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Nine Lives

The Mother of All Psy-Pires

"I am condemned to vampirism! Woe is me! Oh well, at least its the fun, memory eating type of vampirism, not the messy, blood drinking type. Gimme your lunch and beer memories!"

Theme song: "A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran

NAME: Nine Lives

FACTION: Confederacy, Knights Obsidian.

RANK: Former Jedi Knight, Mother of all Psy-Pires.

SPECIES: Arch Psy-Pire (The very first Psy-Pire.)

AGE: Looks like a tall Atrisian woman in her mid-twenties, age still being worked out. Will edit in later. Well past five hundred years old however.

SEX: Female.

HEIGHT: Six and a half feet.

WEIGHT: One hundred eighty five pounds

EYES: A slightly translucent obsidian, with a small but unsettling purple glow at the center.

HAIR: Very black hair.

SKIN: A light olive color.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Fully trained Jedi Knight.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Mommy: While Nine-Lives legacy among her children is currently mixed, any Psy-Pire that would strike her down would bare the infamy among other Psy-Pires, some of whom might be inclined to avenge her as a matter of honor. The slayer would almost certainly find no safe haven in any coven that respected the role the woman played in the creation of their species. Nine Lives would find a haven in such places. She still commands some loyalty and respect among Psy-Pire covens, which she can and will use to her advantage.

Patient Zero: Nine Lives is the very first Psy-Pire. Not only is she the first Psy-Pire, she is the first, and currently only Arch Psy-Pire. She knows more about the condition and its weaknesses then anyone alive, and thus has the greatest mastery of the abilities it imparts.

Disciple of Whistler: Nine-Lives is ironically a very proficient Vampire Hunting specialist, which was a specialty of hers as a Jedi.

Enhancement Specialist: Nine Lives is very good at using the Force to enhance her body in a fight.

Fencer: Nine Lives has had time to brush up on her lightsaber and sword skills. She is very good in a duel.

Alkahest: Nine Lives has training in Alkahest, though it is not as formidable as it could be as she is really only an apprentice at it.

Martial Artist: Nine Lives is a formidable martial artist with great reach

Intelligence: Nine Lives grew to know so much about her condition that she eventually developed small experimental tech that siphons off mental energy as a Psy-Pire does. In addition to that she is a gadgeteer.

Beauty: Nine Lives is a great beauty, and often uses it to her advantage.


Hot-blooded: Nine Lives, Due to a silent frustration and loathing at her own condition, is prone to hasty, aggressive action that can be exploited by those who know her.

Struggles to use the Light: Due to past trauma, in addition to natural weaknesses stemming from her blood, Nine Lives struggles to use Light Side Powers, even though she desperately wants it to not be that way. While her affinity for the Dark Side is not increased, she is able to access this easier.

Not a chessmaster: While Nine-Lives is reasonably competant in a fight on a personal level don't expect this to translate in to masterminding the downfall of multiple enemies. She is simply not in that category. She can, and has, been out-gambited, though she will put up a good struggle.

Is frustrated by Soresu: Nine Lives loathes Soresu fighters, as she has never been good against the style. This prompts her to lapses in judgment as her frustration mounts.

Terrible shot: Don't give her a ranged weapon. Her aim is terrible.

Power Duelist vulnerability: Very Strong duelists have a chance at wreaking her defense at close range.

Multiple Duelist Vulnerability: Nine Lives combat technique is geared towards fighting individuals, not multiple lightsaber duelsts.

Weak at telekinesis: Nine Lives is deficient at telekinesis in general.

Bad at star-piloting. Nine Lives knows just enough to pilot a vessle safely. But not much else.

Tall, olive skinned, and beautiful, with long black hair that has been braided and fastened. She is rarely seen without her Ceremonial Robes with flower print, which have been dyed in norris root extract for energy resistance properties.

Whatever else Ni-Ne Li-Ves became, she started out as a hero. Ni-Ne was a Jedi Consular, Vampire Hunter, and diplomat who was taken by the Jedi for training after being surrendered to the order by her wealthy family, where she trained to fight the darkness in both herself and others. She was also noted to have a mysteriously high resistance to disease, as Ni-Ne getting sick was virtually unheard of. This boon would come back to haunt her. During her time as a knight, she was nearly swayed off the path by her mysterious friend Sawa, who had secretly tried to turn her to the Darkness, though Ni-Ne unknowingly resisted the offer subconsciously by putting as much distance between her and Sawa as possible, and grew into the hunting of vampires as a result, killing scores of them before her ultimate test on her own homeworld came. A manufactured bacteria designed to create energy vampires spread on Atrisia. Believing she could use alkahest to alter the bacteria and cure it, Ni-Ne tried to get inside the deadly bacteria's point of origin, an ancient fortress. She learned the only way to get in was use the blood of another energy vampire, and that one inhabited and ruled over an ancient necropolis. She stole into the place, ambushing the vampire, only to learn it was her old friend Sawa.

Stealing the sample, Ni-Ne fled back to Atrisia and opened the Fortress, not realizing she was being stalked by Sawa, who would later capture her as she was creating a cure, trying to infect her with the disease out of spite, twice, only for Ni-Ne's immune system to render the disease inert.

Brutally experimented on with Sith Alchemy by Sawa, who also tried to turn her in between experiments, Ni-Ne refused to break, until she finally humiliated Sawa by knocking her out cold in a fit of rage in front of her own followers. The last experiment was the most brutal, leaving Ni-Ne on the verge of death. But after appealing to something in Sawa, the vampire was motivated to try and end her suffering by overdose of painkillers. This final blow awakened a mutated disease that transformed Ni-Ne in a moment of horrid agony into the first Psy-Pire, who violently drained Sawa of her memories regarding their friendship and their entire experience together. Ni-Ne butchered everyone in her escape, in a cult leader like fugue state that took up a corrupted version of her own name as she created an entire new race of vampires by convincing them to ingest her blood, then spread the strain through themselves. Though she would eventually snap out of the fugue to her horror, and use her status to convince the other Psy-Pires to enter stasis chambers that had been restored by her while she desperately sought to undue the results of her fugue state persona's actions. Trying to cure the disease for over five centuries to no avail before entering a stasis chamber herself to awake at a preset time where hopefully medical technology or Jedi Alkahest will have advanced to the point she is able to find a cure...


Nine Lives was once a gentle woman not prone to violence, even her slaying of vampires was done as quickly as possible to avoid prolonging their suffering, as she believed them to be victims of a terrible illness that had warped their nature beyond salvage.

She believed with conviction in the Jedi way, willing to suffer at great personal cost to avoid joining the dark side. When the disease on Atrisia struck she was motivated by hope to find a cure to the disease and hopefully provide those who in her view suffered from it some hope of redemption someday. After the terrifying trauma that led to her becoming a Psy-Pire and the fugue state persona's own silent actions on Atrisia, as well as her failure to find a cure to her own strain she has become a very angry, embittered woman with all the reactions of a cornered animal. She hates being touched. Anyone mocking her for her condition is liable to be targeted later for spite feeding. (Her catchphrase for ambushing those targeted for such is a quiet "My thoughts exactly) She is often lonely, and mourns her ruined connection to the light, as its presence once sang in her. She seeks solace in designing useful gadgetry and meditation, but is very quick to anger and rushing into a situation without thinking.

She still has compassion in her though, and will often try to protect innocent people out of guilt and desperation to not let the light slip from her. Bullies irritate her. She has very little in the way of a sex drive yet is very willing to use her beauty to charm men into letting her into high security areas. She rarely kills, but is not as strict nor as disgusted by the act any more as she used to be. She is desperate for a new cause to fight for, so long as its not sith or imperial aligned. Nine Lives is hesitant about fully embracing her role as the mother of the psy pires though she acknowledges a part might secretly want to.


[member="Sawa Ike"]: Nine's one true raw nerve. Merely mentioning this woman can send her into a fit of rage. Praising her will tempt her to drink the last four birthdays you enjoyed. It was not always so...once they were close enough they were almost more than friends. But a combination of very bad luck, running afoul of others and Nine's own impulsive behavior resulted in the current bad blood. This is partly due to Nine, on some level, being aware that Sawa, despite the major role she played in Nine's current state, does not completely bare all the blame...something Nine would rather die over than admit out loud. Or kill.


Saotome Envoy "Left Hand"

Saotome Light Freighter "Demeter"

Castle Morpheus (Base of Operations)


Permanent Reservations reserved for:

[member="Shoma Ike"]

[member="Srina Talon"]

[member="Darth Metus"]

[member="Sebastian Thel"]





"WHO IS NI-NE LI-VES?" Story Arc

City Of Jade (Origin Story) (Establishment of Ni-Ne's backstory) (Canonical First Appearance) (First Encounter with Srina Talon) (Foundational Storyline, First Encounter with Darth Metus, end of Who is Ni-Ne Li-Ves Story Arc)
The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Hit Points




Force Defense




Magic Defense



Hundred Handed Giant



Image Source: Pinterest.

This ancient cortosis weave Katana was taken by Nine Lives upon fleeing Darth Shojo's Necropolis. As Nine Lives for a long time chose not to wield a lightsaber, this ancient weapon pretty much became her first means of protection, and she has gotten quite good in the employment of it.

An ancient boast is written on its blade:

Behold, I am the Hundred Handed Giant.

Whoever'd wield me has Death for a client.

My edge bleeds the wicked and just alike.

Progenitor's Sword.


A small longsword of cortosis weave Durasteel, Vanadium, and trace amounts of Silver, serves as both a back up personal weapon and badge of office, though it was owned long before Nine Lives was a Psy-Pire.

Million-Handed Collosus


Phase Machete

Fighting knife

Shiva Knives (12)


Hydra Electronet Grenade (3)

Grave Grenades: Twelve

Incense flashbangs (8 sticks)

Grenade Launcher


LK Sweeper Shotgun

Ranger Shotgun (4)

Ranger SMG (4)

Ranger Rifle (4)


Progenitor's Robes


During Nine Live's escape from the Necropolis, her original robes were destroyed. As she created her coven, robes befitting her station were crafted with norris root extract to protect her during light engagements.


Nine's Knight Obsidian Armor


Masquer Armor

Equipment (Healing)

Healing Potion (2)

Trauma Spray(4)

Synthetic Life

Nine's Lawyer, Vera Mina.



Equipment (Spec)


Silence Gun

LK Spiders (3)

LK Pred X (9)





Castle Morpheus Knights.

About Skills: Many players will notice she seems to have quite a lot of skills. This list only however, denotes her potential. In all likelihood she will not fill all of them up even halfway, and these skills are a sort of guide to what she is and is capable of, though it should not be strictly interpreted as set in stone as RP is always in a state of flux and exceptions do occur


Force: The energy that binds all living things. No two Jedi's perception, approach, or training is exactly alike. The following ranks reflect her personal level of skill and how she employs it.

Initiate: Struggles to center themselves. The simplest task in theIr area of the Force is a great chore, and the character can be easily exhausted by the effort, due to both the long lapse inbetween situations necessitating its use as well as inner turmoil. If the power is light in nature, its use might exhaust the character enough that waiting a full hour before safely trying to use it again may be necessary.

Padawan: Better Focus. Slightly less exhausted by the effort, better understanding of core skills in the Force. Calling on the light is very difficult, but only slightly less exhausting than before and the character will only have to wait forty five minutes before trying to use a light side power again.

Knight: Very improved concentration with Force Powers, improved command of core powers, able to employ them creatively. Calling on the Light is much less taxing now, and the character need only wait a half hour before using a light side power.

Master: Incredible focus and concentration, along with expertise at core skills, and able to grasp new concepts much easier than previously. In addition, the wait time between using light side powers is reduced to ten minutes.

Force Sense (P*****K***********M)
Enables the character to sense life and danger in close proximity. Power improves through use in RP.

Initiate: With full concentration, The Character can sense Life vaguely at ranges of twenty meters in a radius above and below them. Danger sense occurs about a second or so before it happens.

Padawan: Radius increases ten meters, Threats in the characters head are now more easily distinguished from each other, and can be felt with less effort. Danger sense often occur two to three seconds before actual danger.

Knight: Radius increases fifteen meters. Threats and life forms much easier to distinguish. Danger sense can occur a solid four seconds before actual danger.

Master: Radius increased by fifteen meters. Threats and life forms easier to distinguish. Danger sense maxes at six seconds before actual danger.

Force Valor (No rank currently)
A light side power, this increases the speed, accuracy, and resolve of both herself and her allies. This power, and its subsequent ranks can only be increased by taking light aligned actions in character. As Nine struggles to use the Light in general due to trauma and the nature of how she was made, she struggles to use the power for prolonged periods, and even under favorable circumstances cannot make it very effective-nor active-for long.

Rank 1: With full exertion, The Character can keep the effects going for a minute and extend it to one other person

Rank 2: Can stay active for one minute and thirty seconds and extend the effects to two other people.

Rank 3: Can stay active for two minutes, and extend the effects to three others.

Rank 4: Can stay active for two minutes thirty seconds and extend the effects to four others.

Force Speed (*****P*K****M)
One of her specialties, Nine Lives has a unique talant at enhancement powers. She calls on the far better than others, and feels them more strongly

Initiate: Superhuman sprint speed granted for four minutes.

Padawan: Power duration increased by thirty seconds. Superhuman Reflexes kick in, enabling fighting and dodging at high speed.

Knight: Duration increased by fifteen seconds. Reflexes improve, slowing the world by the character's perception down, though her movements look like regular speed to her. Sprint speed increases

Master. Duration increased by fifteen seconds.

Force Jump. (*****P********K***********M)
Enables the character to jump. Another of her specialties.

Initiate: Grants superhuman jump height, with immense focus. Nine Lives was noted for having a jump much higher than many initiates. Jump height: Twenty meters.

Padawan: Character is able to pinball off surfaces to travel upward vertically, provided distance between rebounding surface is same as vertical jump height. Jump height increased by ten meters. Can jump forward horizontally for a quick attack.

Knight: Character can pinball off surfaces to travel forward horizontally. Can land from great heights using this ability. Vertical and horizontal jump height increased by ten meters. Appropriate considering her name.

Master: Horizontal and vertical jump height increased by ten meters. Can land from more than three stories without injury. No fly. Jump good.

Force Cloak (****P*********K***********M)

Allows character to create a cloaking field around their bodies with the Force. With enough concentration, can cloak other objects in the same effect as well. Can only cloak self or an object, not both at once

Initiate: Can cloak self or small objects for two minutes

Padawan: Can cloak self or small and medium sized objects for six minutes

Knight: Can cloak self or small, medium, or large sized objects for eight minutes

Master: Can cloak self or very large objects for twelve minutes

Force Phase (****P*********K***********M)

Can phase through objects with full concentration. Nine's variant is quite powerful, allowing her to phase even through alchemized barriers at higher levels

Initiate: Phase through relatively thin barriers with full concentration

Padawan: Phase through medium barriers at seventy five percent concentration

Knight: Phase through thick barriers at half concentration

Master: Phase through Alchemized barriers at full concentration


Force Strength(*****P*********K***********M)
Temporarily increases the character's physical strength in melee combat. A taxing ability, requires ten minutes before every use, and lasts for only a short time.

Initiate: Character is twice as strong as normal for thirty seconds.

Padawan: Duration increases to forty-five seconds. Character is three times stronger than normal and has a chance of overpowering opponents, and lifting heavy objects, though their bodies are still subject to all the injuries that result if lifting something they could not normally.

Knight: Duration increased to one minute. Strength is three point five times stronger than normal and is capable of matching if not exceeding the blows of very strong fighters.

Master: Strength can now max out to four times stronger than normal, but only if character focuses. Doing so however cuts the duration to thirty seconds.

Force Illusion (*****P*********K------------M
Enables the character to conjure realistic looking illusions for a short period of time.

Initiate: Can only have a chance of fooling weak minded characters. Illusions are very basic, limited to objects and small animals. Can focus only for a minute.

Padawan: Character has a slightly greater chance of fooling characters of average mental strength. Is now focused enough to create illusions of larger objects, and can even make the illusions last longer, up to two minutes.

Knight: Character can now make complex scenarios with their illusions for a short time of four minutes and has a good chance of fooling strong minded characters.

Master: Character can make illusions last up to five minutes. Has a chance of fooling very strong minded characters.

Force Fear
A Dark Side Power, Force Fear's ranks are gained only through taking the subsequent actions in story. Its use is to cause fear in individual targets by attacking their phobias.

Rank 1: Capable of causing instinctual panic in weak minded individuals that lasts for thirty seconds

Rank 2: Capable of creating panic in a target, especially past targets, more easily. Has a chance of affecting average minded individuals.

Rank 3: Powers effects can last thirty seconds longer. Targets who fail to resist can suffer sharp panic attacks, though this is not always the case. Capable of affecting strong minded individuals.

Rank 4: Individual target is capable of experiencing nearly debillitating panic if they fail to resist. Capable of affecting the very mentally strong.

Doppelganger (*****P*********K------------M)
Summons a realistic mirror image that can be moved and controlled for a short time, though it is incapable of harming others. Often used as a distraction or to draw fire.

Initiate: Summon Doppelganger to move around immediate vicinity of twenty meters for thirty seconds.

Padawan: Summon time increases by thirty seconds.

Knight: Can conjure Doppelganger farther away, up to forty meters.

Master: Summon time increases by thirty seconds

Force Blind. (No rank currently)
A light power, which only increases through actions in story. As it is very closely related to the power Force Light, using this is very difficult for Nine-Lives. Used to cause painless, nin permanent blindness in targets, though this can be resisted.

Rank 1: Can potentially blind target for up to two seconds. Is mentally exhausted by the act

Rank 2: Potency increased by one second if unsuccessfully resisted. Can mentally call on this power much easier, without being left on the brink of blacking out, but still very tired.

Rank 3: Potency increased by three seconds if unsuccessfully resisted. Power slightly easier to call on, with character only moderately exhausted afterward.

Rank 4: Power can be called on easily, with only slight winding after.

Force Heal.
A light power, very difficult to call on due to the requirement to channel the light through her body near constantly. It is also deficient in some ways, even during her days as a Jedi. and heals certain injuries better than others. Rank increased only through actions in story

Rank: 2

Rank 1: In a mentally painful act, the character can focus and heal fractured bones, but not bruises or light cuts, on one's self. Capable of blacking out after.

Rank 2: Can heal broken bones with ease, as well as poison, but only on one's self, and is very bad at clearing up bruises and cuts, as it does not seem to heal correctly. Still very exhausting mentally.

Rank 3: Broken bones heal very quickly, on one's self and others. Poison clears up faster.

Rank 4: Can finally heal minor bruises and cuts, though only on one's self.

Electric Judgement
A light power, this requires a lot of pain and effort to use on Nine Lives. Discharges a bolt of electricity like lightside energy. Can only be increased in strength through actions taken in story.

Rank: 2

Rank 1: Discharges a weak bolt of green energy that can heavily stun weak Dark Sided characters if not successfully resisted. Causes extreme nausea for the character after use as well as slight equilibrium loss.

Rank 2: Discharges a green bolt that has a chance of harming a Dark Sider of average strength. Nausea sensation after use decreases, but only slightly. Loss of equilibrium remains.

Rank 3: Bolt capable of being lethal to weak dark siders, capable of harming strong Dark Siders. Nausea now at manageable levels. Equilibrium loss decreases.

Rank 4: Bolt becomes capable of killing strong and very strong Dark Siders if not resisted. Only weak nausea and equilibrium loss experienced after use.

Force Slow (No rank currently)
Character can attack another target mentally, slowing movements and reaction time. A Dark Side Power, which can only be increased via actions in story.

Rank 1: Chance of slightly slowing the movements and reaction time of weak minded targets if not successfully resisted for six to eight seconds.

Rank 2: Capable of slightly slowing down characters of average mental strength should they fail to resist, for eight seconds.

Rank 3: Slow effect increases in potency, capable of affecting mentally strong characters for roughly eight seconds if not successfully resisted.

Rank 4: Capable of affecting the very mentally strong should they fail to resist for roughly eight seconds.

Force Barrier (*****P*********K------------M)
Enables protection from energy weapons for a short time.

Initiate: Conjures a crimson tinged energy field that protects from four blaster pistol shots. Requires full focus and must be stationary.

Padawan: Can with stand six blaster pistol shots, or three blaster rifle shots. Character can now move.

Knight: Can withstand several blaster pistol shots, or four blaster rifle shots, or one heavy blaster rifle shot

Master: Can withstand eight pistol shots, or five blaster rifle shots, or two heavy blaster rifle shots with great difficulty.

Force Weapon (*****P********K------------M)
Enables the character to cover their weapon in the Force, protecting it from both lightsabers and blaster damage for a short time.

Initiate: Enshrouds a weapon in the force, enabling it to resist lightsabers and blasters for forty five seconds.

Padawan: Duration increases to one minute. Weapon can now grind lightning.

Knight: Duration increases to two minutes.

Master: Duration increases to three minutes

Magic: Lack of ability in telekinesis led Nine Lives to experiment in areas outside of those approved for Jedi Study. She came across both Dathomiri spells as well as those formulated by others, and even came up with some of her own. Many of her spells are offensively based, though some rely on deception. It has been a long time since she actively used them, so only some are currently up to par. As Nine Lives was not trained in a witch tradition, having to pick up what she learned surreptitiously through encounters with others, she has trouble understanding magic as a tradition, and has trouble grasping magic more than standard Force training.

Initiate: Struggles to focus their will and intent to cast the spell. Requires ten minutes rest before attempting to cast the spell again. Has only basic understanding of spells principals and execution

Spellweaver: Though not struggling as much to focus, it still requires a great deal of effort for the character to cast the spell, and must wait just as long before being mentally ready to cast another. Slightly better understanding of core spells.

Caster: Average mental exertion to cast a spell. Wait time reduced to five minutes, strong understanding of spell intricacies, and can employ spells creatively, plus learn new variations of said spell, though the subsequent learning curve will still apply.

Elder: Can employ core spells expertly, and to devastating effect, and wait time before being mentally ready to cast another is reduced to four minutes

Spell of Static Aura (**W-----C------------E)
This spell enshrouds the character in a field of visible but non-lethal static electricity. While not providing protection from damage per se, any character without significant protection attempting to grab the character will receive an unpleasant and nasty shock. Pain effect increases with experience. Character cannot be harmed by own field unless exposed to water while in use.

Initiate: Spell lasts fifteen seconds. Capable of making characters with weak pain tolerance jump back unless they resist successfully and power through the pain.

Spellweaver: Capable of affecting characters with an average pain tolerance unless they resist. Duration increased by five seconds.

Caster: Capable of making characters with a high pain tolerance unless they resist and power through.

Elder: Capable of affecting characters with a very high pain tolerance

Spell of Crossbow Bolt (W*--C------------E)
Sends a heavy, spectral crossbow bolt at high speed, capable of penetrating light and medium armors with ballistics trauma, though the bolt disapates after impact. Silent, but can be seen coming, and less range and projectiles then its cousin spell.

Initiate: Sends a heavy bolt fifteen meters down range.

Spellweaver: Range increases by five meters.

Caster: Range increase by five meters, Accuracy increases significantly.

Elder: Range increases by ten meters.

Spell of Singularity. (*****W*********C------------E)
This spell creates a focal point where the caster is pointing that attracts nearby objects as well as people to the center temporarily. While not as strong as a force pull...any character is strong enough to resist the pull effect...the same cannot be said for any small to medium objects in the vicinity, which ignore whatever happens to be in front of them as they are pulled forward... Net duration is ten seconds.

Initiate: Can create a magical focal point that pulls at any small object or person in a fifteen meter radius. Small objects pulled in travel at low speed, proving little more than annoying distractions for anyone in the vicinity. All characters can resist and overcome pull effect.

Spellweaver: Pull effect harder to resist, Objects travel at fast, and potentially painful speeds for whoever happens to be in the travel path of small objects going to the center.

Caster: Pull effect increases and becomes much harder to resist but all characters are still capable of overpowering the effect. Medium sized objects are now attracted to the pull effect along with small objects at fast, and potentially incapacitating speeds.

Elder: Radius increases by five meters. Objects move to the center at potentially lethal speed.

Spell of Spinning Fire (****W*********C***********E)
Conjures a small twister of flame the height of an average human adult that travels ahead at running speed ahead of the caster. As skill increases, more twisters can be conjured.

Initiate: Conjure one twister.

Spellweaver: Conjure two twisters.

Caster: Conjure three twisters. Forward movement Speed of twister increases.

Elder: Conjure four twisters

Blood Spell: Entrapped Image.


Nine Lives preferred lightsabers with slightly longer blades and a thinner profile. This is reflected in her bladework.

Initiate: Can engage only those of initiate level experience. Can occasionall surprise a padawan with their tactics. Fighting knights and masters is considered suicidal. Basic knowledge of attack and defense with lightsabers.

Padawan: Character has grown comfortable enough in their chosen techniques and can fight more confidantly, engaging anyone of similar rank or lower with reasonable chance of success, and can occasionally surprise those of knight level skill with their strategies. Engaging a knight is very very dangerous, but not necessarily impossible, but fighting a master is considered suicidal.

Knight: Character can fight very competantly with their chosen techniques and can engage those of a similar level of skill with reasonable odds of success. Can engage anyone of a lower tier skill with a reasonably high chance of success due to experience. Fighting a Master is very dangerous, but not necessarily suicide at this point.

Master: The Character has mastered their core lightsaber techniques can employ new ones with a relatively short amount of learning, and can engage anyone of a lower tier with a reasonably high chance of victory due to experience, and can engage anyone of a similar tier with a reasonable chance of success. While there may be far more knowledgeable lightsaber fighters, the character should like their odds enough to risk death at this point.

Single Blade (extended length): (*****P********K*********M)

Form 1 (P*K*M)

Form 2 (*P--K------------M)

Form Six (*****P********K***********M)

Governs her use of swords. Not all swords are in the same category.

Katanas (*****P********K************M**************G)

Longswords (*****P********K------------M)

Claymores (*****P********K------------M)

Scimitars (*****P********K------------M)

Martial Arts
Governs the character's martial art skills. Fighting style greatly resembles Okinawan Karate

Atrisian Iron Hand (*****P********K------------M)

About support skills: These cover miscellaneous skills that don't quite fit neatly into prior categories. Unlike prior ranks, these have numbering systems

1-3: Beginner

4-6: Competent.

6-8: Expert

9-10: Master

Governs her ability to create useful, portable gadgets of both lethal and non lethal varieties. She specializes in both her condition, and surveillance tech.

Micro-Cameras: 4/10

Micro Audio Devices (6/10)

Drones (small): 7/10

Psy-Pire tech: 10/10

Micro booby traps (Lethal): 2/10

Micro booby traps (Non-Lethal): 1/10

Governs the characters use of vehicles. Not all vehicles are in the same category.

Light Frieghters: 2/10

Heavy Frieghters: 0/10

Cruisers: 0/10

Dreadnoughts: 0/10

Capital Starships: 0/10

Speeder Bikes: 2/10

Land Speeders: 1/10

Air Speeders: 0/10

Sleep Regeneration: Arches posseses a more powerful version of regular Psy-Pire Sleep Healing, able to recover from severe wounds such as lascerations, broken bones, and even organ damage after about ninety minutes of medically induced sleep or naturally falling asleep.

Blood Hypnosis: A more powerful version of regular Psy-Pire Blood Mesmerism, Blood Hypnosis allows Arch Psy-Pires to smear their blood on any object. As with normal blood mesmerisim, any who spots the blood will be drawn to examine it due to the risidual psychic imprint for up to four seconds, from the moment the first spot it. Weak characters and npcs will be easily distracted. Those with strong minds can resist but will have a much harder time breaking the effect than with a regular psy-pire. In addition those who fail experience ninety seconds of mild lethargy.

Welcome to the family: By consuming Arch Psy-Pire blood, there is a fifty-fifty chance of one turning into a regular Psy-Pire or Arch Psy-Pire.

Near Immunity to disease: Arch Psy-Pires bear near total immunity to disease, with only Vong based diseases and diseases created in void space having a shot at killing them.

Sound Chameleon: Arch Psy-Pires can not only mimic nearly any voice or sound, they can throw their voice at very far distances with an eerieness that borders on the supernatural, up to thirty meters.

Psychic bolts: After eating enough thoughts, Arch Psy-Pires are able to expend an accumilated charge in their bodies as a non lethal, purple neuro electric stun of lightning like energy that can be expended as a series of bolts, or all at once in a constant discharge. Effects of being hit include migraines, muscle spasms, and a few seconds of bodily sluggishness and stiffness.

Naturally silent: Arch Psy-Pires instinctively know how to move to produce the least noise.

Like a Gecko: Through a special species based form of telekinesis, they can move on any surface with their hands and feet. This allows them to cling with their feet on objects which taper or narrow as well.


Advanced Garlic Weakness: Arch Psy-Pires not only experiences extreme pain at the touch of garlic or having it introduced into their body, they remain sick for days afterward, regardless of sleeping.

Advanced Poison Weakness: It took an overdose of poison to fully unlock the mutated disease. Arch Psy-Pire. They seem especially weak and allergic to pharmaceuticals. Poisons can flatten an Arch Psy-Pire, even relatively weak venoms have more severe effects.

I never Arch Psy-Pires, like regular psy-pires, feed on mental energy for sustainance. The difference is that while regular Psy-Pires can eat food in an emergency, Arch Psy-Pires have no choice but to eat thoughts and memories. Regular Psy-Pires are usually restricted to two or three rich memories per feeding, Arch Psy-Pires can consume years of memories in one sitting from a single victim though only a months worth of memories would be sufficient to keep them healthy. Feeding on more than a year and a half of memories in one sitting will induce a fugue state, because an Arch's body needs at least four days to process that kind of nourishment without slipping into a fugue state. The effects of not feeding is that the arch will undergo accelerated aging and die in a matter of days

Overfeeding induces Fugue: While an Arch Psy-Pire can safely feed on up to a year and half worth of memories from one victim, feeding on more than that induces an aggressive, paranoid state known as "Fugue". In this state, they often behave like a cross between "Spiritual Shaman" and "Deranged Cult Leader" Their whims and motives can often become mercurial though any sign of threat to the coven is often instinctively dealt with on a basis of utter ruthlessness. Fugue states may vary between archs, some expressing more paranoia and not quite lucid thinking while others might be more violent.

Weaker in daytime: Arch Psy-Pires are sluggish and weak in daylight hours having access only to Blood Hypnosis

Advanced Sonic Weakness: Directed sound weapons cause severe blisters and near crippling pain to Arch Psy-Pires.

Vulnerable while feeding: Once an Arch focuses on feeding it is the only thing they focus on. This can be exploited.

Easily identifiable as a vampire: The eyes will be a dead giveaway. Though psy-pires often spare their prey, as much as simply because the prey won't even remember the details of their own feeding as much as the Psy-Pire preferring to not be a total jerk if they don't have too, they often face extreme fear due to what they take instead of blood. Arches must take special care, as once it becomes clear to the public what someone like an Arch can do, there will be more than a few "shoot Greedo under the table" mindsets when it comes to dealing with them.

Vulnerable to Ion Blasters: While not suffering the crippling, debilitating effects of exposure to Ion weapons that regular Psy-Pires do, the ion bolt inflicts a heavier, longer lasting stun then normal, and the Arch will feel a need to feed immediately after waking up, as it seems to "drain their reserves"

Everything is worse with Euk'gargam: Arch Psy-Pires, when their flesh is exposed to Mandalorian Steel, either pressed against, or worse, if cut, experience severe Migraines, and if introduced to the body will result in complete loss of equilibrium within minutes as long as it remains in the body.

Vulnerable to Force Light: The Arch-Psy-Pire, due to the way the first was created, is much closer to Sith Spawn than its primary species. While it is not truly a Sithspawn, traces of the evil that had a hand in making it remain in the blood. Thus, Force Light will inflict heavy nausea and eventual unconsciousness, though it will not kill them.
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