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Approved Starship The Infinity's Free

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  • Classification: Medium Freighter
  • Length: 100m
  • Width: 30m
  • Height: 20m
  • Armament: Low
  • Defenses: High (shields Low, hull Extreme)
  • Hangar Space: Extreme: 1
    • Hangar Allocations:
      • Starfighters: 1 squadron (assorted personal fighters in various levels of repair)
      • Support Craft: 1 squadron (generally a handful of service craft, small shuttles, etc.)
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast: 0.5
The Tannhauser features all standard systems for a good cargo vessel, including:
  • Multiple means of securing loose or contained cargo
  • Redundant inertial dampeners
  • Professional-grade navicomputer (MVSE Mynock system)
  • Threat detection sensors
  • Wide range of life-support settings and safeguards (MVSE Chrysalis system)
  • Long-range, low-bandwidth subspace comm transceiver
  • Basic medical bay
  • Spacious hallways and cargo bays
  • External cargo container mounts
  • Modular bridge/cockpit (MVSE Cornerstone system)
  • Modified hyperdrive.
  • Modified navicomputer with experimental astrogation bypass.
  • Smuggling compartments of various kinds.
  • Many false telesponder profiles linked to variable engine output.
  • Workshop.
  • Fast for its size.
  • Tough hull.
  • Can carry, repair, and modify a few support ships and fighters.
  • Can reorient in hyperspace without dropping out, even beyond the normal capabilities of the MVSE Mynock system.
  • Very fast hyperdrive.
  • Can disguise itself as other Tannhauser-class freighters by switching its telesponder profiles and identifiable engine characteristics.
  • Usually carries a dozenish probe droids or battle droids, all disposable and frequently disposed of.
  • CP90 durasteel outer hull gets very rusty the more time the Infinity's Free spends in atmosphere.
  • Unimpressive shields.
  • Sluggish maneuverability.
  • Very low armament, just a few basic cannons and quad lasers.
  • Has been known to jump to hyperspace at random times and in random directions when hit by ion weapons.
  • Has been known to take entirely the wrong passengers aboard.
The scarred-up Infinity's Free is Jerec Asyr's personal Tannhauser-class medium freighter. He's added smuggling compartments and modified the hyperdrive for outstanding speed, all the better to move every kind of contraband except slaves. The Infinity's Free has run cargoes past everyone from the Sith Empire to the Silver Jedi with no end in sight.

Jerec's longtime first mate is Quekko, an Apokka from Ord Mantell. Other recurring crew members include Lucien Dooku Lucien Dooku , Ay Ge Ay Ge , and a bunch of old droids.
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Jerec Asyr Jerec Asyr
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighters: .5 squadrons (generally a handful of assorted personal fighters in various levels of repair)
    • Support Craft: .5 squadrons (generally a handful of service craft, small shuttles, etc.)
Only issue tripping you up is that we don't accept fractions when it comes to squadrons, only whole and hearty numbers. The good news is that you're two ratings under balance by my reckoning, so you could bump the Hangar Rating up to 'Extreme' to net a full one squadron in each of these sections.

You'd also have one point left over to allocate as you wish.
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