third City

    V I C T O R I A [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][/SIZE] Name: Victoria Image Source: Google Search // Russian Site (x) Classification: Urban Center Location: Dosuun Affiliation: First Order Population: Urban Center Demographics: 92% Human 8% Alien Featured Points of Interest: First Imperial...
  19. Zak Dymo

    Approved Location  Prosperia Junior Academy

    The Prosperia Junior Campus, viewed from the north side. Name: Prosperia Junior Academy Image Source: Mass Effect (upper image), Star Wars: Rebels (lower image, photoshop by me) Classification: Imperial Academy (Junior Academy) Location: Prosperia, Dosuun Affiliation: The First Order...
  20. Jaron Lesan

    Scout's Honor (The First Order Scouting of Dosuun)

    Eriadu had been punished for their betrayal of the First Order. A message had been sent. Jaron had not been part of it, but it was something which had gotten his attention. The wandering force user had not found a place to belong since he abandoned the light. Most of his days had been spent on...
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