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Approved Tech Tachyon Emitter

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Fiolette Fortan


  • Intent: To create a tachyon emitter, enabling the First Order to better detect stealth/cloaked vessels as they enter First Order space/territory.

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: Tachyon (x) | Hypermatter (x)

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: Scientific American (x) | Gizomodo (x) | Wiki (x)

  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian Shipwright (x), First Order Division of Science, First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers

  • Model: FITE-M3 [First Imperial Tachyon Emitter, Mark 3]

  • Affiliation: First Order, Primo Victorian Shipwright (x

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Semi Unique

  • Material: Sensor Components, Emitter Components, Tachyon Detection Equipment

  • Detects trace tachyon particles left by ships when they revert back into realspace.

  • Sub-hyperspace, subspace detection of trace tachyon quasiparticles that charge prior to release.


  • [+] Trace Particles: Can track trace tachyon particles the ship has reverted back into realspace for up to ten seconds within standard sensor range.
Weaknesses :

  • [-] Timing: Due to the vary nature of tachyon particles in that they are not only faster than light, but also for a split moment go back in linear time. Even the trace particles, would be difficult to discern an exact time frame.

  • [-] Limited Range: The Tachyon Emitter Grid only has a range of ten to approximately twenty kilometers with a decaying rate of return the further it extends.

In an ever increasing stealth vs anti-stealth state of war between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance. Primo Victorian Shipwright began to study tachyon particles. Tachyon particles are built up in hyperspace and of course release when ships revert into real space. Which would mean detecting them at this state would be incredibly difficult. Trying to devise something outside of replicating Gemcutters who can already detect a stealth/cloaked ship five seconds before revision... Was deemed unnecessary.

So PVS decided to contact FODOS. The First Order Division of Science who in conjunction with the FOCIE decided to take things a step back. To the basic building block of any starship, and that would be her engines. A ship cannot function without her main core and as it so happens most vessels, even stealthed ones utilize some form of hypermatter drives. In fact hypermatter drives are used for more than just starships, as overtime the power source proved reliable, planetary power from a singular plant? Of course.

Prior to the incident at Kleve on Quintas that led to the station’s inevitable shutdown. The station had been studying the singularity known as Quintas. In an effort to maximise the singularity’s power but were unable to complete their studies due to the incident involving one Field Marshal Ludolf Vaas at the time. Nevertheless, data from the station was retrieved and studied, studied over and over until Dr. Theobawne Zoad discovered that these tachyon particles however fleeting and massless that they were could indeed be traced. Because they are constrained by realspace, charged and annihilated there leaves room however short to track them. Tracking them from their charged state until they’re annihilated.

Now the only problem was having an area in which to track tachyon particles. This meant knocking on the doors of the FOCC. First Order Commander Center and having a go with the new naval prototypes being worked on between either the Montague Program or the Yavrro Program. Fleet Admiral Fiolette Yvarro refused to allow Dr. Zoad in on her new projects but would let him in on the new Stormclouds as the prototype geared up for her maiden voyage before getting the final seal approval for production.

A tachyon sensor array was the first to be tested and it failed, miserably. Dr. Zoad was not discouraged however it only meant he had to go about this a different way. So he went back to the basics, the early years of tachyon technology and really hypermatter technology. Tracking tachyon-like quasiparticles only this time in the form of a grid, the grid would enable a wider and much more broad scope of scanning. This would mean that emitters to formulate a grid and detect the particles would have to be created. So in his labs the New Habat scientist toiled and inevitably found that what he needed, he lacked and so he turned to FODOS and FOCIE once more. The latter of the two providing him with the materials that would eventually become the prototype emitters and were installed on the “SCXR1.”

Once more he took to the fields to see if what he had discovered on Kleve at Quintas would prove true here away from a singularity. On his second try he got something, it wasn’t a lot but it was something and so Dr. Zoad went back to think on how to better track these particles. So he went back to his initial thought and went back to the distinctive flash that occurs when ships reverted to realspace. When tachyon particles were released, and went back to Kleve’s now defunct particle accelerator where he collected more data this time from the actual chamber where the incident occurred and using a modified radiation sensor, was able to pick up some trace - tachyon particles.

He then reworked his emitter this time inputting data feeds from the trace particles, and actual particles upon revision into realspace. On the third attempt, Dr. Zoad got something more substantial, the tachyon emitters formulated a grid within standard sensor range and were indeed able to track the trace tachyon particles emitted after release from revision into realspace. Furthermore it would be able to trace these particles for at least ten seconds by pinging the particles with its own set of particles. Essentially two distantly separated photons could influence one another’s behavior and on the end of the emitter allowing it to trace the other for a brief amount of time.

In conclusion, while Dr. Zoad successfully created an emitter that would indeed track trace tachyon particles and inform naval assets of a ship in the vicinity the timing and exact whereabouts of the vessel would still elude them. They would know that within the ten seconds the ship emerged from hyperspace from an approximate location and be able to trace it for the said ten seconds, but again due to the slight back in time (due to their massless state) of tachyon particles in general. When the ship was in this location will be the question. The commanding officer of the vessel would know it was in x spot within the last ten seconds and that spot would the point of revision or the point in which the vessel reverted back into realspace.

  • Adding Affiliations
Original Section(s):

Affiliation: First Order

New Section(s):

Affiliation: First Order, Primo Victorian Shipwright (x
[member="Fiolette Yvarro"]

Please hyperlink the manufacturer in your submission.

I will also need you to scale down the production to semi-unique at the maximum, before I can stamp this. Sadly that isn't negotiable, as in the rules it is stated that rare and special technology can only be at semi-unique at the maximum.

You are obviously allowed to second chance this, if you don't agree with it.

Fiolette Fortan

[member="Tai Fa"]

I've included the link as requested.

Now, I'd like to ask why is this considered special or rare technology? I don't mind adjusting the production level but I'm curious as to why you've considered it special or rare.
[member="Fiolette Yvarro"]

"Particularly rare or powerful special features may necessitate using a lower production (for example, cloaking technology, crystal grav traps and equivalent technologies will be permitted at Semi Unique only)" from [ x ].

I discussed it with the factory staff and we came to the consensus that this is a similar concept as a gemcutter in practice, which makes it rare tech.

With the edits included this is fine.
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