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Factory Denied Yage-class, Carrier Escort

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Fiolette Raaf

Madness Takes Its Toll

  • Intent: To a semi-unique line of star destroyers.
  • Image Source: Anthony Schmidt, Artstation (x)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: Solarium Glasteel (x)
  • Primary Source: Xo’Xaan II, Revanche, Praetorian

  • Auxiliary Systems:
    • Auxiliary Power Generator Systems
    • Auxiliary Power Converter and Control Systems
    • Systems Control Center
    • Supplemental Power Control Center
    • Reserve Power Generator Systems
    • Emergency Back-up Power Generator Systems
    • Auxiliary Reactor Control Center
    • Auxiliary Core Coolant Systems Management
    • Auxiliary Shield Power Management Systems
    • Emergency Shield Operations and Power Management System
    • Emergency Command Operations Center
    • Emergency Disengagement Systems
    • Emergency Intrepid Hull Deployment Systems
    • Emergency Life Support Systems Management
    • Emergency Power Capacitor Control Systems
    • Escape Pod Control Systems Management
    • Automatic Failsafe and Containment Systems Management
  • Communication Systems:
    • Coordinated Command Integration Encryption Suite
    • Encrypted Communications Suite, Short-Range Encrypted Data Network
    • Fleet Control Data Exchange Network
    • Hyperwave Communications and Encryption Network
    • Interfleet, Intrafleet Communications and Encryption Network and Key Systems
    • Long Range Communications Management Systems, Encryption Key Systems
    • Standard Communications Management Suite
  • Flight Systems:
    • Flight Control Navigational Systems Suite
    • Primary Flight Controller Management Systems
    • Secondary Flight Controller Management Systems
    • Propulsion Systems Control Suite
    • Sublight Systems Control Suite
    • Flight Control Power Conversion Systems
    • Hyperlane Navigational Systems
    • Galactic Hyperspace Holosuite Systems
    • Hyperdrive Power Control Systems
    • Jump Point Navigational Control Systems
  • Engineering Systems:
    • Primary Power Management Control Suite
    • Secondary Power Management Control Suite
    • Power Conversion Systems Control
    • Reactor Core Control System
    • Core Coolant Management Suite
    • Fail-Safe and Containment Systems
    • Reactor Disengagement Systems
    • Engineering Control Suite
    • Secondary Reactor Control System
    • Secondary Core Coolant Management Suite
    • Secondary Reactor Disengagement Systems
    • Shield Generator Power Management Suite
    • Weapons Power Generator Management Suite
    • Life Support Systems Management
    • Hazard and Damage Control Management Systems
    • Holosuite Power Systems Management
    • Tractor / Pressor Beam Power Control Systems
    • Reactionary Repulsor Power Generator System
    • Waste and Hazardous Waste Management Systems
    • Primary Shield Generator Power Systems
    • Capacitor Control Systems Suite
    • Secondary Shield Generator Power Systems
    • Dedicated Power Blackout Power Generator
    • Secondary Power Conversion Systems Control
    • Secondary Engineering Control Suite
    • Emergency Fail-Safe and Containment Systems
    • Safety Management Suite, Escape Pod Power Reroute Systems
  • Tactical and Security Systems
    • Redundant Shield Management Systems
    • Swarm Targeting and Tracking Sensor Systems, Full Range
    • Semira Defensive Systems Management
    • Shield Capacitor Power System Management
    • Shield Management Systems and Power Conversion
    • Shield Booster Management Systems, Tertiary Shield Generator
    • Tactical Analysis, Computer Aided Targeting Systems
    • Target Range Finder, Computer Aided Systems
    • Automated Target Lead, Lock-On System Management
    • Automated Reload and Internal Temperature Check Systems
    • Automated Weapons Waste Disposal Systems
    • Weapons Control and Munitions Management Systems
    • Weapons Waste Containment and Hazard Control Management
    • Nova Shield Management Systems
  • Sensor Systems:
    • Multi-Directional Long Range Sensor Arrays
    • Navigational Sensor Arrays and Control Suite
    • Short-Range Tachyon Sensor Network
    • Long Range Gravitational Mass Sensor Suite
    • Starship Signature Identifier Scanning Systems, Full Range
    • Full Range Hyper-Navigational Sensor System
    • Cargo Sweep and Identifier Scanning System, Standard Range
    • Full Range Planetary Scanner, Lifesigns Identifier System


  • Stealth: Equipped with a number of stealth technologies the Yage-class carrier is able to get in and out of various systems with little notice.
  • Maneuverability: While the Yage maintains an average speed the maneuverability leaves a lot to be desired. The low maneuverability gives opposing vessels a better chance to take advantage of weapon blind spots and firing arc patterns.

Project Gunn Yage would serve as a test bed for the Hekate Plate System and work along the new Sloane in testing out new systems while gauging the effectiveness of stealth technologies. The hope is to not only improve both ships but also the effectiveness of the Hekate Plate System. Lessons from the field test will be applicable to a future stealth ship built for the Intelligence and Saaraishash community within the Sith Empire.

Much of the Yage’s stealth and sensor equipment is modeled from the Sloane with one exception. The Yage is equipped with a Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer with the idea that the Yage would be in front of the Sloane and its fleet. Weapons and defense systems for the Yage continue to carry the same top heavy philosophy as it much like its predecessor goes without torpedo launchers.

Dimensions aside the Yage and Sloane feature different weapons, while the Sloane features the Hyperion Array. Yage features the Eos Cannon, a magnetic pulse-disruptor which aims to disrupt both an opponent's shields and weapons. Additionally the Yage is designed for deep space assignments, along with reconnaissance while at home her roles include keeping an ear to the ground and aiding the Sith-Imperial Intelligence and Saaraishash communities.

Change Log:
  • January 14th 2020; General maintenance and clean up due to server migration and formatting errors. Swapped deflector shield generator for two reinforced deflector shield generators, as compensation withdrew the shield booster.
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Runi Verin

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[member="Ryssa Yvarro"]

One minor stumbling block, otherwise you're good to go.

Ryssa Yvarro said:
Hangar: Average - 22 Squadrons

  • 2000 Meters: [Base: 3 | Very Low: 6 | Low: 8 | Average: 11 | Moderate: 13 | High: 15 | Very High: 18 | Extreme: 21]

  • 2500 Meters: [Base: 3 | Very Low: 7 | Low: 9 | Average: 13 | Moderate: 15 | High: 18 | Very High: 21 | Extreme: 25]

  • 3000 Meters: [Base: 4 | Very Low: 9 | Low: 12 | Average: 16 | Moderate: 18 | High: 22 | Very High: 25 | Extreme: 30]

As you can see above, for a ship this size, the Average hangar rating only nets you 13 squadrons. If you want to grab the 22 you'll need to bump up the meterage to 3000 and increase this rating to High. Fortunately that still keeps you in balance.

Runi Verin

Two pounds shy of a bomb.
Submission Name: Yage-class, Carrier Escort
Link to Submission: (x)
Reason for Pre-Factory Request: Adjustments to Boat // Affiliation Changes.
Moved to pre-factory per OP request.

Please remember to include a list of changes made when you tag a member of factory staff to move the submission back to live judgement.
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