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Major Faction


OOC Account
NAME: Teyla Ee’everwest
FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
RANK: Squire

SPECIES: K'Paur/Hapan/Human - Genetically altered by Ferian
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’7’’
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Olive
THEME SONG: Whatever It Takes,
The Night We Met

+ Handmaiden and CSF Training
Knowledgeable, graceful, level-headed, and adept at being able to use more than a few forms of combat and weaponry. She can disarm a man in seconds.

+ Duty, Honor, Loyalty
Ingrained into her at a young age, Teyla is fiercely protective over those who have earned her trust and will show them unwavering loyalty.

-/+ Midi-chlorians
Due to the nature of how her powers awoke, they often manifest in volatile ways that are attached to any intense emotions she may experience. The Force is something of a wild card for her.

- Hapan Vision

She can only see outlines in extremely dim lighting and is practically blind in the dark. This weakness was removed during Ferian's experimentation's on her genetic makeup, due to the introduction of the K'paur genetics who have keen eyesite.

The attack on Coruscant, and everything that followed has left its mark on her psyche. Teyla has mostly recovered from this with the help of Damon.

-Cold Demeanor
Losing Damon has hardened her once gentle disposition, making it difficult for others to get close to her.

-K'Paur Sensitivities
Darkside sensitivities, crippled without the Force.


Jaggen Ee'everwest [Adoptive Father]
Sarnae Ee'everwest [Adoptive Mother, Deceased]
Kintel Ee'everwest [Adoptive Brother]
Alora Ee'everwest [Adoptive Sister]
Osenia Ee'everwest [Adoptive Sister]

Indra Ebonvar [Biological Father]
Cynthia Djo [Step-Mother]
Eline Djo Eline Djo [Half-Sister]

Merrick Sato Merrick Sato [Cousin]

Damon Riggs Damon Riggs [Husband, Presumed Deceased]
Marcus Riggs Marcus Riggs [Son]
Karina Riggs [Daughter]

Notable Character Mentions:
Sanna Aureus [Biological Mother]
Rafiki [Wookiee companion on the Inquisitors Revenge with a life debt to Teyla and Damon]
Chiara Viren Chiara Viren [Distant Ancestor]

Sera Nettichi [Nanny, Security]
55 years old, 6’1’’. She is graceful, with soft, dark skin. Her features are delicate, but her look is often stern. Her eyes are green, with auburn hair. Sera fervently worships Shiraya, is a perfectionist, very calm, and softly spoken, but also gets straight to the point. Sera is a devout follower of the Naboo faith, and was married to one of the Brothers of Cognizance before his untimely death some 30 years ago. Despite her faith, she is knowledgeable and adept with a blaster, as well as trained in Teräs Käsi. She served as nanny to several of the Ee’verwest children growing up, and has been in service to the family for quite some time. Now that Teyla has her own children, she has agreed to move to Cloud Landing and help care for the twins.


Childhood and The Order of Sanctuary

Teyla was abandoned as an infant and found on the doorstep of the Ee'everwest household on Naboo. She was taken in by them and raised with the rest of the Ee’everwest children who she formed close relationships with. The majority of her early childhood was largely free of incident. At the beginning of her formative years, Jagen and Sarnae sent their adoptive daughter to be employed at The Order of Sanctuary. There, Teyla was groomed, polished, educated, and trained to fight as a warrior queen. Her formidable talent was what lead to her being chosen for service within her teens, going on to serve for many years and growing into womanhood as the most devout handmaiden. When the time came for the Queen to finally retire, the order came for Teyla to leave the service and go build a life for herself. Lost without the structure of what she believed to be her sacred calling, she did the only thing she knew and reluctantly followed orders. Without direction, Teyla clung to whatever structure she could find and eventually signed herself up for the Republic Criminal Justice Academy. During that time, Teyla maintained various side jobs as a security detail to support her education. A year later, she graduated and joined the CSF.

The Thistlebark Killer and The CSF

After graduating the academy, Teyla left to join the Coruscant Security Force. Within a year of consistent dedication, Teyla was rewarded by being promoted to homicide detective. Life again settled for her, a small amount of normalcy returning. That is, until she met Corellian playboy and entrepreneur, Baros Sal-Soren Baros Sal-Soren . Initially, Teyla and Baros relationship was strained, in part to her viewing him as being immature and reckless. She would have sent him gladly packing if there hadn't been a need for the pull he brought to her case, but over time their relationship would improve as they worked together on the Thistle Barker Murders. Sadly, despite all of their best efforts, the crime would go unsolved, and the murderer never brought to justice. Teyla took the failure hard, and when Baros was almost killed by the TBK for not having apprehended him, she made the decision to turn in her badge and walk away. Baros and Teyla kept in contact after their adventures, and within a few months of her resignation, she accepted a job offer to work as head of his new security firm. Working together even more than before, the dynamic of their relationship began to change and the two of them grew closer, though neither one of them would admit their feelings, in an effort to maintain a professional relationship. Teyla digging deeper into work as a distraction, and Baros diving between the thighs of whatever pretty woman crossed his path. Unfortunately, this would be what broke them.

The Experiments of Ferian Adair

By the time of the Sith invasion on Coruscant, Teyla had returned to service with the CSF and was part of the officers who remained planet side to evacuate citizens to safety. They were able to help many innocents make it off-world, but left them with no time to make an escape themselves. Her and her colleagues were captured and many of them executed on the spot, but Teyla was promptly passed along to Ferian Adair Ferian Adair who had different ideas in mind. Under the Sith Lords care, if you could call it that, she suffered as his own personal lab rat - poked, prodded, and changed in ways that she still doesn't fully grasp. Patiently she endured the torture, all of the while formulating a plan to get away.

The Life of A Smuggler
Teyla went into hiding through the following years after her escape, constantly moving locations in the outer rim to avoid capture by the various thugs Ferian sent after her. It worked well for a while, but as time passed and loneliness set in, Teyla set out to find a more permanent solution. On the planet Kinooine, she took up occupancy at an abandoned house a few miles out from the local settlement of Firrerreons. While living there she kept mostly to herself, going by the name Miri and applying some of her basic knowledge about droids to take work in repairing them. After a few months, Teyla adapted to her new rustic lifestyle and even managed to befriend some of the locals. Life on Kinooine was unremarkable, quiet, and dull. A deep longing planted itself in her belly. Her mind often drifted back to home, to the artistically sculpted walls of the Ee'everwest estate and the laughter that filled their halls. She thought of the Solleu River that her and her siblings would play in during the summers, of Allora's good-natured smile, and of the stories Kintel would recount on the nights she couldn't sleep. Loneliness carved canyons into her soul, and the more she tried to ignore it, the wider the chasm became. After several restless nights, Teyla took what little belongings she had accumulated and set course for the closest rumored shadowport. One way or another, she was going to go home.

She was hired on as a pilot by the Captain of a smuggling vessel, The Inquisitor's Revenge. Damon Riggs Damon Riggs was many things: a fierce ex-military man, a man full of loss, and a drunkard, drowning at the bottom of bottle to forget the past.

But, beneath the gruff exterior, he was also something else. He was kind and unexpectedly gentle, not shying away from the darkness and trauma's of her past. After many months, adventures, near deaths, and mishaps, Teyla and Damon developed a strong attachment and trust that blossomed into a deep love for one another. The result of that love came nine months later in the form of two children that Teyla gave birth to at her ancestral home on Naboo, after both mutually agreed to stop living in fear of Ferian, give up smuggling, and try to set down roots for the sake of their children.

However, before Marcus and Karina Riggs could be held in the arms of their mother, disaster struck and the twins were kidnapped by Kerstan Blackmoore Kerstan Blackmoore - the grandson of Ferian. After knocking out the Ee'everwest security cams, and disabling the onsite delivery droids, the Sith Lord spirited the children away for the nefarious purpose of expanding on his Grandfather's experiments, wanting to run the same tests on them that'd been performed on Teyla.

Enlisting the help of Arekk Arekk , Teyla and Damon set out to rescue their children.

Arekk, who carried intense guilt at the loss of his own girlfriend and their adopted daughter, felt he had a personal responsibility in helping the new parents save their kids - giving Teyla impromptu Force training and developing her sense to help them track Marcus and Karina, whom they successfully discovered on Indupaar.

Together, they jumped into action and formulated a plan to recovering the twins.

Foiled in his attempt to groom the children and use their abnormal Force powers for himself, Kerstan vanished.

Reunited, Teyla and Damon made plans to marry and raise their children together, but their hopes and dreams of
being able to finally become a family did not come to pass. Shortly after their private wedding ceremony, Damon left to look for legitimate work and put in his application for joining the Galactic Alliance's military, but never made it to his destination.

After nearly a year of no word, Damon was declared dead, and while Teyla has never given up hope that he might still be out there, the disappearance of her greatest love sobered her, and she vowed to find out what happened to her husband.

Gathering their children and what remained of her life, Teyla headed home to Naboo.

To Walk The Path of A Jedi


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