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Jessica Med-Beq (Force-user edition)


NAME: Jessica Med-Beq
ALSO KNOWN AS: Her Royal Highness, Princess Jessica of Glyss
FACTION: Silver Jedi
RANK: Master
OCCUPATION: Chief executive officer, Ringovinda StarYards
AGE: 43
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.97 m (6 ft 6)
WEIGHT: 100 kg (220 lbs)
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: See above image
LIGHTSABER SKILL: Djem-so (Apprentice-level)
  • Basic (fluent)
  • Mando'a (broken vocabulary)
  • Jawaese (average)
  • Gunganese (near-fluent)
  • Geonosian (below average)

Apprentice-level Knight-level Master-level
| | | | | | | | |
  • Electronic Manipulation/Mechu-deru | | | | | | | | |
  • Art of the Small | | | | | | | | |
  • Force-sense | | | | | | | | |
  • Force-healing | | | | | |
  • Detoxify Poison | | | |
  • Alchaka | | | | | |
  • Force-cloak | | | | |
  • Electric Judgment/Ionize | | | | | |
  • Force-speed/agility | | | | |
  • Pyrokinesis/cryokinesis/convection | | | | | |
  • Mind trick | | | |
  • Telekinesis | | | | | |
  • Force Mind (see below)* | | | | | | | | |
  • Telepathy/Comprehend Speech | | | | | | | | |
  • Instinctive Astrogation Control | | | | | | | | |
  • Psychometry | | | | |
  • Precognition (both regular and battle) | | | | | |
  • Tapas | | |
  • Force-barrier/Tutaminis | | |
  • Shatterpoint | | |
  • Force-stasis/Neural Storm | | | | | |
  • Force-light/blinding | | | | | |

  • Big, sexy, well-trained brain: At least she isn't some skin-deep beauty; for many things mechanical Jessica is a lady one can be trusted with, but as a slicer she is actually not one that can do so on a regular basis - there isn't a whole lot of ways that she can't out-think a problem; plus her mental speed is very high, meaning that she can learn at relativistic speeds - as a downside cognition-enhancing Force-powers, like Force-comprehension, are completely ineffectual on her
  • Gadgeteer genius: she could design contraptions ranging from variable-geometry landing gears to AI
  • Highly adaptable: while she can resist mind tricks, there are times when, to her eyes, it is best to cut the losses, and she will do it
  • Free-thinker
  • Astronomical memory capacity (even though much of her knowledge is actually subconsciously fed to her) - as a result she is an erudite woman with some working knowledge of a lot of different topics - however, since her memory isn't perfect, she can still be liable to forget
  • Highly energetic
  • Makes use of the Force in precisely efficient ways so long as she actually has the Force-energy for a given use of the Force
  • Great self-awareness
  • Romantic: when in love, she is a very good lover that knows just how much attention is a proper amount
  • Force Mind: Other Force-users gain the ability to learn much faster from her when she is around, provided the knowledge gaps aren't too great
  • Near-Wookiee morphology: while it helps with bursts where she needs brute force, in cramped spaces it is a liability. Nevertheless she seems pretty happy with her body, never considering her looks as a curse
  • Genius bruiser: While useful on a lot of levels, it can also be a liability as it forces her to pick potential lovers as well as her friends accordingly and she seems to let her abilities define who to befriend and her identity, plus she may have some difficulty to relate to the commoner. In addition that makes her a magnet for those people wishing to train their skills in Drain Knowledge
  • Straight to the point: while it allows for greater efficiency and productivity, sometimes it can rub people the wrong way: it reduces her effectiveness in assignments pertaining to diplomacy
  • Force-light: after using Force-light, her nervous system becomes phosphorescent for a while (how long depends on how intensively she uses it, and also how much Force-energy she has left) and hence passively keeps up the power once activated - it can be useful if she is in a situation where she otherwise runs out of light, but it can make stealth escape next to impossible
  • Lacks agility: she is a liability in close-quarters for this reason
  • Lacks physical endurance
  • Prone to obsessions: as seen with the whole Kuat Drive Yards arc in her NPC days, she can keep vendettas to the point of engaging in industrial espionage and getting herself hurt for one
  • Somewhat absent-minded
  • Heavy dependence on computational power when using the Force: if she is made to use feth-tons of computational power for whatever reason, her ability to use the Force can be significantly impaired
  • Eccentric in terms of mechanical possessions: while she isn't fashionable by any stretch, she'd always want, or design, the more bizarre or larger possessions so long as they are long-term, bonus points if she had a hand in designing the thing herself
  • Glory Hound: it can lead her to risk her life for her own pursuits of glory (probably a side-effect of having such massive brainpower however)
  • Don't let her near Jawas: they WILL hit on her for no reason
  • Somewhat vulnerable to manipulation especially the more common ground there is with a manipulator
  • God complex: when she achieves something, she brags about said achievement given the proper context - nevertheless she would never brag about stuff she can't actually back up
  • Emotionally impaired: she will have trouble expressing emotions in most situations
She also appears to be rather thick, with rather sizeable muscles, since in the design stages of starship components, she did have to do some heavy lifting. As far as her physical capabilities are concerned, she can be considered almost the same as an elderly female Wookiee, and also she has a morphology very similar to those of female Wookiees.


Part 1: As a NPC

Born on Loronar to a father that served in the police and a mother that was the daughter of a well-to-do socialite in the Kawano family, Jessica became interested in mechanics from a young age and found her true calling in hydraulic systems. As a pre-teen girl, she was tested for Force-sensitivity, and was found to be in a grey area where, by the standards of the time, it was safer not to train her than to train her, later ruled a false-negative. She had an internship at Bluth Company while an undergraduate at Dammon University on Corulag, where she endlessly heard complaints by bulk freighter captains that their ships couldn't land on planets and almost begged her, or asked her at gunpoint, to design landing gears that would enable them to land their ships, which were capital ships, on planets. That event made her vow that she would build the best landing gears in the galaxy. Also, due to her scientific prowess, she took advantage of the 4+1, not only earning both a BEng and a MASc (master of applied science), but doing it so one year faster than is normally the case.

Eventually she worked for Kuat Drive Yards, where she was always one to believe that capital ships should be able to land on planets, believing that the ships that most need to land, and that freighters should, currently cannot. She earned a MBA from Corulag University of Economics a few years into her career. Due to tense relationships with the engineering higher-ups at work about outfitting large capital ships with landing gears, while employed by Kuat Drive Yards, she left the company and she was hired by Ringovinda Systems, leading her to a vendetta that even led her to submit a bid for a citizen-led raid. She even gave her first name to a line of landing gears to be used on capital ships, which debuted on the Maersk-class bulk freighter. During the raid on Kuat Drive Yards, she got injured but she proved rather capable as a ranged fighter, and she was celebrated in an orgy of praise in Ringo Vinda's tabloids: immense willpower, Mandalorian beauty (even if she is decidedly non-Mandalorian in origins and upbringing) even "brain-with-a-lady" sometimes. Charzon finally allowed her more independence in carrying out adventures as needed.

Part 2: As a PC unable to use the Force

Today, together with [member="Cathul Thuku"], she postulated the theory that many unsuspected spells, as well as different mechanisms for existing spells, would be accessed through either side of the Force provided that the caster of the spells had proper knowledge of chemistry or physics. This theory is called quantum magic.

As a member of Ringovinda StarYards' Design Triumvirate, she is part of the major decision-making processes of the company; that corporation is a little particular in that the real power within the corporation is held by the creative minds, with the COO and CFO, while important in the day-to-day operations, being subordinate to the Design Triumvirate in practice. She has become the public face of Ringovinda StarYards among the Ringovindian public even though Charzon was the public face of the corporation away from the planet.

She unwittingly became the star of Dead Fantasy 2: Wookiee Zombies of the Galactic Republic by virtue of being prominently featured in the historical records used for principal photography as a result of being the Republic's most consistent fighter, but is otherwise in no shape or form a bankable star as an actress. And also she anchored the Silver Sanctum's huttball team at the Galactic Games. She has since earned a reputation at jumping at any occasion to gain glory on some level, regardless of what that is.

Lately she was in search for answers: after designing the Hammurabi AI almost all to herself over a few days (which ended up being comparable to X0-X1's initial programming) she began feeling as if Force-users were using her as a computer in the Force. That inconvenience didn't prevent her from later repeating a similar feat with a 380mm-caliber hypervelocity cannon. Because she symbolized three of the most valued traits in the Techno Empire, sophistication, knowledge and technical excellence, she became the latter's mascot, even successfully slicing through the databases on Vulpter for technology.

Part 3: As an unmarried Jedi Technician

For the five years to follow her sudden discovery of Force-sensitivity, she tried as hard as she could to learn more about her power that she subconsciously had all along in her life, but thus far her hectic lifestyle made her attempts at self-learning Force-powers short-lived and severely limited in scope. At this point she cannot do much with it more than Force-sense and mechu-deru, having found that Force-comprehension and Memory enhancement were completely ineffectual on her. For now she has a toddler child obtained with artificial fertility techniques. She also discovered that she could naturally cloak her presence in the Force. Even as a completely green Jedi Padawan learner, she was nevertheless appointed Jedi Protector of Ringo Vinda, especially in the aftermath of the previous holder of the title committing war crimes on Korriban.

The war crimes induced major status changes: she was now seated in the Techno Empire Senate in Charzon's stead, and she now ran Ringovinda StarYards. By virtue of being engaged (and officially married in short order) to Summer Sovereign, upon coronation she will be known as Princess Consort of Glyss by virtue of their marriage.

Part 4: As a married Jedi Technician

Alongside [member="Aut-X"] she defeated a pocket of the Rogue One Sith on Agamar; after Agamar came her moment of infamy that she attributed to an intelligence failure: the failed invasion of Ryloth. In an attempt to make up for her failure on Ryloth she decided to take her actions in another direction: the Hutt Cartel and, at a later date, the Sith Triumvirate. She also played a limited role on Hypori, mostly one of rebuilding the droid foundries and the Jedi Temple on the planet. It would go downhill from there, especially in the wake of the downfall of the Confederacy for which she gave so much in the meantime. She also had to endure the humiliation of having to fight in underwear in an arena.

Part 5: Post-Christophsis

During the Christophsis Campaign, in which the Third Confederacy collapsed, she committed crimes on Christophsis as the first phase of a plan conducted in an attempt to defeat the Black Tie Syndicate, alongside Kham Nagkul. Their prison break resulted in a massive BTS defeat, forcing them to become more dependent on Sith in the process, but causing nearly 2 million deaths in the process, the vast majority of which were inflicted by the BTS; thus Jessica is still directly responsible for 100,000 deaths. She nearly fell to the dark side in the whole ordeal, and, in the process, she made her wife mad. It also marked her as an enemy of the Imperial Remnant and hence pledging Ringovinda StarYards and its subsidiaries as industrial backers of the Rebellion, and later the Dominion.

Part 6: As a mother

Quickly in the Dominion she finds a new place to call home as a Jedi knight, taking part in the Conclave and later clearing Eol Sha of a Netherworld rift. With the birth, and subsequent growth, of little Ziana, her only daughter, she once again takes up the mantle of command, holding the command of the Dominion army on Irn during the Chiloon Rift campaign, which was ultimately evacuated but having nevertheless won on Irn. Afterward, she did re-join the Silver Jedi after briefly serving as a Dominion Grand General at the head of the Tenth and then the Second Sector Army, going on to become the commanding officer of Northwest Command (NWCOM), assigned to the defense of the Silver Jedi's northwestern border, and even taking part in a few of the major Jedi victories: Tartarus and later the defense of Kashyyyk against the Sith Empire.


A Neimoidian Yacht



[member="Summer Sovereign"] - Lover (and potentially padawan)

  • Out of combat: [X]
  • In combat: [X]



- First Order Economic and Commerce Summit
- Did someone order landing gears?
- Massive problems call for massive solutions
- Vengeance served freezing cold
- Operation Noah's Ark, phase 1
- Bedridden
- Another symbol of gratitude towards the Mandos
- For 3000 Years, They Ignored Our Calls for Help (SSC Jabiim/Handooine dominion)
- Bras and broomsticks

As a NFU PC (pre-Omega)

- Using the Force as applied quantum mechanics
- Gods of the Stadium
- Too smart for her own good?
- The Mandalorian Crusade (MC invasion of GR Kashyyyk)
- Finally, some non-Jawa womanizer!
- First Annual Galactic Games
- Perfume in a Pizza Hutt Palace
- The Hammurabi Code
- Force-computer online
- The Galactic Premiere of Dead Fantasy 2
- Castle in the Sky-High IQ
- Beware the Republican Mascot
- Funding Renewal
- Lead By Light
- The Force-Computer Wore Perfume
- The Silver Jedi Come (SJ dominion of the Stygian Caldera)
- The Broken Amethyst (TE raid of Vulpter)
- The Moment of Truth
- Wardrobe Renewal
- Full Speed Ahead

As a Padawan FU PC (post-Omega)

- Grand Theft Starship
- Stalgasin Memorial Stadium
- The High Cost of Peer Learning
- Princess Bethrotal
- On Golden Bridges (TE raid of Cato Neimoidia)
- Transfer of power
- Moonlight
- Two coronations and a wedding
- Saber training - pure and simple
- Project Volkswagen
- Our Place Among the Stars (GA dominion of the Copperline hex)
- Demons of Future Past
- Relics and Jedi slicers
- Tying the Royal Knot
- Operation Valiens (TE raid of Ryloth)
- Blazing Sky
- Geonosian Convention

As a Knight PC:

- Celebrations, Day Two: The Charity Fundraiser
- Fitting out
- The capital Confederate sins
- Takeover of training
- Funkytown
- Shedding some Light
- Dance of the Void
- Providence in Flight
- A Fleet in Being
- Fully Operational
- The White Blade of Glyss
- I've Got a Feeling that This is going to be a Droid Night (GA dominion of Abregado-Rae hex)
- Math is Hard
- For a Fistful of Nova Crystals
- What's Mine Is Yours And What's Yours Is Also Mine
- A Duel of Episode 3 Proportions
- Underworld Wars
- Sins of the Genius
- Asop Temple
- Space Wal-Mart
- Ode to Ionite
- Harry Potter and the Soybean Elementalist
- Brighter days ahead
- Donut-shaped unfinished business
- Will the regulatory nightmares end?
- For here or to go?
- D'oh-nut
- Baby bedroom
- GA dominion of Terminus and Manpha
- 3:10 to Kathol
- Yousa want fries with dat?
- Dead Space
- Show Us Your Guns, Boys!
- Jak-o-lantern Beasts
- Conclave of the Dominion
- A Rift in the Fire
- The Kitchen of the Force
- Heavy Metal Genius
- First Baby Steps and Words
- We Come For Booty
- The Promise

As a Master PC:

- The Longest Naval Yard
- The Mantle of High Command
- The Return (RE invasion of SJ-held Dromund Kaas)
- Once every three hundred years (SJ dominion of Caluula)
- The Assembly
- Is vengeance ice cream?
- Laid to rest (SJ dominion of the Kashyyyk hex)
- Killteam
- The Jedi Code on the Ballot
- Bashing Royalty (RE invasion of Dominion-held Serenno hex)
- The Fall
- The Morale of a Jedi
- The Endless Referendum Campaign
- Too smart to be true?
- Eklipse das Licht (GE invasion of Charros IV)
- Ringo Ships
- Through the Wreckage (SJ dominion of Charros IV)
- We Will Not Forgive (FO invasion of Ossus)
- Stuck in the Sound (Incursion grounding)
- Descent (Incursion finale)
- Jedi Convention - 851 ABY
- Back from the Gates of Tartarus
- Full Barrier Defense
- A Somber Homecoming
- Time to Say Goodbye
- I Spend, Therefore I Am
- Pecha Kucha
- Wololo
- Silver Cutlass (SJ dominion of Hex AB-29)
- Kashyyyk Me Outside, How 'Bout That?
- Underground Theater
- Eigenvectors of the Force
- Battlegrounds (CIS dominion of Ord Pardron)
- Hotel Hell
- Home Ain't Never Home
- Into the Valley (SJ dominion of Ruusan)
- Crown of the Metharian Nebula
- Desert Getaway Package
- Blood In My Veins
- Two For Flinching (SJ vs. SE on Kashyyyk)
- Taking the Poison Out of the Garden
- Beginning After a Fearful Start
- It's a Group Effort
- More than just your average meeting
- Now That's a Force-using Droid!
- Starfighter Procurement
- Overdue Learning


P.S.: Since Omega fast-forwards the universe five years, I felt fit to take advantage of the fact to go ahead and change her whole stance to make her a Force-user whereas she previously was a played as a NFU (albeit with signs of latent Force-sensitivity).

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