Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Kaleleon

    Minor Faction  The Weik Reformation (mF Ad)

    THE WEIK REFORMATION { LINK } {DISCORD} The Galaxy has been in a near constant state of conflict and war. With the many Galactic Powers that be, rising and falling to these conflicts, many members of the planet of Weik have sought to unify their people in an effort to be prepared should such...
  2. Solan Charr

    Minor Faction  The Confederacy of the Scar Worlds [Faction Ad]

    THE CONFEDERACY OF THE SCAR WORLDS Our Mission: The Confederacy of the Scar Worlds has a simple set of goals. Rebuild the worlds lost to the scouring caused by the Brynadul. Resettle the worlds lost and create a stronger and more stable place out in the far reaches of Wild Space Remove and...
  3. Darth Wallgof

    LFG  The Imperial Order - Rising - Faction Ad

    THE CALL HAS BEEN SENT OUT Emperor Tywyll Lew wishes to bring together those who wish for peace, unity, order and discipline. To unite those who no longer wish to follow Sith or Jedi, who do not believe the current state of the galaxy is fair and equal. To bring back the ways of the first...
  4. Garrick Skorr

    LFG  Legion of the Crimson Star - Faction Ad

    Many have thought that the darkness was defeated upon Exegol until now! The year is 900 ABY and the dark side gathers strength once more! Out of the shadows of Malachor comes a new force unlike both Jedi and Sith have bore witness to before. Hail thy Archon!!! The Legion of the Crimson...
  5. B3-LL

    LFG  Looking For Someone To Roleplay A Tiny Orphan For A Political Ad

    You have to be 13+ both IC and OOC. Tiny fingers are preferred but must be able to hold a gun. Both parents must be dead and death certificates are required upon application.
  6. Ignacious Korvan

    Faction  Ad Imperium

    Ad Imperium An Age of Strife Story The outbreak of the upstart Chiss Ascendancy within the Western Frontier of the Empire was sudden and brutal. Niruaun had once again become a front line world, with the planet's defenders being nearly overrun until Imperial reinforcements were hastily...
  7. Noah Corek

    Faction  Galactic Foreign Legion Recruitment Ad

    Overview The Galactic Foreign Legion is a mercenary/private military organization created by Noah Corek and a few old military buddies to provide income for them and disaffected former soldiers as well as use their skills more productively than simply working the odd mercenary job here and...
  8. Romi Jade

    Minor Faction  Reimagining the Jedi

    - C U R R I C U L U M With an emphasis placed on learning-by-doing and mentorship, students are taught the ways of Lightsaber combat, Force techniques, meditation, and diplomacy, but were also encouraged to establish their own training programs, developing their own individual approaches to...
  9. Z

    The Yuuzhan Vong Empire

    The Yuuzhan Vong Empire IC Information "The Force is nothing more than an idea, and the best way to extinguish an idea is to replace it with a better one, such as we bring." - Nas Choka The time has come for the Yuuzhan Vong Empire to show this galaxy the True Path. Our way worships life...
  10. Mauda

    The Emergence Empire

    So you don't want to join the Sith, and you don't feel like affiliating with any Jedi Factions. Maybe the other Majors have been around so long that you don't feel like you'll make an impact. Or maybe you just have a very particular ideology. One that the Emergence happens to satisfy. What Are...
  11. Mauda

    Arms Dealing, Skin Peeling and Assorted Activities

    What Do We Do? DEAD is essentially a Black Market Arms Dealer. We dabble in such niceties as: Blasters Drugs Cybernetics Armour and Equipment Your Grandmother's Broken Legs Why Do We Do It? Haha, Money. Everyone wants money, we're just a collective of sophisticated individuals riddled...
  12. Kelsie Sylvan

    A freighter, a bar, and a pretty girl

    Kelsie had had a relatively productive first day back in civilization. Eriadu was familiar enough to her, she’d done some study of it back during her training, as it was at an intersection of the Hydian Way, Rimma Trade Route, and of course the Sanctuary Pipeline to Endor. It being her first...
  13. J

    Faction Advertisement

    The Galactic Horde.
  14. Eugen Aker

    Masamune [Workshop] - Commissions Wanted

    I'm really liking this workshop concept, and I had been sitting on an idea for Arisa to finally make her own company, so here it is, finally! Here's a link to my workshop, but the short of it is that Masamune is a specialty firm that focuses on the production of various force imbued items...
  15. Darth Abyss

    The Dead Road (Criminal Faction)

    What is the Dead Road? The Dead Road is the name of two things: First a hyperlane deep in Hutt space, near the edge of the known galaxy. Meaningless to common folks, the Dead Road is important to the criminals to the galaxy. Linking worlds that have been ruled by the Hutts for ages, smuggling...
  16. Darth Abyss

    The Tainted Chorus Audio Ad

    So I can't photoshop to make beautiful faction ads, but I realized than I can do something else: I present the first try of an Audio Faction Ad: First Faction Ad and FAQ Last Ad Some other Ad First Faction Thread Second Faction Thread The...
  17. Thalira Kiing

    Freelancers Guild

    Are you a freelancer? Do you offer your services to others for money? Well then, whatever those services are, the Freelancers Guild might just be for you. The Freelancers Guild offers a place in the group to anyone who does not wish to stay in one job for the rest of their miserable life. So...
  18. Darth Abyss

    The Tainted Chorus

    Welcome to the next round of my desperate attempt of gaining some active members for this faction lol. I have no fancy pictures, graphics or banners to go along with everything because I don't know who to use photoshop (I mean look at that disgusting attempt of a header lol.) so just imagine...
  19. Darth Abyss

    The Tainted Chorus [Faction Advertisment]

    The darkness has many faces, more than most in the galaxy are aware of." Description The shadows will rise, and devour all in darkness. The chorus is not a force of order, but a force of chaos, a force of freedom, and a force of revolution. The galaxy has reached a standstill, power has rested...
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