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What is your Character's Alignment?

The Golden Eye
Maple Harte: Nuetral Good

Nine Lives: Chaotic Nuetral

The Amalgam: Chaotic Evil

Syd Celsius: Chaotic Good...used to be Chaotic Evil

Vera Mina: Nuetral Evil/Chaotic Nuetral

Westenra Mina: Lawful Good

Laertia Io: Chaotic Good

Moya Virtu: Nuetral Good

Maranon: Lawful Evil
Deryn doesn't like killing people needlessly but if he does so on accident he's kinda "eeghh forgedaboutit" and continues on his to make more destruction. So like, I'd say lawful evil.

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Alkor is Chaotic Neutral. Law means nothing to him. Only freedom. If someone tries to get in the way of that, and they won't back down, he'd kill them. He also won't go out of his way to actually make trouble.

Enlil is Lawful Neutral. The law comes before all else. Anyone who breaks it will be punished. The punishment will fit the crime. And he has no qualms with a harsh, even cruel punishment.

Xenro is Chaotic Evil. He cares very little for anything other than himself. Heavily invested in his experiments, which are grossly unethical at their worst, he is willing to do anything to satiate his thirst for knowledge. Coupled with his extreme, purist views on the Sith dogmas, he is not only evil, he's the worst kind of evil.
The Pirate Queen
She was Chaotic Evil at the start basically because she didn't know better or how to control her rage, She became Lawful Neutral when she became a Jedi. Now She more Neutral Good.

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a risk.
Oh... I may have gotten the meaning of this game wrong.

Ok, I would say I could be 'Awfully Good' to the point of possibly getting decimated by a sith just because I get on their nerve about it.
I think my goodness drives then even crazier.. :(