Star Wars RP

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What game are you currently playing?

Saket Keane

Whimsy Sith
I've pulled myself up from the grave to report that SIGNALIS is an obsession I can't recommend enough. Immersive survival horror game with an engaging (though enigmatic) storyline and an awesome soundtrack.

Amaran Info Broker, Holonet Vigilante and Scholar
An obscure, Russian-designed indie with AWESOME sci-fi lore called "Save Koch" where you play as a porcine crime boss (Not a Gamorrean, sadly... :p ) locked in a safehouse who is trying to foil an assassination plot against him. I only wish it had a pause button! Otherwise, just WoW every-so-often, but not much. Not as much of a gamer as I was in my teen years...

TTRPGs-based formats combined with stock lore and an individual's distinct imaginative combinations in relation with both personal and pre-established lore, are vastly superior in some ways, honestly.

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