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Faction Running on Fumes (SJC)

Mig Gred

Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

In Ploo orbit, all was quiet that day. Just some cargo freighters entering and leaving the system. There was a pretty large Silver presence at this border world, though the recent Bryn engagements had pulled much of the defense forces to the southern region of space. This had put who was left in the system on edge for any unexpected arrivals, from freighters to merc ships, and this rough situation was about to be thrown on it's head.

On the edge of the system, Gred Fleet, Artemis, and Star Phoenix would jump into the system with all the grace of a beached Opee sea killer. It was clearly not a planned stop, but a trained eye could probably see the reason, especially as one of the fleet's Sur'haai-class scout frigates began to simply drift. Most of the ships had barely made the jump, and many of the vessels where running on limited power to squeeze a little more range out of their stores. Aboard the Keros' Kad, Mig was dealing with a hundred different issue from the emergency exit.

"Alor. The Hawk's drifting. She's out of...."

"I know Kaddie. Get the Raxle to make themselves useful. She should be a strong enough tug." Kaddie would nod in his holodisplay, and would continue delivering bad news.

"We have more issues. Some vessels aren't sure they'll make it to anywhere to refuel, and Cordie had to go into sleep mode to preserve power, so Concordia is basically a glorified hunk of Phyk. And the Dawn Sun's crew are doing their best to keep the hydropon.... Oh osik." Mig looked back at Kaddie.

"What do you mean 'Oh osik?'"

"It seems like local defenses aren't too happy we just showed up out of nowhere." Mig sat his face in his palm. Of course. Of stinking course this couldn't be something easy! It just had to be a thousand times harder to explain what a fleet like this was doing jumping willy nilly into Concord space from roughly the same direction as the Sith Empire. Mig just looked at Kaddie, taking a breath.

"Please tell me we have enough power for comms."

"We do." Well at least there was one good thing.

Phalsi Drynchen

Lost In Thought

She hadn't been present for the battle like other's had been, but she had decided to at least run border patrol for those returning. It was the least she could do since she had essentially chickened out last minute rather than attempt to run the gauntlet of what she could only imagine were Sith defenses on their starships and destroyers. She would be lying if she had said the thought of fighting them in the sky wasn't outright terrifying.

But being a coward a second time, especially after giving herself a severe verbal lashing for being such, didn't appeal to her. She had punched in the coordinates for the border closest to the temple, running along the core edge before doubling back. The hyperdrive had been singing it's heart and soul to the stars when the hyperwave transceiver picked up something possible incoming incursions. She did little more than drop from her jump, navigating to the next coordinates before engaging the hyperdrive once more.

She was pushing it's limits with the string of activity, but she had been removed from the first incident, but wouldn't be for the follow up.

The Sanguine Tempest dropped once more. This time in the Ploo system with s-foils spreading open as she spied a curious sight. The ships didn't look like the typical doom and gloom sith style vessels. But then again her own likely didn't look like the most welcoming of silver jedi sights either. Two b-wings strapped together with s-foils in attack position wouldn't buy her any points, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Scans from her system showed a few of the vessels...were doing little more than drifting. Her nose scrunched up, suddenly very unsure about if they were actually an attacking group, or drifters down on their luck. Then again, there was a lot of strange in the galaxy.

"Um-unidentified vessels, this is Dryn-Phalsi Drynchen of the Silver Jedi Concord. State-feth. What-" She paused, entirely unsure how to sound formal or even authoritative in the spur of the moment. She'd have to work on that it seemed.

"State your business?" The last bit sounded more like a question directed at herself rather than at the fleet before her. Her ship had slowed drastically, still in attack form but not approaching at speed any longer. It didn't feel right threatening to kick someone already on the ground.

Ellie Omera

The swirling blues of hyperspace passed by the bridge view ports in hypnotic grace. One could get lost in the silence before them, even with commotion around them. Staring too long could draw one away from the task at hand if they aren't careful.

Ellie pulled her eyes away from the hyperspace tunnel outside. She couldn't afford to be distracted now, they were on the hunt. Due to a large number of SJC vessels being moved to the southern part of the galaxy to deal with the Bryn threat, the Arsenians had offered several of their fleets to fill in the patrol gaps that were left behind. Right now Ellie's fleet was tracking a fleet of vessels that had come from the direction of Sith space. To some that was worrisome, believing the Sith were taking advantage of the situation. Although a small fleet didn't seem like a lot, they could do damage in hit and run tactics.

Her command vessel was the Oistos , a Trireme class star destroyer. Along with six support vessels consisting of three Hermes class anti-starfighter/bomber corvettes and three Tiger class escort cruisers. All in all it was enough to deter most pirates or would be marauders. A Sith fleet, big or small, wasn't likely to turn away so easily. To Ellie's small fleet, that meant there was a chance of a conflict.

The ships navicomputer gave several beeps indicating that they were dropping out of hyperspace. Within seconds, the swirling blue turned to real space. What she saw wasn't exactly what she had expected. There was definitely a small fleet in the Ploo system, but none of them looked battle ready. In fact, they seemed pretty worse off at the moment. Ellie wasn't about to let down her guard, however, it could be a trap. She then noticed another vessel on her scanners. Possible system security? She gave a nod to her communications officer, who then opened a hailing frequency to all vessels. Ellie let out a slow breath as the hailing message went out. Gathering a bit of the force, she used it when she spoke to put a little more authority and strength in her voice to help get her message across. "Unidentified vessels, this is Ellie Omera of the Oistos of the Silver Jedi Concord. State your business. If your vessels require assistance, please use follow Standard Condord S.O.S rules and frequencies."

Mig Gred Mig Gred Phalsi Drynchen Phalsi Drynchen
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