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High Regent of the Final Dawn

  • Intent: To codify High Admiral Kaine Hamilton Kaine Hamilton 's Naval Task Force
  • Image Credit: Here
  • Permissions: Here
  • Links: N/A
  • Fleet Name: Wraith Squadron
  • Classification: Naval Superiority Fleet
  • Affiliation: The Final Dawn
  • Fleet Symbol: Here
  • Description: Wraith Squadron is an Elite Unit of the Final Dawn Navy first assembled in preparation for the Final Dawn's Assault on Jedha, where it first saw action against the Naval Forces of the Galactic Alliance. Placed under the command of Admiral Kaine Hamilton, Wraith Squadron is designed as a Heavy Hitting Naval Superiority Fleet, meant to utterly crush enemy naval formations through shock-and-awe attacks via the usage of the fleet's combined heavy firepower and large amount of starfighters, tactics which have been utilized by the Final Dawn since the Battle of Csilla. With the FDS Purifier, a unique Resurrection-Class Battlecruiser at it's head, Wraith Squadron is a force to reckoned with and stands nearly unrivaled.
  • Headquarters: Batorine
  • Ports of Call:
  • Goals:
    • To protect the Final Dawn's Territories in the Core Worlds from future incursions from the Galactic Alliance
    • To spearhead the consolidation of the Maw Corridor and solidify Final Dawn rule over all Planets within the Corridor.
    • To ensure the continued sustenance of the Core Worlds Campaign against the Galactic Alliance
  • Reputation: N/A | Being a relatively new fleet and having yet to be tested in combat, Wraith Squadron has little reputation outside the Final Dawn with few if any being aware of it's very existence
Name of IndividualRankRoleFlagship
Kaine Hamilton Kaine Hamilton High AdmiralCommanding OfficerFDS Purifier

When the Brotherhood of the Maw first attempted to launch an offensive into the Core Worlds, the then-Grand Overseer Marlon Sularen was quick to establish a naval task force specifically designed to spearhead this push into the Core Worlds. Dubbed Wraith Squadron after the Sularen's Fleet of the same name during his time within the New Imperial Armada, it first saw action at the Battle of Jedha where it established a blockade over the desert holy world during the Maw's invaison of the planet and was subsequently confronted by the Galactic Alliance's 6th Sector Fleet. However their blockade was broken and the fleet was scattered after the Alliance's counter-attack at Adrathorpe.

After Jedha, Wraith Squadron was disbanded and would remain inactive for a few months before being reassembled on the eve of the Maw's Grand Push into the Core Worlds and seeing action once more during the initial stages of the Maw's Core Campaign at Selvaris and Xa Fel, and later at Tython where it once more suffered more losses during the climatic battle between the Brotherhood of the Maw and the Tython Accords. After Tython, Sularen, who had initially conceived Wraith Squadron and reassembled it, became High Regent of the Final Dawn upon the mysterious disappearance of Derix Tirall, immediately proceeding to begin the process of further strengthen the Final Dawn in preparation for the Alliance's inevitable counter-attack in the form of Project Rejuvenation.

In order to preserve the Final Dawn's holdings in the Maw Corridor, Wraith Squadron was reorganized with surviving ships from Tython being fully repaired and refitted and new ships being added into Wraith Squadron, including ships acquired from the Hapolafey System. With Kaine Hamilton, Wraith Squadron's long-time commanding officer still at the helm and consisting of over two hundred warships both big and small, Wraith Squadron is a force beyond reckoning, serving as the greatest obstacle to the Galactic Alliance's so-called "Liberation Front" dedicated to the reclamation of the worlds within the Maw Corridor.

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Submission Name : Beshqek System Defense Force [BSDF] | C.A.
Link to Submission : Here
Reason for moving to Codex Modification : To repurpose this submission since it is no longer being actively used

Submission Name : Constitutional Authority of Beshqek [C.A.B] | Galactic Alliance
Link to Submission : Here
Reason for moving to Codex Modification : To repurpose this submission since it is no longer being actively used

Remember to update that background as well please. Still, very hard to read.

John Locke

Marlon Sularen Marlon Sularen

Looking through this submission, there are a few things that jump out at me to be addressed before we can move forward.

Image Credit

The link provided is to a tumbler account. Tumblr is not generally seen as a good image credit. Is this scene from a game, one of the movies?

Fleet Symbol

Where is the Fleet Symbol from?

Fleet Composition

You have included the Crucifix-II and the Crucifix-I in your list of ships that make up the fleet. However, these ships are affiliated with the Brotherhood of the Maw, not the Final Dawn minor faction that this submissions is affiliated with.

Fleet Size

This fleet is shown to have a fleet size of:

Fleet Size: Huge [340+ Warships]

However, according to the Chaos rules:

5. Only a Major Faction has the resources necessary to role-play having a large fleet, army, etc.

340+ Warships is not reasonably the kind of fleet that a minor faction can field and I would recommend that you reduce the size of the fleet.

Please tag me back when you have made the changes needed.