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Approved Tech SI-Vestige Communications Suite

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The Two Who Were One
  • Intent: Create a military-grade communication suite for TSE
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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source:
    CS-Echo Communications Suite
    Permission was given by [member="Thorne"] to copy certain elements of his submission


[*]Model: SI-Vestige Communications Suite
[*]Affiliation: The Sith Empire
[*]Modularity: Yes; additional sub-systems and routines can be incorporated into or around this package's systems
[*]Production: Minor
[*]Material: Durasteel, electronics, circuitry, insulators, other appropriate materials specific to military-grade systems included
  • Provides fast and efficient long-range communication between Sith-Imperial vessels.
  • Can utilize short-range laser technology to continue communication even after being jammed by enemy jammers or by natural ionic phenomenon.
  • The suite boasts a mild superfluous efficiency and technological improvement, by being engineered specifically for Sith-Imperial military vessel precision standards.
  • Can be disabled/blocked by communication jamming equipment.
  • If the external relay systems are damaged/destroyed, then the vessel in question suffers either diminished efficiency or a complete loss of communication between other vessels.
  • Requires integration into Sith-Imperial specific vessel systems, unable to be used on other ship designs.

When the Sith first made contact with the resurgent Chiss Ascendancy, there was a tentative distrust between the two authoritarian governments over perceived manipulation from each other. However, as time dragged on that distrust began to dissipate like steam, and a transfer of technological ideas emerged between the two groups.

The Sith learned much from the Chiss Ascendancy, especially how to better organize their starship equipment for peak efficiency.

By redesigning communication dishes, downsizing internal hardware, and adjusting existing software the Sith found that they could boost their communication capabilities beyond what they were initially capable of. Though these updated comm systems were still ultimately vulnerable against effective jamming techniques, the inclusion of infrared spectrum laser arrays allowed for continued short-range communication despite thorough jamming.
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