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What game are you currently playing?

Skyrim, second run through.

In this playthrough, about 15 hours or so. I've been doing the Civil War quests and wandering aimlessly.

Definitely recommend it. Great game.

Aedan Miles

Pirate King
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (DS) and Path of Radiance (Gamecube) put around 8 hours into both of them and if you like strategy games they are fun.


Grand Theft Auto Online. A few days, maybe even weeks, in. Would reccommend!

Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
Defiance. The story takes about 15-20 hours to complete, but it's open world co-op multiplayer and competitive multiplayer. 2 DLC packs are out, and a third is coming out soon. Look me up. I'm

VerzHorak in game.


Youtube App on Xbox Live LAWL.
No, but seriously, I just got off of BF3 and about to be on Halo 4. All my disk games are in my house and my house is being fumigated by exterminators. ;n;
I have... too many hours on Skyrim. Besides, it's much more fun on the PC with survival/realism mods and cool clothes. xD
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Replaying ME3. It's fun, but the silly kid in the dreams annoys me. My Shepard's has Siobhan level of meanness, she would not care about it. I also think the Crucible should have been a Reaper trap. Otherwise it's fun.

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Er, I beat Oblivion a few days ago, put quite a lot of time into it to get all the main quests (plus Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Fighter's Guild, and Mage's Guild) done.
I've done a lot of Minecraft (mostly creative because I like building things) lately, but that's mostly because it takes so little effort and helps pass time when I'm not feeling well.
I also beat the first three Ratchet and Clank games within the last month.
I like shooting things.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
I've done probably seven playthroughs of Skyrim on XBox, and I'm currently on my second PC playthrough, with a decent number of mods. My personal favorite mod is Frostfall - wear warm clothes rather than what gives you the best armor rating, light fires, pitch tents, don't get wet, be careful of your body temperature, in the mountains or at night, good luck running or fighting if you're freezing to death. It totally revitalized the game for me.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
WoW - great timekiller.

War Thunder (Steam) - Free to play WWII flight simulator with some of the simplest, best designed controls I've ever played with. It also looks absolutely gorgeous and their attention to detail both in the planes appearances and handling is astounding. They really try to nail down the strengths and weaknesses of the planes as best they can. I'm like, 201 hours into this game, which is all multiplayer.

Desmond Voralis

New Member
Dark Souls.

I started a new character to try out a 40/40 str/dex build. This is my third character thus far, and I've sunk around 75-80 hours total into the game across all of them. I also went out of my way to sequence break the hell out of it (Four Kings dead before Capra, for one) and am actively avoiding using any magic with this one, since I tended to lean really hard on pyromancies or sorceries on my previous runs.

Very recommended if you don't mind a game that will repeatedly kick you in the balls until you learn to be patient and observe everything around you.

Kayvaan Niveus

Dawn of War 1+all the expansions and 2+all the expansions, invested 100+ hours into it. Definitely recommend it if RTS is your thing.
And League of Legends. 300+ hours of that awesomeness.


Disney Princess
Skyrim + Mods: Seriously the best thing since sliced bread. I still haven't finished the DLC's, Thieves Guild, Assassin's Guilds, or Deadric Quests yet. But Faalskarr was pretty neat. :D


New Member
NCAA Football 14. There's no telling how many hours I've put in. Also playing a lot of SWTOR these days.