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What is your Character's Alignment?

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So we're all familiar with the classic D&D Alignment chart. That three by three grid of Good, Evil, Lawful, and Chaotic. If you're not familiar with it, welcome to the internet, you soon will be. Cause Imma post it right here, right now.

Lots of folks familiar with this chart like to speculate where on this chart their character will fall, and some people even use it as a guide for how their character will act in certain situations. And in talking with another writer here on Chaos, we sort of stumbled across another alignment chart. Rather than Lawful and Chaotic, we substituted Light and Dark. The classic Star Wars alignment. So that being said, what alignment is your character? Feel free to pick from one, or both alignment charts.

Light Good, Light Neutral, Light Evil
Neutral Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil
Dark Good, Dark Neutral, Dark Evil

To kick things off, Voph is a Neutral Good on the classic spectrum, but Dark Good on the Star Wars alignment.

Razelle Breuner

Rogue Element
Very firmly Neutral Evil.

Priorities include: staying alive, not dying, killing people who want to kill her, breaking any rules necessary to get what she wants (but never so many she brings down undue retribution), and Scherezade.

Runi Verin

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Somewhere in the True Neutral section, sliding up and down depending on the situation. Runi is the type that aspires to be good, but her temper and the situation at hand often get the better of her. She's a straight up survivor when push comes to shove.


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Well let's see, I'll go down my list

[member="Quintus Cadera"] - On that edge of LN / LG. He believes in the power of authority, but takes issue when that same authority is abused to control or harm the people its indebted to.

[member="Sarené Emauri"] - NG / TN. She has a general sense of justice and right, but isn't really outstanding as compared to the regular person

[member="Chalbacca"] - NG. He's a Jedi, and believes in the ideals espoused by the Jedi Order of old. But, he is solely on the side of good. If one is too lawful, they risk becoming authoritarian and crushing of one's freedom. Too chaotic, and ine can be lawless and uncaring.

[member="Darth Nakhash"] - NE / LE. He respects the hierarchy of the Sith, but he isn't about getting his hands dirty to subvert authority where it can benefit him.

[member="Zerum"] - CN. He's all about dismantling the authority of Force Users over the normal folk.
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That comes down to whether or not you think motive or actions determine alignment. Not to mention, boxing people into alignments is a pretty bad way to describe them. But;

If I had to choose, I'd say Lawful Neutral. Tathra's motive is to build a stronger galaxy, that's not inherently evil. Though he does do 'evil acts' for this cause so, its really depending on your perspective. But yea, Lawful Neutral.
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Ah, so that's what it is!

I agree with [member="Tathra Khaeus"], but after a brief scroll through wikipedia, I think this would be the most fitting for my characters.

Neutral Good. Protocols are good, but sometimes that creativity sneaks up on you and are better if it get's the job done faster, more easily and/or safer. Caring and warm to the heart.

[member="Tan'yill"] - Chaotic Neutral. Was Chaotic Evil once, but got out of it when she left the streets of Coronet.

[member="Tyrell Caphey"] - Lawful Good. Proud Antarian Ranger that respects the chain of command and fights for what's right.

[member="Jessica Bowers"] - Lawful Good/Neutralish. Hardened but dutiful Coruscant police sergeant, who knows that you sometimes has keep the crooks in place but without crossing the line.

[member="Christine Dellard"] - Chaotic Good. Thoughest one as she's the newest and recently begun play and explore her in battle. Would a rock musician turned to judge/warden fall into this box, maybe?
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Ophidia is Chaotic Evil deep down. While she does support a lawful society, she constantly works outside of law and actively subverts order when it suits her. She believes in the Sith right of rule and strict organisation, but only as a tool for organising and facilitating ultimately chaotic goals.

Joycelyn Zambrano, on the other hand, is a strict Lawful Evil. She believes strongly in the rule of law, more so than in the worth of individuals. She also serves herself before anyone else. She served in the Sith-Imperial Legion before and during her rise as a Sith, and seeks to forward the Empire. Her lawfulness and camaraderie with her legionnaires can sometimes be mistaken for a chance at redemption.

Both are, of course, not without exception.

Tsisaar Taral

Neutral Evil.

Tsisaar's only ultimate goal is self betterment and self advancement. He works within the structures of the Sith Empire and its laws because they benefit him, but he's just as happy to work outside of them and subvert them when it can give him more benefit.

I suppose the only major difference between the "classic" neutral evil stance and Tsisaar's variation is in his view that lives are only valuable in terms of how useful they are, and he applies that same view to himself, which is why he's working so hard to replace his current body with one that isn't falling apart. Arguably, it's a big part of the reason why he's gone neutral evil rather than lawful evil—that idea of what makes a life valuable is one that he used as part of the overall lawful evil Sith Empire, but the application of that view to himself, and more importantly to his own goals, is also what has driven him to act outside of those lawful bounds in order to ensure his own continued survival and usefulness.

Cyrus Tregessar

Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Chaotic Evil represent.

Cyrus is, at his core, almost entirely disinterested in the plight of other people. He seeks to be the master of his craft, and his craft is war. His goal is simple, to seek the greatest and grandest challenge in war, overcome it, and then find the next one. Eventually he’ll meet his better, and die in battle, and that’s fine with him, after all that’s the way it should be. He’s not needlessly nor randomly destructive (that would be a sign of imperfection) but there’s basically nothing that’s off limits in a fight, as far as he is concerned.

There are some exceptions, but the initial goal with the character was to do a ‘Blood Knight’ trope in old man form, and I think it’s largely been successful.

Zaiden Dean

The Stealth Master
Zaiden - Chaotic Neutral. He is extremely unpredictable in his actions, though he does what he feels is necessary at the time and nothing more. Though with current alignments changing, he will like be Chaotic Evil.

Valashu - Lawful Neutral

Wyatt - Chaotic Neutral

Rinn Bledh

I always found the D&D alignment system difficult to work with; it doesn't illustrate three-dimensional characters very well. People have flexible morals in real life and don't easily fit into any of these categories.

A good example of breaking the alignment system is Batman. He fights crime and brings criminals to justice... that's Lawful Good. But wait, he's also a vigilante and doesn't always cooperate with police... so, Chaotic Good then? But his quest for justice is also borne out of a desire for vengeance, to the point where arguably, he is no longer in control of his own crusade (Chaotic Neutral?), even going so far as to sometimes delight in bringing his enemies pain (Neutral Evil?!).

You get the point.

This character is motivated by knowledge and personal achievement, with little regard to laws or ethics. But he's at times generous and eager to aid those he deems worthy. He's more motivated by passion than a strict sense of right and wrong. So I dunno, that's like three different alignments. :huh: