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So You Need To Hire A Spacer

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"Ghuchukk woogi-oogi Spacer Guild!" - Darbloo the Hutt, Nar Shaddaa

" I needed transportation for me and my valuables, and they got me across the [REDACTED] border no problem." - Anonymous client, Thyrsus

"They ate everything in sight, but I wouldn't have survived my deathworld expedition without them." - Sava Skajin var Imret Skajin var Imret , University of Kubindi

Aeshi Tillian Aeshi Tillian Pilot, survivalist, traderYesTillian Family Enterprises,
Interstellar Merchant-Captains' Guild
You should be so lucky
Alkor Centaris Alkor Centaris GunslingerProbably, he's been aroundBalmorran ArmsWould remain uninterested if presented with a princess in a brass bikini
Allyson Locke Allyson Locke Technician, gunslinger, pilot, seasonedYesYes but I'll pour one out for you
Amea Virou Amea Virou Brawler, navigator, scholarNoB A G G A G E
Ar'tal Ktruok Ar'tal Ktruok Alien, pilot, smugglerYesAbsolutely not
Ariona Do Ariona Do Nautolan, pilotYesTentacular
Ay Ge Ay Ge Assassin, cyberneticNoIce queen
Chance Bonaventure Chance Bonaventure Smuggler, Free-trader, Pilot, EntrepreneurThe Fortuna StarStarjump EnterprisesI'm flattered. And flattery will get you everywhere, miss.
Cotan Sar'andor Cotan Sar'andor Brawler, enforcer, rogue JediYesTaken
Dash Kessler Dash Kessler Inventor, technicianYesTricks of the Trade,
Bun Intended
Davin Skirata Davin Skirata Mando, beastmasterYesWants to show you his gun collection
Dax Perl Dax Perl Enforcer, smuggler, rogue JediYesAs taken as it is possible to be, which is a lot
Deagan Hunt Deagan Hunt Pilot, smuggler, gunslingerThe ValkyrieJust pay me, we can talk"Huh, so the Spacer Guild also runs Space Tinder?"
Frielle KinniakPilot, gunfighterYesThree Moons Development and SupplyIf I guess wrong she will shoot me
Galen Arterius Galen Arterius Smuggler, smuggler, smugglerThe AvalonMany hope so
Gilamar Skirata Gilamar Skirata Seasoned, Mando, inventorYesIf you want your heart broken
Jacen Rann Jacen Rann Smuggler, traderYesTasty
Jerec AsyrSmuggler, technician, salvagerThe Infinity's FreeQuekko's Choice Ship Emporium,
Blueshift Speeders
Only if you're wrong for him
Jocelyn Pavaliah Jocelyn Pavaliah Smuggler, fixerCan be arrangedN/A"They say old is gold"
Jorco Czeku Jorco Czeku Rodian, pilot, gamblerYesLooks twitchy
Julius Sedaire Julius Sedaire Seasoned, rogue JediThe WanderlustSlightly less baggage than Amea
Kaleleon Kaleleon Duellist, farmer, rogue JediYes"If you like babyfaces I guess"
Kara Moonlighter Kara Moonlighter Slicer, gunslinger, mercenaryYesJust be real careful with that circuit probe
Kelsie Sylvan Kelsie Sylvan Pilot, smuggler, idealistThe RazorCustom makerI cringe to think
Kenth Haruss Kenth Haruss Salvager, technician, slicerYesGet your tetanus shots
Kingsley Kingsley Avian, moldering, smugglerThe Erevana (RIP)Absolutely
Kole Eckttor Kole Eckttor Smuggler, treasure hunterYesG.E. Adventure Inc.Grizzly
Kyra Quez Kyra Quez Seasoned, sniper, privateerYesOnly if you like older women way too much
Liam Sedaire Liam Sedaire Tech, 'gunner and runner'YesIf the price is right
Stace de'Lorne o'Breac Stace de'Lorne o'Breac Neti, strong, dancerNoPlease don't
Lucien Dooku Lucien Dooku Prince, duellistMidnight VariantCommitted long-term relationship with Auteme Auteme and the entire NIO stormtrooper corps
Maynard Treicolt Maynard Treicolt Pilot, salvagerThe RenegadeFarmboy
Miri O'Hare Miri O'Hare Navigator, pilotThe AquariusRedhead
Poe Vega Poe Vega Smuggler, codebreaker, hired gunNoAvailable in a James Dean/Humphrey Bogart yes but also no kind of way
Nova Casamyr Nova Casamyr Technician, droid builderThe OasisWholesome
Okkeus Dainlei Okkeus Dainlei Jedi, pilot, self-proclaimed badassThe ThunderstruckThe X-WorkshopAlmost certainly too young for you
Orson Jade Orson Jade Pilot, smuggler, gunslingerYesIf quote-unquote thicc
Ria Misrani Ria Misrani Seasoned, slicer, gunslingerYesActually used to be a cat
Ripley Kühn Ripley Kühn Slicer, smuggler, previous merc workNoCould probably be persuaded to upgrade
Runi Verin Runi Verin (KIA RIP)Seasoned, cybernetic, technicianYesVerd + Zambrano + Vi'dreya = probably your cousin
Subject 73 Red Subject 73 Red Gunslinger, Jedi, paramilitarySometimesJust don't ask him about the time I marooned him with a Muun
Sylvia Virtos Sylvia Virtos Slicer, technician, smugglerYesClaimed by a certain Echani princess
Umedara ZaarMirialan, gunslinger, enforcerNoOut of your league
Wynter Rackham Wynter Rackham Pilot, brawlerThe UndoubtedlyHe wishes
Yula Perl Yula Perl Zeltron, technician, smuggler, rogue JediThe MariposaHorizon TechProbably more interested in your astromech
Zak Amroth Zak Amroth Kiffar, gunslinger, investigator, rogue JediEl CaminoEw
Zef Halo Zef Halo Seasoned, smugglerYesYou might be one of his kids
Zivos Zivos Ubese, bounty hunter, salvage and trade, mercenaryThe Gremlin"Romance? Ubes-t be walking away." - Zivos
To be added to this roster, or to amend your entry, please contact the Spacer Guild.
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