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Codex Denied The Dark Legion

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  • Intent: Flesh out the Black Empire's Graug Army
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  • Army Name: The Dark Legion (Daeux Los'ar), the Glorious Horde (Grau'ait Haubo)
  • Classification: Militant Confederation of Warbands
  • Affiliation: The Black Empire
  • Army Symbol: The icon of the Dark Legion is a symbol shared by the majority of Graug clans united under it, that of a red stylized Graug skull traditionally painted onto their armor, vehicles, fixed structures, and a cloth or leather banner.
  • Description: Whereas the Sith Empire's Legion is an efficient, modern, and professional standing army, the Dark Legion is a relic of a bygone age of brutal destruction and draconian methods of warfare. Wearing little more than sheets of layered metal bolted onto their thick hides and wielding archaic oversized slugthrowers, the Dark Legion is the Empire's tried and true shock corps designed to break and pound their enemies into submission through excessive means.

    Comprised almost entire of Graug and their various off-shoots, the Dark Legion exists only to butcher and to pillage. They give no credence to intergalactic codes of war or conventions of honor and nobility, preferring to slaughter indiscriminately as they please, torturing and devouring prisoners of war or using them as prey to hunt for sport. Those who are unfortunate enough to be kept alive by the Dark Legion are beaten and broken, twisted beyond belief into hunch-backed slaves.

    But the most striking feature of the Dark Legion is its living siege weapons, hulking monsters over twenty meters tall with gargantuan cannons or fortifications fused to their scarred flesh. The sight of these beasts striding across an open plain is as terrifying or perhaps even more so than the sight of the Empire's titan walkers.
  • Headquarters: New Gratos
  • Goals:
    • Kill.
    • Maim.
    • Burn.
  • Reputation: Viewed with horror and disgust, the Graug hordes of the Sith Empire have made a name for themselves as monstrously cruel warriors that give no distinction between armed combatants and innocent civilians. Though leashed by their Sith masters, when the Graug are allowed to roam free they bring a great deal of destruction and misery to whatever world they are unleashed upon.
  • Army Size: Huge
  • Composition:
    • Lesser Creatures
      • Graut - Diminutive and weak, the Graut are often considered as little more than cannon fodder and peons by the larger and stronger Graug warriors. They serve best as servants to smiths and can often be found trudging around armories and forges doing various tasks for their brutish masters, or being used to swarm enemy embattlements like a tide of fetid vermin.
      • Non-Graut Slaves - Cretins displaced by the Legion's swath of destruction are often put into shackles and used as slave labor or used to feed the ever-expanding horde, although it is not uncommon for higher ranking Graug or Hyal to take female slaves as concubines to boost their own status among the Legion. The life of a Graug concubine is short and monstrously cruel.
    • Standard Warriors
      • Graug Skirmishers - Typically chosen from among the weaker Graug stock, Skirmishers are equipped with light armor, a short vibrosword, and a single slugthrower pistol. Utilized as front-line scouts and reconnaissance units, the Skirmishers are adept at harrying enemy lines and reporting back enemy intelligence to the main body of the Legion.
      • Graug Ravagers - The standard Graug warrior, Ravagers are hulking brutes clad in jagged durasteel armor and equipped with massive two-handed slugthrower rifles and long vibroswords. Moving in large groups, these warriors were the average frontline warrior of the Dark Legion.
      • Graug Phalanxes - A variant of the Ravager, a Graug Phalanx is instead equipped with a reinforced rectangular shield large enough to cover its torso, a vibrospear typically two to three meters in length (but could range anywhere from four to six meters depending on the engagement), a slugthrower pistol, and a short vibrosword. Led by a single Hyal'Hâsk, the Phalanxes were more organized than their Ravager counterparts.
    • Elite Warriors
      • Graug Heavy Gunners - Larger and more heavily armored than the standard Ravager, the Heavy Gunners were the shock troopers of the Dark Legion. Wielding gargantuan slugthrowers mounted on deployable shield mounts, they were the anchors around which Graug assaults were sustained.
      • Graug Incinerators - Equipped with large flamethrowers, Incinerators were true to their name by unleashing gouts of flames on enemy fortifications and other obstacles to burn a path for the Legion or root out entrenched enemy combatants.
      • Graug Brutalists - Trained in the deadly arts of hand-to-hand combat by the Sith Brotherhood, Brutalists were nearly unmatched physical combatants armed with a bladed phrik polearm and clad in heavy armor. Though exceedingly rare, a handful of these fierce warriors can turn the tide of an entire conflict.
    • Officers
      • Hyal'Hâsk - A genetic fusion of the baseline Graug and the Eldorai of Kaeshana, the Hyal serve as commanders and officers of the Dark Legion. Their greater intelligence allows them to coordinate and execute complex strategies in a far better capacity than the Graug ever could.
    • War Beasts
      • Warghests - Large canine predators bred as war mounts for the Graug or as living weapons for the Legion.
      • Graunk - A genetic fusion of the baseline Graug and the monstrous Rancor, the Graunk are often used as living tanks by the Dark Legion. Though fierce in their own right, the Legion has taken to strapping large cannons onto their backs that can be fired at will. Some have even been trained to wield obscenely large slugthrowers.
      • Glycons - The largest creature in the Dark Legion's arsenal, the Glycons are massive twenty-meter tall behemoths that serve as living siege weapons. Like the smaller Graunk, the Graug have taken to strapping large weapons to the backs of these beasts, with some having small fortress towers rising up from their backs that serve as mobile command posts.

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