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Approved Tech SI-Hunter Tracking/Targeting Suite

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The Two Who Were One
  • Intent: Create a military-grade tracking/targeting suite for TSE
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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source:
    CS-Echo Tracking/Targeting System
    Permission was given by [member="Thorne"] to copy certain elements of his submission


[*]Model: SI-Hunter Tracking/Targeting Suite
[*]Affiliation: The Sith Empire
[*]Modularity: Yes; additional sub-systems and routines can be incorporated into or around this package's systems
[*]Production: Minor
[*]Material: Durasteel, electronics, circuitry, insulators, other appropriate materials specific to military-grade systems included
  • Able to provide targeting solutions when sensor or scanner jamming is active, due to reliance on laser technology.
  • Non-standard sensor reliant targeting methods that improve firing solutions and enemy transitional data on the battlefield via system-specific targeting computers.
  • Seeker systems able to work either in conjunction with or independently from, existing Sith-Imperial vessel sensors and scanners for improved battle targeting.
  • Adaptable for targeting stealth ships, with improved accuracy via laser triangulation compared to blind sensor-based weapon fire, so long as detected visually or by other means (ion emissions, comm waves/bursts, etc).
  • Ineffective against visually-impairing cloaking systems.
  • Cannot detect sensor cloaking stealth ships, they must be detected by others means prior to manually maintaining triangulation targeting.
  • Individual components and systems retain typical properties and technical weaknesses.
  • Prone to standard weaknesses offered by electronics and machinery, such as EMP.
  • Requires dedicated crew to use, maintain and update data to standard targeting systems of the vessel.
  • Due to specific systems, heavily damaged components require replacement at Sith-Imperial shipping yards, limiting field repairs.
  • Requires integration into Sith-Imperial specific vessel systems, unable to be used on other ship designs.
  • Requires adequate system and component space, and cannot be installed on Sith-Imperial craft smaller than 500m in length.

When the Sith first made contact with the resurgent Chiss Ascendancy, there was a tentative distrust between the two authoritarian governments over perceived manipulation from each other. However, as time dragged on that distrust began to dissipate like steam, and a transfer of technological ideas emerged between the two groups.

The Sith learned much from the Chiss Ascendancy, especially how to better organize their starship equipment for peak efficiency.

Multi-spectrum laser-based targeting systems, capable of targeting, locking, and tracking multiple vessels was one of the many techniques taught to the Sith. Designed to bypass the shortcomings of older sensor and scanner modules against EWAR and other disruptive effects, it uses a method of ranged triangulation lasers, targeting modules, imaging, tracking and display systems that work together to pinpoint vessels, gauge range, estimate headings and offer a targeting computer this information for more accurate firing solutions.

This suite even offers improved weapon accuracy against stealth craft, which uses sensor disruption coating technology, once detected by various means (visually, ion emissions, comm waves/bursts, proximity, etc). And while the laser systems used are able to estimate locations against sensor disruption coatings, it isn't one-hundred-percent accurate, and the system still retains no effect against visually cloaked targets - yet, compared to blocked sensor-based weaponry, this system is much improved for the purpose.
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