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Dash Kessler

Technically Outlawed.

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Image Source: Joseph Cross with edits.
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Workshop Name: Tricks of the Trade
Location: Terminus
Specialty: Outlaw Tech, Cybernetics, Custom Modifications
Tier: IV


Tricks of the Trade could be considered a prominent Outlaw Tech operation based in the district slums of the bustling trade world that is Terminus, specializing in the development and sale of unconventional weapons and technology that could hypothetically be considered less-than-strictly-legal in most civilized sectors of the galaxy.
While previously based beneath a fast food diner and noodle bar, the continued growth of the workshop necessitated the move to a much larger headquarters, purchasing a small, disused freight and cargo dock on the lower east side. The fact that this move coincided with some hefty charitable contributions to the local constabulary’s pension fund is likely a happy coincidence, with very little to do with the drop in uniforms assigned to walk the beat in that area.
Now with a much larger space to work with, the workshop has also expanded their operations to include a whole new range of new machinery that have allowed them to experiment and dabble in new areas. A fact reflected in their increasing product line and the gradual usage of more expensive, restricted materials.
Initially employing only a barely handful of individuals, Tricks of the Trade now has just over a dozen technicians and associated support staff working around the clock to fill orders, research new technology and handle the day to day operations whilst its owner continues to travel in the Firefist Galaxy.
It has also recently started a venture with Food Trucks for... reasons, I guess?


Tricks of the Trade was established as an independent side project of Dashiell Kessler, aimed primarily to help fund his chosen lifestyle and facilitate his love of tinkering. The business itself began as a fairly modest, private endeavor that catered almost exclusively to clients gained by word of mouth, filling perhaps no more than half a dozen orders at any one point in time. It has since expanded rapidly within the Terminus underworld, gaining some notable recognition and a burgeoning client base that now extends throughout the sector.


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