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Approved Starship Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier

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  • Intent: To create a next-generation Battlecarrier for the Final Dawn
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  • Heavy Firepower | The Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier is equipped with a vast amount of heavy weaponry allowing it to directly challenge other Battlecruiser-sized Warships and potentially small Dreadnoughts, making it an incredibly dangerous foe to face on the battlefield
  • Massive Hangar Space | Like many of the Battlecarriers fielded by the Final Dawn, the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier comes equipped with large ventral hangars capable of holding up to 30 Squadrons of both Starfighters and Support Craft for use in front-line naval battles and planetary invasions
  • Twin-Command Bridges | The Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier possesses two bridge towers which allow for more effective communications between the Oppressor, it's Starfighter Wings and any accompanying Battlegroup as one bridge handles the co-ordination between the numerous Starfighter Wings of the Battlecarrier and any accompanying Battlegroup while the other focuses specifically on communicating with the other ships in the fleet.
  • Energy Weapon Resistance | With it's hull being primarily comprised of Phaklt Metal, the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier is impervious to energy weapons such as Turbolasers allowing it to withstand prolonged engagements with more heavily armored warships
  • State-of-the-Art Defenses | In addition to it's invulnerability to energy weapons, the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier is equipped with a vast amount of Anti-Starfighter and Anti-Capital Ship Weaponry along with various Countermeasures and Internal Defenses, allowing it to defend itself the many threats one would encounter on the battlefield such as Starfighter swarms, overwhelming firepower from Capital Ships and boarding parties.
  • Shield Force Multipliers | The Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier is also equipped with Shield Force Multipliers enabling it to withstand concentrated attacks such as Alpha Strikes and Nova Flairs from enemy warships and starfighter squadrons respectively, further increasing it's durability in battle.
  • General Mobility | Despite it's incredible durability and firepower, the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier is a rather sluggish warship and thus can be easily outmaneuvered by smaller and more nimble warships
  • Exposed Bridges | Sharing the common design flaw among Neo-Imperial Warships, the twin bridges of the Oppressor-Class Battlecarriers are exposed, making them an eazy target for enemy warships and starfighters in battle.
  • Vulnerable Engines | Another common design flaw, the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier shares with it's counterparts within the Final Dawn's Naval Arsenal is that it's engines are poorly defended with few weapons placed at the rear to protect them, once more making them an eazy target for more maneuverable warships and starfighters
  • Vulnerable to Kinetic Weaponry | In direct contrast to it's invulnerability to energy weapons, the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier is no match for projectile-based weaponry such as Hypervelocity Cannons which can deal severe damage to it's hull and outright destroy the Battlecarrier completely after enough shots.
  • Shield-Force Multipliers | Despite the advantage provided by the Shield Force multipliers, every time they are activated, despite reinforcing the shields of a particular area of the Oppressor from concentrated attacks, it leaves the rest of the shields across the Battlecarrier weakened which can be something enemy warships and starfighters can exploit
After the Maw's defeat at the Battle of Tython, the Galactic Alliance found itself gaining the momentum in the Second Great Hyperspace War, pushing back against the Maw as they recaptured Empress Teta and later repelling an attempt by the Maw to regain their lost momentum at Metellos. With the Alliance closing in on the Final Dawn-held Maw Corridor and growing tensions with the Mawite Tribes, High Regent Marlon Sularen quickly moved forth to order the development of a new next-generation battlecarrier as part of the ongoing Project Rejuvenation, a large project undertaken by the High Regent to further strengthen the Final Dawn despite the numerous setbacks already suffered by the Maw.

This new Next-Generation Battlecarrier would come in the form of the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier, a 3,300 meter long warship resembling the original Secutor-Class Star Destroyer built by the First Galactic Empire. In accordance with the Battlecarrier doctrine outlined by Sularen, Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier is equipped with powerful armaments and large ventral hangars allowing it to unleash a serious amount of firepower and waves of starfighters upon it's foes. However in addition to the iconic strengths and weaknesses already known amongst Final Dawn Warships, one of the biggest differences between the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier and older warships of the Final Dawn is it's Metal Hull which instead of being comprised of various different metals typically used in Shipbuilding is entirely made of Phaklt Metal which grants the Battlecarrier invulnerability to traditional energy weapons such as turbolasers at the expense of a severe weakness to kinetic weaponry.

Another main difference was the presence of twin bridges which allows the Battlecarrier to maintain effective communication between it's large starfighter wing and any warships accompanying it by dividing the task between both bridges, a change in which has been expected to further increase the effectiveness of Final Dawn Battlegroups. With word that the Alliance has been planning on a counter-offensive against the Maw to cut the Maw Corridor, High Regent Marlon Sularen has given the green light to move the Oppressor-Class Battlecarrier into production phase in order to ensure it's emergence on the battlefield by the time the Alliance makes it's move.

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