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Seris Vant

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero

Out of her gear.

NAME: Seris Vant
FACTION: Mandalorian
RANK: Mercenary
SPECIES: Devaronian
AGE: 47
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
WEIGHT: 232 lbs.
EYES: Green
HAIR: White Blonde
SKIN: Pinkish White covered in blonde white fur



Armored up and ready to kill.


  • Experienced Combatant: Seven years of war have hardened her skills and mind for the rigorous heat of battle.
  • Deadeye: High proficiency for accuracy with scoped rifles.
  • I Like To Hide: As a sniper, hiding is important. A well concealed position can keep you out of harms way while pew'ing death at the enemy. Seris is thus great at hiding.

+/- Deception: The armor hides her gender and race from anyone. Making them assume she is a male humanoid. That is until she speaks or reveals the truth.

  • Born To Kill: Maybe, or maybe she's just grown to love the rush.
  • Aggressive: She can be arrogant, prideful, even hurtful without realizing it. She'll be sorry, maybe, if you call her out. Or punch you.
  • Mentally Scarred: Seris still has nightmares and flashbacks of her time in the Netherworld. Something that will never heal.


Without her gear, Seris possesses a lithe frame standing 6' 4", mostly covered in a blonde white fur. While she may look quite light, she's really much heavier then looks let on. Coming in at a 232 lbs, owing to her races biology. The density of her body comes in handy in a fight. Another prominant feature at first glance are the ears. Long and pointed like a Sephis, actually longer in her case, but not the norm for many Devaronians. Her eyes are a deep green. The fur covering her body reaches down her brow to just above the eyes, some longer hair still gives her 'eyebrows'. And up her cheeks to a point.

Armored up she looks quite different. Taking on a black and grey styled outfit made for snipers to blend in to shadows or urban settings. You'd easily mistake her for a man as the gear looks bulky, but its really quite easy to move in and comfortable. It consists of several layers of composite armor, armorweave and plates. Seris wears a helmet containing several electronic equipment pieces to aid in battle, underneath a hood, with makes her intimidating and inhuman looking. Shoulderpads and a cape she can let out to aid in concealment. The coat joins all these pieces together save the helmet. The cape is removable. The coat contains multiple pockets and a few straps for holding whatever she needs. Pants do the same, more storage space and some light armor plates over the front with armorweave sown in. Ruggad boots to protect from the elements and nature. A belt loops around her waist, holstering two pistols, two knives, and some grenades. Lastly, unless in hand, a sniper rifle strapped over her shoulder.


Seris was born on the world of Devaron, located in what was at the time Omegan territory. She was different from the other females of her species. Acting more aggressive like a male would. This would account for her current life's path as a soldier for hire. Most Devaronian females tend to be docile and non aggressive. Content with a life at home or enter politics. The males were the ones who traversed the galaxy. Seris is just different though. And she has no quarrels with who she is or what anyone might think of her. Childhood was fairly normal. Raised by a caring mother. The father as most are, was away the majority of the time. Their relationship was quite distant because of that. Latter in life that changed, not in a physical sense. But her tomboy nature and same lust to seek the galaxy at large made the two have much in common. Seris regularly converses with him over the holonet, exchanging stories and the current events since they'd last have spoken.

Aged 19 rolled around and the military struck her as something she'd like to partake in. An administrative role was out of the question though, she demanded a combat role. After much begrudging and persistence she obtained what she wanted. It was tough work, but she learned to fight with several weapons and unarmed combat. Skills put to use when she left the army two years latter. The war by then was ongoing, but never saw front line duty and forgoed renewing her service contract.

Seris immediately took to the private industry. Purchasing her own gear and armament or otherwise acquiring it from contractors or fallen foes. With the big Sith wars and several smaller conflicts there was no shortage of work. Republic, Omegan, Mandalorian, Black Sun, ASA were clients she'd worked for. Business was a booming, and it looked like it wouldn't run out anytime soon.

Currently, Seris has been in the employ of the Mandalorian's for over two years. Taking in their culture and raking in a big profit from spilling Sith blood. The events of the Netherworld are unfolding though, and she'd be pulled into the middle of it all.

Seris suffered a mind scarring trip in the Netherworld. Being tortured through a desert and nearly driven insane. Somehow she managed to escape the seemingly endless expanse to arrive at a river. Driven by thirst she nearly died drinking from the river, but the Riverman stopped her. Realizing it was all in her head, she pushed on through the nightmare once across the river. Seris traveled to the final showdown with Akala. Arriving by luck or fate to the fight. Many others were there as well. All to fight the evil willingly or not. Dark spirits and undead didn't stop them. Nor when Akala transformed into a giant monster; the Dagger of Mortis being plunged into her hide. Then she rose to her final form. Chaos raged and the symphony of hatred was about to peak. Some fought on against the hoards as she rose up in the air. Some pleaded with her, offering their love and forgiveness. She seemed to calm a moment, a moment of hesitation. Seris went to attack the God. Drawing a blaster pistol and with a single bolt, put it through the throat. Dropping the god to the ground and ending the Netherworld Crisis. She believes it was the right thing to do. It was justified. And no remorse will be felt.

Seris has been gone for many year since the Netherworld incident. Traveling beyond the veil into the great unknown. She visited many strange places. Some of wonders, some of nightmares, others just mundane. The scars of her past still follow on this journey and of those to be had. Now the God Killer returns to find the Galaxy has changed much in her absence. Soon she will know.​
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Lurcano Car'dann

"Kark you, I won't do what you tell me."
Intimidating character profile, looks great. First time I would say, "I do not want to kark with her." Outside of force users anyway. Really well done.