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Jairus Starvald


Nothing lasts forever.”​



[ EXPERIENCED ] - Carach has fought in more wars than he can count. He knows his way around a battlefield, knows how to kill and how to survive.

[ MENTALIST ] - One of the most accomplished mentalists in the Galaxy. Few can claim to be equal to him, even less to be better than him.

[ HEART ] - At a younger (and more arrogant) age he replaced his heart with an artifact of the Sith. Recent developments have shown how... short-sighted that has been. The heart is slowly poisoning him from the inside, causing him to age faster and draining his powers.

[ SPECIALIST ] - He specializes in mentalism and telekinesis. His other abilities aren't as well-developed and that limits his toolbox when he's up against experienced combatants.

Few people alive today know where Carach came from or what he did before his ascension within the One Sith, but perhaps that history isn't as important as what he has been up to since his ascension.

Through application of force, sheer competence and power the Sith Lord quickly rose up from one of many Sith to the Voice of the Dark Lord, responsible for the administration of a huge swath of territory under the Dark Lord's domain. Not satisfied with the role of a mere administrator he joined every single battle of the Sith as they waged their campaign against the forces of light in the Galaxy. Some of his most infamous exploits were the sinking of Ahto City on Manaan, turning the tide on Kashyyyk by stealing control of an army of Graug from a Jedi Master, the destruction of the Republic flagship over Contruum and deceiving the Republic and Mandalorians on Prakith by making the old Citadel of the Dark Lord disappear.

When the Dark Lord fell Carach refused to go down with him and the loyalists. Instead, in the chaos of the moment, he opted to leave the One Sith once and for all. Pillaging the system of Tython (his personal fiefdom during his reign as the Voice) Carach took his great sector fleet and left for Ruusan.

It was there that together with two of his allies he formed the Sith Triumvirate.

This would be an organization interested in bringing an unique brand of order, stability and law to the Outer Rim. Yet, it was not meant to be, because soon the Silver Jedi Order reared its head. It would not allow the Sith (no matter what brand they subscribed to) to exist so close to it and soon hostilities broke out. Heavily outnumbered the Triumvirate triumphed, but at great cost to itself.

Two of the Triumvirs died on the ground, while up in space the third Triumvir's flagship was destroyed.

Others soon laid claim to the title, but the worlds of the Triumvirate had been shaken by this violence and soon broke apart into small spheres of power. Little did anyone know that at least one of the Triumvirs was still alive... if barely. Together with one Draco Vereen they found themselves within the Netherworld, the secretive realm of the dead. Only the two of them truly know what happened there, but the conclusion was the same: they clawed their way out and Carach decided to leave his name behind there.

Many things happened since then, but now Carach is older, weaker, his heart poisoning him from the inside. He took another name for himself, a name that resonated with him... a name that would stand the test of time.

Carach would always be part of him, but a new day rose.

And it would be Jairus Starvald answering the call.

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