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The Return | TRE/SJO Invasion of Dromund Kaas OOC


Well folks, as promised, it is finally time for The Resurgent Empire to invade Dromund Kaas.​

I've negotiated with the new faction admins of the Silver Jedi Order and we've come to terms that I believe will make this invasion as fun as possible for both side.​

Here are the official terms:
5 Allies for both sides
3 loose starting locations
3 week soft Timeline(can be extended if both sides agree)
36 hour between post time limit, unless both parties are informed and agree to wait
Fleets and NPC armies will be acknowledged in narrative so they're not ignored
PVP Will be encouraged but overall story should matter more.

The Locations:
These Locations are loose, as in you don't have to go to them but they are a good starting point. It should be noted that at all these places there will be a heavy SJO military presence, and these forces should not be entirely ignored, please be respectful.​

The Citadel:
The crumbling remains of the Ancient Kaas Citadel, once obliterated by the Mandalorians and somewhat rebuilt by the Silver Jedi Order. The Resurgent empire seeks to capture and hold the Citadel, intending to once again rebuild the Citadel to its former glory once they hold the planet.​

The Jungle Remnants:
The remnants and the regrowth of the once sprawling jungle that covered all of Dromund Kaas. These remnants, slowly reforming into what they once were are critical to the Sith's plan of returning Dromund Kaas to what it once was. Capture and hold the outposts within the jungle, allowing the Sith to utilize the beasts within to reform the world around them.​

The Dark Temple(PVE):
The Dark Temple stood for centuries as the hub of all Sith Power within Dromund Kaas. Though not populated, the Temple was one a crux of darkside energy. Reduced to a near ruin, the Temple now stirs with a new form of power. Something lingers within the broken hallowed halls, something powerful that seems to be rising once more. A Sith Spirit has taken form here, awakened by the blood spilled upon its world and stirred to action by the coming war. The Spirit seeks to take and seize Dromund Kaas for itself, sundering and absorbing all upon this world. Sith and Jedi must work together, against one another, or however they see fit to quell the Spirit before it can take Kaas.​

Start Day; May 1st.

TRE Allies:
1.[member="Vilaz Munin"]​
2. [member="Darth Carnifex"]​
3. [member="Krest"]​
4. [member="Catalys Maijora"]​
5. [member="Maleagant"]​

SJO Allies:
1. [member="Mishka Larraq"]​
2. [member="Jessica Med-Beq"]​

4. [member="The Librarian"]
3. [member="Aedan Miles"]
As I will be juggling the FO/GA invasion with an alt, and have a busy week ahead at work with a couple of days I won't be at a machine, I'm happy to write with anyone who wants a "less pressured" time, just to craft a good story or what-not.

Let me know - SJ or RE.

[member="Stephanie Brown"] if you want to get stuck in, please do.

And be warned, Joon does, and will, bite.

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