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  1. Tayl Vizsla

    Question Bringing the space western to chaos?

    Star Wars to me has always been one parts Jedi shenanigans and one parts space western, With rutheless bounty hunters, Gunslinging smugglers and lovely scenes like the mos esly cantina or basically the entire first season of the mandalorian. So for all the gunslingers, Samurai-Cowboys and...
  2. Nico Kaidshau

    Faction The Weight of Our Choices (SJC + GA(NJO))

    CLEARING THE AIR Auteme Kade had heard the grumblings of discontent about the New Jedi Order. A mixed bag of praise and admonishing remarks in regard to their style of operation. He had heard of a number of their own leaving the Concord with vexed frustrations at this or that in favor of this...
  3. Rebel Command

    General Discussion

    Welcome to The Rebellion! Feel free to introduce yourselves and get to know one another! The Faction is still in the process of being set up, however, this is our general chat thread and won't be going anywhere :) Great to have you guys on board!
  4. Salamander

    Who is your character's avatar?

    One of the things that attracted me to this site was the freedom regarding character images, and while I recognize the sources for a lot of them, there are plenty others where I have no clue where they came from or who they are. So to quench my curiosity, I'm asking y'all where your avatars came...
  5. Salamander

    Has anyone ever played as a direct descendant of a canon character?

    I'm not planning on making any new characters any time soon, but I'm wondering if anyone, in the entire history of Chaos, has ever RPed as a direct descendant of a canon character from the movies, books, games, etc. Obviously it's against the rules to RP as a canon character, and I did notice a...
  6. Beskadala

    Blasters and Sabers [Mando and some Jedi fun?]

    I want to do a Public thread that showcases the grey space in Bounty Hunting. So I was wondering if there were some Jedi (Silver or otherwise) interested in an encounter. Essentially, a bounty Beska is chasing rushes to Contruum in order to seek asylum within the SJO. The security forces of the...
  7. Beskadala

    Tribe of the Mandalorians [Story Tracker] [WIP]

  8. Zaiden Dean

    Veteran Year or More Characters! Where are they now?

    So I have been on the site for years now, coming and going when life Ables it. I have seen many prominent characters, some going for real years. The question then that I pose is.. Where are they now? What happened to them? Are they alive? Kaine. Is he alive? Tegs. Is she alive? Siobhan? What...
  9. wendigo kid

    What Makes The Chaos Era Distinctive

    Every Era of Star Wars has an easily identifiable aesthetic and general design to how everything looks and feels, and while some of this may bleed a little into other eras, there is generally a consistent tone. The downtrodden, just good enough to work tech of the Old Republic Era with it's...
  10. Galak

    Favorite Chaos Creator: Codex Edition

    ​I think the Codex should hop on this trend. I know I'm super new but there is just so much creative goodies in the Codex that it drives me bananas. ​But, I do have a top two. ​[member="Darth Carnifex"] - Your NPC subs are cool. Nuff said, right? I especially the new Mandalore. I can imagine...
  11. Jake Fuga

    What 20 year old Characters have Lived Through?

    -- While looking into the history of the site before I joined in 2015 I found this little relic of the past. Created by [member="Jorus Merrill"] from a compilation of this sites history map by our glorious leader Tefka, Pre-Neatherworld Incident. While looking at it all, I realized that this...
  12. Kirie

    What's the Best Place to Live in the Galaxy?

    I've been thinking recently about the state of the Galaxy circa 858/9 ABY. The generally agreed upon theme of the last 10-or-so years of Galactic history (see timeline submissions) is that factions and individual systems are sliding backwards into an increasingly unstable galactic system. All...
  13. Jend-Ro Quill

    "Ewoks Are the Most Tactically Advanced Fighting Force in Star Wars"

    https://www.wired.com/story/ewoks-star-wars-tactics-endor-moon/ "The Empire can project immense power on both the land and in space to defend its imperial interests. But they’re also horrible at it." "You might rightly ask: If the Empire is so bad at war, why is it the top bantha in the...
  14. Darth Vulcanus

    The Price of a Credit

    So I'll make this a quick post to start discussion. I've always wondered how one can measure the price of a galactic credit to real world currency. Doing a one-to-one comparison from credits to modern US dollars doesn't really give results that seem realistic. Well, I wanted to share my...
  15. Yobo of Clan Australis

    Excessive length of spoiler bans

    I understand the need to restrict the use of new content somewhat to allow people to enjoy the Mandalorian and Fallen Order, but I also think there's got to be a sensible limit. Certain characters from the show have already become mainstream to the point of news saturation, that unless you've...
  16. Jsc

    Character Bios: Prefer Full Bio or Blank Slate?

    Let's say you just pulled up a brand new character's profile and scanned down to their biography section . Which do you prefer to read, and, which do you prefer to craft yourself: A deep, full bio that can easily map out a whole theatre of drama, supporting cast members, victories, defeats...
  17. Beskadala

    Where are all the Ordo??

    Just wondering where are all the Clan Ordo RPers out there? I am brewing up a plot to have the Clan reforged after its sundering due to the Civil War and the Sith Annexation of Mandalore. Would love to see other Ordo RPers and what they're characters are up to. So if you are an Ordo post down...
  18. Asaraa Vaashe

    Favourite Chaos Non-Force User

    I'm not gonna lie, this was absolutely inspired by Romi's Force User post. But Non-Force Users are a much more niche group on Chaos, and I thought it'd be nice to throw some love their way, and to see who has caught peoples eyes this year. As with the other post, lets keep it focused around...
  19. Romi Jade

    Favorite Chaos Force-user(s)

    Who's your favorite Chaos Force-user(s)? (i.e Jedi/Sith/Dark Jedi/ Witches etc) I've done this before, usually around this time of the year because there's always old characters leaving us, and new ones that have sprung up! It also helps me look beyond my usual writing group at other...
  20. Argos Xalen

    Bounty: Jakob Benson (OOC)

    [member="Jakob Benson"] [member="Stardust Solus Skirae"] [member="Natian Sanorge "]and anyone else who manages to join before we start. Here’s the OOC to plan this hunt, which is gearing up to be quite the interesting one. Tons of unique potential here. So, the basic idea, like the bounty said...