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  1. Kyra Perl

    Campaign Voss: Return of the Jedi (SJC vs TSE)

    The war between light and dark rages on. As the Sith strike at the core of the Silver Sphere-- Onderon, Kashyyyk, Eshan-- the Silver Jedi seek to liberate an old friend. Voss. Deep in sith space, the lost home of the Jedi lays under the sway of the wicked Sith Emperor. But no more. October...
  2. Kyra Perl

    The Silver Jedi Order becomes The Silver Jedi Concord

    Over the past 7 months SJO has been undergoing a narrative change. To those that haven't been following, this name change must seem so out of the blue xD To prevent the predictable undercurrent of confusion, let me state here and now what's brought us here, what's changed, and what the future...
  3. Kyra Perl

    Vote 4 UR next SJO Politician

    Vote here Name: Syyggukk Homeworld: Kashyyyk Species: Wookiee Sex: Female Bio: Syyggukk is a wise and respected leader among the Wookiees. She works to ensure that that moderation beats out extremism, and above everything else believes in lasting peace and liberty for the people of the...
  4. Kyra Perl

    Invasion Yurb Invasion Map / Setting

    Okokokok. I'm no artist. But! Below is a map and reference pics to give you a feel for our setting. I've placed goodies throughout for you to utilize and enhance your story with. This city is BIG. My picture is small. Ignore that. Feel free to reference quadrants in your post to keep action...
  5. Milya Vondar

    Approved Tech Reu & Tuene

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a personalized, unique weapon for Milya Vondar Image Source: Flickr Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Lightsaber, Double-bladed Lightsaber, Interlocking Hilt, Shoto Lightsaber, Dual-Phase Lightsaber, Bifurcating Cyclical...
  6. S

    Public Quittin Time (SJO CIS GA OPA and friendlies welcome)

    Change rippled through the Silver Sphere. The threat of Bryn'daul gained heat along the Silver boarders, and nations that once looked inward found reason to start reaching out. Even the Silver Jedi were pressed to change and adapt in this unstable climate. Accepting financial backing from...
  7. Tarok Vassket

    Faction The Shadowlands [SJO Training]

    The Shadowlands. Beams of light cut through the mists that rippled languid through the trees. Not much of it could force its way down to the lower levels of Kashyyyk. There was movement down here, but never in those patches the light actually touched. To be revealed was to be found. One did not...
  8. Kyra Perl

    Private Obstacles

    Living in the middle of an ancient jungle had its downsides. No cities. No malls. Horrible night life. But there was something to be said about the beauty of the Kashyyyk forest that surrounded Silver Rest. Or more specifically-- about how fun it was to play in. The massive trees stretched high...
  9. Paragon of Virtue

    Public A Spoonful of Sugar

    The Shili/Corsin Hex. A modest fleet carrying the Agents of Chaos banners broke through hyperspace, coming to a near stop on the western edge of the territory they were in (X). The crews of the ships checked their data, looking around at what they could pick up. They had come with a very...
  10. Scherezade deWinter

    oops please delete <3

  11. Acaadi

    Private The Climb

    Acaadi looked up at the lip of the platform. It wasn't that high above him, just above his head. He looked back down at his feet and placed his hands on his hips. Leaping to that height and landing on his toes had been a simple feat with the Force on his side. Today, every time he bent his knees...
  12. Kyra Perl

    Private Absolution

    The week Caedyn Arenais had given Kyra off had turned to two. As it turned out, he was right in assuming Kyra needed the time to heal. It wasn't his fault he couldn't foresee what Kyra would do with it. Kyra didn't know herself until halfway through hyperdrive towards her mum's. It was easy to...
  13. LT-137

    Thyrsian Independence | Thyrsus News Network + SJO News

    Credit to Romi Jade for the amazing Template. <3
  14. S

    Dominion Starting Anew | SJO DOM of H'ratth

    The SJO have made their way back to H'ratth with the intent to rebuild what was lost during the battle of H'ratth. More importantly, the Kintan refugees have accompanied the SJO to H’ratth in order to make a new home for themselves. Objective 1: Help bring in supplies and rebuild areas of...
  15. Caalin Kaneth Tavross

    Character Caalin Kaneth Tavross

    NAME: Caalin Kaneth Tavross. Known as Kaneth, or Commander Tavross FACTION: Silver Jedi RANK: Commander SPECIES: Human, Commenori AGE: 51 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5ft10 WEIGHT: 170 Pounds EYES: Brown HAIR: Black SKIN: Tanned FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: +Crew First. He loves his men...
  16. D

    Skirmish Incoming Storm [OOC]

    Skirmish Thread This thread is for OOC discussion and teaming up for the skirmish.
  17. D

    Skirmish Incoming Storm [TSE vs. SJO - Velmor]

    Velmor Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. The walker strode freely down the boulevard of Den Velmor, the capital city of the Mid Rim world of Velmor. Its single captivator arm swung around to smash through the roof of a nearby building, the sounds of terrified screaming bursting free as the arm retracted...
  18. S

    Dominion Lost Discoveries | SJO DOM of Orleon

    Orleon is an abandon planet composed of rain forests and eroding signs of civilizations. The once flourishing world was forced to evacuate after an intentional infestation of stone mites was released upon the world. A scientist in the field of rehabilitation has recently gone missing. When you...
  19. Mig Gred

    Approved Vehicle MOB-1 Mobile Operation Base

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a mobile base for the Silver Jedi Order Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Concord Specialized Technologies Affiliation: Silver Jedi Order Model: MOB-1 Mobile Operation Base...
  20. Ravenfire

    Approved Location Outpost Zulu

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an outpost for the silver Jedi near to sith space Image Credit: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w8mbZg Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Velmor/Legends...